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The Title Gives You A Clue
ZoZo1321 July 2009
Yes, our society has not debased itself enough. This show is the Jerry Springer equivalent of the more popular and better done Dancing Shows. However, with morbidly overweight, incredibly annoying, bad acting people who DANCE!!. Please don't get me wrong, because I AM A PLUS SIZED FEMALE. However, it's insulting to see other women paraded like this. Well, anyone will do anything if they can get on a cable show nowadays. But to see the women in outfits that show every bit of flab is nauseating (the outfits would be revealing on a normal sized woman). No, they're not "sexy"!!! That's a myth. The fact that it's produced by a plus sized woman, or that they attempt to throw in a weight loss side issue doesn't make this show more watchable. Be ready to see 250-300 pound women jiggling, doing leg-splits in front of the camera, and attempting to make this attractive to the viewer. EEEEEEEEEEK.
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It's wretched.
qcloes0914 August 2009
I cannot in any way be complimentary about the obvious problems with this new dance series. The lack of basic common sense is shocking. It's freakish to have such big, over-sized people dancing in the most revealing clothes. Of course they're clumsy. The makeup is grotesque. I watched once and that was all I could take. The kids came in while the show was on and their comments were so awful, I turned the TV off. I teach my kids not to be cruel to others, but this type of thing simply invites it. It's really trashy too. Don't the women have a mirror anywhere? I agree with the other person's comments that they musn't care.
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There are men too
morgan_mourning17 August 2010
There aren't many reviews for this show, but they all make some disparaging comment about the overweight women and completely ignore the fact that there are women AND men on DYAO. Admittedly, at the beginning, it's hard to watch them try to dance when they are sometimes physically unable, but each week, as they lose more weight, it's amazing to see the changes in their bodies, their dancing abilities and their self-confidence. It takes an unbelievable amount of courage for these people to come on the show and the transformations that most of them make (albeit with a trainer, nutritionist, doctor and professional dancers) is astounding. Instead of making fun of them, it would be better to applaud them for acknowledging their weight issues and putting forth so much effort to change themselves.
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Its different and I like it!
rottieprincess1 November 2011
I admit its not for everyone. No, you are not going to be watching society's "ideals" of what is beautiful. Yes, you will be watching overweight people who are brave enough to show themselves on national TV and let the world know that no matter their size, they are beautiful.

It takes a lot of courage and determination to show themselves in such a vulnerable state. Their bodies jiggle, and their weight is shown to millions across the country. This show emphasizes healthy weight loss through proper diet and exercise, with a positive attitude. It a reality show about real people.

If it disgusts you that big people are can be sexy, then change the channel! I definitely enjoyed the show and see more heart and soul from these contestants than anywhere else on TV. To compare this to trashy talk shows like Jerry Springer isn't fair. There is no drama and no back-stabbing, just people trying to better themselves and gaining the confidence they deserve.

Show more support, not criticism! The world has enough of it already.
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