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The Hand That Messed Up Many Cradles!
Coventry25 April 2011
Now THIS is the type of horror movie remake that I – and surely many other avid genre fanatics with me – certainly don't mind seeing! The new film by Darren Lynn Bousman, who should have turned his back on the "Saw" franchise much sooner, is loosely based on a 1980 flick with the same title. The original "Mother's Day" is an extremely low-budgeted and trashy production from the infamous Troma Studios. That film is obscure and totally insignificant, but at least the basic premise shows enough potential to entertain audiences even 30 years later. I really wished this is how horror remakes were usually handled. There's absolutely no necessity to recycle near-perfect classics such as "A Nightmare on Elm Street" or "The Fog". We need more directors who dig up forgotten gems and unleash an updated and vastly superior version!

"Mother's Day" basically your average thriller about a bunch of people getting home jacked and then subsequently submitted to humiliation, torture and emotional agony. The difference here, however, lies with the entire cast of characters. The homejackers are a totally unseen kind of dysfunctional family and yet the victims are often even more antipathetic. You know, the type of obnoxious and cowardly people prepared to sacrifice their so-called friends in order to save themselves. On the same night a tornado is about to pass through the area and cause a lot of damage, three brothers are on the lam after a failed bank robbery. The youngest one has a lethal bullet wound in his stomach and the three seek shelter in their nearby parental house. Unfortunately, their mother and sister were evicted a couple of months earlier and the house now belongs to Dan and Beth Sohapi, who're just having their friends over for a party. The Koffin brothers take the entire bunch hostage, but then their mommy arrives… Mother Koffin is an intelligent and sophisticated mature woman but, as to be expected, also a deeply disturbed and dangerous psychopath. The homejackers will not hesitate to kill, but the large amount of lies and deceits between the owners and their guests threatens to destroy them even sooner.

"Mother's Day" is an exciting and occasionally even suspenseful horror tale full of gruesome torture/murder sequences and pitch black humor. It has to be said that, with a running time of 112 minutes, the film is a tad overlong and suffers from a few tedious moments near the finale. By that time, even the remarks and behavioral ticks of the mother are becoming a bit derivative. Speaking of which, the titular role means an awesome comeback for early 90's vixen Rebecca De Mornay. She was hot in that period thanks to popular thrillers like "Guilty as Sin", "Never Talk to Strangers" and especially "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" in which she already portrayed a lunatic nanny. De Mornay hasn't starred in anything significant in nearly 15 years, but now she's back and she looks more ravishing than ever. "Mother's Day" contains numerous bloody and hard-to-stomach images, including the eerie intro set in a hospital and a couple of excruciatingly painful confrontations between victims and kidnappers, so it will definitely be popular amongst young horror fanatics. The film does lack that typically raw and brutal edge, but you can hardly blame Darren Lynn Bousman for that, because true exploitation films are nearly impossible to come by these days. As stated before, this is the second film in which the young director showcases his exceptionally talented skills. This and particularly "Repo! The Genetic Opera" are really cool movies and I hope Bousman doesn't return to the long-extinct "Saw" series.
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Great Cast, Great Acting, Runs Too Long
gavin69423 May 2012
The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home, which has since been sold, and terrorize the new home owners and their guests.

Right off the bat, I have to give full credit to Rebecca DeMornay. She knows crazy, and she knows how to make it both believable and intense. Despite any flaws this film may have, I find it hard to imagine anyone faulting DeMornay for her role.

Also, I have to say this is a noticeable improvement over the Troma version. I love Troma, and there are enough differences that this could be seen as a different movie rather than a remake, but the production value and professional cast involved made this a top-notch film.

