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Surprisingly awful
supermellowcali4 October 2022
There are enough reviews already, but I'm going to vent along with yall because the original was so well done and so smart, and it's completely ruined by this one-- so poorly done and so NOT smart.

I'm not going to bother checking, but it seemed obvious that this wasn't the original writer or director, and neither understood what made the first Jeepers movies great: namely, once you've accepted the premise and suspended your disbelief, the actions of the characters have to make sense and be believable. In Reborn they're WAY off, with too many mistakes to mention that make it more and more frustrating, as the whole time I'm thinking, "Why, why, WHY?"

Combined with terrible dialog, silly plot premises and sillier assumptions by the characters, this was a real disappointment and probably the end of this movie series' legacy. In fact, if you loved the first one, you might consider skipping this one because you WILL hate it.
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ejmc11120 September 2022
Oh MY GOD! Could they have put a bigger nail in the coffin of this story? This is the result of an idiot reimagining and ruining a good tale. There are so many directons that this story could have taken, but this movie is a direction that took this story to the dumpster. I waited for this to be released hoping against hope that it would at least be better than JC3, but somehow it was worse. I found myself nodding off during the movie, as it is so mudane and unlike anything that made me like the original series. The makeup, the story, the special effects, the overall look of the creeper is so far from the original that I would have thought it was someone immitating the creeper and its' story. Someone deserves a big slap in the mouth for putting this garbage on the screen. I got totally cheated by JC3 and Fathom Entertaiment "events", and I fell for it again. What a POS this movie is and it is so hard to believe that this story is so far off the mark. It's not reborn it's aborted... and there is not much chance that a true fan of the series will be duped into falling for a fifth installment after this garbage. What a damned shame this movie was made and released the way it was. I can't even begin to think of a spoiler besides saying that you will feel like you wasted your time and money even before leaving the theater. How anyone could possibly give this movie movie than 1 star is beyond me. The legal battle for the release of this film shoud have been about saying it was connected in any way to Jeepers Creepers, or having the nerve to put Jeepers Creepers in the title. If the people connected to the creation of this film don't become famous for producing the biggest piece of crap this century I will be surprised and disappointed. I will keep my peepers open for this director and crew so I can avoidwasting time and money on any other POS films they make.
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Jeepers creepers what a terrible movie.
smickerr24 September 2022
This was almost the worst horror movie I've ever seen.

People were actually walking out of the cinema half way through.

Don't waste your money on this, go to a stamp collection show instead.

I can't believe they made this movie at all and tried to reboot Jeepers creepers.

The acting wasn't very good, the story was just stupid, it was an absolute discrace to the other 3 movies and the guy who played the creeper needs to go get another career, because he was terrible.

The whole movie was a total let down from start to finish.

I really can't understand why they tried to reboot Jeepers creepers with this waste of time.

Any fan of the other 3 movies would be very disappointed I'm sure.
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What did I just watch..
haydenlynch-7619622 September 2022
Whatever you do, do not waste your money on this low budget, terrible acting, poor script movie. This film was a train wreck the minute it started. I couldn't even begin to list everything wrong with it or this review would turn into a novel. Multiple people walked out within the first 20 minutes. Than a few more followed. Why did I stay you ask?! Because I really wanted to give it a chance. It was so terrible I had to see if it could get any worse and it unfortunately did.

The acting was embarrassingly bad. The director has completely butchered the creeper we all know and love. I definitely do not recommend this movie at ALL. Stay as far away as you possibly can. Listen to the reviews people!!
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Jeepers Creepers: Stillborn
wickedhealthyshop22 September 2022
Jeepers Creepers 4 makes Jeepers Creepers 3 look like Jeepers Creepers. I would rather the Creeper eat my eyes and brain than watch this "sequel" again. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is easily the worst movie I have ever seen in the theater, as well as one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life... and I once saw a homeless man cough up blood and die while defecating on a sidewalk. And at least that was scary. The only horrific element of JC4 is the abundance of revolting CGI, which would take one out of the story assuming there was any semblance of plot to be found. Alas, the glaring lack of budget is still outshined by the embarrassing lack of imagination. Also, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone involved in the making of this horror hound, as in dog, has so much as seen the trailers for the other three installments, let alone the films themselves. Talk about DOA. They should have titled this one "Jeepers Creepers: Stillborn."

Grade: F.
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If I could give a 0 I would
everythinghorror20 September 2022
This is one of the worst film I've seen from a successful horror franchise ever. I was in shock with how atrocious the acting, directing, effects, and story was. The story goes in some baffling directions, it's like the writers had never seen a creeper film in their lives. I literally wanted the Creeper to reach through the screen and rip my eyes out to keep me from watching this eye sore. The green screen is so horribly distracting and just takes you out of it.

