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It's OK but falls apart at the end
preppy-326 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
David (Jake Muxworthy) is biking through a beautiful and huge mountain range. He meets Angeline (Karina Testa) who is doing the same as him. They bike together but soon have two psychotic hunters chasing them. But there's someone chasing the hunters and them! It starts off pretty good. The cinematography is beautiful, the music unsettling and Muxworthy is very good in his role. Then, halfway through (40 minutes in), it slows down and becomes incredibly boring. Then, at the very end, it throws in a twist that was so stupid and old that I ended up hating the movie. Want to know what the "twist" was?

ENDING REVEALED IN THIS PARAGRAPH!!!! David was in combat in Iraq. He was injured by a bomb...and the whole movie was a dream he had while unconscious!!!! That is a cheat and just annoys people. That was totally inexcusable and ruins the movie. SPOILERS END

Also if you're looking for graphic gore forget it. You HEAR things happening but you never actually see it. No nudity or sex either. It is only 77 minutes and it IS well-made but that ending...I can only give it a 5.
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This is Why I Don't go Biking
gavin69421 October 2012
When a young soldier leaves for a mountain biking excursion he meets the girl of his dreams as well a group of violent locals who want to see them dead at any cost.

What really attracted me to this film was seeing Fabrizio Bava as assistant director. Bava, as you may guess, is the son of Lamberto Bava and the grandson of Mario Bava. To see a third generation of horror films directed by the Bava clan is quite a treat. Not saying this is a great film (it really is just so-so), but I am still happy to see the tradition continue.

The best part of this film is the villain, a toad-licking Lord Voldemort. He looks as if Doug Jones played Buffalo Bill playing Ingmar Bergman's Death. Throw some Nazi symbolism in there for good measure. A great villain, both creepy and mysterious, not to mention senselessly vicious.

The sad thing is that while the film is alright once it gets going, it just cannot keep the momentum. As always, I cannot talk about spoilers, but I will say the twist and I did not get along. Maybe you will be thrilled. I was let down.
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A whirlwind of a ride!
jennifer-25-96523130 July 2011
I found this movie surprisingly amazing! It was a total fluke that we watched this as we settled in to watch a movie way too late and wanted to pick one quickly. To our luck we ended up picking this one based on the cover (Netflix).

Two people alone in the woods anger two crazy hillbillies. Sounds like your typical slasher film right? Half way through the movie they add a little bit of a twist and add some ghosts stalking everyone in the woods. Sounds like a ghost movie now? Well now add in some crazy looking guy that could be the long lost Uncle of the monsters from the movie "The Descent" who is obsessed with the holocaust and Dr. Mengele's human experiments. What do you have now? With all mentioned above it may sound confusing but it isn't when at the end the Directors message packs a hard punch with an incredible twist.

I love when I watched a movie expecting nothing too special and end up watching a great flick like this one. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time in this film, wonderfully made horror film, the type of perfect horror movie that sucks you in. - Discover a new world of horror films, designed just for you.
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A Confused Mess
actually_jesus3 September 2009
Saw this at Frightfest in London a few days ago.

Director Federico Zampaglione comes across as a really nice guy, the film seemed like a bit of a labour of love for him (he even got his old dad who helped with the script up on stage for the Q&A which was quite sweet) and he's obviously a real genre fan. That's the good news...

However, on the bad side... the story is horribly confused, the direction is all over the place - but the music isn't too bad (Zampaglione is the singer of an Italian pop-rock band) There are a few fairly gruesome moments, but there's all too much boring, nonsensical build up, with badly drawn characters running around in the woods before the "horror" bits kick in. There's also a good deal of needless mountain biking (a passion of the director) which makes the film feel like someone's switched onto an extreme sports channel for 5 mins before we can get back to the film! As I say, there are moments of promise but as an overall film it just doesn't work. I don't think that Zampaglione is really ready to be writing and helming his own films at this stage... it's a far cry from a 3 minute music promo.

Hopefully for his sake he'll maybe try and work with an outside influence who might be able to give his next project a little bit more focus. In a way you have to salute Zampaglione for making exactly the kind of film he wanted to make - but unfortunately that doesn't make it something that other people will want to watch.

