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Kathy Griffin Does Stand-Up?
gavin694211 March 2013
Another reviewer summed up this comedy special as Kathy Griffin standing on stage, dropping names, making gossip comments, and being generally boring. Her "jokes" are nothing but gossip, this reviewer says.

That is more or less accurate. I suppose everyone has to have their niche, and Griffin's niche is talking about other (better) celebrities. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it does not. Making cracks about famous people is usually good for a laugh, but sometimes the jokes here just are not really jokes at all, but observations.

The subject matter also makes the special dated. Already today (2013) the comments on Taylor Swift are dated and therefore not very funny. A large segment is concerning Cher, who I was not aware was still a big deal for anyone... but, who knows?
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She'll say it !!
cvjmcsvr3 January 2013
As she describes herself 'a gay man' she's in love with Cher, and who do you think she spent her birthday with??!! This is a key episode in her career, She has just won her second Emmy award and she just can't help herself from saying all the 'shit she's not supposed to'.

There are about 4 straight guys in the audience (who were dragged by their wives or girlfriends) So if you're a straight man you won't quite get most of the material, as she says sometimes, 'sorry straights, I got nothing for you' But if you're into Cher, O'Donnnel, wine in a box, and Hollywood crazy A-listers this read-headed un shuttable gal, will make you fall of your seat!
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complete waste of time
lyn_guy4 February 2010
I have seen many many many TV shows and this one would have to be one of the worst ones I've come across in a long time. Kathy was loud, boring and mostly not funny. The entire show was about her dropping big names from shows or movies, and then making gossip comments about them. I guess that's how her shows must be, and if you're into TV gossip, then you may enjoy this. However, to a normal stand up comedy viewer, this show would not hold much appeal. Entire show was "Oh and I saw ... and sitting next to her was ... and ...", and the crowd would start clapping, and Kathy would go " I know!, and blah blah". She must've said Cher at least 1500 times in the first 10 minutes of the show. All in all, a total time waster. I would probably never return for any of her shows. Avoid it!
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