That being said, the film's biggest problem is its length. Running almost two hours, the plot is far too simple for such a length. Cut ten or fifteen minutes out, speed up the pacing, and you have a good film. I kept thinking the confrontations were too long -- get down to it already. I have to admit I lost interest near the end...
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Another horror film where a bunch of psychos torture and kill innocent people
preppy-316 March 2013
Three brothers are speeding away from a bank robbery. One of them has been shot and needs help. They drive to their mothers house...unaware that she no longer lives there. She lost the house in foreclosure. Now a young couple live there and are having a party with a bunch of friends. The psychos take over and get their mother (Rebecca DeMornay) to come and help them.

This is yet another movie where psychos torture and kill innocent people. Personally I can't stand those types of movies. They're unpleasant and sick--not scary. This is just one more of them. Even worse the acting is so good by everyone it's hard to shake off. The only surprise is that there was no gratuitous female nudity (that's a plus). WAY too long to with a stupid ending. The only reason to watch this is DeMornay. She's incredible in her role. She's so likable but she will kill people without blinking an eyelash. The final fight between her and the "final girl" will have you cheering for DeMorney to get what's coming to her. But it's VERY unpleasant and far too long. I give it a 5.
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Best I've Seen in a Long Time
ladiesman2285 May 2011
I haven't seen the original Troma film of which this is based, but I've been looking forward to this one and it was worth the wait! The movie is very well paced, were thrown straight into the horror in the first 10 Min's (and this being a film by Darren Lynn Bousman (saw 2,3,4), there is plenty of horror on show)! Were barely introduced to the characters when the blood starts pouring, but i still found myself caring for each of them! With no sense of what was going to happen next or who was going to die, i was permanently on the edge of my seat! The show belongs to De Mornay, her performance as Mother is as chilling as Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs, cool and calm on second but deadly the next. With some memorable deaths, each totally unexpected, and a few twists along the way, i found this film a real surprise and one every horror fan especially should check out!
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Some good stuff, but way too many flaws
kannibalcorpsegrinder18 September 2012
Returning to their home like normal following a botched bank robbery, a group of criminals begin to terrorize and torment the new owners for the money they believe is being hidden away from them, forcing them into a deadly battle to escape.

Hyper-stylized remake that has a lot of rather poor points rather detrimental in nature. The most obvious is the film's extremely long running time which has a lot of extra time in useless scenes or subplots that drag the film's running time out, from the useless antics of the group out on the errands to the different failed escape attempts as the group bickers and complains about everything, leaving this one exceedingly long. Another rather big problem is the stupidity of the villains, since not only do they fail to keep a check on the group but the whole manner of stumbling into the situation is lazy and feels way too contrived, as well as denigrating into a typical Torture Film routine to deliver the majority of it's scares. While the big confrontations are rewarding action scenes and there's plenty of gore to be had, it's too flawed to overcome them.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language
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Brutal but highly entertaining
MattyGibbs9 May 2013
This is yet another home invasion movie but one with a bit of a difference. Allied to the usual psychopathic housebreakers is the added ingredient of their mother.

I didn't really buy into the set up as it's pretty far fetched however that's not really the point of these movies so it didn't spoil it for me. Rebecca De Mornay is manic and slightly over the top as the ruthless mother of the psycho's. The rest of the cast put in surprisingly convincing performances.

The film takes plenty of twists and increasingly brutal and at times unrealistic turns but nevertheless always remains horribly watchable. You do almost at times question why you are entertained by the horrific happenings.

