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Anybody excited for Agyaat 2?
AvinashPatalay1 September 2009
Being an avid RGV fan I make it a point to cover every body of work he is involved with and needless to say I had a mission to accomplish when Agyaat was released.

Does it work? Well, read on.... I promise I will keep it short-n-simple (hopefully!). The performances of every actor is amazing, background score deserves applause, cinematography is breath-taking, the jungles are captured at its natural best. Sadly behind all this foam - there is no beer! For every scene seems disjoint resulting in inability to connect connect with the storyline and therefore the fear. For instance when the actors were scared I was feeling "much-ado-about-nothing". Same with background score. As for the movements of Agyaat it is copied from Screamers and the blink-and-miss from Predator.

۩ Gautam Rode (Sharman): Was loud and OTT. And which actor are you digging at RGV?

۩ Priyanka Kothari (Aasha): Cauliflow is a cauliflower by any other name (pardon the expression Shakespeare!). She is not another Urmila - lightening doesn't strike twice at the same place.

۩ Ishteyak Khan (Laxman): Releasing pent-up energy was kind of coming.

۩ Ravi Kale (Rakka): Agyaat was a window to show-case his muskles to which the audience were Agyaat about.

۩ Howard Rosemeyer (JJ): Parents and teachers should be blamed for his awful habit of chewing pencils.

Exploring jungles is not a new terrain to RGV. He has done a brilliant job in Kshana-Kshanam, Antham, Jungle and Nishabd. This time around I got bored with the forest, monkeys and the weird camera angles. Wonder what this itch of the spider who refuses to give up with the horror genre.

Agyaat 2 - can the thought "Rest In Peace", please?

PS: We can expect RGV to pull up his socks for his next outing, hopefully!
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I am not waiting for the Sequel
bharathbrv22 September 2009
What the Hell Ram Gopal Varma is thinking about the Viewers? I did watch the movie, i am upset at the end just because every viewer expects the story to uncover/disclose during the climax scenes.

This GREAT Indian Director is suggesting us to watch the next sequel to find the actual story of the Movie. This is making the viewers as fools. This isn't fare in any regard.

One more thing to say .. I hope he copied many a scenes from the Telugu movie "Anumanaspadham". If in the next sequel he depicts "SETU" as the one who do all this MURDER - STUFF, then i will give it (Agyaat 2) a 2/10 (somehow i am giving 4/10 to Agyaat 1).

Surely, I am not waiting for the sequel. (i am confident, he will ruin the viewers feelings)
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RamGopalVerma......Big fool
kyabakraheho17 August 2012
You have fooled people by making agyaat, in the end of the movie u hv mentioned to be continued, when is the second part coming, you maadarchod, make some nice movies - rather fooling people. Gaand ke baal.

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Predator Gone Awry!
Sherazade12 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an insult to the audience. @ 90 minutes long if felt like is was two and a half hours longer because the script was so bad. A bunch of people (two films stars included) pack themselves aboard a rickety school bus and head into the jungles somewhere in India in search of the perfect location to shoot their action-thriller movie. Okay, um, first things first should your talent come along with you as you scout for a location to shoot your movie? This is one of the 1000 questions I want to ask Ram Gopal Varma who seems to have watched all the Predator movies before deciding to come and helm this. The only thing that is worth watching (and even it is quite painful to watch) is the item number by Nisha Kothari in the very beginning of the movie. Trust me on this one, once the song 'Kiss you night and day' stops playing, that's your queue to stop watching this horrible excuse for a horror flick. It is a horror in more ways than one.
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Agyaat is a disappointment. Enter this jungle at your own risk
Filmicafe8 August 2009
Irrespective of the fact that his last few films haven't really been great experiences, one still enters a Ram Gopal Varma movie with certain expectations in mind.

But Ramu nowadays it seems is hell bent on scaring even his most loyal fans away. Agyaat turns out to be one such experience wherein you go in expecting a thrill ride but come out absolutely unmoved rather irritated.

Agyaat tells the story of a film crew arriving in a dense forest to shoot their film. The team comprises of a tantrum throwing hero Sharman (Gautam), the heroine he badly lusts for – Aasha (Kothari), a South Indian producer Moorty (Ishrat Ali), an eccentric director JJ (Howard), a submissive spot boy Laxman (Ishtiyak Khan), the philosophical cameraman Shakky (Kali Prasad), a forever frustrated action director Rakka (Kale), Assistant Director Sujal (Nitin) and the simple script supervisor girl Sameera (Rasika Duggal) who has a secret crush on Sujal.

While Sameera pines for Sujal, he dreams of attaining the film's leading lady Aasha. Circumstances lead to a two day shoot break. Setu (Joy) the local jungle guide then suggests a small camping trip in the jungle. During night when everyone is enjoying the bonfire, following a strange sound Setu goes on to find out more about it but doesn't return. When the crew members go on to find him they find his dead body. Petrified, they all try to run out the jungle but their car meets with an accident.

