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Fun time
Movi3DO20 March 2022
There's no curse more twisted than love.

Let's get the obvious out of the way: the animation was still god-tier. The second half when users fought was where the movie shined the most.

Another plus was Suguru. He was a great menace just like how he was hinted at in the anime series. He's a bit typical for a supervillain in his philosophy, but I still want to see more of him.

However, there's some major problems. First of all, the main character had very little time for development. He basically became super strong in a couple of finger snaps. His curse and background was interesting tho. I wanted more time between him and Gojo to make him more than just another crybaby.

Gojo is not a main character, but again I wanted more of him. I waited for that Ryoiki Tenkai: Muryo Kusho but didn't get it.

Now even though the fight animation was good, I still yearned for a lot more. The fight at the school was the only one that I cared, while the others were too short (Nanami was still hella cool).

Overall, I still had an enjoyable time. 7/10.
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Everything you expect a good origin story to be.
Prashast_Singh3 July 2022
I think I might have enjoyed Jujutsu Kaisen 0 more than the series itself, especially because it managed to be so much in just a less than 2-hour duration without leaving any major loose ends. Having experienced it on an IMAX screen, which was a one of its kind experience, I totally enjoyed the film and never realized when time flew by watching it. This is a highly enjoyable action fantasy that works for both who have seen and have not seen the original series.

First things first, MAPPA does a great job with the animation, especially during the battle scenes in the second half, and the character development is intriguingly presented. Yuta Okkotsu turns out to be a well-written protagonist and I wish to see more of him in the next seasons of the series. His bonding with every character seems impressive, be it Maki, Panda, Inumaki or Gojo. Also, Suguru Geto as a villain is written with complexity; he's a villain but he's also very calm and disciplined throughout majority of the duration, which made me doubt if he actually was a bad guy. Some characters from the original series make brief appearances, and as someone who watched the series a year ago, I was delighted to see them on the big screen.

The action is the biggest positive of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 as it is stylishly choreographed. Beautifully colored, brilliantly drawn and overall stupendously executed. The colors are gorgeously used during some of these scenes and that's where I felt my excitement rising to unprecedented heights. Also, the music is good and suits the film's tone and narrative. Some humor is also present, and it's really hilarious. There's emotion too, and it's handled very well. And all this happens in a duration less than 2 hours, which is commendable. If you enjoy action-packed shounen anime, do NOT miss this film on the big screens, especially after PVR cinemas gave us Indian anime fans the biggest gift in years. Must watch.
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chriscavanaugh-8663826 December 2021
#JujutsuKaisen0 is a spectacular film. Chopped full of highly animated action scenes that leave you blown away even hours after you watched them. And don't forget the stellar voice acting from all of the Japanese cast. With the main stand out being Megumi Ogata as yuta with gives a heartfelt and emotional performance. Not only is this film filled with amazing sequences of animation. It tells a gripping and heartbreaking story. That had me leaving the Theater in tears. Once Again STUDIO MAPPA has outdone themselves. It's no wonder this movie is already the second highest grossing Japanese film.

With A Phenomenal Cast and animation, with its touching story. I give Jujutsu Kaisen 0 a solid 8/10.
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GOJO SATURO = goosebumps
rupeshkr-2981615 January 2022
Awesome movie , stroy,and gojo saturo, megumi and other charcter are also best. Just watch this movie. Mappa animation is one next level and king gnu bgm make you jump off the seat.
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Cursed my soul with tears!
andmikkelsen21 September 2022
This movie was surprisingly good! Didn't know much about it other than what the trailers had spoiled! The story of Yuta and Rika was tragic and great at the same time! Really shows how twisted love can make you! It comes in many forms and lasts forever! The japanese VA for Yuta did a great job of translating the pain, frustration and regret, in his line-delivery! The stand out in the movie! Thanks to this you connect with Yuta very fast!

