Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (Video Game 2009) Poster

Armin Shimerman: Dr. Nefarious


  • Dr. Nefarious : The Great Clock! A marvel of science and sorcery, engineered by the brightest Zoni in all of existence and constructed in the exact center of the universe!... give or take 50 feet.

  • Dr. Nefarious : Cassy, what is the status of Unnecessarily Evil Initiative Omega-91?

    Cassiopeia : In motion, my love. The Lombax is now trapped in an over-elaborate death scenario designed to torture him into a slow, painful doom!

    Dr. Nefarious : That's Unnecessarily Evil Initiative Omega-96! I said 91! Does no one read my memos?

  • Clank : I'm curious, what lie did you tell the Zoni in you quest for vengeance?

    Dr. Nefarious : Vengeance? You think I went through all this trouble for mere vengeance? And then they say I'm egomaniacal. Let's just say it's all in the past.

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