The film is very brutal and there are quite a few unpleasant scenes so if you don't like these kind of films you won't like it. For horror fans though this is a well made and very watchable film which is as unpredictable as you could wish for.
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A spell biding thriller with great performances
saadgkhan15 June 2011
MOTHER'S DAY – CATCH IT ( B+ ) Ever since I heard that gorgeous & brilliant Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) has been signed on to do a thriller called "Mother's Day" I was anxiously waiting for its release. Finally last week I got hold of Mother's Day and trust me it was more than my expectations. It's not like common violent movies which start with blood & gore. The gore in the movie increases as the situation in the movie gets worse & worse. Director got the perfect cast to play "The Koffins", who invade in a house thinking their mother still lives there and hostage 8 people in the basement. The Koffins are brutal and would do anything to get what they want. Rebecca De Mornay as monstrous mother is powerful & ruthless at her heart. Patrick Flueger as eldest Koffins brother is impressive along with crazy angry Warren Kole. Matt O'Leary is shown being shot & Deborah Ann Woll did a good job as crazy isolated Koffins sister. Among the hostages the girls by far stand out from Jaime king to Briana Evigan, Kandyse McClure, Lisa Marcos & Jessie Rusu everyone did a fantastic job. Among the boys Frank Grillo and Shawn Ashmore did a great job. Alexa Vega & A.J Cook cameo was Okay it was like a "SAW touch". Overall a Mother's Day is a perfect movie to watch & enjoy on your Weekend.
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Never seen the original but this one's awesome
acidburn-105 July 2011
Yet another remake that has been churned out from Hollywood over the recent years, and although I've never seen the original I can't really compare the two, but this as a stand alone movie is really good well paced slasher/thriller.

The plot = Three brothers on the run from the police after a botched bank robbery. Unable to escape the small town they're in due to road blocks covering the exits. They make their way back to their old house where they hope to find Mother, whom is the mastermind behind these group of criminals. Unbeknownst to the brothers, their mother recently lost the home due to a foreclosure and it's now the new home to a young couple, who just happen to be having a little house-warming party. The brothers hold them hostage, as they await the return of Mother.

I've only ever seen clips of the original, but from what I can tell that this is almost completely different, such as the setting instead of in the backwoods America we get a suburban house-hold in which I was slightly disappointed, being a huge fan of backwoods survival flicks, but accepted and understood the necessity for the change. The backdrop definitely made it a more realistic take on the story, which seemed to be what the filmmakers were going for. With all the changes, the movie is now more of a home invasion crime thriller than the horror flick that many might've thought it'd be.

The performances in this movie are top notch especially Rebecca De Mornay who plays the sadistic mother showing the audience a kind (yet still devious) and sadistic side of her character and the great lengths that she'd go to protect her family, and it's also nice to see her back in movies again I loved her in "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" back in the early 90's. Other great performances came from recent slasher stars Jaime King (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and Briana Evigan (Sorority Row) they were great together, Jaime King hits all the right notes especially in her scenes alongside Rebecca De Mornay.

All in all this movie was violent and brutal at all the right times and offered some decent tense parts that involved our hostages attempting to escape, definitely worth watching.
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Only torture and no light at the end of the tunnel
dude_with_fervor5 February 2021
I dont understand why do directors wanna show sad movies with no hope. I like movies of this genre but not pointless movies which do not give any hope to the viewer. The director had a personal liking to the negative characters which is why they have been the luckiest. Story sucks!
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Cut and paste that relies on dumb characters
McQualude29 August 2013
A cut and paste of a dozen movies you've seen before. Rebecca De Mornay looks beautiful and she tries, really tries to be menacing, and she does just okay. Jaime King looks horrid. Her character was so unlikable that I had trouble judging her performance; maybe that means she was fantastic? I don't know. Shawn Ashmore had the most believable performance. There is probably a good movie in here somewhere but the writing and direction were so artless that it was tedious to watch. Apparently it's a remake of an old Troma film, I've never seen it but it must be better than this (edit: apparently I have seen it, I rated it 6/10 but I don't remember anything about it). If anyone is still reading and really wants to know, Mother's Day (2010) is the story of the dumbest possible people doing the dumbest possible things.
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I'm proud of my boys, they never forget their momma.
hitchcockthelegend13 October 2014
Excellent remake of Troma's schlocky 80s original. Story has three criminal brothers on the run from a bank robbery gone wrong and they plan to hide out in their childhood home. Unfortunately it's not their home anymore, so they take the couple living there and their party guests hostage and violence becomes the order of the day; especially with the arrival of the boys' psychotic mother...