Other than a great story the animation was INCREDIBLE as well! Gave me goosebumps a couple of times! Multiple amazing fights!! Gojo saturo is a bad ass as you would expect! I am glad he gets a lot of screen-time!

Overall an amazing movie that can be enjoyed by those familiar with JJK already, or those who wants to check it out!

Excited for season 2 2023.
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Jujutsu prequel
legobuilderpro19 March 2022
The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie is a prequel to the Jujutsu Kaisen anime from 2020 and based off the Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0 Manga.

I recommend watching the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, it will help you understand the characters that are from the series in the movie.

I love the characters and I love the main character. The characters have the same personalities and are awesome seeing them in action on the big screen.

The animation is fantastic and is amazing when the action scenes happen, they are fast moving and it is cool in how they use their curse abilities.

The demon creatures are creepy and the villain may seem nice but he is really disturbing. The 3rd act was great and was nice to watch.

This did feel rushed, but they did a great job putting all of this into one movie. I have to give credit for the amount of effort they put in this movie.

Watch the Jujutsu Kaisen anime then watch the movie, It will make this a great time in the theater.
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"Once I go to Jujutsu High School, I will break Rika's curse!" ~Yuta Okkotsu
electronictealfuzzy18 March 2022
MAPPA, Toho and Crunchyroll are one of the greatest animation studios of all time! Not only do they make successful movies, but the scenes are very heartwarming and emotional! These scenes never get old, the end of the movie made me cry tears of joy, too. I watched this movie on St. Patrick's Day on IMAX! Though the funny part was they screened the wrong movie, which was The Batman we saw 2 weeks ago. And This is why I am a big fan of anime, ever since 2013! And the best quote from Yuta was....

"Come out, Rika!"

Can't wait for more anime movies, even another Jujutsu Kaisen movie!
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mjkm-4095830 January 2022
Great! Great!! Great!!!

Good job mappa!!

You should definitely see this one.

You don't need to have seen the TV series to understand it, just watch it.
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I am very happy and grateful 8/10
Husain_anusif23 May 2022
I recently heard that Jujitsu Kaisen 0 has been shown in cinemas, after watching the movie, I have many words in my heart that I want to say, but I'll be short.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was a beautiful and interesting movie. I hope to see the second season soon. For the first time I see anime in the cinema. At the end of the movie there is an extra scene, but I didn't see it as significant or made me conclude that something was going to happen later. It didn't make sense and it was weird, at first we see a beautiful and bright opening scene of the movie with an opening song that was great. I want to talk about this scene because I loved it, and it turns out that this movie almost met expectations.

The events were very interesting and the way of the story was good, the characters were like the characters we saw earlier in the anime, but some new characters appeared, but the focus was more on the main character Yuta, I liked the character a lot and the voice performance of the character was excellent, I managed to empathize with the character's past , as well as the rest of the important characters such as Gojo, Toji, Maki and Panda, we had fun times with these characters and laughed sometimes and loved them a lot, and talking about the characters I'm talking about Gojo that he is very strong and the legend of the movie was always flashing lights, the main enemy and the owner of bad intentions was a very good character.

The production was flawless, the animation was perfect and the scenes were so amazing that my mind blew, the music helped a lot in creating a very emotional atmosphere especially in the movie. The studio did a lot in terms of production and music, and the songs were chosen very appropriately and sadly.

