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Almost unwatchable
DeadMansTrousers5 June 2022
This is one of those rare moments when you should trust the negative reviews. Elsa Pataky was fine in the small roles she had in the Fast and Furious films but she is not an action star and her acting can not support a film on its own. Apart from that the cgi in this is TERRIBLE, it looks like you are watching a direct to video film from the 80s. The writing is awful, the one liners in this are so generic and completely uninspired. The action in this is also very bland and the fight scenes are too repetitive. Nothing about this movie is fresh or entertaining, I'm not sure who the target audience is supposed to be but this is one movie that you should avoid.
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The latest masterpiece that Netflix gifted us with
If you:

  • like high-intensity plots that are incredibly well-researched
  • have waited for ages to finally see a believable and well-written female action lead
  • love great, witty dialogue and its flawless delivery
  • are a fan of sublety and great taste in pacing
  • have a faible for a sublime, but powerful score
  • long for incredibly emotional and competent acting
  • have an eye for masterful direction
  • hope for Netflix to greenlight content based on quality for a change
  • despise nepotism
  • are hyped by gritty, well-choreographed and skillfully performed, captured and edited action

you should skip this and save yourself the embarrassment.
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Hot steaming Turd
brett-762607 June 2022
Yeah this movie was a hot mess from the first to last minute. As a United States Marine this was utter nonsense and from a technical perspective, it was embarrassing. It was so bad Thor was brought on as a producer to try and save the day. They wanted his name added to give it some kind of credibility. Yeah not happening. You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day, it's still a pig. Don't waste your time on this one folks cause it really is a hot turd... Ug soooo bad..
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Cheesy harmless fun!
whatgift10 June 2022
This Australian production harks back to the B-movie days with all the necessary elements - silly improbable story, bad acting, poor American accents and some questionable special effects.

But you know what? This was fun to watch, more so than some big budget action movies. It knows what it is and doesn't try to hide it in any way. The fact that Chris Hemsworth hams it up alongside his wife is testament to that.

The fight scenes are fairly decent and there's some decent depictions of violence as well.

If you go in knowing what you're in for, you may just find yourself enjoying this!
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hahahahah :D
caelum-natura4 June 2022
This is bad on so many levels, you can start from anywhere and you will start with something bad. So I was looking for a way to start from the good side. So here it goes: "The beautiful ocean... and then HAHAHAH :) OMG! "
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Cliches and tropes aplenty
feyipuk29 July 2022
The opening blurb tells us America has two bases designated to stop inbound nuclear missiles from Russia. One is a military base in Alaska, no doubt guarded by plenty of heavily armed soldiers, plenty of security counter measures to stop people getting in and teams of backup in case of any problems. The other is a precarious floating rig, with a handful of missile batteries, that doesn't appear to have any defences or counter measures, and the nearest support is an hour away. From that set up, the bad guys we see in the film have really over complicated their plans. All they want to do is disable the interceptor rocket batteries, yet are stoic in following through their own plan, which is guarded by Captain J. J. Collins (Elsa Pataky), who is equally single minded in her objective, in the standard lone action hero way.

More bizarrely to all that, we have Chris Hemsworth providing comic interludes. Did the mildly simmering tension really need that?

Not really. The scenario is a claustrophobic set, resulting in intense and brutal fights, with basically the one goal that's in the title. Forget any notion of checking to see if the rest of the ships crew are alive (we told you we used nerve gas and shot them all, but maybe we didn't...), she has one mission and will carry it out. Tim Wong (who's also the films fight coordinator) as Zhang and Ingrid Kleinig (who's also the films second unit director) as Kira are most known for their stunt work, so it's no surprise that they are involved in some of the more physical acts. Steven A. Davis as Nikolai is also the films assistant fight coordinator, though he's not that active in fighting. Emotional support comes from Mayen Mehta as Corporal Rahul Shah playing the introverted subordinate soldier - a turtle owning family man - while Rhys Muldoon as Lieutenant Colonel Clark Marshall fills in the emotional back story about how the Captain has suffered in her career, with Belinda Jombwe as Ensign Washington giving a brief motivational speech . That seems to be the take away from the film; all the main characters feel/should feel wronged by the system, and it's how they deal with those feelings that separates which side their on.

The set is very minimal and the CGI reminiscent of 80's VHS stuff - it gets the story where it needs to go - while the soundtrack accents the vision; you can watch with subtitles and know something is going to happen by the "tense instrumental music".

IMDB also have Ali Kadhim as Dark Cloud (Japanese Sword Guy), yet he's not included in the films credits (and I don't remember him in the film). Maybe the producers thought that was one cliche too far?
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Waste, waste, waste
gpxdlr4 June 2022
Do not see this. If you've ever been in the military, whether as a grunt or an officer, you will see the numerous errors made by this writer/director. He tried to make a decent film but he failed, big time.
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Generic action for exactly that mood
sarcasm8328 June 2022
I can understand why some people don't like the movie, as it was a cheesy and generic flick for sure, but not sure if I can understand the many upset 1/10 reviews from people who seem to have taken this personally somehow. All those reviews read exactly like metacritic review bombs where people are upset over something else than the content they're reviewing... or just rants from people who love exaggerating for drama.