Now trapped in the unknown terrain as they try to find their way out more crew members start dying under mysterious circumstances. With hardly any known faces amongst his cast members, Ramu manages to hold your attention to some extent by his gimmicky shot taking and effective use of background music.

Agreed in a thriller with a short running time of under two hours there is less time for character development but what about the screenplay Sir? Also, the placing of the annoying item song in the opening credit titles serves no purpose. Most of the actors too are a huge let down in the sense that they simply end up grating on your nerves and in fact you feel relieved that they have been bumped off.

Agyaat through its promos and Ramu's interviews appeared to be his ode to films like Predator, Blair Witch Project etc but in reality it appears an insult to them.

At the end by literally keeping the mysterious killer "Agyaat' (unknown) he seems to have already made a preparation for a sequel.

Telugu star Nitin Reddy making his Bollywood debut is earnest. Priyanka Kothari shows a bit of improvement in her acting. Gautam Rode fits the part. Amongst the rest cast, none really impress.

Agyaat is a disappointment. Enter this jungle at your own risk. Then don't complain we didn't warn you.
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RGV disappoints once again and it's doubtful he has directed this.
bobbysing15 August 2009
Ram Gopal Verma returns with a new spooky venture minus any publicity gimmick as used in his last movie "Phoonk". But the expectation level from an RGV film, still remains high as usual, with his fans waiting for something new, each time he returns to the screen. However, after his last few movies, RGV fans are now divided into two sections. One, who are the die-hard fans and would watch his movies irrespective of the content or subject. And second, who love RGV but still don't go for his new release at once and prefer waiting for the general response. "Agyaat" will be a disappointment to both these sections as the original Ram Gopal Verma is completely missing from the scene, this time.

The movie can be reviewed in just a few lines as it gives you nothing much to write about in details. First of all it is neither a scary horror movie nor a fast paced exciting thriller as shown in its publicity campaigns. It only revolves around an idea of merciless killings made by an unidentified power, roaming in the forests. The victims are the people of a film unit, shooting on location in the dense forest, led by a local villager, who knows the area in details. Now how they all meet with their deadly ends is the only theme for this new disappointing venture from Ram Gopal Verma.

"Agyaat" straight away starts off with a song, which was really surprising coming from the master film-maker. And then it tests your patience till the next 60 minutes since nothing happens on the screen as expected. It picks up in the second half but by then you already know what is going to happen till the end. Throughout the movie, you keep on feeling that there is something strange going on, not at par with the style and standards of the brand, Ram Gopal Verma. RGV only seems to be there in the experimental climax, where once again he surprises with a bizarre kind of ending, used so daringly. The climax makes you wonder, the level of confidence this man has, who doesn't even care about the success or failure of his projects.

The acting department has only one name you will remember after going through this so called horror thriller, and that is Priyanka Kothari. She shows great improvement with her controlled performance and sensual looks. But rest all, are just fine in their routine kind of roles having nothing great in store for any particular character.

The movie hugely depends upon the Sound Effects, Background score and Cinematography. But in my opinion it's high time we have to move ahead from only relying upon the Sound Design and Camera-work in a horror or thriller film. Along with these essential ingredients, the story and content also has to be looked upon as a major contributor in this genre. Sadly, the latest offering from "The Maestro" scores the minimum in this department and has only got the virgin locations showcasing the beautiful Sri Lankan forest as its best part.