In the end, I enjoyed a lot watching the movie and lived very beautiful times that I will never forget, and it was a great experience, and I still listen to the songs that I heard in the cinema hall and remember the moments from the movie, even if you don't watch the anime, everyone can understand and enjoy the story of the movie regardless of its age.
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tanmaykumar-1034316 January 2022
SO I watched the movie today and its unbelievablly well done at first i hesitated by looking at a matt in the reviews so I read the manga and it's so good so I went to watched it and its was even better its definitely movie of the year seeing megumi ogata as yuta seeing gojo flex it was awesome beats mugen by a long margin in my opinion nothing was mid.
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Felt rushed and underwhelming
weakley-0092119 March 2022
The movie was just ok, not worth a theater visit probably good to watch at home. It just suffers from poor pacing which cascades into all other key factors. Most characters/abilities aren't explained or talked about at all so it's surprising many people say the movie is good for people who've never watched the anime or read the manga. There was never a feeling of progression within the movie as each plot point quickly jumped to another plot point via black screen as soon as it was finished. It didn't feel like a blend flowing from scene to scene but more of a check list to get a finished movie. Animation as well was what you'd expect from MAPPA to deliver in the anime. It wasn't out of the park like Ufotable in the demon slayer movie it just served it's purpose. My expectations might've just been to high but I left the theater feeling unrewarded for the time.
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pedronunesnomundo4 June 2022
I can perfectly understand that for JJK fans this film can be a feast. Fine. We are on the same page, OK?

But you must also understand the opposite! That for the rest of us this movie can be seen as nothing but a never ending rewind-repeat sequence of anime clichés, served to the table by a yelling waiter on roller skates and meth.

If you loved this movie so much I can willingly give you my free pass! I have no intention of watching it ever again.
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Entertaining but with a lot of flaws
filipkowalik16 March 2022
Before jumping into the review, I just want to say that I have not read the manga. I have only watched the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, which I loved.

CHARACTERS: The movie brings back most of our beloved characters from the show, like Gojo the panda or Nanami. They obviously remain very likeable characters and are one of the main strength of the movie.

However, I was greatly disappointed by the newly introduced Yuuta, who is the main character. He is a failed mixture between a depressed teen who can't face reality and blames himself for everything (Ikari Shinji) and an overpowered guy that will do anything to protect his friends (Ken Kaneki). In consequence, we get a watered-down version of Ikari Shinji with a sword and an angry girlfriend. Déjà vu

VOICE ACTING: It was great. I have nothing negative to say about it. Megumi did a great job of portraying his character.

ACTION SCENES: Crisp combat scenes are by far the biggest strength of the movie. Not only are they greatly animated, but we get to see a great variety of characters fight each other. Therefore, combat never gets stale in the movie. It's amazing, even by mappa's standards.

STORY AND WRITING: Unfortunately, I think that we can barely even speak of a story. The movie is completely void of structure. It is a succession of random scenes, and at one point the bad guy just comes to declare war on everyone. There is no scenario.

VISUAL AND AUDIO: The animation is simply identical to the anime. You like it or you don't. Personally, I thought that the soundtrack was very forgettable, and I couldn't name a single song. Whereas the show had some unique and memorable tracks like "Your Battle Is My Battle" or "Hollow Purple"

CONCLUSION: Despite its numerous flaws, the incredible fighting scenes and loveable characters manage to keep the movie entertaining. However, I wouldn't recommend it to non-jujustu kaisen fans.
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An introduction to a bigger picture
Darkjak00718 March 2022
Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is the feature-length prequel to the series. In a world where Curses, evil Spirits created from human emotions run rampage unseen by ordinary human eyes. Were introduced to a disturbed high school named Yuta Okkotsu, who's haunted by his old childhood friend & crush Rika now a powerful Curse. He's then approached by Satoru Gojo High ranking sorcerer and takes him to an academy where he learns to control his powers and help fight against Curses and another sorcerer that mean harm to humanity. Jujutsu Kaisen series in general is a good series it is action-packed and filled with tons of violence and bizarre designs and imagery. So to see something of that magnitude up on the big screen seem very stunning. In general zero is a good introduction to the series while it doesn't do anything inversely as over the top of the series or manga. It eases you into how this world functions you don't need to have read or watched the series to understand what's going on. The Characters all for the most part are likable, with the introduction to some characters who will become far more relevant later in the overall scale of things such as Yuta, Maki, or Panda. Getting bits of what they are about without diving too much into their characters here. Same with Gojo and the Main villain Geto. While the film gives slight hints about their past and friendship. However the fact of the matter is it's not gonna be shown here, you'll have to continue further in the series. So here it just doesn't feel as developed and fleshed out. The pacing is a little rushed it is an introduction to a much bigger picture. Regardless of that aspect, the movie is still stunning to look at much like the demon slayer Mugen train. The animation is so smooth and beautiful and the action is fast and Swift. The soundtrack is really good, and the Curse design is few but good. It's here where the movie shines most. While it could have been paced better, for a beginning to newcomers it is a good movie to start with and worth a watch.
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Great Intro into JJK
NinthHokage19 March 2022
Ok so I just started watching JJK this week to prepare for the movie. However due to school, I haven't really been able to watch it and am only on episode 7 at the time I'm writing this. Coming out of my IMAX theater...