One to avoid.
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A Clever and Creepy Film
Kmnaut10 August 2011
Truthfully, I'd give this 8/10, but I feel obliged to try and balance out some of those bad reviews, because I think those reviewers didn't get it.

There's a lot more going on here than the usual "sadistic creep tortures people". The film builds up to the punchline twist quite subtly. There are plenty of visual clues, including metal objects of a certain shape and one laugh out loud moment involving a portrait of a well known American, and there are dialogue clues (especially from Angelina). Even the title of the film is a clue as to what this is about.

I think the writer/director struck a perfect balance here (I didn't see the final twist coming until it was almost upon me, and then everything suddenly slotted into place).

It's not "Hostel", not torture porn. The film makes a point. In that regard it's closer to "Martyrs" and "Never Let Me Go"; Although nowhere near as harrowing as those last two films, it's still a cut above the usual genre flicks.

Great pace. Good acting. Nice soundtrack. The villain is brilliant. Worth watching for him alone.

A horror film that deliberately plays with clichés but ultimately has more depth. It really doesn't deserve the low score.
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Shadow: Gradually gets worse from start to finish
Platypuschow3 December 2017
This Italian horror initially looked like it might be going somewhere but quickly spirals out of control.

It tells the story of a soldier returning from Iraq who decides to clear his head by going to a stunning forest to cycle. There he runs into both trouble and romance in a tale that loses its footing early.

Though the idea behind the movie isn't terrible the execution is, the weak cast do not help matters and neither does the finale which defies logic.

Some movie endings can turn a bad film around, some can kill a great film outright. But when you have a film which is already pretty damn bad and end it with a twist which is beyond dumb it doesn't leave much of an impression.

This award winning Italian effort is truly pitiful and I'd recommend it to no man, woman nor bovine.

The Good:

Showed early promise

The Bad:

Beyond bad finale

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Hunters who mourn the death of a pet are cherry picking idiots

So licking toads might actually be a thing
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Shadow - good first time effort but not great
tmdavies6722 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK lets see Shadow - saw this at Frightfest too = overall I found it OK


"Future of Italian Horror"? - a tag like this floating around before I see the movie always makes me somewhat wary but the plot interested me and I wanted to see how it played out. Love Italian horror so a I'm a bit of a sucker for anything new.

It did seem a bit clichéd in the "man meets pretty girlie, man defends honour of girlie when red-necks (what nationality they were meant to be I still have no clue) bother her, man and girlie hit it off and bond over their shared passion of mountain-biking, man and girlie annoy the red necks they met earlier whilst red-necks are trying to slaughter cute woodland fauna resulting in the inevitable chase through the woods". Didn't really get all the camera-love of mountain biking until another reviewer mentioned it was a passion of the Director's and given that my idea of a fun time time certainly isn't mountain biking in the back end of nowhere I was a little bored with the plot at first. However the discovery of the red-necks snarling gun dog reduced to crispy critter status hiked my attention up to a new level.

Shadow has some very nicely shot creepily effective moments and that was largely down to the strange cadaverous character played by Nuot Arquint. The roasting of red-neck no 1 on the hotplate was very effective and the "peeling" when a brief escape attempt was stage was wince-making.

I was intrigued as to who the heck this tally, bald, skinny frog-licking torturer (Arquint) was and why (other than being a complete nut) he was doing this. The shots of his "lair" gave viewers some clues but was jarred a little by the almost cheap laugh (and it seemed to get a good laugh) of including a portrait of "Dubya" amongst all the other dictators. At this point I was really looking forward to seeing what head Zampaglione would bring this all to - and came down to earth with a real thud at the Jacobs Ladder-like finale - huh??

