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Bringing back the 80/90's TV sit coms.. with a modern twist.
gilbzzz26 July 2010
I actually quite enjoy this TV show. It's not your typical cheesy, little kid directed show on Disney. As said before the kids are just ordinary kids, with ordinary problems. They aren't wizards, or pop stars, or actor's on a TV sketch show. It follows a family's everyday life, brought in with a "suprise" little baby, 6 month old Charlotte or Charlie for short. It shows both parents working as most families do. It's more realistic and most teens can relate to. And the audience of which it is directed towards is more of the older teenage group, like myself, 17. Instead of "Hannah Montana", "Wizards of Waverly Place", "Sonny with a Chance" or "JONAS" which has teenage problems, but more directed at the pre-teen audience who still have a huge imagination. Overall the jokes are quite funny, and there is minimum cheesy moments. All the actors, are amazing. And the youngest, Mia, they put in her situations, that a normal baby would experience. I think this show could go far. It almost relates to "Full House" without the corny moments and music. Don't judge because it is Disney, I honestly believe people would enjoy this show, whole families indeed. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the shows that are directed at a younger audience, but sometimes they do get a little corny! :)
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Best Disney show in a LONG time
hendrika-19 December 2010
Seriously this show is awesome! It IS a Disney channel show, so you have to take that under consideration. But that aside this show rocks. It's about something normal -- a real family. One that has it's own normal problems and day to day activities. No one is a wizard, has a secret double life, is famous, lives on a boat or in a hotel, has psychic powers...etc. It brings me back to the days of Even Stevens and Lizzie Mcguire! There's nothing wrong with all the other Disney shows, they are fun, but it's nice to have a break and watch something normal for a change. The writing is pretty good too, it's hilarious and I think they got the cast just right. Every one of those actors bring something different to the show. Leigh Allyn Baker is one of the best on this show too...she makes her character hilarious!! Her and Eric Allen Kramer make a believable parent set and their conversations between them and the kids on the show are completely believable as parents to kids. I was watching an episode last night where there was a conversation between Teddy and her Mom and it was just hilarious because I've practically had the same convo with my own mom. Bridget Medler is great, I'm glad they gave her this show, she does a great job. The little brother Bradley Steven Perry -- I can see him going places he does well! Also I lovee the little girl that plays Charlie - Mia Talerico, she's adorable!! I'm glad Jason Dolley is still on my TV screen and that he's on a show that is actually good! Although I do wonder why they always give him the kind of "stupid" kid roles. Although his character PJ isn't THAT stupid but he's still got those qualities that Jason always plays. I don't know i'd just like to see Jason in something a little different, it's been a while. But i'm so glad he's on this show!!

I could go on and on but overall, if you can get it in your head that is is a Disney channel produced show and you take that into consideration when you are watching, then I think you will really enjoy this show for what it is. Smart, witty, sweet, and just fun for everyone! My own mom loves this show she think's it's hilarious, and she is 47!
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Good Luck Charlie
amazurek85636 February 2011
I have to say personally, this is the best comedy sitcom I've seen on TV in years. I've been a fan of Seinfeld, Cheers, etc., and haven't really found a show I really liked until GLC. This is a sitcom that TV has been missing for years. It really should be on network TV, but that's not so important these days. It has really good scripts, the characters are great, and I hope this show continues for years to come. It is not only the best show on the Disney Channel, but to me, it's the best sitcom on TV period. I'm glad Disney accepted this show, and also renewed it for a second season. This is a great family sitcom, something both kids and adults can enjoy. I do not understand anyone who wouldn't like this show.
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Good Luck Charlie: Disney's Latest Hit
Lexi Olivia12 March 2011
If your looking for a new, funny TV show to watch with your family, DisneyChannel has a winner in Good Luck Charlie. My entire family enjoys this show, from my 40 yr old mom, to my 8 yr old sister, to my 17 yr old sister, to me (thirteen yrs old). The show is about the Duncan family, an average family with two sons: P.J played by Jason Dolley and Gabe played by Bradley Perry and two daughters: baby Charlotte a.k.a Charlie played by Mia Talerico and teenager Teddy played by Bridgit Mendler, and two parents Bob played by Erik Allen Kramer and Amy played Leigh Allyn Baker.It is about the whole family adjusting to life with their new arrival. They are an average-looking, relatable family. The jokes are fresh and funny, and "awwwww"ing at little Charlie never gets old.