AND THE KILLS!!! The kills are even worse. How can you mess that up?! Since when does the Creeper use a bear trap? In a house?! Please just put this franchise out of its misery. No competent director will touch this project with a 100 ft pole.
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Just Terrible
skaterryan1221 September 2022
"How do you like those peepers b*tch?!"

Jeepers Creepers Reborn is the latest unheard of entry in the Jeepers Creepers series. Reborn plays more as a remake in a way rather than a sequel to the first three films. It's not necessarily a remake only because it mentions the existence of the films in this film so it basically treats itself as the real deal. Let's put it this way, it's the furthest thing from ever being the real deal. If you thought Jeepers Creepers 3 was bad and didn't think it could sink any lower, somehow this movie does that. This movie is pure trash on every single level imaginable. The cgi is so bad that you would think they just started post production one day before the films release. It's honestly astonishing how awful the cgi is. There's literally a scene the cgi doesn't render and you could literally see the green screen as the car door opens. If the creeper has ever frightened you in any of the first three films then unfortunately get ready to laugh at this one because he's a sniffing old weak b*tch in this outing. I'm seriously baffled at how awful this film was. The only reason it exists is because the writer/director of the first three films did some awful things we don't need to speak of and so they just flat out canceled that storyline and thought this would be an acceptable replacement. The acting is terrible, the plot is Hell Fest meets the Creeper, and somehow the cgi looked worse than it did in the 90s/early 2000s. Normally I'd say stay far away from this, but I also want you all to experience just how bad the Jeepers Creepers movies have gotten. I get movies like Jason X are laughably bad, but this one actually tries to be good which is sad. None of the kills were even good and I'm assuming that's because it was made $25.
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Let's all pretend this movie was never made and move on with our lives
aliciareneestanley20 September 2022
I'm still trying to fathom how someone made this movie, watched it, edited it and actually thought it was ok to release..... Just horrible. I dont understand what I just watched. It's like you get this huge feeling of - this cant be real -while your in the theater watching this absolutely horrible movie that should and could be amazing in the year we are living in. All the older movies are all way better, hands down, then this one. It's gotta be one of the worst movies ever made. People were getting up and walking out in the middle of it. I don't know why I stayed after the first 30 minutes because from that point on it was without a doubt going to be really really bad.

First thing that was a huge let down was the acting. It seemed like they just put a sign up on the side of the road that said "Actors Wanted" and took whoever said they wanted the job.
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Reborn don't exist
niunoniotro5 October 2022
As they say in my Spain "Let's draw a thick veil" or what is the same, let's eliminate this hour and 25 minutes from our mind. Let's look at the MIB flash and we will all be happier in ignorance.

This Reborn was born dead and buried, only no one has warned them.

Aside from copyright issues, a special effects budget found in some wallet found in a desert, or a script that smells worse than the dead people in the original film, actors of which I only save Sydney Craven (I want to see her in a real horror film) and Peter Brooke. The rest meh.

In short there are only two parts, the original and a decent sequel, part three and this Reborn don't exist!
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Worse than what the trailer wants to make you believe
juleru17 September 2022
The trailer looks a bit cheesy (which isn't always a bad thing) and made me kind of excited for this one, unfortunately the actual movie is a lot worse:

There are only 3 (4 if you count a grassy area) "proper" sets that still look fake (opaque windows with lights behind them), the rest is done through green screens. Usually I don't mind green screen work but in "Jeepers Creepers: Reborn" the fake environments look incredibly bad and it's easily noticable that the characters aren't actually walking on real grass or closing real doors.

The special effects also look terrible, almost worse than in "Jeepers Creepers 1", which was released in 2001.

The script and story are just as bad, cheesy (not in a good way) and don't make sense in places. I can't and don't want to (fully) blame the actors because at least the main couple looked like they did the best with the script and direction they were given.

The only positive thing would the decent make-up and prosthetics used for the creeper if there wasn't real, human skin showing through, like in the "reborn" scene.

And yet there's more to criticize: Apparently the creeper isn't able to count, which you'd think was required for an eternal demon that returns every 23 years. This movie just leaves me wondering why he was "reborn" two years early (2001+23=2024, not 2022). I would have really prefered for the creators to take the two additional years to look for proper locations to film at and practice a bit of CGI work to make the movie look less like a low budget student money-grab and more like the sequel/reboot it wants to be but in this state I'm not sure how it even managed to get into theaters.