So kids what did we learn from this movie? 1) Future of Italian Horror - I hope not as I'll switch over to Spanish 2) War is BAD ... but has the interesting side effect of giving you a very vivid strange dream in which you find the Girlie of your Dreams who shares your Mountain Biking passion AND you get to rescue her from red-necks and a very strange frog-licking weirdo who hangs in the creepy woods. 3) Rock Star Directors like their soundtracks REALLY VERY LOUD

Overall a reasonable effort from Zampaglione for his first movie (except its let-down ending ....) atmospheric and well constructed. For me he's one to watch out for in the future.
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Have I missed the point of this story?
lancer1658 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have recently watched this story and have now read the reviews. My take on the ending seems to have missed the point if the other reviewers are accurate.

I am reminded vaguely of a movie made many years ago with Timothy Bottoms and Donald Sutherland. Yes I had to look it up to get this right. It in my misty memory is a tale about a very seriously injured WW 1 soldier. We are here also treated to the many MENTAL visions with dialogue.

While I don't think that we as viewers were deliberately given real clues. The tale just goes along with our hero and the potential love interest having a bad time with the stereotypical bad and hard people.

The end tells me the THICKO that our story teller like in so many tales is either dead or in a seriously injured condidtion. In this case I feel that he like our man Joe in 'Johnny Got His Gun' mentioned earlier is living an unreal life due to memories imagined but we are privy at the end of the movie to a reality remembered as opposed to a reality created within an injured mind.

Dreams tend to have a staggered unrelated sequence of events.

The 'bad' tough men were his military colleagues, perhaps now dead, the operating theatre nurse his love interest the surgeons his torturers. I do not know about illegal drug affects but I was on legal serious medication for a few months post hospitalization and I remember having many seemingly realistic dreams. Some may call them out of body experiences.

With my feeling that this is what was being told then the poor acting seen by so many is irrelevant. I am being told probably an all too typical in this age of young men being sent for slaughter in a difficult to understand the reasons why conflict area. Waking up periodically in a situation they cannot recognise. For that reason alone I feel that the film story is a little better than middling.

I am not anti USA as such but at times it does take a lot to completely feel good towards them when certain combat reports are broadcast considering we in the UK are not only tarred with the same brush but have so many wishing to emulate perceived behaviour as in the movies. That was just to let anyone reading know that I have no political axe to grind. I served my own country for many many years both as military and latterly as part of the correction services.

I do hope my take on the intended storyline is accurate.
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Avoid at all cost
cinecephale14 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am very very very patient with horror movies, but this one was just unbearable. It is a big mess of ideas stolen from many films : a survivalist twist from Deliverance, the monster from Creep, a bit of torture porn from, well, anywhere. And, ho! a reference to our troubled times of wars and fears - which is just plain shocking because it exploits a real tragedy to pretend the film has a meaning. Add disposable actors, ridiculous hunters-with-big-trucks-and-dog, maybe haunted forest lost very far from civilization and you have a headache. The end doesn't explain anything, it just justify the lack of coherence and originality of the scenario.

That kind of films give to the horror genre its bad reputation!
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A Creepy Version of Jacob's Ladder
claudio_carvalho27 August 2011
The soldier and biker David (Jake Muxworthy) is serving in Iraq and misses biking. He rides his bicycle in Europe heading to Shadow and when he stops in a bar, he meets the beautiful Angeline (Karina Testa). The troublemaker hunters Fred (Ottaviano Blitch) and Buck (Chris Coppola) bother Angeline and David and the bar owner defend her.

When David camps in the woods, the wind carries his tent and Angeline invites him to share her tent with him. On the next morning, they ride their bicycles together and enjoy the wilderness. When Angeline sees that Fred will shot an animal, she cries and he misses his shot. Fred and Buck chase the couple with their truck and the quartet have accidents and need to walk through the woods. Sooner they are captured by a weird man that lives in an isolated house and are tortured in the basement. David manages to escape and helps the hunters to leave the place, but they are hunted down by the freak. When David wakes up, he learns that the reality is worst than his nightmare.