There aren't many supporting characters except for Teddy's sassy best friend Ivy (played by Raven Goodwin) and P.J's best friend and fellow band mate Emmett(Played by Micah Williams).

Its very charming how big sister Teddy makes a video diary for her baby sister, ending each entry with "Good Luck Charlie!".

A great show, I recommend it for anyone wanting a great show for all ages.
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50 yr old African American male
rft7929 August 2011
This is really weird. I am a 50 yr old African American male that is in love with show. I like its diversity, not because of the ethnicity of its cast but because of the madness of its characters. They are all so extreme. It is refreshing to see the parents just as crazy as the kids (i.e. the episode where the mom chased the teacher around the school).To me the star is the little girl that plays Charlie. When I first started watching the show it was about a quarter into the 2nd season (in fact it was after the episode Charlie is two on Netflix). So I didn't know about the pilot episode until later. I am amazed at how well the toddler who plays Charlie reacts to her scenes. She smiles and talks on cue. Normally an actor her age is played by twins but the producers of the show took a chance with just one child. Because she is has the presence to pull it of. As she gets older I think the show will be that much better as long as parents remain crazy.
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A great family show
psolli13 October 2010
Finally a show that isn't a pain to watch with your kids, but entertains to all ages.

The story line is futuristic, and projects something we all would like to do: give advice to everybody who isn't as experienced as us. A great watch and awesome family show.

The future looks great for a show like this, as it is different, enjoyable and combines good acting with great writing.

Cute characters combined with good laughter always makes room for a great evening of fun with the family.

I am really looking forward to more of the story, and see where the writers can take the show.
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Good Luck Charlie (FOR HOW MUCH LONGER)!
heavenawaitsjh4 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I find good luck charlie to be a very cute and funny show. The show has a mom(Amy Duncan) a dad(Bob Duncan), and their four kids. There is the oldest son(PJ Duncan)who is dimwitted which makes him hilarious at times, the second child who is their daughter(Teddy Duncan)who is a bit of a goody good, the youngest son(Gabe Duncan) who I find very annoying, and of course the child who the story revolves around, their daughter the youngest of all(Charlie Duncan)who is very cute and very funny! The TV show is very entertaining, but in the movie Good Luck Charlie It's Christmas Amy Duncan reveals that she is pregnant and in my opinion if she has another child it will ruin the point of the show which is CHARLIE.Teddy makes recordings of their lives for the future Charlie to watch which brings you the name of the show, because at the end of every recording she wishes Charlie good luck. So if another baby comes into it will Teddy start recording videos for it. The show will be destroyed if another child comes into it, Good Luck Disney Channel!
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A++ Love this show finally Disney Does Wholesome!
katki30031 May 2011
We recently got cable again and had been pretty much disappointed in entertainment for kids.UNTIL. "Good Luck Charlie" even has us parents sucked into the show! We all sit and watch and there are no negative notions for kids to learn! Beautiful family show that has them all working together and being, parents, siblings and friends.

Love how the entire family video documents for baby Charlie.. Such a cute idea!

All the kids are great actors as well as the parents on the show.. fun for the whole family and highly recommend for your family too!

We need more "Good Luck Charlie" for the television viewing world.
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Exactly what Disney Channel needed
sad-eyed-angel19 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm hardly exaggerating if I say this is the best show to come out of Disney Channel in at least five years. This show brings us back to the good ol' days of Lizzie McGuire when your mom would sit and watch an episode with you because it was a cute show that managed to provide a lesson without shoving it down the viewer's throat. Then came the era of the suite life, hannah montana, wizards of waverly place, and the creme de la crap, shake it up. These are more shows your mom rolls her eyes when she sees you watching them and after a while you start feeling embarrassed about it too. These shows mostly were all cute when they started out but as they progressed they got stupider and stupider. It's because these shows all have a gimmick, a shtick they need to make them work and ensue crazy plot lines, usually which involves someone trying to be famous.