It's bloody and bloody intense as director Darren Lynn Bousman updates the original to modern times. Featuring torture and humiliation, it's not what you would call a comfortable date movie experience, but the makers manage to blend the trashy exploitation of the source with today's horrifying home invasion themes with considerable success. The narrative is not perfect, with leaps of faith required for some twists and credulity is stretched to breaking point, but with Rebecca De Mornay on fire as the mad matriarch, the flaws are easily forgiven. 8/10
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Incredibly Dumb People All Around
Difkes38484221 August 2021
It opens with a woman stealing a baby from a hospital. She's dressed in an old school nurse dress and not scrubs and gets past the security guard by ignoring him when he tells her to stop. When he goes after her he drops a piece of mail and needs to stop and pick it up allowing her to call the elevator, get on it, and even wait for the doors to close. The next scene is her stolen babies all grown up as criminals after a botched robbery where one has been shot in the stomach. They go to their old childhood home which has been sold without their knowledge. The criminal family then takes an entire party of 9 grown people hostage who have no desire to be alive, but bought the house on foreclosure 2 months prior.

It was increasingly stupid all the way to the dying brother who stops breathing due to a gunshot wound. They bring him back and despite his half dead condition and the traumatic blood loss (he cant even sit up) However, the dying brother decides he cannot die a virgin and needs to have sex with one of the women in the house. So they pick the red head at the party. But then he basically dies again after his mom unzips his pants for him so the res head l is saved. I think they bring him back again? Oh, they also rip the toupee off of the red head's husband and leave him walking around the whole movie with a ridiculous blood halo on his bald head. This isnt a comedy either-its meant to be serious.

And at one point a cop shows up to do a welfare check as they have announced the criminal family's identities on the news and the cops know this was the criminal family's old house. The guy opens the door with his face beaten from the attack and his broken smashed hand wrapped in a blood-drenched towel. The cop goes "Sir are you okay? Your forehead..." His forehead?? How about the entire side of his face and his obliterated hand in his blood towel? And the guy goes "Oh yeah, I was playing basketball....." And then the cop tells him to have a nice night and he leaves never to return for the rest of the movie.
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Sadistic for the sake of sadism
davidmeth30 November 2015
Its filled with sadism and for 80% of the film you are really mad at the injustice the victim suffer with little pay back at the end it... This film just got me mad and most actions don't really make sense and not much background on what is happening, a lot of it is just violence for the sake of violence... I love horror films but this was crap. On the up side acting was fine and direction was good and plenty of violence and gore... This film last close to 2 hours.. Way to long for what it offers... The motive of the bad guys was bad and the motive of the good guy was bad as well... And the end makes no sense its just ridiculous also wtf do they really have to give more bad credit to realestate agents haha... Fkn dumb movie not believable...
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Fantastic movie...Great acting by Rebecca Demornay
joshdestardi5 May 2011
I came across this movie out of the blue, and I'm really happy I did.

I wasn't expecting much because of the name, 'Mother's Day'; it sounds like a cheap production.

Let me say that I enjoyed this move way more than the remake of "I Spit On Your Grave" and "Last House on the Left".

I was disappointed to see that it only has a 6 star rating, while the other 2 are slightly higher.

The movie does start out a bit slow but if you hang with it until the end there are a few scenes that made this old horror movie lover wince, and that's saying a lot.

The acting was pretty solid, and Rebecca Demornay was absolutely fantastic.