"Shadow" is a creepy version of Adrian Lyne's "Jacob's Ladder", which is inspired in Claude Chabrol's "Alice ou la Dernière Fugue"; later, "The Jacket" used the same storyline again. "Shadow" has a promising beginning but the story is not original – the writer used not only the foregoing idea, but also a rip-off of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or any other sub-product - and the conclusion is very disappointing. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Shadow – Na Escuridão" ("Shadow – In the Darkness")
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If you have 75 minutes to waste...
tomtc20 January 2011
Another one slasher movie - one of thousands. Even if there are some violent scenes - it's not a splatter.

The story is absolutely nothing new. It has no kick, it has no thrill and you will not be surprised by the next scene. Adding some war elements will also not save the movie. There are also many confusing scenes, i.e. if you're chased by a car: would you run on the road or into woods?

Actors are quite a low average however I watched the German version.

Also the budget of this movie was quite surprising for me: 1 million euro. I guess they spent 900.000 for the camera rental. I couldn't see the money elsewhere.

This movie was a pure waste of time for me - I'm very disappointed. Watch it if you have really nothing better to do.
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Excellent movie!
makevuoidame5 September 2009
Being a big fan of horror movies I attended the FrightFest in London, I was lucky enough to be able to watch Zampaglione's movie (that happens to be one of my favorite Italian musicians) and was surprised in a good way by his movie.

I really did enjoy my viewing of "Shadow" and I certainly recommend it to other hardcore horror fans that are looking for new thrills!

The whole time I never got bored and loved every minute of this movie from the beginning till the end!

Actually, if you like horror movies you'll love "Shadow", somehow it reminds me of Dario Argento, that I consider on of the masters of the horror genre along with Mario Bava. See it, you won't be disappointed!

It's also worth commenting on the cinematography and Federico's direction, both of which I believe are excellent.

Overall I strongly recommend this movie, I give two thumbs up!
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Lots of promise, but...
ss22cb2 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers delivery. The potential was there for a good story, but it simply didn't happen.

This was really just the story of a hippie soldier with no fighting ability who meets the girl of his dreams while on leave from the war in Iraq. While there, he runs into two very stereotypical rednecks with Aussie accents, a rebel flag and guns galore. Mayhem ensues.

The acting ranged from mediocre to horrible. The story was so jam packed with naked liberal stereotypes it was almost amusing to watch. If this was supposed to be a comedy, it might have been worth up to five stars. But, it was nothing more than a smear job against the American military and George W. Bush. (you'll know what I mean when you watch the movie) If you're a cheerleader for liberalism, you'll probably enjoy this movie. Otherwise, save your time & money and avoid this unintelligent propaganda flick.
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Could have been better, but fun to watch it!
I got to say that I'm not big fan of Italian horror movies, but seeing trailer for this movie, got me interested.

Great beginning of the movie, intense (usually love outdoor horror movies) and fun. But, when started "bloody part" of film, I was disappointed. As I love to see blood, cutting, torturing and things like that on horror, I was not so satisfied with "killing scenes", 'cause they were not showed (camera would go up in the air or would be filming from distance). I was expecting a little bit more gory scenes in movie. Plot was good, main actor was good, not great, but at least good looking (watched with my friends, so we liked to see him on screen :)), the killer was creepy and convincing and for the first director's horror movie it was really good.