The buck stops with Good Luck Charlie because the closest thing they have to a gimmick is that they have a baby sister. It's like on some shows like Fresh Prince, Malcolm in the Middle, Family Matters they have a surprise baby when they run out of ideas, GLC makes an entire show out of that. And it works, for a lotta different reasons:

IT'S A FAMILY SHOW. This might not seem that important but in terms of Disney Channel over the last few years it's a big improvement. Every show has families but they rarely interact and everyone is off doing their own thing. But GLC is about a family and everyone has equal story lines and all their plots all involve each other. Next to that, every member of the family is likable and believable. The main character Teddy is a goody-goody who loves her family, her older brother is stupid but sweet, her little brother is a prankster, her mom thinks a bit much of herself and their dad is a goofball. Every member of the family you could believe is a real person.

The supporting characters have lives of their own! Again, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but Disney Channel has gotten reallllly lazy. In not one, but two of their shows when they got tired of not explaining why the best friend was always at the star's house, they had the bestie move in with the star! To do this on one show is pushing it. When you do it on two, it's pathetic. But we see Teddy's best friend Ivy's parents, she has a family and a house and we see them semi-regularly! Again, it goes back to Lizzie McGuire days when we would see Miranda and Gordo's parents occasionally enough to know they existed. We even see Teddy's boyfriend's parents. It's not the biggest of deals but when they acknowledge that the supporting characters don't go sit in storage lockers when they leave the Duncan house it says something about the show.

It doesn't take place in California. Again this is my personal preference but when they have a show that doesn't take place in California (or New York but it's not the same, New York at least has weather) but this show takes place in Colorado! That means they can have mountains and snow and other things most shows on Disney are too lazy to touch.

Bottom line, it's a great show and just what the doctor ordered on Disney Channel. It's an innocent enough family show that a family can watch it together without the parents feeling like morons and if they have older kids reminisce about Lizzie McGuire. Home run, Disney Channel! And its about time!!
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I mostly like it so far...mostly
JessicaJensen78912 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I like it so far. I totally agree that it is refreshing to have a show that is just about a family and the funny things in their lives. I agree that it is along the lines of Full House or Step by Step or some other shows that hark back to my teen years. I like the fact that this show is not as over acted as most of the other Disney shows like Wizards or Suite Life or Sonny. The biggest issue I have is that the baby, Charlie, is supposed to be 9 months old, but is obviously more like 2 years old. I mean she is up running around and has hair longer than her oldest brother (played by Jason Dolley who does clueless so well). But, having an 8 month old myself, I can understand how it is easier for the show, an older child can do more and can do it on command, but I don't see why they don't just say the baby is 18 months instead of 9, that I would believe. Bridget Mendler is great as Teddy. I thought she was a huge boon to Wizards and I was quite sad to see her leave, but I guess she couldn't do both. She is very real as a teenage girl trying to be the responsible child in the family, yet still have fun with friends and boys. The casting of the parents is great. I really like the mom. It is possible that I enjoy the show partially because I can relate to her. I really enjoyed the part in the pilot where Charlie dumps a plate of bananas on her own head and later Teddy asks her why they had to have another baby and she answers, "Because 3 kids was just too easy, 3 is for quitters!" The one character that is sort of just OK is Gabe the youngest until Charlie came along, who is feeling a bit neglected and jealous. Unfortunately so far he could be lifted out and the show would be just as good, at least from what I have seen so far. The writers really need to put more into him, otherwise he is just filler. I know that Bridget and Jason's characters get more screen time/lines because they are the ones people already like from previous Disney shows, but that is what the draw is, they should still try to make him stand on his own. Only 2 episodes have aired so far, so maybe they will and they are just drawing in an audience.
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I love this show!
ewugraduate20 April 2014
My son and I have watched this show together over the past four years and I am really sad that it has come to an end. I really like the character of Teddy but I feel that the other characters in this show are sufficiently developed that they could continue the series even though Teddy's character is off to college. They could always bring her back for specials, like Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes. This is one of the few shows for kids that the parents are not constantly playing "dumb." The kids are ornery (think Gabe) but not disrespectful to their parents like most shows are now days. I love the interactions between Mrs. Dabney and Gabe, as well as the rest of the family. Ivy and her family are also very unique and entertaining. I would hope that they will bring this show back as it's one of the few family shows that is worth while. It brings a good message to the viewer without being at all preachy. I will miss this show.
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Great fun for all ages!
falconcr28 January 2013
This is by far the funniest show on the children's/family channels. There is something to make people of all ages laugh,...over and over. Easily funny enough to be on a major network (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) in prime-time. Well written.

