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MR_Heraclius24 February 2020
It's the Rock's performance that makes this movie watchable. Otherwise it's a standard revenge driven action move that doesn't add anything to the genre. Also, I usually have issue when movie characters are underdeveloped, but in this case the assassin and his girlfriend were way too overdeveloped and I just didn't need to know that much about his character - not only did it not add anything to the story, it actually detracted from it.
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A really worthwhile action flick
warthogjump16 February 2011
Faster does not try to be anything it's not. It is a fast paced action flick with plausible performances from all round.

I've always liked Thornton as he is very good at playing a drugged out low life. He is perfect for this role. Forget Thornton though, nothing fits better than the role "The Rock" played. A cold mean*** man with big muscles looking for revenge. That's exactly who the Rock is and I could easily say there was no better man for the job! Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the hit-man also played a decent role and I really liked the addition to his role of being "challenged." Maybe I'm not expressing myself very well, but what I think I'm trying to say is that Faster didn't feel corny in any scenes. Like most action films go waaaaaay overboard or some try to mix too much drama into it when it's supposed to be an action flick. I didn't feel any negative element like that linger around in Faster. It's solid action that's believable and although it does have some drama in it, it's woven in quite well, but in any case, the action overpowers any other element the movie may have to offer.

Throughout the movie I was actually gripped with tension and it also has a good twist at the end, though the smarter movie goer would probably pick it up early on.

I really can't say anything bad about this film besides the fact it's just an action movie, and that's not a negative because that's what it set out to be and that's what it is. No academy performances, no sensational script (but much better than other actions movies because like I said no corny scenes, all plausible), no dodgy romance scenes.

By the way, without giving too much of a spoiler, I also really enjoyed the fact how Faster developed a scenario where I expected at least one character's life to turned to ruins, but instead, an unexpected but easily believable resolution was found. Everyone got what they deserved, which is great, and I also got what I deserved: enjoyable action! By the way, this movie no where near deserves a 6.7 rating on IMDb. I know action titles aren't given too much credit, but Faster deserves to be at least 7, probably about 7.2.
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The Rock has finally come back!!
illnino-22 December 2010
To start of, this movie is not groundbreaking and I doubt it is going to claim to be. It's a simple revenge thriller with a few plot twists. That's why I did not give it a full score.

But those things aside, this movie was quite fun to watch. Loved how Dwayne Johnson finally decided to get back to his action roles after the lame kid movies he had starred in lately. His screen presence was awesome, and kinda reminded me of the good old times while he was wrestling.

The music and the setting were awesome, it really did remind me of the 70's revenge thrillers. The entire movie was like an ode to the old dark and moody revenge movies just as Kill Bill was. I believe they got the setting and tone of the movie quite right, and the music itself was awesome. Nothing flashy just melancholy sounding from beginning to end.

The action scenes were quite good since Dwaynes character (The Driver) just oozed of cold blooded anger and hatred. Making the showdowns quite interesting and funny at one point as well. The other characters were entertaining as well, The Killer and The Cop. Each had their own story going on until they get intertwined with each other as the movie progresses.

Overall I loved the movie and I feel anyone who is wanting to check out a action flick this weekend should definitely check this movie out. It will be worth the money spent if you are looking to be entertained.
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Parker for the 21 Century
blackstone45428 November 2010
I was surprised by this somewhat. I expected a brainless revenge thriller. What I got was a nicely crafted caper, a throwback, a homage, to several genre films.

The storytelling was straight to the point, almost linear. A vengeful juggernaut-The Rock-gets out of jail and seeks revenge for his murdered brother. He's as focused as a laser missile. An eclectic cast of characters are in his way. A strung-out cop out for redemption (Billy Bob Thornton), a neurotic hit-man and various unsavory people.

I thought this was nice nod to 70s style vengeance driven movies and somewhat reminiscent of Richard Stark/Donald Westlake's PARKER character (seen, in its most recent incarnation in PAYBACK, starring MEL Gibson: one man seeking revenge against fellow criminals). A man focused on his mission. The Rock is a cold-blood murder machine. Nothing heroic or even sympathetic about this guy, which makes him fascinating to watch as he runs down his list.

