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Snipet of Film Captures Immortal for Posterity
redryan649 October 2018
WE'VE RATED THIS a full 10 on the existing scale. This was not because of any compelling writing, direction, cinematography or any other of these topics. What is accomplished here in less than a minute is preserving the imagery of one Prussian born Stage Strongman & Vaudevillian, Frederick Mueller by name. He was to gain World-wide fame and fortune as Eugen Sandow.

IT WAS HIS de-emphasizing the actual Strongman Stunts in favor of the presentation of Physique posing that put him on the theatrical worls's map. He is also credited with giving Florenz Ziegfeld his big break as a theatrical impresario. This story of their collaborative effort as a sideshow attraction at the World Columbian Exposition (World's Fare) in Chicago is told in the film, THE GREAT ZIEGFELD (MGM, 1936). In the movie , Ziegfeld was portrayed by William Powell and Sandow by Nat Pendelton.

BUT THAT WAS fiction and this little tiny, 38 seconds of film has immortalized the real man for us today and for all time. It is the genius or maybr just plain, old-fashioned dumb luck by the filming studio to have done this production.
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The Strong Man
Michael_Elliott18 May 2015
Sandow (1896)

This 38-second Edison short was filmed in the now historic West Orange, NJ and features strong man Eugen Sandow doing the opening to his performance where he shows off his muscles. Apparently this here was the first "performer" to go to the Edison studios and be filmed for a movie and it's clear that the strong man was extremely popular since the studio only had to put his last name as the title. There's certainly nothing here that would make current film fans take notice but for film buffs the simple historic nature of the movie makes it worth watching. Again, we simply see Sandow flexing for a few dozen seconds but it's the history behind it that makes it so fascinating to watch today.
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Strong-man Eugen at it again
Horst_In_Translation12 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Eugen Sandow was a bit of a very early movie star and here we see why. Or don't. I'm not sure. Obviously people were interested in his strength and so they sucked up his films even if he was basically doing nothing than posing and flexing his muscles. That's exactly what he does here. For twenty seconds. As always, he wears nothing but a slip and a mustache and impresses everybody with his toned body. Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 19th century, although the Austrian is probably the more gifted actor. A weird statement, I know. Anyway, I'm not wowed by this film at all, just like with most others by Sandow and can't really recommend it.
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