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A Devil from Brooklyn with a Southern Accent
boblipton22 February 2014
Gus Van stars in this one as the Devil and sings a medley of "Old Rockin' Chair" and "All God's Children Got Rhythm". That at the end. Earlier, he and a panel of devils are entertained by some novelty acts and a good band, all performing to some fairly hot music. The best act is Toy & Wing, a pair of acrobatic Chinese dancers.

At averages good, although some of the parts are a bit bizarre, including Mr. Van, who had been one half of a Broadway comedy pair a decade earlier and who had not aged well. He was a Brooklyn boy who uses a Kentucky Colonel accent and demeanor here.

Although this film was distributed by RKO, it was independently produced. I believe that, given the non-white talent it was intended as a film for urban markets that managed to get some wider exposure. It is certainly competently shot and edited.
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