This movie doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it is a nice cure for the sugar coated holiday releases flooding our cinemas. A nice balance of violence, solid acting and some great music provided by THE HEAVY.
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Faster Redeems a Misguided Career
Gorefather28 November 2010
While I always thought Dwayne Johnson (The Rock!) had potential as an actor, I thought his career choices have been pretty dismal since he left the world of wrestling. Whether throwaway crap like "The Scorpion King" or just plain embarrassing stuff like "The Tooth Fairy" (we get it Dwayne, you can laugh at yourself - how about getting down to business!), I just never felt compelled to see one of his movies. Until now.

I could tell from the trailer this one was going to be different.

Faster is a throwback to the merciless action flicks of the 1970s. Existential in tone. Ruthless in execution. It's kind of a cross between Death Wish and Vanishing Point. A pure, undiluted revenge drama that shows Dwayne Johnson really can walk the walk when he wants to. This isn't G-rated pabulum for the whole family. This is a leather glove across the chops, R-rated blast from the muzzle of a sawed-off shotgun. The plot isn't very complex, but the pacing is beautiful, as is the purity of this amazing movie.

Billy Bob Thornton does a great job too as The Cop, a lowlife drug addicted, slimy little lawman with 9 days to go before retirement and one last case to solve. And Oliver Jackson-Cohen is terrific as a yuppie hit-man with a personal score to settle.

If you like movies that are intent simply in kicking your ass for 90 minutes, you could do a lot worse than Faster. After all these years, I'm finally a Dwayne Johnson fan.
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The real Rock is back in action
the-movie-guy3 December 2010
(Synopsis) After serving 10 years in prison for bank robbery, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) has only one mission in life, to avenge the murder of his older brother who was killed when they were double-crossed after the heist. Now a free man with the names and addresses in hand, there is nothing on earth that can stop him from killing all of them. However, two people are in the hunt to stop him, veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) only days from retiring, and a young hit man (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), both on Driver's trail. The race is on, and there can be only one winner.

(My Comment) The story is simple and straight to the point, Driver wants revenge. Driver gets out of prison after 10 years, and he starts hunting down the criminals who were responsible for killing his brother. However, things get complicated when a hit man comes after him. Not only does he have to avoid the cops, but now he is also a target. Physically, the Rock is imposing in this film, but he only speaks about 2 dozen words in the whole movie. The Rock does not have much dialog, but his tough mannerisms and cold blooded killer facial expressions are enough. Billy Bob Thornton's performance as the sleazy cop is excellent. If you want to see an action packed revenge flick, this is a good one to see. (CBS Films, Run Time 1:35, Rated R)(8/10)
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My 369th Review: One Of The Better Films About Vengeance (Not Revenge) In A Long Time
intelearts12 February 2011
I went expecting a basic action film. I did not get it.

What we got was a man's movie - and in this reviewer's opinion one of the best in recent memory.

This it is not yet another film about revenge - it is a film about vengeance, and that's another animal entirely. If the true essence of great story-telling and myth is that it takes us on a journey that is on the surface almost simplistic, but leaves the audience more by the end; then Faster succeeds and succeeds way beyond expectations.

In side-stepping the current vogue for mindless action it does hark back to the 70s - and the look and feel are very true to those roots. Finally, we might be leaving aside the lowbrow sarcastic sadism that has ruled action films for a decade now and getting to action film that engages rather than kills to entertain.

Director George Tillman keeps the speech sparse and the direction too. While the film overhypes the testosterone levels through the hardware and the subplots there is an overall spareness to this that lifts the film. Finally, it doesn't establish that there may be a world beyond vengeance too soon. In the dialog between a truly excellent Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Johnson the film goes from one level to another entirely. For this reviewer, the Gaytons have written in that exchange one of the most iconic scenes on film in recent memory. And if this sounds like raving, then it is because it deserves it: brilliant writing and stone-hard action combine to give the audience an experience to remember.

This is a film that needed a star to really work, and in Dwayne Johnson it has found one. He creates a character that is the closest I've seen to the uncompromising spirit of Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven and Dirty Harry in quite a while. Here, there is genuine steel in the eye. This is tough without the token quips and ironic smiles. This is tough, mean tough, gutsy, down to business, get the job done, film-making for men, tough.

Without a doubt a man's film - and one of the best in recent memory - and while Johnson's clowning may have been a strength in some previous films the uncompromising hardness he shows here has the potential to make him a real A-lister.

