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It's Nothing
nogodnomasters2 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Tessa (Angelina Karo) loves chocolate chip pancakes and has nightmares about a humanoid lake monster later known as "Nix" the German word for nothing. The family goes camping. Tessa, attempting to fish a ball out of the lake is taken by the Nix and Dad (Michael DeVorzon) is killed by it. The film jumps to 25 years later. Mom (Dee Wallace) is touched in the head as she believes Tessa is still alive. This bothers oldest son Lucas (Skyler Caleb) is dealing with his own demons. Son Jack (James Zimbardi) holds the family together. Lucas has a user ex, Steffie (Angela Cole) who lives separately. Their daughter Zoey (Niesha Renee Guilbot) is staying with them as Steffie deals with issues. Jack has a teacher friend Liz (Angie Teodora Dick) who mentions symbiotic relationships in the classroom. And as all things mentioned in a classroom it always deals with plot or theme by the unwritten script writer's code. About this time the Nix shows back up.

The production takes place in Sacramento Co. California. The German woman (Tracy Pfau ) gives us an explanation that is very quick. It is poorly constructed with no background or follow through. The weird "twist" explains some things, but not why this was not figured out sooner, like when it happened. There is also a drug theme that runs through the film for no real reason. The plot was not put together that well. Kudos to Angela Cole who played a convincing drug user.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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A little vague, but relatable and entertaining also!
hylianbun6 October 2022
I hardly ever leave reviews but I'm so surprised at the low rating this has so I wanted to give my perspective as someone who is easily pleased when it comes to horror films and doesn't need everything to be terrifying or overly complicated.

Nix had a cool looking monster, a likeable family, some sad and real moments - You can't ask for much more these days. Not to mention it had a few "ahhhh cool" moments for me.

Sure, it was a little vague in places but for what it was, it was fun and interesting as long as you didn't think about it too much. A fun way to spend a Friday night with a friend and some snacks.
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Bored to death 20 minutes in
rodbone12327 September 2022
I'm guessing that the writer and director had visions of a haunting family drama, but missed the mark woefully. There's something to be said for giving your audience some credit for their ability to read the room. There's no such credit here, with every character's role over-played just to make sure the viewer gets the picture of family dysfunction. At least some small degree of subtlety would have helped, and given the audience the opportunity to wait in anticipation for more character revelations. But no, the characters are thrust in your face, along with the 'spooky' character whose lurking presence does little to instil a sense of dread. There's no room here for the viewer to relate to the characters- they are so painfully over-acted and clichéd that it's downright annoying. The premise itself isn't terrible, but it is so poorly executed that it becomes unbearable.
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Felt Like Low-Budget With A Kick!
gab-6759930 September 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I hate it when reviews write reviews based on only 20 mins of the movie and not the WHOLE movie. I like cheesy Indy films and especially horrors. This was not a typical LB movie this one was exciting in most parts. Characters were interesting, as well as great actors! The movie was done in a way that kept you wanting to find out more. Still never found out why the monster was doing it and of course some things were missed. Like how his dad asked if he had kids and he said kinda without saying it was a girl, then the dad said she was lucky to have him. Or how it was night when he left but then light when he was in the woods. Details matter but this one was not dull at all. I highly recommend and I myself might watch it again to see if I missed anything the first time.
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Really funny type of bad
ggbkwfg29 September 2022
No connections at all. Don't get to know the characters. Nix doesn't mean anything at all. Movie didn't make much sense. No chronological order. Some weird trippy parts. Acting horrible. Plot lines hard to follow. Nothing explained about the monster. GREAT MOVIE GUYS! I had a great time watching it. You should watch it just for the custom soundtrack at the end. They blew the whole budget on it. Nicks was lowkey kinda weird looking. I wish there was a backstory. Great concept but where was the skills to prove it. Let me remake it for you guys. I'll keep the soundtrack ;) (for the record, I will be hearing that song in my nightmares every night for 3 years)
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Not bad
haskel-729514 October 2022
This is pretty far from perfect. It's a horror movie without a lot of horror, and the budgetary constraints show a few times. But, it's good to see Anthony C. Ferrante doing something serious, something without the dreaded words "The Asylum Presents" on it. Something without CGI sharks. Ferrante has talent, his early work showed that. Hopefully next time out he will get a shot at directing a film with a better script and a higher budget. I'd be very interested to see what he could do in that situation. He does the best he can here with what he has to work with. The script needed fine tuning, for sure. But all in all, it's ok.
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Turned it off
hampersnow-4136929 September 2022
Nowadays, there seem to be countless horror films that get the atmosphere right and offer little else. Nix has the opposite problem, while you can give the creators credit for trying to bring a very involved horror story to screen, the movie lacks any atmosphere of horror at all. It isn't scary, suspenseful or interesting in the least. The obvious lack of budget and creativity are missing. So much of great horror depends on the lighting, cinematography and a great score. Horror doesn't take place in broad daylight. The spooky basement isn't spooky in the least. It isn't long before the film becomes insufferable. The worst I can say is, I watched it with a friend who will watch most anything and he asked me to turn it off.
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Very interesting movie!
michael-8035 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Multi layered and some great chilling moments. Goes beyond a horror movie with the family dynamics and world that follows after that fateful day.

Dee Wallace is such a good actress and the rest did a mighty job with I'm sure limited time.

Director is very experienced and put together a good film.

Felt like real life to me, rather than just some people hiding in a cabin from a monster.

