The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012) Poster

Brian Blessed: The Pirate King


  • Black Bellamy : Excuse me? Listen, this is all very moving, I'm welling up here. But...

    The Pirate King : Bellamy, this is most irregular!

    Black Bellamy : So is this!

    [shows everyone the newspaper says "PARDONED!", the crowd of pirates gasping in horror] 

    Black Bellamy : It seems Queen Victoria has pardoned the Pirate Captain.

    [the crowd of pirates yelling] 

    Pirate Captain : So, what if she did?

    Black Bellamy : If you've been pardoned, Then, technically: you're no longer a pirate. And if you're no longer a pirate, you really can't be Pirate of the Year. Now, can you?

    [the crowd yelling continues] 

    The Pirate King : [turns to Pirate Captain]  Is this true?

    Pirate Captain : Well, that's... That's one: Frankly, rather negative way of looking at it.

    The Pirate King : Ohh! Villainous treachery! Treachery villainy!

    [turns back to Pirate Captain] 

    The Pirate King : You've betrayed the pirating fraternity!

    Pirate Captain : But, Pirate King!

    The Pirate King : Your pirate hat and coat!

    [Pirate Captain gives him the pirate, necklace and hat] 

    The Pirate King : Your pirate badge with googly eyes.

    [He gives him the pirate badge] 

    The Pirate King : And your World of Hooks discount card.

    [He gives his World of Hooks card] 

    The Pirate King : Confiscate his treasure! Every last bit of it.

    [Pirate Captain looks at them, Two pirates closes the treasure box] 

    The Pirate King : BEGONE! May your lubber shame bear down upon you! You are hereby banished from Blood Island!

    [Black Bellamy snickers] 

    The Pirate King : You are a pirate NO MORE!

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