Go be surprised as we were.
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It's about time!
kowgirl_tina-125 November 2010
This was the first movie our family went to in a long time, and it was so worth it! My boys said it was excellent.

The plot was simple enough, bad guy wants revenge for the murder of a loved one. In all honesty, it didn't seem to need a wide range of acting from Dwayne Johnson (aka, The Rock). I should rephrase that; it wasn't so much the dialog, but his mannerisms and facial expressions that said it all!

The movie wasn't just about revenge, it also looked into how he got to be the way he was... the way he was treated growing up. It talked about forgiveness & redemption.

I say it's about time The Rock (I will always know him as that!) got back to what he does best, Action/Adventure. Like The Rundown he did with Sean Scott.

All in All, I would give this movie a B++
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I'll be brief
mastersond7620 November 2010
I thought The Rock had abandoned us for Disney movies until I went to an early screening of Faster hosted by our local Rock station.

No spoiler alert necessary because I'll keep this short. This movie is action packed from the opening scene but has two twist, one a whodunit, the other about a character's origin, not even hinted at in the previews.

The plot starts simply enough. The Rock walks or rather runs out of prison after 10 years and starts hunting down the guys responsible for killing his brother. Things get complicated when the cops (Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino) and a playboy-assassin (Oliver Cohen) and his girlfriend (Maggie Grace, LOST!) start hunting him. There are great supporting actors like Mike Epps, Moon Bloodgood and Mr. Eko from LOST along the way.

I enjoyed it, my wife enjoyed it and we are going with her family to see it again after Thanksgiving lunch.
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Faster, yeah. You'll wish it was over faster.
Finfrosk8613 June 2015
This is not an action movie. This is a crime-drama-thriller. In the trailer for it, it looks like an action movie, but it is not.

Probably the reason why I didn't like it. I like The Rock, but he is not really he type of actor you put in a thriller-drama. He is more suited for action or action-comedy. It's not that he can't act, he's not bad, but still.. He fits better in a more action-oriented environment!

This movie is not all that entertaining, really. It is kind of boring at times, you just want some more action. You want The Rock to be the super bad-ass that can throw guys around and beat everyone up, here he is supposed to be more of a normal guy. Not exactly normal, but he is not supposed to be much of a bad-ass. And lets face it, he looks like a wrestler/bodybuilder, he looks nothing like an average man.

Faster is just a little boring. I can't think of much more to say.
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The Rock is Cooking
Legendary_Badass25 November 2010
Driver (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) has just completed a dime in the slammer and is looking for revenge against those who not only put him there, but also killed his brother. With a hit list in hand he driver through the desert of Nevada in search of his targets while also being pursued by a contract killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton).

The Rock isn't as strong an actor as he is built. Physically he's imposing, but much of the film leaves him short on spoken material. I'd call this a good call given that his most dramatic scenes aren't believable. Making up for his silence are the creatively named Cop and Killer who both explore relationships and contemplate the bookends of careers.

From a genre-free perspective Faster has the needed pieces to make for some compelling cinema. Unfortunate for the ticket buyer, a likely action connoisseur, Faster has very little action. Driver's checklist is a breeze; most of his prospective victims put up zero fight whatsoever. When the bad guys aren't even trying it's difficult for me to get excited. I've had tougher times finishing grocery lists.

Then there's the story involving Killer. Whatever stoic, forceful appeal Driver displays is contrasted by the arrogance of Killer. This is fine by most measures but Killer never lives up to the hype painted around him. It seems that the title comes from his exclamation that Driver is a faster draw with a pistol, but it would have been just as descriptive to call him inaccurate. This man of adventure is willing to concede that a getaway driver betters him with a gun; I'd rather not tell that to my concerned girlfriend if I were him. I never got the feeling of the game between the two and a highflying car stunt from the trailer, which was absent from the finished product, could hint at a more involving struggle between the characters.

Faster is directed by George Tillman Jr. with high energy. The general look of the film is a slightly more colorized, bleach bypass film look of many recent grungy movies. The editing is crisp and CGI use is limited to being tastefully unobtrusive. Jokes and gags are few in number but every once in a while one crops up to lighten the mood. Overall, very strong pacing with some well incorporated flashbacks and slow motion.