See it if you enjoyed Last House on the Left.
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Dumb and cheesy
missionkid14 July 2019
This was beyond unbelievable even for a thriller movie. The characters were all stereotypes with no one likable or deep at all. The end was so ridiculous I just had to review this title and warn others to not pay money to rent this or buy it. Save your money.
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Rebecca Really ?
rotini-525863 February 2021
You had to sink this low ? I used to love your work. Such a shame. Dumb dumb dumb
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Mother and her three sons.
HumanoidOfFlesh6 May 2011
Mother has three sons.Her family of criminals stays together and slays together.Her prison-free sons crash their old address not knowing that mum has been evicted.They find new tenants and their friends partying.Nine potential hostages.The home invasion and humiliation show begins.Mommy appears and things become complicated..."Mother's Day" AD 2010 is the remake of Troma's "Mother's Day" from 1980.The premise of redneck terror in the woods is gone,though.The characters are quite bizarre and one-dimensional.There are some unsettling scenes of violence too,but the gore is quite sparse.I enjoyed Rebecca De Mornay's devilish performance as the mother.If you liked recent remake of "I Spit on Your Grave" you can't go wrong with "Mother's Day".8 mothers out of 10.
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So unrealistic and illogical
ginjaninja-4390726 January 2021
I cannot believe the amount of simpletons giving this any more than a five. It is terrible acting and plot. It is so incredibly preposterous I can't imagine people like this. The ignorant masses
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Intensive home invasion flick
Leofwine_draca24 April 2012
Once seen, never forgotten. That's my feeling regarding Rebecca De Mornay's role in THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE; she was one of the most chilling psychopaths ever seen on screen. Others must agree with me, because she repeats a similar role in this home invasion horror story that's apparently a remake of a Z-grade Troma movie from yesteryear.

MOTHER'S DAY is an unpleasant film, there are no two ways about it. Much of the film feels like a glorification of violence, and the rest is all about the suspense building up to the next violent encounter. The storyline is simplicity in itself – a household full of partygoers having a good time is invaded by some on-the-run criminals, who think nothing of murdering anybody who gets in their way. Much of the 'entertainment' value – if you can call it that – comes from second-guessing who's going to be the next to bite it, or attempting to work out how the good guys are going to extricate themselves from the situation.

I tend to enjoy home invasion movies, not because of their subject matter, but because it's relatively easy to make a successful one. The single location settings bring claustrophobia to the audience and characters, and I always enjoy seeing the captives turning the tables on their captors come the climax. Funnily enough, I recently saw the LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake which covers much the same ground as this movie, with much the same style.

One of the benefits of MOTHER'S DAY is a pretty large cast which allows plenty of situations, showdowns and scenarios to be explored. One thing that quickly becomes tiresome is having the criminals making the hostages commit violent acts on one another, derivative gestures that are way too reminiscent of the SAW series (with whom MOTHER'S DAY shares its director). The cast is mixed, with De Mornay giving a typically intense performance that really pays off, but Jaime King is so poor as the supposed heroine that you'll be rooting for the bad guys to wipe her out. Supporting players like Lyriq Bent and Shawn Ashmore are much more interesting, but get short shift from the screenplay.

Also watch out for the silly twist ending, which is a step too far for this viewer and an entirely unsatisfying way to tie things up. In fact, the whole back story bookending De Mornay's character seems pointless; villains work better with less exposition, not more. Keeping the action within the house would have tightened things up nicely. Still, MOTHER'S DAY works well as a grisly, thrill-a-minute '70s throwback and horror fans should be in their element.
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An on the run criminal "family" holds up at their old house...
masonfisk15 October 2012
I remember seeing the original back when VHS was king & the only thing I remember about it is the opening city scenes were filmed in Jersey City, my hometown.

A backhanded compliment to be sure but I'll take what I can get.

As to this film, what a waste of time.

I hate that a movie like this comes along & it encourages the worst kind of audience interaction possible since I spent the majority of my viewing time screaming at the screen for the victims to do something while the onslaught of evil kept happening over & over again.

I shouldn't be shocked that this comes from the man who brought us the first Saw since the original Mother's Day may've influenced that film but when are these neo horror filmmakers are going to get the concept that no one tunes in to see 2 hours of victims being victims.

If you're rooting for the villains then they're something psychologically wrong with you.