Watchable movie, definitely didn't waste my time, but could have been a lot better.
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Did somebody order a container full of horror clichés?
Coventry29 August 2017
I certainly don't intend to say that "Shadow" is a bad film, and I don't even want to discourage anyone from watching it; the only thing that is simply undeniable is that it contributes almost nothing to the horror genre. The story, written by director Frederico Zampaglione , shamelessly cashes in on the biggest and most profitable horror trends of the new millennium, namely vicious torture porn situations (eerie devices in dark and sinister cellars) and silent & nameless creeps that mercilessly ambush ignorant tourists to feast their perverted torture fetishes upon. During "Shadow", I spotted elements and ideas that were previously used in films such as "Saw", "Hostel", "Frontière(s)", "Blood Trails", "Timber Falls" and possibly a few other titles I already forgot about. Relieved that he's finally back from serving in the Iraq war, avid bike rider David goes on an adventurous trip that was recommended to him by a friend. The area, known as "The Shadow", is breath-taking and David even meets the girl of his dream. She's a French beauty called Angelique and she's also obsessed with bike riding; what are the odds on that? Their freshly found happiness rudely gets interrupted when they run into a couple of redneck hunters and are forced to abandon their bikes to hide into the thick woods. Little does David know that this only the beginning of the nightmare, as the Shadow also homes a cruel and psychopathic creep who likes to torture people. The thing that surprised (or is it annoyed?) me the most is the severe lack of sick and nasty violence depicted on screen. All the shocking stuff, as well as most of the killings, occurs off-screen, which is quite unusual for a torture porn flick. The movie does manage to be reasonably suspenseful, especially because David and Angelique are nice and amiable persons, whereas the hunters are loathsome bastards, so during the cat-and- mouse games you automatically cheer for the biker couple. Experienced horror fans can also entertain themselves by spotting all the clichés, for example the soldier flashbacks or the "decorations" inside the maniac's lair. The whole ending is sort of like a mixed bag. I certainly admire Zampaglione's courage and ambition to try something completely different, but the result is principally unsatisfying and leaves quite a lot of questions unanswered. At least you cannot claim that the climax is obvious or even remotely predictable, so that's already an accomplishment on itself. Still, considering we're already in familiar terrain, I personally would have preferred more gore and bloodshed rather than a surreal twist- ending.
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creepy, well written. nicely filmed
dangermous11 September 2011
I was compelled to write a review after seeing some negative reviews. A lot of the other reviewers were expecting some kind of Italian horror like argento etc. When they didn't get what they expected they wrote a bad review.

I cant stand those geeky Italian horrors from film makers like argento so my views are not tainted by it! just because the directer is Italian doesn't mean its going to be similar to those films dur.

This film was nicely filmed in beautiful locations with some smooth editing and quality camera work. I was interested from start to finish in what was happening. For those reviewers who said the film was mixed up obviously didn't get what it was all about. I wont ruin it by telling you.

There was some gruesome imaginative torture porn for those of that are into that sort of thing but what kept me interested was the creepy atmosphere and how invested i was in the characters struggle from the start of the film right through to the end.

In summary really not bad for a lower budget film, a directer who knows how to capture the moment and not give us enough time to question what just happened before the next drama ensues! This is something Hollywood fails with again and again with every genre so i gave it an 8 / 10
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I'm surprised
bawake426 January 2011
I'm surprised some people are not liking this movie.. I think it's just great and scary as hell. Watched it with my girlfriend a couple of days back, and we still have nightmares because of that creepy villain!!!!

Actually I'm not crazy for horror movies, especially those where people get tortured... they are often a little goofy and nonsense; but this one has something special, I mean it's not the same murderous movie for bloodthirsty young guys... it's more about reality, wars, and human fears.

I guess fans of splatter and gory stuffs will probably be disappointed after watching this title... it's a little too classy for them. not kidding at all, it's true. I was impressed also by the score, it plays like a goblin's stuff very very cool and potent. definitely one not to give a miss.
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A great way to spend an hour
XxBabyKillerxX6 September 2012
I was sort of iffy about watching this due to the rating and such and I try not to watch trailers or read reviews so I don't get my hopes up but decided to watch the trailer and was surprised. The beginning of the movie is slow but is done excellently. The story line was a great idea and was also done great. The kill scenes were not gory or gruesome but I let it slide. I for once didn't expect the ending or the killer in a foreign horror movie and was glad I didn't. To cut it short this was a great way to spend some time and I would love to watch it again. I give "Shadow" an 8 out of 10.

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Accomplishes a Feat Very Few Films Can Boast
filmakerspake1 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've read many negative reviews about this film. Some complain about the coherency and pace of the film, while most complain about the ending. Let me start by saying this is one of the best horror films, if not one of the best films I've ever seen, and I've watched thousands of films from the silent era all the way up to present time.

