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Ordinary teenagers with extraordinary homes !
verbusen22 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"ordinary teenagers with extraordinary homes" Well thats what the tag line here says. So is it true? Are they ordinary teenagers? No! They are uber rich 1% of the 1% teenagers! Do they live in extraordinary homes? Oh yeah most definitely! So basically you have a rich kid showing off his or her Richy Rich house. Why is this on MTV? I'm guessing it's a reality escape for some. But why didn't MTV do anything else with the show? It's name is "teen cribs" so why not show some REAL teen cribs? You know, the ones of the VIEWERS of MTV?! The ones in the HOOD. The ones with the old tube TV on top of the older dead TV in the wooden case on the floor! The ones with the roaches all over the house? I mean MTV is so liberal (PS if you don't think MTV is a liberal TV channel you are very naive), and the liberals are all about class warfare, so why do they ignore the 99%'ers? It's a slap in the face of what liberals are all about, being truthful right? Well thats where reality kicks in, liberals are not about truth, and a liberal TV channel like MTV cannot show how the REAL liberal kids live because it sucks! So how did I even get here? Well my coworker (who's a liberal) has this channel on all the time when I come into work so it dawned on me that they never really show "ordinary teenagers" so I wanted to point this hypocrisy out because this is the TV channel that espouses hatred of those who are rich right? 1 out of 10 stars. I don't hate rich people but I hate that a liberal agenda channel glorifies them in one part while condemning inequality the other 99 out of 100 parts. PS if you are like my coworker and it seems all you watch is MTV, you are going to live a pretty low class life, SWITCH THE CHANNEL SOMETIMES!
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