Let me tell you, this movie is super easy to follow, even just a few episodes wouldn't really make a difference. Give it a watch with friends or family (or both), and trust me they'll (probably and hopefully) love it too!

The movie is beautifully animated as well, with some of the best animation, cinematography, and choreography I've seen in anime. The movie also has it's funny moments here and there. I definitely recommend it to any new anime fan, anime fan in general, and friends who just wanna have a good time. MUST DO FOR JJK FANS! SEE IT IN THE THEATER IN IMAX!
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Felt like the manga brought to life
Benslie20 March 2022
When you're reading a manga you still get to see the action scenes happen and what goes down but it's hard to follow which is why getting the action scenes for this movie done correctly is important and they stepped up to that challenge. Jujutsu Kaisen is known for its extravagant fight scenes and this movie continues to deliver on that promise with easy-to-follow fight scenes that show off all of the character's strengths. But the animation for this movie isn't just a standout for the fight scenes but throughout the whole movie. The animation for the series as a whole is beautiful and I love how the animators used different techniques for certain elements. What I mean by this is if you look at how the human characters are animated compared to the cursed spirits or even the cursed energy the sorcerers use you'll see a difference and it's great. As someone who has read the manga for this movie, I'm proud to say that the story for this movie stays really close to what happens in it, but not all the way. The movie does add in a few things that just make it easier for people who haven't read the manga to better understand what's happening and the characters but there is one scene that I feel like did not need to be added in. But I will say that unlike some other movies based on mangas the story for this one flows really well and it doesn't feel like separate chapters just being slapped together haphazardly. In the end, Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0 is an amazing movie and worth a watch even if you haven't seen the main series.
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"Love is the most twisted curse of all"
BlazeLion9625 May 2022
If you liked the first season of JJK, you'll probably like this movie. If you didn't like the first season of JJK, there's probably nothing here to convince you otherwise. That being said from some of the greatest animation studios MAPPA and Toho ,this movie raises the bar in many aspects during its runtime ,from the epic battles to the amazing soundtrack to some amazing heartwarming stories and cool characters with abilities that will melt your eyes out. A well-told story and neatly wrapped up by the time the credits role. It helps flesh out some of the backstory for Geto, one of the series' main antagonists, and of course Yuta, who reappears in the manga at a later date, but is by no means mandatory viewing to enjoy the rest of JJK.

One thing the film easily surpasses the original season with is the emotional moments. Connecting with the characters and their struggles seem much more real and causes much greater immersion. The less extreme personality of the main character, great music choice, and fluid animation make even the slow scenes feel meaningful. The story teaches us the what is love ,how it can be a curse and a power at the same time. All the characters have a deep effect on the progression of the story even though Yuta's development in the span of 1:45 minutes comes a bit fast it's still extremely satisfying seeing him grow.

The art and animation are a 10/10. Mappa doesn't fail to amaze me in everything they do.

Complimenting the great animation is the music. Each part of the OST accentuates the emotion of the scenes and really brings up the hype during the battle scenes.