As if the show wasn't funny enough, the skits at the end (after the "Good Luck Charlie" line) are awesome.

All of the Duncan family characters/actors are funny, but Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry) and Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker) crack me up every time.

My two big questions: 1) Why are the seasons not available on DVD? 2) Why has this not been picked up by a major network?

Hope it is renewed for more seasons!
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Great sitcom!
noahtarditi24 December 2011
This is one of the best TV Disney sitcoms ever made! It shows a regular family that gets into sometimes crazy situations! And the actors are not all teens , they are all different ages. I definitely recommend this show. This show does not included Wisards or Popstars or anything like that, its a regular family, it almost reminds me of Desperate housewives but a sitcom version for kids. Its not Cheesy or Corny or Sad or Scary, its a comedy, its a little show made for kids that when you watch it , it makes you happy! It isn't only for kids, but for pre-teens too. This is the best Disney sitcom that just kicked Thats So Raven out of the way! Its a very good show with very good actors, Brigit Mendler is great has Teddy and Leigh Allyn Baker is THE BEST for the role of the Mom.

10 out of 10!
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Poor role models for kids, some inappropriate things
cobra-cai10 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start? I am seriously disappointed with the show. Poor role models for kids, especially for teen girls, irritating adults, annoying music and "laugh track" recording. The worst part for me was having teenage "Teddy Duncan" get back together with her lying, cheating boyfriend. What kind of message does that send to tween girls? Come on, Disney Channel. And one episode had her fantasizing about 3 different boys. Inappropriate! I don't care for her father "Bob" either. He comes off as grumpy and arrogant. "Amy Duncan" is one of the bright spots for me. Drama queen, diva, but funny. I love the babies, they're awfully cute, especially "Charlie." And I like the storyline, big sister making video diaries for little sister. So some bright spots but I'm still disappointed overall.
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A Laugh Track Sans The Jokes
regrunion9 April 2010
I find it difficult to watch any show with a laugh track, but this one is particularly annoying because the lines proceeding each loud hearty laugh are not even jokes. I guess it is more cost effective for ABC/Disney to hire engineers to insert laugh tracks than hire writers who can write decent material.

The characters and situations are stock Disney channel fare, and the target audience is already well-conditioned to recognize these characters and thoroughly anticipate each plot line, so all that's left is to direct them when to laugh by inserting a laugh track after pretty much every single line of dialog.
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This 7 is relative.
Alex G22 July 2013
For a long time now, Disney Channel has been bad. Bad writers, directors, and worst of all, actors. This show manages to defy that rule, and comparatively speaking, is wonderful.

I will be spending this review talking about what the show has done right, rather than why I enjoy it.

The characters are much more believable than any other Disney show. While they remain funny, they also seem like they could be people you'd find in real life, and you enjoy TV much more when you don't find yourself constantly questioning the characters existence. For example, many Disney shows use the "Dumb character" gag, but feel the need to play him up as the worlds STUPIDEST PERSON. This show has a slower character, but he still remains funny, bearable, and plot relevant. Basically, he can still have good one liners while still being likable as a character. The leading girl (Older) is good too, she isn't played as the super popular or unpopular girl like most Disney shows do, you feel she's somewhere in the middle of the social chain. She actual acts like a teenage girl, not a boy obsessed monster, or super-nerd. She goes through normal teenage issues and the few serious plots are well handled. The parents are done the best. THEY ARE ACTUALLY PLAYED AS COMPITANT PARENTS. That is my biggest issue with Disney parents, they are always either never there, or incompetent at their job as parent. The parents in GLC are stern, but understanding at times, they actually seem like good parents. They even manage to be funny at times. Charlie and Toby are cute, and to be honest, I could care less for the other, unmentioned son.

The comedy isn't based around laugh tracks and overacting, or funny accents, or goofy unrealistic situations like EVERY OTHER Disney SHOW. The comedy come from character interactions in realistically funny situations, which is the same type of comedy that made Arrested Development the amazing show it is. Obviously GLC is nothing compared to the genius of AD, but the comedy is good enough to be reminiscent of the show, which is shocking.

