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12 Oct. 2009
Suspected of abusing a prisoner during an interrogation, Major Rossi Vogel is interviewed by the IGS (Internal affairs)
12 Oct. 2009
La ligne jaune
There's no time to breathe! It's a painful, soul-destroying period. Fortunately, the divisional chief superintendent, who is supportive towards them, is still around for a few days before he is due to retire. However, the group starts to crumble under the pressure. Roxane, for one, is struggling with his conscience. When Lemoine beats up Vachewski, he finds out that it was his attorney who gave him over to the cops. Morlighem has poker debts and he's asking Caplan to help him find a solution.
19 Oct. 2009
La tête dans le sac
Their lives becomes dominated by lies and slipping through nets - anything to save their skins! Inspector general Vogel is going all-out to get Caplan and his friends, with the help of the prosecutor. They try to get them implicated in various shady cases currently under investigation. The four cops are fully aware of the constant risks they are taking, not only for themselves but for their families too. They make their ways through the booby-traps laid down for them, still leading their regular police investigations all the while. One of these investigations gives ...
19 Oct. 2009
L'autre rive
Unable to reimburse his gaming debts, Morlighem is kidnapped by a gang of gypsies. The kidnappers send pictures of him being tortured along with a ransom note. If he's going to come up with the money and save him, Caplan has no other choice: he must call on Lemoine. The countdown has begun... The roughneck puts him on a job - an ATM bust, no less!
26 Oct. 2009
Loin derrière la nuit
Caplan is up against the wall: he has agreed to stage an ATM hold-up with Lemoine, to get the money for Morlighem's ransom. But when he gets there, Lemoine is nowhere to be found and an unpleasant surprise awaits him: Caplan realizes that the hoodlum has leaked the hold-up info to the cops, and is making the most of the subsequent diversion to go and rob a diamond merchant! Surrounded by the local detective agency, headed by Roxane, Caplan and Vachewski manage to escape from their colleagues' clutches just in the nick of time. Time is running out. And, if they have ...
26 Oct. 2009
Tarif de groupe
Time is ticking over and they still don't have Morlighem's ransom money, having been outwitted by Lemoine yet again! Caplan accepts Bordier's proposal, which consists of re-drafting veterans of the Reserve Investigation Unit. A top secret operation is launched - a last-ditch effort to free Morlighem. Meanwhile, Vachewski finds out that the crime squad is working on identifying the two ATM robbers using CCTV footage. The vice is tightening around them! This period of extreme tension brings the four cops closer together than ever. They now know the score: if one of them...
2 Nov. 2009
Lemoine's attorney is found dead. Prosecutor Vanderbeke hands the investigation over to the Central Office for the Repression of Banditry, led by Commander Marceau, instead of Caplan. Caplan and his men have no alternative but to get their hands on Lemoine before Marceau does, otherwise he may squeal on them in return for a reduced sentence. During this wild chase, Rossi's death takes on a new turn when his wife, Helene, finds some documents in a secret safe.
2 Nov. 2009
Lemoine is arrested by Marceau: the future of the VP police is about to be decided, right there in the interrogation room! But the roughneck only wants to speak to Caplan; he offers him a deal: if they get him out of there, he won't breathe a word! Caplan, Vachewski, Morlighem and Roxane prepare a forced removal, If it goes to plan, it will get Lemoine out of the prosecutor's office, right under Marceau's nose. But what should they do with Lemoine once he's free? - kill him, save him or corrupt him?

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