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MPAA rated R for war violence and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • Scene with husband asking his wife to have sex with him, although the act is not mentioned by name.
  • Various kissing scenes.
  • Sgt. Sam Diller wants to have sex with his wife before leaving for Afghanistan, making a crass suggestion about what he's got in mind.
  • His wife, though, refuses. "Holding out is the only way I can guarantee you'll come back to me," she tells him.
  • A member of Mitch's team views a Taliban video of a woman being executed for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Violence & Gore

  • Many scenes of violence depict characters who are shot in the head or chest, coupled with visible bloodletting. One man is shown with an open wound in his chest. Stronger depictions of violence include a scene where a woman is shot in the head at close range as children observe. There is also a terrorist who blows himself up with explosives.
  • When Mitch and Dostum meet, Dostum initially refuses to talk with Mitch because, he says, Mitch lacks "killer eyes." The warlord can see at a glance that Mitch hasn't killed anyone.
  • Mitch rectifies that many times before this movie is through.
  • We see plenty of violence and blood in this war movie.
  • Countless people fall down dead, most of them shot.
  • While many of the deaths are relatively bloodless, others come with an accompanying splash of blood.
  • Some combatants are blown up by grenades or rockets.
  • One suicide bomber kills himself and several others with a massive explosion
  • We see what appear to be bloody body parts scattered around the blast zone.
  • One man suffers a terrible injury, described as a "sucking chest wound."
  • We see other injuries, too; one man frantically tries to revive another, his mouth stained in blood.
  • We don't see much of the wound, but a soldier sticks his hand into the man's uniform and pulls it out, covered in blood.
  • Explosions send horses and men flying.
  • In the aftermath of a battle, we see bodies of both strewn everywhere
  • Explosions and gunfire riddle the film.
  • A woman is executed in a village square.
  • Before she's killed, a man pulls off the burqa covering she wore on her head, revealing that she'd been cruelly beaten already; her face is bloody and bruised.
  • Someone executes her with a bullet to the head-accompanied by a splash of blood-and her body lies lifeless in the square, her eyes staring at nothing, as her children wail in the background.
  • Mitch's team members tackle a pair of gun-toting men, being unsure of whether they are friends or foes
  • And indeed, it can be very difficult to tell in Afghanistan
  • Mitch and his team learn that each of them has a bounty on his head from the Taliban-$100,000 for one of their dead bodies, $50,000 for a bloodied uniform. ("That's it?" one exclaims.)
  • We see news footage from 9/11 as well as other terrorist attacks.


  • There are 26 utterances of the expletives "motherf**ker" and "f**k" and swear words "d**n", "sh**", "b***h" and "b*****d".
  • Nearly 45 f-words and about 25 s-words.
  • Other profanities include "a--," "d--n," "h---" and "p-ss."
  • God's name is misused more than 15 times, most with the word "d--n" connected.
  • Jesus' name is abused 10 times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mitch gives Dostum a bottle of vodka as a gift.
  • As mentioned in spiritual content, it's an iffy gift.
  • But Dostum accepts it gratefully and drinks straight from the bottle-having, it would seem, some experience in quaffing alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Filled with war violence. Main reason for R rating.
  • this movie is fine for 11+, it's not really that violent except for some blood. Everyone who isn't letting their pre teens watch it is overprotective

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