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Not good, not bad, just average.
hector_ramirez-2089615 September 2022
It could have been way better, but even when the movie doesn't contribute with anything new to the genre, it's an acceptable production with and interesting idea, but poor execution.

Good things:

  • The performances of the cast. Even though the plot is flawed (we'll go there), Alberto Ammann managed to go through every scene trying his best (it's not his fault the character and the story are poorly developed), Yalitza Aparicio DELIVERS, unfortunately there's not much to do cause again, her character isn't well developed, however, she does great in every scene she has. I think the biggest discovery is the child actress Alisson Santiago as the creepy girl (you really believe her).

  • The technical propossal. The production design, cinematography, sound and visual effects nail it, I wouldn't be surprise if they get nominated at the next awards season.

Bad things:

  • Nepotism. Working with your family is not always a bad thing (the Cuarón's family have done it great for years), however, since this is Luis Mandoki's debut in horror, and considering he hadn't directed in 10 years, hiring his wife (with zero experience in screenwriting) as the screenwriter hasn't been his smartest move.

  • The plot. I think Luis Mandoki had an interesnting idea (the ending shows he wanted to do something different), however, the story is so full of clichés and innecesary and ilogical scenes than when you get there, the plot twist is not as surprising as it could have been.

  • The genre. This could have been way better done if they would have advertised it as a pshycological thriller, removing all the innecesaries jump-scare scenes and developed the characters better.

I think the biggest sin is the expectation around this movie, since this is the come back of promising Academy Award® nominee actress Yalitza Aparicio since her debut in Roma, and having the awarded director Luis Mandoki leading the project, the expectations were higher that they sould have been.

Kudos to the cast and technical crew for saving this movie of the disaster it could have been.
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Interesting concept poor execution
isaacochoterena7 October 2022
The twist ending of this movie brings up a great concept, but the execution doesn't get it anywhere else.

Honestly almost the whole movie was boring as there wasn't much interesting stuff but the ending left me wondering what was the real reason all that happened, but there wasn't any answer, this interpretation of the story leaves me unsatisfied as usually, the explanation blows your mind. The terror is ill-conceived, thanks to the final plot twist, making it totally unnecessary in the whole story, as well as how boring the whole plot is and its two hours. The characters lack development, making them less interesting than they are, the performances are not horrible but not very believable, the technical aspects, in general, are decent.

This film fails as a horror and as a psychological thriller, despite the interesting concept that the plot twist gives us, as well as the development of the entire plot being boring.
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It's a waste of time
armandoc-7507021 November 2022
I saw it at the Morelia Festival, I didn't expect anything from Luis Mandoki, but he still managed to disappoint me. During the press screening many people chose to sleep in the seats or write text messages on the phone, some even left the room. The show was in the morning and I practically fell asleep even though I went out for two coffees during the screening.

I do not find any positive aspect that can be pointed out in this film. It's being promoted as a horror story and ends up being something else.

It is a very boring movie with lousy actors. It's a poorly done project. To top it off, it lasts too long. It's a waste of time, very much in line with the platform it's being promoted on, and a good reason to avoid subscribing to that service.
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