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MPAA Rated R for language and some strong violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Some friends talking about sex as a joke, then a woman told her friend to have sex with her in front of them, then they got upstairs an start kissing, no sex scene has been shown.
  • Towards the end of the movie, two people who are trying to save the girl reach a town that has dancing in the streets. It is similar to pagan celebration in the streets of the town and a few of the dancers are naked. Many images suddenly appear, interspersed with the main story's scenes.
  • A man is stripped naked, and it is implied he is going to be tortured. His genitals are only briefly seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Two mountain climbers are injured when they crash against the mountain face and are subsequently seen with grazes and injuries.
  • A mountain climber's rope suddenly snaps and falls to his death. He hit a rock while falling and landed on a ground to his death. (his bloody body is seen several times) His female companion has rocks start to fall towards her - one hits her and she falls to her, hitting trees on the way down, landing in a river below, which is seen to be bloody. (she survives)
  • Two men are attacked: one has his throat slashed and the other is pushed over a cliff to his death while he he screams 'oh god!'. Their dead body are shown.
  • A woman is suddenly shot (shown by blood splashing on a girl's face), falling into the rapid river and taking a child she was holding with her. Two men shoot at the others trying to save the child, knocking another into the river. The first woman's body is seen again at the bottom of the water, her face disfigured (an eye is missing).
  • Two men fire on a woman. (she survives)
  • A man is shot three times bloodily by two men. His gasping, bloody and dying body is seen.
  • A man falls down an incline trying to save a child. Crunchy sounds are heard and it is implied he may have broken his leg.
  • A policeman is shot in the chest and subseqently in the head by snipers.
  • A man is shot in the chest by another man during a chase scene. The man's pursuer shoots the second man, before shooting the first man in the head. The second man is seen to be fatally wounded and bleeding heavily.
  • A man smashes a bottle over another man's head. They grapple and a gun is accidentally fired, killing an innocent (their blood splatters on the camera).
  • A homeowner is shot in the chest.
  • A woman and child fight with a man in a small kitchen. She hits him in the face with a kettle on the stove.
  • A woman is knocked out by a pursuer. She regains conciousness and pushes him out of window, where he falls onto a stone fence that breaks his back and kills him.
  • A man suddenly smashes through another man's car window and drags him out, repeatedly punching him in the face (with bloody results).
  • A man is stripped naked and it is implied he will be tortured and killed.


  • 30 f-words. Regular and Scottish swearwords (e.g. "w*nker"), and religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The climbers play cards and are drinking before they rest up for the night in a cabin.
  • Two men drinking a spirit from a flask, complaining about how it can't even be called vodka.
  • Some drinking is seen in a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some intense scenes throughout:
  • A man and woman are left hanging perilously on the side of a mountain. They are soon rescued.
  • A child is found buried under ground.
  • A man and woman have to absail down a steep incline.
  • The scene where the man fall and died during mountain climbing and when another men also fell to his death is very intense and terrifying.
  • The group have to rescue a child when it gets caught in a rough river.
  • The group are frequently pursued and shot at by two men.
  • A kidnapper recalls a story of how he shot a kid in the back of the head when picking up his football in his backyard (heard, not seen).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The group are chased through a festival, culminating in a struggling in a house that is set ablaze. It looks as if the woman won't survive (she passes out), but firefighters rescue her.

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