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  • The character Keiko is following the Lolita fashion; there are several types of Lolita fashion (Goth, Sweet, Classic, Punk, Wa, Qi, Sailor etc) and most follow the basic aliments and styles from the Victorian era, and too, the style of costumes called Rococo from the era of 18th century France. The second sub-culture here are the Ganguro, meaning Black Faced Girl, whose style has is followers, usually, having black / (faked) over-tanned skin with hair often dyed blonde or orange and clothing accessories that defy the norm.

  • His appearance is that of the Kabuki, the classical Japanese Kabuki theatre whose roots originated in 1603.

  • On Valentine's Day in Japan, it is the norm for women to give chocolate to men. (It is then followed by White Day on March 14th, where it is the mens' turn to give out chocolate.) Interestingly, the chocolate Monami gives to Jyugon is called "giri choco"-- literally translated as "obligation chocolate"-- a lower-quality chocolate typically given to men that a woman holds little to no emotional attachment to.


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