I've never left a movie theater early but the only thing that kept me in my seat with "Jeepers Creepers: Reborn" was the fact that I paid almost $10 for the ticket and there's currently no refund policy at my local cinema.

Unless you're into cheesy, bad B-movies, do yourself a favor and rather rewatch the first one.
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Scariest part of this movie was the horrible cgi
kellynwright-2073919 September 2022
This is honestly the worst movie I've ever seen. Terrible cgi for things that don't even need cgi!!! Who approved this and watched it before it was released and thought it looked ok. Confusing plot, horrible acting and dialog. I don't know why they would ruin the jeepers creepers franchise by releasing this painful to watch movie..spent more time laughing at the movie then I was scared. I myself whose had no film experience or ever owned a camera could've written and filmed a better movie. I honestly have never wanted to leave a theater before and save myself from the pain of watching a movie. This movie should've never been never released. Whoever directed this movie should be handcuffed and locked up for life it should be illegal to make something this bad...shame on everyone involved in this film.
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Save Your Money And Wait Until It Streams
Shadxw20 September 2022
My best friend and I went to watch the movie and let me put it this way. If you are a big Jeepers Creepers fan like me unfortunately you will be disappointed once again. I had some what high hopes for this movie. This makes Jeepers Creepers 3 a good movie for how bad Reborn is. The producer for Reborn needs to stay away from any horror films and stick to comedy. This movie does not give any fear or chills like the first 2 films. There's maybe like 2 jump scares but that's about it. This is definitely the last Jeepers Creepers film that's going to be on the big screen and I'll put money on it. If you want to watch the movie for yourself I'd advise you to not waste your money especially if you like to buy food at the theaters and wait until it streams online. One more thing.. Nobody Can Replace Jonathan Breck as the Creeper and that's that. Thank you Jonathan for your hard work and excellent effort for the first 2 films.
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Why though??
Slimpaigeyy24 September 2022
Really, really terrible. I don't understand how you stuff up a movie so badly. The acting is bad but that's not even the worst part. The CGI is an absolute joke, the storyline is boring and the characters are just annoying. This movie did the Creeper dirty by making him a lame and laughable character. This is yet another movie relying on special effects, however, it takes away from the mystery of the original Creeper. It's like the writer never watched any of the others and just winged it. The storyline is just so poorly executed and the script will make you either laugh or cringe. Do not waste your time watching this movie. You will be disappointed. I am astounded it made it to the cinema and I genuinely hope there are no more if this is the standard. If you thought the 3rd one was bad, this is even worse. Injustice to the original. I am both mad and disappointed.
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If I do not write this, I will betray myself
gm2868920 September 2022
I will never not be fond of the first two Jeepers Creepers films. They are special, prized memories from my adolescence. They were both a really good time, they were some of the gateway films to my appreciation of horror as a millennial.

Watching Jeepers Creepers: Reborn felt like watching an old, burnt out husk of the former saga. Reborn is a blind, money-making project. This fourth film's director is well-meaning. However... he was given neither a budget nor a set.

In the old days, Jeepers Creepers used authentic locations and actors, as well as minimal green screen (Deep South Americana and/or Florida plus real American actors). The production of Jeepers Creepers: Reborn spits on this. It is an aberration of the basic film development approach of the originals.

Reborn is filmed in what seems like a pastoral English landscape. It employs a lot of European actors. Here we have squeaky clean topographies with aseptic, wannabe Hollywood actors. The grit and savage beauty of the Deep South have evaporated, an ever-diminishing point on the horizon. Welcome to the budget(not)friendly post-Covid reality in which Hollywood wants to make movies: three meagre days of principle photography in Louisiana followed by 97% of production filmed in the UK. As I said earlier: a *fully accomplished annihilation* of the essence of the first two films.

I could go on: a lesser incarnation of the Creeper, two leading roles that pale next to Justin Long and Gina Philips. Just plain sad.
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Cheapest Creeper
danielcereto4 October 2022
First, the movie itself is bad. Pretty bad. Cheap, horrendous acting, no script or storylines. Disrespectful to the original and amazing Jeepers Creepers.

Second, I'm a big fan of the original JC (2001). It's an horror masterpiece. It's creepy, includes solid acting , and a pretty decent story. To add, the original song is great and creepy. As the Creeper. But now in 2022, nothing makes sense in JCR. The song is not the original, the Creeper is a Carnival costume, and the CGI looks pretty cheap. Far worse than the original from 20 years ago. Why? It's an insult to intelligence.