Overall the movie is amazing and one of my all time favourites. If you haven't seen Jujutsu Kaisen then you might want to watch this film since this is a prequel to the main series. Don't even think before watching this, just do it. I honestly prefer the manga, but this was almost just as good and makes me anticipate S2 even more.
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Treat for the JJK fans
jaysshukla1 July 2022
Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has everything you could ask for - your favorite characters from the series (yes, the movie includes everyone except the three main characters from the series), their special moments, emotions, elegant fights, comic reliefs etc.

For a movie, the story feels good. What exactly adds to the beauty is that we get to see more depths and progress in the characterization of Gojou Satoru and Geto Suguru. I am taking 1 score out of it because eventually the character of Okkutsu has found its conclusion and as a result his character hardly feels relevant to what we have watched or are going to watch in the main series. And yet it was supposed to be canon. For the movie purpose, it was still good.

Soundtrack is amazing and it really sets the mood. It's highly recommended to watch this on the big screen. Whether we talk about Gojou's blue eyes or the fight scenes against Suguru, much of it feels overwhelmingly great in the theater.
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Not That Good
vdtqbn20 March 2022
I had watched this movie before and slept through about 10 minutes of it, and it appeared incomplete. I watched it again. Yet, It still seemed fragmented. The movie overall felt blasé and bland. The fight scenes were either, to short or out sync with the movie. It felt as if lot more out could have been done, and it was added to it. The animation was alright at times. In addition to it there wasn't anything the truly popped out for me. The Plot was subpar at best and mediocre at worst. There were to many characters to give proper screen time to any of them. It seemed as if it was a collage of moments based on smaller one-offs agglutinated together to make a story. If I could use one word to summarize the whole movie it would be disappointing. They could have done better in 6 episodes. I would have rated the movie higher, considering it was my second viewing, and I had slept on the first one. I have to give it a five.
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Not very good
OzzzzSSzzzzO25 March 2022
This should be more of a straight to crunchy roll release. Honestly this is the worst movie I've seen out of the last like 30 movies.

Poor plot. Bad directing. Subpar animation. I definitely don't see what all the hype is about.
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(Sub) Characters,voice acting, and comedic timing on point just like the show.
jrhodes-6889923 March 2022
The JJK 0 movie highlighted everything that makes the show great.

Yutas voice acting is on par with Sakuna and Nanami as it hit the nail on the head with how it went perfectly with the character.

All the characters who were in season one got to show there stuff although it was very brief.

The comedic timing was just as good as in the show. Didn't feel forced given the personality of some of the characters ie Gojo.

Geto was portrayed with a great villainous presence just like Sakuna.

Animation was really spectacular in some scenes.

Action would be a slight knock. Wanted more to be honest as it was solid most of the time. Yuta vs Geto was good though.

Have seen in theaters a few times already so great replay value.
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Awsm movie
yashikastudent1 March 2022
Very good movie. Absolutely loved it. I got goosebumps while watching it. Animation 100/100. Loved gojo satoru and geto suguru and ierei... loved yuta as well... awesome movieeeee.
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A word for word adaptation
ayoung-9136931 March 2022
Jujutsu Kaisen Zero is a movie that came out on March 18, 2022, and was a highly anticipated film for fans of Jujutsu Kaisen. It is a prequel to the original anime, and an adaptation of the manga, Jujutsu Kaisen Zero. The reviews were extremely positive, with a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.2 stars on IMDb.

Jujutsu Kaisen Zero: The Movie, is very faithful to the original source material. The manga is 200 pages and spans 4 chapters. The purpose of the manga was to give more context to characters that did not have as much development and show the war that Gojo mentioned in the original mangaka. It is a side story that was written without regard for pacing or actual development of characters but as a list of things that happened before the war and during the war. It is a great 30 minute read to get to know the characters you already know and love, however, it lacks an actual narrative as it's just a side story.