What Shadow does so well (BIG SPOILER) is to accomplish the true elements of a dream. It changes pace and setting quite quickly, and effectively. Going from backwoods terror to what some might consider Nazi torture porn doesn't seem like a well flowing narrative, but it works while your watching it, and is only clarified by the ending. So are other strange occurrences such as the rednecks being in what appears to Europe, and the portrait of our 43rd President. Personally, the reason I believe it struck such a chord with myself is because it reminded me of my own dreams. Not so much in the content, but in the way it can rapidly change and go downhill. Most people were very angered over the ending, and didn't take the time to appreciate what director Federico Zampaglione was trying to do. That was to present a dream in it's truest nature. If one was to go back and examine the intricacies of the dream, I think they would be surprised at how the elements are truly dreamlike. Maybe those individuals have never really had a vivid dream.

Overall, the movie derives a great deal of inspiration from many other classic films. Some of its visual imagery personally reminded me of An American Werewolf in London (An American man traveling in a foggy, European land with apprehensive locals), as well as Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal(The Nazi Butcher very much resembling the characterization of death in that film). It keeps ones interest, and is genuinely frightening. It doesn't overuse gore, and really is a step above films such as Hostel or Saw. It uses suspense and a feeling of real, sheer terror. Actor Nuot Arquint, as the Strange Nazi Toad Licker (Which many people felt was a gratuitous scene, but hey its a dream, it doesn't have to make sense) evokes fear into the audience without the heavy use of make-up, or as is popular today CGI. His appearance on screen for some reason reminded me of what it might have been like to see Boris Karloff appear on screen as the Frankenstein Monster, or Bela Lugosi as Dracula. As for the ending, if analyzed, can be extremely thought provoking.

I ended up watching this movie almost by accident, my brother recommended the film. His taste in movies is usually poor, but every once in a while he finds a gem (Check out Goon starring Sean William Scott, very surprising indeed). I think the less an individual knows about this film going in, the better. All in all, this is one of the best modern day horror films I've ever seen, with enough class to remind one of what the experience of viewing a horror movie should be like. This is an under-appreciated classic that, I am sure will one day receive its due.
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Was happily intrigued until the surprise ending
athveg34f21 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Right up until a few minutes to the ending I was pretty happy with Shadow. This followed my favorite genre of someone getting abducted and having to find their way out, and the additional surprise abductions of the others also got me thinking this one was going to be nice and different from the usual.

Early on it was thrilling with the hunters' chase through the woods. When the odd things started happening I was wondering who was doing it, the missing girl? The guy? The other hunter? And when the abductees woke up and saw who had brought them there it was super-creepy, just the way I like.

This played out like a standard/good horror flick and for some reason my cable guide put it at two hours long, so when this ended at an hour and a half with that (unsatisfying) ending, I was really, really let down. I'll just say I never cared for those movies who lead you along, only to be ridiculous ending which negates everything you just saw.
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nogodnomasters30 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A man gets out of the military and goes riding bike in the Alps (?). Along the way he meets a French woman and two hunters with British accents who have a rebel flag on the dash of their vehicle. They get into a scuffle with these hooligans who hunt them down in a battle of life and death on a mountain that has haunted legends. They end up captured by a strange guy who looks like he came straight from an 80's Metallica video. While the captor is isolated he has 8mm films from wars and prison camps throughout the 20th century, including Iraq, which in all honesty never made it to actual "film." The forest around the house has all kind of "Rambo" booby traps. Note the scene by the lake when the good guys are in a hurry to get away on their bikes, they take the extra time to put on their helmets. Safety first.

