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MPAA Rated R for sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A fancied history of treating hysteria with female sexual stimulation. Doctors perform such services and satisfy their patients.
  • Many women are masturbated by their doctor, referred to as pelvic massage, initially digitally, but later using a mechanical device. It is all very clinical (and very funny) and no nudity is shown. When Mortimer's hand becomes sore, Edmund suggests using his tongue, as the French do.
  • Molly offers to blow Mortimer for six pounds, culminating in the question "Fancy a lick?"

Violence & Gore

  • A man assaults a woman. She fights back, kicking one in the shins. He slaps her across the face and throws her to the ground. She is later seen with a bloodied face.
  • A woman punches a policeman in the face.
  • A court considers forced hysterectomy as a punishment/treatment.


  • One use of "prick" in a genital context.
  • Three uses of "bugger".
  • Three uses of "bloody".
  • Four uses of "God" in a blasphemous context.
  • One use of "hell".
  • Three uses of "damn".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A local doctor is deemed only capable of steadying his scalpel with a quart of gin.
  • A very drunk woman has broken her ankle. "That's the rum talking" the doctor is advised.
  • Alcohol (port, wine) is consumed responsibly at an engagement party.

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