The lack of a classical showdown really hurts Faster, which otherwise measures up as one of the best action/revenge films of recent years. It's getting late in his career for Dwayne to be learning the ropes of what should be his bread and butter, but it's good to see him try.
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This is not a Disney film, this is The Rock's best.
TonyHurtado5 December 2010
This movie was simply awesome, to put it in a few words. The Rock has been in some pretty terrible Disney films in the past, everyone thought he had sold out. This movie just proves, Dwayne Johnson, isn't a sell out. This was simply his best film yet. You know lots of people also thought, that a man from WWE who wanted to see if he could act, would not make it big. Well you were all wrong, he is a pretty descent actor, he is not terrible and not bad, he is excellent.

The movie storyline, is a revenge plot. After a bank robbery, Dwayne Johnson's character, "Driver", loses his brother in gang like activity, so he seeks his revenge on all those responsible, for his brothers death. In his way is Billy Bob Thorton, a cop looking to put Driver down.

I love that in the movie there are really no full names, Dwayne's character, is named only Driver. Billy Bob Throton's character is only titled as "Cop". I thought this movie was well thought out, well designed, and well acted. I honestly had thought this film was just a movie that you see once, and probably don't see it again, but, I probably will get this movie on blu ray when it is released on blu ray and DVD. So this movie is a 9 out of 10 for me.
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Am I the only to think this movie is really really bad???
redizdead7 February 2011
I guess all good votes here were posted by WWE fans or members of the production. This movie is just awful. And it is rated as 6.9!!!!! I can't believe it. Everything is falling apart... The scenario is awful. horrible. Actors are bad, but script is worse. Not worth watching. if you don't care about "the rock", then you won't care about the movie. How many people were paid to post those fake reviews? I really wonder. the story makes no sense. Nothing makes any sense! the thing is, you have to write a review that contains 10 lines, minimum. But how can you write 10 lines about a film like that? I really wonder. I'm trying... Please help me save souls :) this movie deserves a 4, maybe a 5. not a 7 on IMDb.... This is a shame!
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Dwayne Johnson handles himself adequately well in Faster
tavm2 December 2010
This is the second of two movies I watched with my movie theatre-working friend today (The first was Tangled). I was partly hesitant to watch what I thought was going to be an exploitative revenge flick starring a former wrestler once known as The Rock. To my pleasant surprise, it was a little more than that though there was the requisite shootings that earned this an R-rating though not a hard one like that for The Expendables last August. In the leading role, Dwayne Johnson moves well and handles what dialogue he has adequately well. And co-star Billy Bob Thornton does his usual fine turn as the about-to-retire cop coming after him. Although the story is handled seriously enough, I had an "MST3K" moment when another cop played by Carla Gugino asks "Haven't I seen this guy before?" when looking at Johnson's surveillance tape and I replied back to the screen "Yeah, in Race to Witch Mountain!" (I have to admit here that I actually said "Escape" before my friend corrected me.) And when "Lost" veteran Maggie Grace appeared on screen, this same friend thought she was in Son-in-Law with Pauly Shore possibly mistaking her for the role Gugino played there. (I corrected him but I don't know if he got it) By the way, Ms. Grace seems here mostly for eye candy though she appearing in a black bikini is the closest to skin showing here. Another star from the TV show I just mentioned, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, has a great scene with Dwayne as a preacher who was previously part of the gang that had his brother killed asking for forgiveness and willing to forgive him as well. Not every subplot made sense or seemed necessary, but it was a mostly enjoyably diverting 90 or so minutes that made me admire the way director George Tillman, Jr.-previously known for Soul Food and Men of Honor-handled the whole thing. So on that note, Faster is worth a look.
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warning: awful movie ahead
fist4511 February 2011
my GOd this is the worst movie in a long time! don't even get close to this nightmare.... I mean Billy Bob is useless and dumb, the Rock disappear during the movie, a useless female cop with a gruff voice and the best : a contract killer who used to work as a successful IT businessman ,come on man, you really need to have that much resume to kill, people beware of this stinker, a real danger for your left side of the brain...they want me to write at least 10 lines for the review but Im worried I may cause the writers and producers to consider suicide, seriously, their careers are in serious jeopardy and I will suggest them to consider the IT business instead
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Don't waste your time
Bangorboy13 July 2018
Don't normally watch Dwayne Johnson films but with Billy Bob Thornton and a 6.5 IMDb rating I thought I'd give it a try. Wish I hadn't bothered. Film is dull, completely lacking in charisma or depth, and almost like watching a computer game. Even the action is dull. Only bright spark is Carla Gugino.
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A Full of Action Film of Revenge
claudio_carvalho13 August 2011
After ten years in prison for participating in a bank heist driving the runaway car, the driver (Dwayne Johnson) is released. He runs to a junkyard where there is a car and a revolver waiting for him, and he drives to an office and executes a clerk. Detective Cicero (Carla Gugino) is assigned for the case but sooner a veteran detective near retirement (Billy Bob Thornton) teams up with her. Meanwhile a hired killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is also chasing the driver.