This reminded me of some straight to VHS average action flicks that you'd pick up from the rental place completely deliberately for that day where you just want a mindless movie and as such, it worked very well. Did I laugh and roll my eyes at convenient plotpoint? Sure. But I also expected to.

I kinda liked seeing a female lead for once. Just like male leads powers are always played way up and how John McLane can still run and kick ass after being battered and bruised beyond any reason, just flying away from explosions instead of exploDING, so did she. If your suspension of disbelief fails only on the part of her being a woman, I guess you truely have it ingrained in you that "women = weak" and can't even for a moment tune that out in a silly action flick.

This kinda reminded me of some "Tomb Raider" kind of deal, with the exception that I actually enjoyed this more than any Tomb Raider movie.

If you are "tired of feeling like my identity is always attacked by films such as this.", that is just sad. There have been crazy egomaniac villains that have agendas like this in movies for a small eternity and obviously the movie's not saying he's right.

If you are very keen on only seeing agendas in women being shown as anything capable, do yourself a favor and skip it. If you're looking for a generic action flick for a mindless day? Sure, why not :)
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Wow, this is really really bad
stevedgrossman4 June 2022
Save yourselves, and pass on this complete piece of trash.

The acting is so so bad, the plot, script, all of it is just so so terrible.

Netflix, for this I paid an increase?

So close to cancelling my subscription.
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Wtf is this?
jason_angelswings3 June 2022
This is like a badly written story that's had a satire made about it and then a movie made about the satire but unironically.

Every line is cheese and a joke but acted "seriously"

The movie is so substandard that anyone involved should be ashamed. Especially Chris Hemsworth.
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Oh come on... it was fun.
mark-fenwick296 June 2022
I've missed the stupid action hero's of the 80s & 90. It disengage my brain for 1hr 30 mins and that what I need at the moment.

Acting was dreadful but it fit the genre and reminded me of the straight to video movies you took a punt on for a Friday night.
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What's all the negativity about
cheddar-324-878086 June 2022
I don't agree with most of the critics here, I thought the movie was quite entertaining from a typical action plot scenerio (aka terrorist threat, nuclear missile threat, white house under threat, whole world under threat etc.)! The notable difference here is that the "hero" is female! Really? How many blockbuster franchises thrived with the exact same ridiculous plot lines, the Die hard franchise comes to mind, as does the Indiana jones, James bond, etc. Must I go on? Yes, the plot was just as ridiculous as the aforementioned are but I enjoyed it just as much as the aforementioned! The only thing they screwed up on was that the main character was Spanish with a notable accent (i'm not casting aspersions, just saying, and then realizing she's the wife of Chris Hemsworth who's hilarious as the TV sales person, but it really makes no sense, unless you put into the plot that she was adopted as a ten year old or something, as her dad clearly had no accent whatsoever! The other critizism I have is why did the "Marine helicopters" never arrive? I mean really? They were promised constantly, oh, they're 90 minutes out (in the beginning, not enough time, then they were supposedly 10 minutes out toward the end and they just never materialized! After researching, I realize the production was on a very limited budget and giving it slack for that, I really enjoyed this movie, give it a go!
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This was so painful
caseypthompson3 June 2022
I could only do 25:40 minutes to when the dude popped out the hatch like a cliche magical ninja. The acting, the musical score, the cinematography, the's so so bad.

I never waste my time posting bad 1 star reviews but this just was so horrible I had to say something. The score and action itself sounded/looked like it was a child action tv show. Go go power rangers!

This isn't even Sharknado bad, because at least it was meant to be bad.

And maybe it was meant to be a bit satirical because it was so awful? But they still didn't make it work.

It's just plain awful.

Netflix has gotten so bad. They are only still thriving because of Stranger Things.
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So so bad
bagaran3 June 2022
I know Netflix has lost a huge chunk of it's net worth. And it shows in this woke "masterpiece".

It feels cheap. It looks cheap. It sounds cheap.

And it's Netflix's success formula. Bad guys. White. Most of them men. The traitor speaks with a southern accent.

Halfway through, it just wasn't bearable anymore.
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No room for thought here
Dogtagz5 June 2022
Wow! You really need to turn your brain off for this one. Not only can the lead actress not fake an American accent. She also couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag. This is seriously bad on all fronts.
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Watchable grade-B terrorist combat stuff
gcsman4 June 2022
A B-movie for sure -- the storyline is contrived, the dialog is superficial, and the acting is wooden. So my rating of 5/10 is probably generous. Nevertheless, I thought it was watchable and it fitted the purpose of having something to look at while I was exercising. Lead actress Elsa Patacky is front and center throughout this movie, playing US Army captain JJ Collins, who as soon as she is assigned to the remote marine base SBX-1 has to fight off terrorists who want to nuke 16 cities and destroy America. Somehow there's lots of money involved. Luke Bracey, as the smarmy leader of the enemies, has an easy way of delivering lines even if those lines are laughably conventional. And, Patacky's husband Chris Hemsworth (who's the executive producer -- what a coincidence) has a little cameo role that's completely meaningless but still pretty fun.