Last, I don't understand how someone can create this trash and want to be paid for it. Hopefully it's the last one. I prefer to watch the original one 30 times. Even the second (fair decent) is pure art, compared to this one.

So, avoid this pile of garbage and watch the original one instead.
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I wish i could add 0/10
ahmedalattar-8810016 September 2022
I liked the first movie and the second.. Such a good movie.

But never did i expect this part to be so terribly bad.

Everything looks like shot in a studio. The creeper looks fake.

The lightning in the background is very strong and in what appears to be a forest. You can tell its artificial light. And its so blurry in the background you can tell its a studio.

I wanted to leave the theatre from the very beginning but i kept myself busy watching. People left.

Apart from that, the script, the characters dont sell the story.

If i could make it short for you: this movie is terrible and i could give it 0/10 i would.
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The first two were worth watching again. The third one tried to add something new. The fourth destroyed the franchise.
Vivekmaru455 October 2022
It isn't Jeepers Creepers without Victor Salva at the helm, directing it. Jeepers Creepers is Salva's baby, why someone else is given the director's seat is a mystery. Salva's The Nature Of The Beast 1995 remains his best contribution along with Rites Of Passage 1995 and the cult horror film Clownhouse starring my favorite actor Sam Rockwell(The Green Mile 1999, Moon 2009). He is an accomplished director that can weave wonders onto the screen. He is an A-grade Hollywood director.

But a sex scandal and conviction and imprisonment cut short his career for a while. Afterwards he was never the same. He fell out of grace when he was at his best. We cannot judge him. We can only appreciate what he gave to the film industry as a whole: some terrific movies.

Back to his film. It is about a creature(or demon or a fallen angel) that reappears during a fixed cycle to feed itself from parts chosen from a select and particular group of people it senses fear from. The first two movies reinforce this idea. The third film tried to get into its origins but failed in my belief. Nothing was explained into the origins of the creeper. We are still shrouded in mystery. The fourth installment goes "nowhere".

An interracial couple Chase(Imran Adams) and Laine(Sydney Craven) are heading to the Horror Hound Festival, when Laine begins to experience unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town's past, and in particular, local legend the Creeper. Soon they are joined by the Creeper himself, hell-bent on getting his quota of victims. This then is the premise of Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, a feeble attempt at rebooting a franchise that has a cult following.

Verdict: atrocious acting, direction and bad C. G. I. Will make you want to leave the theater altogether. If Salva saw this mess and I bet he did, he'd want to distance himself as far as possible from this. He is too great a director to associate himself with laughable projects like these.

You may also like Pumpkinhead 1988 and The Unnamable 1988 if you haven't seen these already.
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Shame on you
omarapple-2965316 September 2022
This movie single handley killed the creeper forever and im not overreacting. If we go back to what was the problem with JC3 we will find that the low budget was the only problem and factor that ruined it. JC3 was bad not because the story only (yeah it was bad) but the CGI was so cheap and that killed the movie also JC3 had another story that was scrapped due to budget problems so everything that ruined that movie was due to bad funding thats not the case here in JC:reborn.

This movie JC:reborn is bad in every aspect possible . The acting, the directing, the story , the creeper's makeup and the creeper himself. The problem with this movie is that everyone who worked on it seem to have no clue about the franchise . The general vibe and set of the movie is not related to the franchise by any means this is mixed with how bad the acting was. I dont know are these people even know what acting is . These actors and actresses convinced me that this was a bad youtube parody its not even close to a good youtube parody .

The creeper: what is that? Really what are you doing ? The guy who played the creeper in that movie deserves the worst actor award and he wont win it because he is so bad that they will exclude him and give it to someone else . The creeper was so goofy and funny . The guy who played the creeper apparently didnt read or watch anything about the creeper to know how to act properly . The make up also is sooooo bad the creeper looks dump at best and the people who were in the cinema with me laughed at how bad his face looked.

There's alot to say about this movie but im lazy and i wrote enough but the thing is as a true fan of this franchise and as a man who grow up watching the first 2 jeepers creepers and how the 2 movies remind me of parts of my childhood. This movie is a slap to my face and i hope i really hope the franchise can be managed and worked on by better people. No hate but all who worked on this movie need to be removed including the director if they plan to do a future sequels and i hope they let the franchise rest for awhile to get the proper team to make a proper JC . Respect the fans and the creeper because you done both dirty with this one .
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Legit the worst movie I ever had to watch
martin-mac17 September 2022
Acting, Camera, Story and CGI were all the worst that I've ever seen in my entire life. It looks like they paid extra to make it as bad as somehow physically possible. They 3D-Animated most of their settings in such a bad way, it looks like students did it. Acting was so bad I had to laugh loudly in the cinema several times. The story doesn't make sense at all, like nothing of it. The director tried to make connections from one scene to the other that were so bad, I don't know how one is able to come up with ideas like that.