All-in-all, the acting is decent, the comedy is shockingly decent, and the characters are good. This is the best show currently on Disney.
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Great family show! An absolute hit
horrorflicklover16 October 2012
I love Good Luck Charlie. I really think that this is a very funny, very well done family show.

I think GLC embodies a different wave of family comedy than we had seen in previous generations. You can also see this in sitcoms like ICarly, which is another well done family show. That's not to say that the 1980's and 90's didn't have some great ones ("Step By Step", "Boy Meets World"). Both great shows, and very funny. But I think that I like GLC so much because it's even more cynical and sarcastic than either of them. It's the direction that I would take if I were to write a family show. Get away from the whole "Full House" and "Saved by the Bell" kind of mold that a lot of family sitcoms followed.

What GLC doesn't do (which many children/family shows tend to do) is treat you like you're stupid. It's as if the writers and producers are more concerned with being family friendly than they are with being funny. Well, GLC isn't risqué at all. There is nothing about this show that I would consider too objectionable for young kids. But it's still a hit. It isn't so terribly watered down so that it may provide a "moral", or a family/child friendly plot. It's not hard to suspend disbelief.

What this show does do (and what I mean by this different wave of family comedy) is that you can catch the cynicism and sarcastic wit of the show outright. You don't need to have a "moral" layered on so thick that you drown in it. In fact, this show pokes fun at the fact that every character, to include the parents, can take the low road sometimes. It doesn't take life, or for that matter itself too seriously. The Duncan family has no shame and little surprise for their various antics. And that makes the show gold. But with that, there's nothing objectionable about it.

The dynamic between Gabe and the neighbor Mrs. Dabney in particular is funny. Amy Duncan is just overall a great character, and I give props to Leigh-Allyn Baker for playing her so well. Bob and PJ Duncan are also great characters as well.

This show would fare well as a prime time show on a national network. And while a show like ICarly is also great family show, I just can't see it on a network like ABC for instance. I'm sure it would perform well. However, I personally think GLC would "fit in" better on a prime time national slot, if you will. Well written, with a great comedic formula. You will laugh just as much as your children do. Maybe even more so. Check it out.
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As good as it gets
kristina winters24 July 2011
This show is basically about a family of six: Dad, Mom, two teenagers, pre-teen and a two year old. Since there is a huge age gap between the kids, Teddy, older sister, decides to make a video dairy for Charlie, younger sister, to recount the daily events and offer advice. Although the title is "Good Luck, Charlie", it seems to revolve mostly around the older kids. As this show premiered, I thought to myself, great another Disney garbage, but overall it has surprised me. I can honestly say I look forward to watching this show with my kids. I think it's funny, witty and relatable. Don't get me wrong, it's a little cheesy and unrealistic at times but you have to take in to account it is a kids show. Overall, I give this show a 9 out of 10. This is as good as it gets on the Disney Channel.
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series review
Matt Erickson14 February 2014
I didn't like good luck Charlie when I first saw it. The intractability of my older brother to always watch Disney made it so it was on. With the writing I was won over! My favorite moment from the show was where PJ has a concert and needs a guitar playing replacement. His dad volunteers and says "I'm back!" PJ says, "it's for just one gig", "his dad says, "for one night only!". ("Teddy Rebounds" Season 1).

I also grew to like the show's screen play techniques.I think efforts to not have infant parent on t.v or showing the interaction (zeroing in on lines), not to have the scene show both characters together (this would create too lasting a bond between the actors in the mind of the viewer.) I think Good Luck Charlie pioneered this.
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Crawling Her Way To Trouble
bkoganbing19 April 2010
It had to happen eventually, the Magic Kingdom deciding for its next situation teen comedy to team wholesome teens with the greatest scene stealers of all, babies. The star of this show is a six month old Charlotte aka Charlie Duncan who is crawling her way to trouble on every show I've seen so far.

Their are three kids in the Duncan family already, three roughly in the age group of the Wizards Of Waverly Place teens played by Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry and Brigid Mendler. Naturally the arrival of a lovable little sister has imposed new responsibilities on the older kids that kind of cramp their teen styles.

Babies are the hardest of course to direct, but are natural scene stealers because they have not developed any inhibitions. Little Charlie will evade one or more of the family for a second or two and get herself into all kinds of mischief. It's a can't miss formula for the Disney Studio.