The movie faithfully adapted every panel and every dialogue box. The only thing the movie added was a little piece of the ending, but that is all. A toss-away story, adapted into a major blockbuster film, marketed as being the "prequel" to the original anime so people who have not watched or read Jujutsu Kaisen, can enjoy the film too. That was a lie!

The main focus and protagonist of the movie, Yuta Okkotsu, was as interesting as a cardboard box. He is your typical bland anime character with no personality and no ambition. Although the film follows beat-by-beat the Hero's journey, it did not get me invested in his journey. He is introduced as having the same level of power as the strongest in the world while being incredibly inexperienced and scared of this special world he crossed into. However, he himself is weak, demonstrated by him being defeated by his classmate. Thirty minutes after, he killed the main antagonist, which is one of the most powerful characters. During the thirty minutes of film time, the movie was concentrating on events happening outside of the protagonist and does not mention anything about how Yuta is able to fly or use a powerful technique that only one clan in the entire world is able to use because of their bloodline or how he could instantly heal his friends. I am baffled by how he is able to do any of these abilities as it is literally impossible narratively in this world to use different kinds of abilities. It is explained by the character supposedly sacrificing his entire life to trade for this much power. Except, he didn't even exchange his life after at all, and the stakes that made the final fight make sense were void.

The main antagonist and protagonist were very similar as both characters are so plain and boring that it made watching paint dry my new favorite Friday night activity. Suguru Geto, the villain of the movie, has the most contrived, two-dimensional motives ever. His goal is to "kill everyone who cannot see spirits". Why? It's never explained in the movie! The antagonist's plain, unexplained motives, however, drive the entire climax and main fights in the movie. There is no nuance in any of his actions as his only character trait is being evil. Perfectly mirroring the protagonist's only character trait as being a "good guy".

Nothing is ever expanded on or properly explained because the movie takes no creative liberties of changing a few scenes from the manga or attempting to create a jumbled 4 chapter information dump into an actual narrative. For the manga of Jujutsu Kaisen Zero, it is understandable that some information is left out as it is already explained in the original manga of Jujutsu Kaisen, making it redundant to explain in a side story. For example, the morals of Suguru Geto are properly introduced and nuanced as he has his own backstory revealed. He has a reason for why he hates people that cannot see spirits and his reaction is then reasonable. However, to the anime-only watchers, this is the first time they have ever seen Geto in action. The only thing they know about Geto is that he is evil and strong. So, the movie should include why Geto is this way, so the climax can actually have meaning or a clash between 2 different morals.

I have been really harsh on the movie, but it does have its good points. The animation in the fight scenes is amazing. It lives up to the expectations that the anime has set up. There were no jaw-dropping scenes or anything, but the animation was good.

My main takeaway from Jujutsu Kaisen Zero: The Movie is that it's just a cash grab that was made to get money out of the hype of the anime. They saw a side story that could be adapted into a movie and they just put what was on the manga onto the big screen. Nothing was added to it and nothing was gained from watching it. All that was made was a movie about an incomplete story that does not help give context to characters we already know from the anime. The only redeeming quality of the movie was great animation, but compared to other anime blockbusters, it was average. I give this movie a 6 out of 10. The story was nonexistent, there were no likable characters, but it was an animation, and the kids watching it behind me in the theater were having a great time.
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Movie is for Fans of the Manga Series
peachjerry22 March 2022
I can't recommend this movie unless someone is familiar with the Manga Series. While well animated there's characters and such that are introduced in the middle of the movie that aren't fully explained. I can only presume fans of the series will know who they are. A council places a judgment on the main character but little else is explained or expanded to assist audience who they might be. Note: There are subtitles as well. I know many people prefer dubbing. This movie was largely a fail for me.
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Good but not great
akshatmahajan10 July 2022
To be honest, was little bit excited for it but the movie didn't delivered that much. The story was simple and not that much engaging. The first half was little bit boring but the second half was good especially the fight scenes. Overall, you will enjoy it only if you are JJK fan.
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