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  • In the wake of an unexpected betrayal, the Sanctuary must pull together to figure out the Cabal's master scheme in time to save those closest to them and the whole world.


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  • The desperate search for Ashley continues. Helen and John are working together to find out where she is and what does the Cabal want from her. Meanwhile, Ashley steals petabytes of data relating to a MI-6 classified experiment to transform orphans into perfect beings, with no problems in their DNA. Six of these orphans were transformed and they are now in their 30s. The Cabal manages to capture five of them, the sixth one is saved by John and brought to the Sanctuary. Helen and Nikola brainstorm and realise that the Cabal are going to use the five to make copies of something created using the Source blood. The orphans, as they don't have Abnormal DNA, are the only ones that can't be affected by the Source blood. Meanwhile, Ashley is being experimented upon and she is injected with the Source blood. Trying to save one of the five, Helen and Will capture Kate Freelander, a bounty hunter that works for the Cabal. At first, she doesn't want to help, but when the Cabal try to kill her, she leads Helen, Will, Nikola and John to a Cabal hideout. It turns out it was a set-up, because Ashley is waiting for her, and it seems she is not really willing to go home. She demonstrates that she now has two of the powers of the Five (she can teleport and she is a half-vampire, being able to regenerate). John teleports everybody before things get ugly. The Cabal plan is finally revealed: they created copies of Ashley using the five orphans, and they want to destroy Sanctuaries all around the world.

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