The driver hunts down and kills two other men and Cicero discovers that his gang had successfully robbed a bank ten years ago. However, they are double-crossed and another crew steals the money and executes the entire gang. The driver miraculously survives and he sees his brother being executed. Further, Cicero also learns that the victims are former police informers and she concludes that the driver is revenging his brother killing his executors.

"Faster" is a full of action tale of revenge and forgiveness. Dwayne Johnson fits perfectly to the role of a man seeking revenge against those that killed his brother. The theme of revenge and vigilante are usually attractive and always gives the sensation of justice to ordinary people like me. In this film, the story is simple and objective, and well resolved in the end. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Rápida Vingança" ("Fast Revenge")
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Incredibly wooden acting from the rock.
andrewshanahan26 August 2020
This film will make you wish the time would go faster.
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Movie doesn't know what it wants to be.
ScottyBates3 February 2011
How this movie has a score of 7 on IMDb is obviously the result of a number of producers from the film giving it the highest score possible in a lame attempt to market this piece of crap. This is a tactic used all to much on this site. I felt obligated to give this movie a true review so anyone who was thinking of wasting there money on this could get an honest overview. Firstly any movie that contains an ex wrestler is going to be crap, honestly name me one! with the exception of John Carpenters Them. Plus it markets itself as a fast paced action movie although any of the action scenes (if you can call them that) consist of the rock just driving from one target to the next then shooting them in the head. About halfway through the movie tries to turn into some kind of mystery but for a movie of this typical Hollywood action cheese the so called twist is so incredibly predictable that it fails on that account as well. There is also an absolutely ludicrous sub plot involving some sort of computer whizz hit man who likes to challenge himself. Idd have to give this movie a rating of 4 however ill give it a 1 on IMDb to try and lower its overall score of 7 as much as possible. This is a movie made buy spuds for spuds. Steer Clear!!!!!!!
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A waste of time and money
wcraft-920-36133410 December 2010
This Movie is horrible you sit there waiting for some sort of coherent storyline, which never gets delivered. The acting is decent but the direction does not exist and the production values equal public access. You keep wishing that you were shot in head instead having to endure this movie.

Where is a good action film like Commando, Raw Deal or payback. Story is more important than pointless violence. The movie reaches laughable level when one of the gang that killed the Rock's brother passes him his cell phone moments after being stabbed in the heart with an ice pick ask him to call his son and tell him he's sorry. I wish Mr. Johnson said "F*** off this isn't the absolution hot line" my two cents
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Not very good.
racerx1006 February 2012
Instead of perpetually gravitating to these fantasies, dumb-down for their stunted intellects.

How many times do you need to be told you are dumb, until it finally sinks into your thick mentally challenged craniums? But what do you expect from a wrestler, and the audience willing to buy into his reality, who builds his steroid-enhanced body up for a modern reality where a single bullet can end your life? Only gym rats enjoy Dwayne Johnson movies, as they live their action filled fantasies out in director controlled realities. These clowns are useless to society and continue to fawn over gorillas like this, hoping to relive the glory days of their high school athletic careers that went no where, despite their repetitive boastings that argued otherwise.

My suggestion to this childish audience, is to learn a science, English or math based skill, so that they could base their masculinity on something that actually provides a livelihood.
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Thin Plot
Perfguy26 February 2011
I'm a fan of "The Rock", however, have to say the plot is just too thin in this movie. Every attempt is made to develop the main characters but it just doesn't work out due the feeble story. The screen writers really need to get more creative and stop dishing out such drivel. Less quantity, more quality folks.