Good Luck Charlie is not a bad show and I'm sure it will get its average three year run and develop a two new Disney teen stars and in the case of Jason Dolley keep his career going in The Magic Kingdom for a bit longer.
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A Great Family Show!
OmegaVenomous22 October 2016
I absolutely love this show! The humor is good, the characters are memorable and amazing! I never knew I would see a show like this have this kind of potential. It actually FEELS like a reality TV show, everything just feels so real when you watch it. Teddy, PJ, Charlie, an d all the other characters make the show absolutely entertaining to watch. It's seriously unexplainable of what to say about this show, it AMAZES me. It honestly should've lasted longer.

Other shows like Liv and Maddie and Best Friends Whenever, they are ATROCIOUS. The ideas are unoriginal, the shows are boring, and it has mostly females in them. But in shows like Good Luck Charlie and Jessie, it gives some males a chance to have a big role in them. It's sad to see most of Disney Channel is just diabolical these days. R.I.P old Disney channel, you will be missed.

And overall, I give this show a 9/10. 1 point off for gross stuff, a few bad episodes, and some malapropos-ish episodes.
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Fantastic family comedy, best show ever in Disney
faieqs30 July 2016
This show has to be the best show in Disney as well as the funniest. From Season 1 to Season 4 every episode is filled with original humour throughout. It not only makes myself laugh but also my parents and my little siblings, showing that the whole family can watch it. The acting in the show is also excellent unlike other Disney shows where its too vague. Furthermore, the story line in the show makes sense and gives a lesson at the end as well. Also the movies and special episodes it gives are fantastic its as if its already been in the cinema. Overall a fantastic family comedy for all ages that will without a doubt always make everyone love, one of Disney's best up there with other shows that are not in Disney such as Drake and Josh.
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A fun show to watch indeed
Nicolae Tolontan20 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Everything about this TV series seems great. The actors are doing their job just fine. The plot is clean, maybe not at its best, but for sure it is fun to watch. I am not sure, but I liked the character of P.J. Duncan. Maybe I am doing a wrong comparison, but this TV show reminds me of the show ''Married with children'. There is the father with a weird job that sucks and he is not very proud of it (Al Bundy). Sometimes when he comes home he wants to tell a story from work. There is a mother whose cooking skills are not that great (Peggy Bundy). There is the bright and smart daughter, Teddy (Bud Bundy), and the son that is... different, P.J. (Kelly Bundy). And the 'pranking the neighbours' part is on Gabe, who is kind of a combination of both. I am not saying I am right, but this really made its place into the good TV series. Maybe they will have a fifth season, but there are very low chances. I really recommend this show!
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I'm glad its ending next year
Morgan Cue30 August 2013
It's almost over and I can't wait i'm sick of good luck Charlie plus they need to cancel Jessie,Austin and ally,and Dog with a blog and get actors that have major talent not because their pretty Disney needs to know what their viewers and Fans what they want for a TV show if I was running Disney channel I'd cancel the series TODAY! it just needs to go right now heres 5 reasons why I hate good luck Charlie

1.) Teddy video cams video diaries WTF is that? and at the end of an ep. it always end with the came catchphrase Good luck Charlie i literally want to throw the TV out the window

2.) ever since Charlie learned to talk she has been really Annoying,and irritating the baby isn't cute at all Disney why did you make Mia a Disney star?

3.)The plot is trash

4.)A lot of people thinks its great but they really don't know whats really good television quality

5.)It isn't cute or funny

So far i give it a 3 now go eat your cookie.
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Good luck with the lies Charlie
joesgirljeri2 May 2011
While the show is obviously a vehicle to push more of Briget Mendler's DisneyRadio music at our kids, it can be funny sometimes. So it's really a shame that most of the episodes seem to revolve around someone in the family telling a lie and getting caught. Dad lies to Mom. Mom lies to Dad. Teddy lies to her mom. PJ lies to his girlfriend. Teddy lies to sneak out to a party and meet boys. Gabe lies... but is refreshingly honest about the fact that he lies and cheats. Teddy tells more lies to get out of trouble for sneaking out to a party. It's funny for a minute but... come on Disney. There's got to be another hackneyed plot device to use once in a while.
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