Scene where Dad comes back in dream like sequence, impactful.

Kids did a great job and seemed like real people.

The step wife and mother to the one daughter who is strung out ion drugs, heartbreaking a real life stuff.
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Really liked this movie! Expect the unexpected.
rosenholly29 September 2022
No, trolls, this film isn't your all star blockbuster movie and it isn't meant to be. It is an indie flick full of heart. It's creepy and emotional with some throw backs to old fashioned creeper films. Those who tend to stay away from horror movies may be surprised by this one. Not completely terrifying though there is some gore. I actually loved the depth of the storyline. Anyone who has gone through this kind of grief, which I have, could relate to the characters and I thought the acting was spot on across the cast. The movie stays with you and leaves you thinking about potential interpretations. I believe it's meant to be a bit of a mind screw, so you experience what the characters are experiencing. So if you're looking for a predictable standard horror film, this isn't it. However if you want to watch something off the beaten path, that will give you the feels in many directions, this is it.
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Nix. Nada. None. No thrill whatsoever.
imseeg29 September 2022
The bad: a "thriller" that doesnt thrill. Not one bit. What do I need say more? The whole point of a "thriller" is that I get excited, that I live in great anxiety of what is gonna happen next, that I am shocked by it. None of that. Bummer.

Not any good? It aint a terrible movie, but I would categorize "Nix" as a tv movie, with below average tv movie actors, with a below average script and with below average technical details, like photography and sound.

The movie "Nix" is just going through the motions. I wonder who this movie could best be suited for and I kinda veer to the tv soap audience, because the casual tv soap viewer doesnt mind below average quality at all, they just wanna see a mildly entertaining story...
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Deep Stuff
karyna-shackelford29 September 2022
I really enjoyed this film. My husband and I saw it downtown on the big screen. The scenes were well shot and the acting was good. It's not a jump type horror film where you're peeing your pants out of fear every ten minutes, but more of a psychological one. Without giving spoilers, the movie has a deep message about the legacy of intergenerational trauma and how addiction and grief can ruin an entire family - and get passed down to further generations if not faced and healed. I was really, pleasantly surprised that a spooky movie could make me think so much long after I left theater. Also... the monster looked pretty cool.
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Not that bad.
NukeCalifornia10 October 2022
This is not so much of horror but a psychological drama. Although some of the plot and characters appear a bit disjointed, the mood took me through the whole movie. Good performance from Dee Wallace. For me it was the concept of loss, how different persons handled it and the demons within each of us. The creature was probably a metaphor for this and it had a good ending with the acceptance of things no matter how tragic. For all its loopholes I enjoyed this movie just for the idea of how people coped with their mental health and coming to terms with loss and trying to move on. This movie would have been better off as drama with those plot holes and characters improved.
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Not your every day horror movie...
paul_haakonsen10 November 2022
I was initially lured into watching the 2022 horror movie "Nix" because of the movie's cover/poster, but also because it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen. And being an avid horror aficionado, of course I had to watch "Nix".

When I sat down to watch "Nix", I had never heard about the movie, so I didn't know what I was in for here. Nor did I really have any expectations, so writers Skyler Caleb, Anthony C. Ferrante, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III and James Zimbardi had every possible opportunity to bedazzle and entertain me.

The storyline in "Nix" is something that I will not say is easy viewing. It is a storyline that definitely is interesting, but also feels unnecessarily cluttered and chaotic. It is a movie that requires you to keep focus on the storyline, especially because the writers were all over the place here, jumping back and forth between characters in the present and the past.

The acting performances in the movie were good, and they had a pretty good cast ensemble, with the likes of Dee Wallace and Michael Paré on the cast list, among others.

Visually then "Nix" was okay. It is not a movie that makes use of an abundance of special effects, nor CGI. And whatever effects are there, function to further the narrative of the movie, so it worked out well enough. Just don't get your hopes up for a grand special effects spectacle.

Ultimately, then I found "Nix" to be a sort of okay movie. It was watchable, though it was somewhat of an acquired taste, I will say that much for it. And as such, I don't think that "Nix" is a movie that will easily please every member of the audience. And while I managed to sit through the 103 minutes that the movie ran for, I doubt that I will ever be returning to watch "Nix" a second time; it just doesn't have the contents in the script for more than a single viewing.

My rating of director Anthony C. Ferrante's 2022 horror movie "Nix" lands on a four out of ten stars.
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I tried.
destiny_west1 October 2022
I watched as much as I possibly could. I really had high hopes for this film as the trailer and stills looked intriguing. However this film is just blah. There was nothing redeemable.

I am tired of the old 'if they had a bigger budget' that is not an excuse. This film lacked foundation and any depth. At times I felt I was having my teeth ripped out by pliers it was that painful to watch.

Right from the opening scene I knew I was in for it. The acting was over the top bad, it seemed so forced and I felt no attachment to any of the principal cast.

Okay you made a film etc. But just because you can doesn't mean you should.
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Weird mess
RandomTard8 March 2023
Now what can one say about Nix - really, I'm trying to think of anything else to say except it's a weird mess. Well it's also pretty boring and yes, it's pretty bad. There is no backround given for this German folklore that this movie is supposed to be about - apart from some woman with German accent and at one point someone said that Nix doesn't mean anything in German. Why would someone in USA just spontaneously say something like that? Who would even think Nix would be German word, I wound't for sure.

And that's the problem with this movie. It makes no sense. And it's a weird mess of boring cameratrickery repeat ad nauseam.
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