The movie has 6 people in it. No nudity. No sex. The gore is not extremely graphic as we have been used to. Don't pay too much for it.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507831 August 2018
For years I'd heard how twisted and truly horrific Italian horror films were, but I never saw one. I just can't get into something when I have to sit there reading subtitles for two hours. That's why I was excited when I heard about Shadow, an American movie written and directed by Italian horror filmmakers. The film is centered on David (Jake Muxworthy), a soldier who has just come back from Iraq, who is on a European bike trip. David is looking to clear his mind with his favorite activity, when he comes across a beautiful woman being harassed by hunters. He intervenes, gets the girl, and in the process becomes a target. That is when this film takes a big one-eighty, because during the chase, they enter a creepy area of the woods, run into something far more sinister, and all wind up in the same boat. I've said it time and time again, today's horror films are almost always poorly written gorefests, full of jump scares, that aren't scary anymore. Shadow has the gore, some truly horrific and brutal gore, but aside from that, this film is genuinely creepy and very frightening. I don't know how or where they found Nuot Arquint, but the man put a chill in my bones. Arquint and Muxworthy were terrific on opposite ends of the spectrum, but the rest of the cast left a lot to be desired. This was a debut for the Director and many of the actors, so Shadow wasn't without it's mistakes and weak points, that being said, I just love the fact that it scared me, and for as scary as the film was, it may have been the cleverly written twist in the end that was the most horrifying of all.
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The renaissance of Italian horror!
codlermike7 September 2009
Beautifully shooted and really well made, Shadow was one of the more ambitious and interesting films showed at Frightfest in London.

A young soldier returning from Iraq(Jake Muxworhy), goes on a mountain bike adventure, then he meets a beautiful girl (Karina Testa the intense french actress of Frontiere's) but as they meet a pair of nasty and cocky hunters, a crazy and breath-taking chase takes place.

They'll find themselves in a foggy and creepy forest hunted by a more dangerous and malevolent enemy, played by the incredible and buzz-building Nuot Arquint, who's gonna drive you into a crazy escalation of horrors, from torturing them with gory and gruesome scenes (reminding a bit to the recent Torture porn style), to an unbelievable sequence of toad-licking!!! YES, not kidding,this guy will freak you out.

The film was labeled as "The renaissance of Italian horror", and it's easy to see why. Shades of Argento, Bava and Deodato are clearly part of Shadow's building,even though the director Federico Zampaglione proves a strong personality and he definitely has an eye for striking and shocking imagery.

The photography is excellent and the production design looks remarkable. Good acting by all the actors involved with a special mention, like i said, for the stunning "baddie" Mortis (Nuot Arquint) which is without any doubt, one of the scariest and truly disturbing figure of villain ever seen on a screen.

The ending was heavily debated by the folks, someone hated it, someone else (including me) loved it. I don't want to reveal too much but i can tell there's a topic twist at the very end, which opens to a different level of fear, making clear the tag line "reality can be sicker than nightmares"

Intense and potent example of Italian horror by new generations! loved it
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Excellent, Great old school movie
Clayton-RS9 February 2011
Very well done. I felt that the movie was reminiscent of the works of Alfred Hitchcock. The gratuitous blood and gore of most movies of today was replaced by suspense and off camera incidence and handled very well. The Hero is not your better than everyone, muscle-bound behemoth set to rid the world of injustice, but a down to earth person trying to do what's right, regardless of the possible consequences.

As an avid movie watcher I can usually catch the direction a story is going in by at least 1/3 the way in. Not so with this one. Where most stories have a twist at the end, I found this ending to be more of a corkscrew.

This is, in my opinion, a must see for even the average movie watcher. The end brings a real life feel of today, a new way of looking at the results of the situations going on in the world today. If this last comment sounds out of context, watch the movie and then reread the comment.

A very well made movie. I had not heard of it until seeing it in the rental store, but, I'm glad I picked it up.
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Welcome back Italian horror
ladyclipper26 January 2011
Watched it last night and just loved it. Shadow it's a little independent film but very well made and truly suspenseful. All the actors do a great job and Nuot Arquint , the guy who plays Mortis is just amazing.

The flick starts like a survivor horror , then turns unto a creepy and bloody story, but in a very natural and powerful way.

The director is a famous rock star in his own country and I'm very surprised because he did such a great job. He can be easily seen like sort of Italian Rob Zombie

The shooting is excellent and the music just drives you crazy..on top of this I really liked the mountains, where everything takes place!

wow !!! I wish I'll be there anytime soon.

The ending is pretty sad, and tells something about horrors of war, but I can' t say more... don' t like spoiling.

But that's a great return for Italy in the horror circus, after a long period of silence and bad movies

Zampaglione definitely has a big potential to became one of the new Italian masters of horror !
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