At issue is not being able to relate and empathize with the main characters. A bunch of bad guys do something bad. Then another bunch of bad guys who are in the know do something bad to the first bunch. So what? Maybe they got what they deserved? For being bad guys in the first place maybe?
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Action but nothing much else
lehman428 November 2010
I'm guessing that EVERY actor in this movie was able to learn their lines over a lunch hour. It was absolutely horrible, other than getting to look at The Rock - it was rather dumb. A fast moving, revenge movie, but not exactly what I expected. It'll be in the $1.99 movie bin at Walmart soon I'm sure! The action was there, the driving scenes were pretty cool, however I'm pretty sure a lot of it was done via computer programs versus someone actually driving the car even on a closed course it seems it would be pretty hard to do that. I can't even seem to use the entire 10 line minimum to describe this movie, it's bad, if you like let's just shoot people and never get caught kind of movie, then this ones for you, otherwise don't waste your money seeing it at the theater
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Faster, you get out the better!
thekyles995 February 2011
Omg! I know now that Dwayne Johnson can no longer do action type films and he should stick to making films for Disney. Oh boy where do i start? OK put it this way it was like you had me leaving jail and then going to kill all these guys who supposedly killed my brother and then its over you know nothing about me, whoi am where I've gone etc. etc. This storyline was so full of pot holes its not funny. I don't blame Johnson or his acting as he usually does a pretty solid job its seems to be the fact that he needs help in script choosing or maybe its time he came back to where he belongs.... the WWE! however that being said aside from the Tooth Fairy i have enjoyed his Disney films. I am always willing it seems to give Johnson another chance to kick ass and this of course will be coming up again soon in the new Fast And The Furious so hopefully that too is not a letdow. This movie totally sucked the only thing it had going for it was the cool car that Driver drove in it but it wasn't cool enough to save this disaster of a film!
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what a waste...
joerg-nezmeskal9 March 2011
First of all, this is not an action film! I't some kind of talky drama/ensemble piece or whatever disguised as a testosterone-driven action epic, trying to lure fans of this sort of genre and of "The Rock" into the theaters (orto own the DVD). Here are a list of thins you might expect to see in this movie but which you won't get:

-Car chases: From a movie called "Faster", showcasing that nice muscle car in the trailer you would expect something like this. But he, there ain't none, Nada! -Shoutouts: Rocky's got a gun but what is he doing with it: Not that much, besides a short showdown with a killer there's nothing to write home about. The fact that the bad buys don't even think about fighting back made this whole thing felling very...anti-climatic. -Throwdowns: He, they've casted the Rock to play a guy hellbent on Revenge, so there's got to be some fists flying after all, right? No, not really. Dwayne, "I got lame" Johnson, got a short sparring session with a guy in a restroom, blink and you'll miss it. The whole stare down is ten times as long as the fight! -Bad Ass Villains: So after all, you want to see a revenge flick, to see some evil, sadistic, mustache twirling punks get that they deserve, right? You're out of luck again, chump! While the bad guys look really menacing in the flashbacks they look like a bunch of sissies as soon as The Driver faces them. There's a interesting character introduced (thing if Bruce Wayne have chosen to become a assassin instead of Batman), but somehow the writers managed to make even that character uninteresting, boring and downright bothersome!

But here are the thing you won't expect to see in this film but will get anyways: -Billy Bob Thornton phoning in his performance. He really sleepwalks through this movie and I don't blame him, he played that some characters in 500 other movies before (and most of them were better than this). -A whole lot of drama. Yeah, whatever they wanted you to believe in coming up with the first five minutes, pumping some adrenalin into your veins, this is pretty much the Emo-version of a revenge movie. Everyone is sorry about his/her actions, everyone cries, preaches an begs. I really wanted to shout "Damn it, I got the point, no shoot someone for god's sake!". -The script sucks, so do all the characters. Besides the main protagonist, who is barely on the screen, I cared about none of the characters. And i guess I should have or they wouldn't have had so much screen time after all, right? The Cop is pathetic loser, the killer is a self-centered dick, his love interest a snobbish bitch and so on...

If I could rename that garbage I would call it "The Suck" instead of "Faster", so at least everyone knows what to expect!
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