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A long name for bad
spamphan10 June 2010
Its hard for me to explain how bad this Movie is,so i will try and make it easy by saying its terrible..acting,direction,scenery which spends 90 percent of its time in a cheap office of some sort.Im not sure why they really bothered making this.Somewhere,someone thought there was a buck to be made and got the go ahead. If anyone involved in this movie goes onto greater things than peeling spuds i'd be very surprised and probably buy a lottery ticket. I had read a review here and the positives seemed to be enough for me to give this movie a go,the story line seemed to be one that i would enjoy and i really was looking forward to a nice night with a beer and pizza and having a laugh..not knowing that 90 minutes later even a bottle of scotch wouldn't have helped this dog of a movie..stay away..go rent Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,at least the laughs were intentional!
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Good movie with simple story
mathmaniac24 May 2010
This is the story of a fairly successful young black man, just shy of 30 years old, who decided he needs to be less of a workaholic and meet and date women, with marriage and family as a goal.

He signs up for a dating service that is NOT online. It's an old- fashioned matchmaking type service that sets a person up with a member of the opposite sex for dinner or coffee. They don't do a lot of business but they do have some success (a well-known actress becomes engaged after meeting someone through them, so that's a good sign!)

The young man has three friends and the movie is about them as much as it is about him. By the end of the movie, they have all found love (heterosexual love, no surprises there) but that's about as much of the plot that I'm going to give away.

There are some plot twists along the way that keep it interesting. The acting is fine; I really believed these people might be friendly off screen.

It ends with the 30th birthday party. It started with a night out, dancing at a club, so it seems to come full circle. There's an appearance by Johnny Gill, who had a hit song with Stacy Lattishaw, 'Perfect Combination'.

Good movie - a surprising treat. The main character - so handsome! The others, not too shabby either!
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a good film
albonsweet25 July 2010
a great low budget romantic comedy which is a good watch, anybody saying this movie is awful is jaded, its no Oscar Hollywood movie, its similar in technical ability as most indie films yet the story is endearing, surprising and funny, it even has a beautifully shot love scene. the cast is predominately black so reluctancy to like it is expected but the only real flaw is lack of a good cinematographer, id have done it for free. good film with a great cast the story is of a young successful man who wants to get a girl, along with his boys and a childhood ladyfriend (i know what your thinking) he goes on a journey of discovery, finding out what they like and if a change is needed. The first 10 minutes are the worst of the film, with uninspired framing, lazy editing and poor sound but then you get used to its non Hollywood nature and settle in to its scenario. the characters are very likable, showing great chemistry and skills in their relatively undemanding roles. the movie has a few messages embedded also, noting identity and pride, but nothing too overt. i must stress this is a b-move so one you should support its producers and two its quite accomplished albeit no artpiece its no ben & arthur either and shows passion from many involved. this is my favourite movie this year buy it!!
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