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Good story introducing a welcome addition to the cast
Paularoc23 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Artie is snatched by Claudia, a young woman who blames him for the loss of her brother. It was Claudia that was responsible for the electrical mishaps in the last episode. Claudia is obviously smart but also even after 12 years desperately misses her older brother. Artie at first is sure Claudia is wrong about what happened to her brother but later he and she collaborate to save the brother. The plot line revolves around Rheticus, a 16th century scientist who invented an inter- dimensional compass. I was curious about Rheticus and sure enough, there was such a scientist - the only student of Copernicus and the one responsible for getting Copernicus' major works published and known. As for Rheticus' compass - not surprisingly, there is no evidence of a compass. What makes this episode so good is the interplay between Artie and Claudia. Allison Scagliotti is wonderful as Claudia - smart, edgy, cynical, and quick with the cutting remark. Mrs. Frederic in her steely manner gives Artie an ultimatum at episode's end.
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Artie all the way
ctomvelu129 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In a wonderful comeback from the dismal previous episode, CLAUDIA puts the spotlight squarely on Artie, as a young woman shows up and claims he caused the death of her brother. Only the brother may not be dead. A strange compass is involved, and it's up to Artie -- and to some lesser degree, Pete and Myka -- to sole this mystery, which has what at first appears to be a supernatural element to it. Think EUREKA, and you'll quickly figure out what's going on. In a way, this is a rechanneled plot from more than one EUREKA episode, including one of the most recent episodes where the sheriff is accidentally cast into an alternate dimension. Anyhow, it's nice to see Saul Rubinek get to pull out all the stops as the "haunted" Artie. Great special effects. And the gal playing the troubled sister is worth a good look, especially around the 12th minute.
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Artie is kidnapped!
Tweekums3 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In this episode we finally learn the identity of the hacker; rather surprisingly it is a young woman. She is Claudia Donovan and she blames Artie for the loss of her brother. She manages to break into the warehouse, kidnap Artie and take him to her brother's lab… she is convinced that her brother is still alive; trapped in another dimension following an experiment on teleportation; now she wants Artie to help get him back. Meanwhile Pete and Myka return to the Warehouse and use an artefact that enables them to learn who took Artie; Mrs Fredric ordered them not to leave the building but they do anyway and start to learn more about Claudia. Further research indicates that Claudia's brother didn't know about a secret code hidden on the artefact he used to teleport; if Pete and Myka can't get to Artie both he and Claudia could be in real danger.

This is my favourite episode to date; there were the usual somewhat silly sci-fi artefacts but there was also a real sense of danger. Claudia was clearly being affected by what she is doing to save her brother and as she isn't a previously established character there is no guarantee that she will survive. Allison Scagliotti does a fine job in the role of Claudia; she has some great scenes with Saul Rubinek's Artie. The way the clues were hidden was rather fun even if ultimately their solution hinged on both Myka and Artie being able to read Latin. The ending, as Mrs Frederic talks to Artie about Claudia's future, given the secrets she has uncovered was nicely ambiguous. Overall a really good episode.
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like listening to five radio stations at once
scottwallvashon29 July 2009
Up to now this show was just boring. Tonight it was an annoying chaotic mixture of countless science fiction presentations I have seen for decades plus endless nervous chatter that seemed like listening to five radio stations at once. I kept waiting for it to get over with so that I could switch back to the news.

When it finally ended, it had the obvious telegraphed happy ending that could have been predicted from the previews. There was no need to sit through the cluttered inane dialogue and faux investigative work.

And they already have us set up for the humorous obvious outcome of Artie's new ultimatum from Mrs. Fredericks. This show is like playing Candy Land. The board is cool but the rules are simple and the path always leads to the same place. If you turn over cards long enough, you will end up at the gingerbread warehouse.

Next Tuesday I think I'll read a good book.
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