In few words "Agyaat" is just another project from the RGV factory which even raises doubts on being directed by the Master himself. May be he looked after the project as the caretaker and only gave his inputs towards the climax. Anyway, Ram Gopal Verma once again disappoints in a big way and wastes our hard earned money and time. The low cost of the project may rope in some returns but RGV desperately needs to reinvent himself for the sake of all his fans.
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Very Bad movie
tanujroy28 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Can't believe why the producer would waste his money on such a movie doesn't he even ask what the script is about, First of all its a horror movie because you can't stand and watch as its so badly, directed and acted. RGV has made some excellent movies like company, bhoot, satya and sou have all the expectations. First all the actors in this movie can't act and even the songs are boring, the story is that a film crew goes into a jungle and one by one they all start dying, the director uses too much sound effects even when there is nothing going on in the scene, u don't even have to guess who is killing them its that lame. and they all start running in the jungle here and there and in the end suddenly u get the credits that there will be second part, i seriously doubt that because no producer will waste his money on Agyaat part 2.
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Obnoxious characters, slow-paced Bali jungle flick
dan-bgb11 October 2018
I can usually stomach anything, and like even so-bad-its-good movies, but this was actually painful to watch. There's so many things wrong about this movie that it's tough to know where to start. Nothing happens for the first half of the movie except for some obnoxious characters either trying to be funny, or trying to be obnoxious. Awful camera shots...and when something finally does happen, we have to endure 10 character reaction shots. The visual effects are awful and the auditory effects are insanely hilarious...kind of like Curly of the Three Stooges in the jungle...what were they thinking ? And what is it about Bali movies and the singing at the most inappropriate times ? I gave it two stars for the simple fact that I liked the interactions in the beginning between the main protagonist and his assistant who was in love with him, and I've seen worse. But, I have never used this word in reviewing movies before... AVOID.
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Scary Movie.
Herag28 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The actor fraternity are a daring lot (other than being paid and doing their part) since, a mere mortal, would not be in a jungle under any circumstances (Ghosts and lions are nothing compared to the slimy creatures like snakes!) Ram Gopal Varma, is one of the best Film Makers in India-Period. These lowlife Benchods who are making Katchada movies like "Delhi Belly" "Three Idiots" "Dabhaang" should wash Varma's feet and drink the water so they can get some sense of film-making. These scums are Anti-Indian maggots who should be put in the same cell as Kasab and fed ratdroppings twice daily. The movie is scary there is no doubt about it. The camera work and few of the scenes (like the serpintine zooming across the leaves) are commendable and only A RGV can do. The lead actress is cute and the reaction when seeing the mangled body is some good acting. Varma's cadre of stars who are in most of his Pics are mostly B movie actors-but few are good. This movie is not "Bees Saal Baad" but quite scary with the sound effects, photography and expressions on the faces of the actors-contributing much to the scariness. Yes-I will see it once.
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Brilliance in movie making..!!!
preetam-choudhury18 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My rating here reads 10/10... this is no way that great a movie, the only reason being an attempt to have the flick's overall rating up somewhat. Now com'n guys, this doesn't deserve 3 point something like numerous other RGV movies in the recent past. this is a sheer celebration of the whole process of outstanding movie making.. this is no way scary or for that matter anything entertaining, but phenomenal camera works coupled with good background score was enough to make me soak in the love of it.. people don't go for a movie to appreciate simply these very intricate aspects of movie making, agreed,.. and hence respect the usual ballyhoo surrounding Agyaat (N.B: no way here m i trying to allude to our highly film-educated CRITICS' reception, in fact they don't even deserve an allusion in movie discussions. God please make me understand this: "a one & half star out of 10 for a cult called No Smoking!) Nevertheless Agyaat is a very sincere effort on RGV's part with some renewal of sense yet still holding on to his 'i don't give a sh*t to what u say' infused cinematic attitude.. not sure, but maybe a better finish without really an urge for a sequel would 've been perfect..
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For unknown audience only
sandhirflora19 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Film-Agyaat (2009) is made not for normal audience but for some "Agyaat" (Unknown) audience i.e. known only to Director Ram Gopal Varma. For example, when I watched this film, the hall is practically empty, therefore it is confirmed that those agyaat audience were having gala time. The biggest horror that one experiences while watching the film in cinema houses is –"What the hell am I watching? If anybody discovers that I have watched this film, what would he think of me? " If Ramgopal Varma continues to make such films, then I must say one should be scared not from film but from Ram Gopal Varma. See ! there he comes with a sequel !
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Nice One
dearketan10 August 2009
Ram Gopal Verma is again with a horror flick.

Sorry I missed the earlier ones. But this one is really nice. For some obvious reasons I didn't like the movie. Which are the Item songs and much of a Sex...

Else the movie is really good. The way the camera zooms is fantastic. The sound is very realistic.

All the characters a have done a very good job.

The locations are really exotic. I really wish I was there.

Now wait for the AGYAAT 2

Don't Miss it.
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no one can actually tell you the complete story !
nishantjain188 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
how do you feel when you go to a doctor, he gives you the medicines and all necessary treatment and you get well, but even till the end, he denies to tell you what the disease was ! my friend, most of the viewers will end up with the same feeling after watching this movie.

out of some 1 hr and 40 min, i really enjoyed the movie for 1 hr 39 min. but last one min. spoiled it all when i found it ending in a style copied from evil dead-1. nothing else would add more to the disappointment of viewers than the message that appears saying - "Coming Soon - Agyaat 2".

anyways, if you could digest or forget that last minute, and are not curious of knowing about the culprit, you'll enjoy the movie.

the presentation was exactly what i expected, just a bit too noisy than scary at certain points of time, but probably that was necessary as per the location of movie.

two songs, digestibly placed, though i really don't understand the wording of any of them, but its all right.

at certain points it gives that sudden fear, which is an integral part of such movies.

the movie manages to make you stick to your seats and doesn't let you get bored.

overall, i enjoyed the show and free popcorn and pepsi that i got ! :)
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Hindi version of Predator
modistreet16 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts out with a promise even though there weren't any major stars. But once the similarity between this movie and the 80's classic "Predator" dawned on us, it lost most of it appeal. Even one of the lines "What the hell are you" said by Arnold Schwarznegger was also coined by one of the characters. In "Predator" the characters were battle hardened mercenaries while here you have a film unit. RGV has an eccentric sense of film-making but we went to see it nonetheless because at least it was his original idea. But "Agyaat" is just a poor man's "Predator". Whenever he's tried to copy movies he has failed miserably take "RGV ki Sholay" for instance. Either he is running out of ideas or the confidence to have any ideas. Either way its a sorry state of affair.
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