A pass.
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Straight up Trash
toddmichaelstarks27 January 2021
Surprised by the decent reviews. Funny, how people say the original was bad? Well, what do you call this piece of garbage? You could see every twist and turn a mile away. Honestly, the lead scream queen "Beth" deserved everything that came her way. Talk about one hell of a stupid character. Could of survived 3 times over, but consistently does stupid things and puts everyone in harms way. Just rehash after rehash. Lol enjoy!
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Though entertaining, a nonsensical plot leaves you underwhelmed
mad_mandonna3 July 2011
Rebecca De Mornay is always a great villain in every capacity and this is no different. Her performance is fantastic and generally keeps the film from falling. The rest of the cast do an adequate job, but it is De Mornay who keeps the tension high and makes sure the thrills come fast.

The film is shot nicely, just enough gore and violence to keep you wincing, but not too much that the film is driven by it. The script though nothing special gives the villains of the piece something to play with. The victims however seem to fall at this hurdle speaking the same lines you expect to hear from this type of film. Jaime King is the biggest disappointment, her performance is flat and her characters motives are idiotic.

The plot is the biggest problem here, the holes in the plot can be seen from space and characters just don't mesh into the story properly. Despite an intriguing premise and knock out lead antagonist, Mother's Day falls in with a lot of sub-standard mainstream horror/thriller's of the moment.

I enjoyed the film a lot, but the plot holes unfortunately left me feeling underwhelmed. I spent more of film tutting at it than sitting back and enjoying it. And I'm pretty sure the intention of the film wasn't for me to be rooting for the "bad" guys at the end.
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can you imagine..
kim-de-windter6 September 2011
imagine, walking up to rebecca de mornay and saying "im gonna make a remake of mothers day from 1980 wanna be in it?" seriously, i would have laughed at that idea. in fact, i think rebecca should have laughed and walked away..

unfortunately she didn't.

while the original mothers day was true to just being weird and sick, this one, well, it kinda jumps between the mother trying to justify her sons, and for no apparent reason setting people on fire.

in the original story, the sons torture and rape girls in a secluded wood, violence and sick mindgames seem to be their hobbies. thats what makes the revenge of the girls after getting away from their captors simply just.

in this remake, it does not make much sense that one of the captive girls tries to stab one of the sons between the legs.. cause they left the rape scenes out.. and there are reverences to queeny, in the original the deformed sister of mothers.. living in the woods.. but in the remake, those references are never explained at all.. nobody knows who this queeny is, or why they keep talking about her..

im really disappointed, not about the movie, its a remake of mothers day.., what you gonna expect..

just that i always liked seeing rebecca de mornay, but this movie, well its midway down the spiral staircase.. so long rebecca..
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One Name "Rebecca De Mornay"
torstensonjohn13 August 2018
I had a feel when she arrived in the film of Hand That Rocks The Cradle flashbacks. Rebecca De Mornay has that vibe, that ominous character development to which she is mesmerizing on the screen. The film sounds like it would be an epic fail but is a very good suspense, thriller and drama.

The plot is pretty original as a couple are having a birthday party with friends and they are in a sound proof basement. Upstairs three men enter one which is wounded. It comes across this used to be their childhood home. These men are criminals as we find out and in comes MOTHER. The ferocity, soul stealing vibe we get from mother is critical for the film to capture the plot.

The acting was very well done and two in particular Patrick John Flueger (Ike) and Warren Kole (Addley) were very sadistic and extremely well portrayed. Jaime King (Beth) was pretty solid in her own right.

I give this film a solid 7 out of 10 for it's writing, plot and decent acting.
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"I'm proud of my boys, they never forget their mama"
gufi-0442912 March 2019
The movie starts pretty good. The first 40 minutes were so exciting I didn't even realize how long it had been. But after that, I got so disappointed. The story started to be so ridiculous and by the end there were so many plot holes and nonsensical situations. There're still some good scenes though so it's not that bad of a movie. But such a shame! The beginning was so promising.
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