Almost right off the bat, Patacky gets down to action gear where we can enjoy looking at her very well muscled shoulders and arms (and that's kind of the main interest of the movie -- they really are nice to look at). There's lots of hand-to-hand combat and a fairly high body count, with the hero(ine) taking and dishing out lots of punishment and displaying superhuman stamina, but I'd be hard pressed to think of any original twist on anything that happened here. The idea that the US missile defence system depends on a single little remote ocean base that seems about as hard to knock over as a candy store is pretty implausible.

It feels like a B-grade version of Die Hard.
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Good old fashioned action movie...
paul_haakonsen4 June 2022
Granted, from this 2022 action movie's cover/poster, then I was expecting that I would be in for a low budget action movie, very much in the spirit of the movies you get from The Asylum. But I figured, since this was actually on Netflix, that I might chance it and watch what writers Matthew Reilly and Stuart Beattie had to offer with "Interceptor".

And now that I have seen "Interceptor", I will say that this movie was actually surprisingly good. This felt and looked like a good old 1980s and 1990s action movie, you know the ones that had the likes of Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme, and so forth on the cast list. So if you enjoyed the action movies of the 1980s and 1990s, then you most certainly will also enjoy "Interceptor".

The storyline told in "Interceptor", as written by Matthew Reilly and Stuart Beattie, is pretty straight forward, if not actually generic in concept and idea, but it hardly matters because "Interceptor" was an enjoyable and entertaining movie. It had all the elements that you needed in an action movie such as this. And that means that the fact of you knowing how the movie will end hardly mattered, as the ride from the beginning to the end was enjoyable.

Now, I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble that were a part of "Interceptor", but they had gotten together a good collection of talents for the movie. The leading performers, Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey, were nicely cast for the movie. Well, the part about being all unfamiliar cast members was a bit of an overstatement, as the movie actually had Chris Hemsworth on an uncredited role.

I have to say that I was genuinely entertained by "Interceptor", and it is certainly a movie that is well-worth taking the time to sit down and watch. Sure, the movie doesn't have enough contents to be an action movie classic, nor does it have enough contents to support more than a single viewing, but trust me when I say it is worth watching.

"Interceptor" is a movie that is crammed with enough one liners and clichés to put on a smile on the lips of the 1980s and 1990s action movies for sure.

My rating of director Matthew Reilly's "Interceptor" lands on a six out of ten stars.
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The Art of Cloning
Tweetienator5 June 2022
Interceptor is something like Die Hard (or Under Siege) but instead John McClane wie get a G. I. Jane, and like those Die Hard movies this one is also full of implausible things and events happening - but it got no Bruce Willis or Alan Rickman in the cast to compensate the plot holes by charismatic performances, also the action and fighting scenes are no way of the same quality. Anyway, production is okay for a B flick, acting solid, but the whole story is just one big cliche, a formulaic, generic affair, and therefore I really don't know why I should recommend Interceptor to you. Hopefully, one day some coding hexer will develop an algorithm that can write better, more interesting and entertaining stories, as those human writers are able to write these days.
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A trial of doing movies
giovanninehmeofficial23 July 2022
First you think about what a huge production with all these equipments, then you feel it's a comedy movie rather than action and at the end unwatchable.
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Typical Modern Hollywood Political Tripe
eabra484634 June 2022
It's not bad enough this film has the worst acting and banal dialogue you will see and hear in any film, but it's topped off with Hollywood politically correct stereotyping that is so overdone it is laughable. The hero(ine) is a 120 pound female who manages to kick the behinds of guys twice her size and with martial arts training. The villain is a white male cardboard cutout of how the left sees all right wingers, a guy who prefers the, "...old America." Please. Save your time and pass this by as quickly as you can.
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Not worth 1 star
stevezaf3 June 2022
The woke Netflix brigade at it again.

Awful acting and terrible fight scenes.

This company is taking their subscribers for fools.

It's time to unsubscribe to this pc bs.

Not worth saying anymore about this garbage.
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Made me want to cancel my Netflix account
pleeson-836583 June 2022
A truely terrible movie Acting and the score are high school level .

Most movies I can understand getting some good reviews even I don't enjoy , I can't fathom how people are rating this movie a 10.
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Not even worth the 2 stars.
robawalker-774178 June 2022
This movie is simply bad. Bad in ways you didn't know were possible. For such a cool concept.. it was an epic flop. Terrible acting, writing, action, etc. And the cherry on top? 2022 politically correct BS. Where all men are either awful or incapable and women reign supreme. What a painful experience. Make your least favorite person watch this.
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This is top of the line B action
mcal19735 June 2022
Look. This is a thoroughly enjoyable action yarn. I did not go into this expecting much, but, I came out satisfied. It's everything you could want in a cheesy low budget film.
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Pretty Awful
gerardmartin7712 August 2022
Bad acting from the lead actress whose first language obviously isn't English. Everybody is 'acting' and the story is just bonkers. It looks as though its been made on a budget of $1M so where did the other $14M go ?
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