It hurt to watch. This movie is literally horror. I'll have nightmares of how bad it was.
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A Watered Down Flop.
fatfil-414-45179721 September 2022
I loved the first two Jeepers Creepers Movies (Third one was, meh.) But this instalment just didn't cut it. It had the feeling of having had the crap edited out of it, and at just over 80 minutes long, it probably did. The opening sequence was not explained well, and seemed disjointed from the movie. In fact the whole movie felt disjointed, with half baked ideas not fully realised. Nothing really happens for the first half of the movie, it almost had a made for TV feeling about it. One person disappears just about at the beginning of the film, and apart from a "Where are you?" comment, seems to get forgotten for the rest of the film. There are a few deaths early on, but none are shown on camera, just hands grabbing someone then a puddle of blood. I'm not a big gore lover, but in a movie like this it's part of the fun. The ending is predictable, all in all one to avoid.
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Worst movie I've ever seen
jacobhartley24 September 2022
This was worse than Texas chainsaw massacre (2022).. and that stunk more than anything I've ever seen.. this blew that out of the water. It's like it was directed by helicopter parents that told their kids they had a cool idea for them to act out for them to film. It's wild someone told them this was good enough to show the world. I honestly can't name anything good about this. There was an outfit montage scene with weird numetal blasting.. the entire cinema just laughed. It's truly unfortunate jeepers creepers became this.. I can't recommend skipping this enough. Literally watch anything else.
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Jeepers creepers, please gouge out my peepers!
thebrothersbev24 September 2022
This is less a review than a warning. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is the worst movie, horror or otherwise, that I have ever seen, and I have seen Jeepers Creepers 3. This sorry excuse for celluloid is cruel and unusual torture. I have been to CGI Hell and back and consider it my responsibility to tell of the agony that awaits anyone naïve enough to give up their hard earned money to these thieving sadists masquerading as filmmakers. How dare they give the loyal fans of this once mighty franchise hope only to hurt us again, and the hurt is inexplicably worse. Yes, somehow JC4 manages to outdo the unbearable suckfest that is JC3. And speaking of JC, the SOBs responsible for this disgrace had better get right with Jesus because if there is any justice in this world, the Creeper is real and he's hungry for talentless hacks.
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Literally the worst movie I've ever seen.
rammagemichael20 September 2022
As a major creeper fan, I'm upset. Everyone who made this obviously knew nothing about the character. The acting, directing, story . All of it is trash . I barely could finish the movie . This movie killed the creeper off literally. Makes JC3 an Oscar worthy movie, at least part 3 felt like a creeper movie. This film (if you can call it that) is a big slap in the face to any fan and just disrespectful to the character. So if any of the crew is reading this. Pat yourself on the back, job well done on setting the new standard of how bad a movie can be! Sorry not sorry. Just don't bother watching this at all.
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Utter garbage riding on the Jeeper Creeper lore.
derekrsim8 October 2022
Reading the bad reviews here was much more enjoyable that sitting through that utter POS disguised as a movie.

Should have known from the start that the lead couple would be annoying. If that was the plan by the director to make us cheer for the Creeper, that worked. Overall acting level is what you'd normally expect from a B-grade. May all these forgettable actors never get another job acting again. For humanity's sake.

Is there anything more un-original than a Halloween-themed event so they can cram the stereotypical college beer drinking dumb kids acting wild in costumes to try and up the scare factor for a bland movie? Red flag that's a cheap movie that has nothing new to offer.

And the Creeper wears riding boots. And that hat. The costume looked so cheap and amateurish it's a disgrace.

This one killed Jeepers Creepers possibly forever. Good luck with the next one. Disgraceful.
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Horrific mess.
iamtherobotman8 October 2022
The first film in the series was decent. The second film was ok. The third was lazy. This one is insufferable.

It very quickly descends into a run of the mill 'teen' horror you've seen a thousand times before. The setting of the horror festival added nothing to it, and felt like a deleted scene from 'Final Destination'.

There's nothing here which would make you feel like you're watching 'Jeepers Creepers'. If ever there was a franchise killer, this is it.

Just an awful film. That's all i can say, but i still have characters to use before i can publish this.

If you haven't seen this yet. Don't.
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