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How did this piece of mammoth excrement ever get made?
stratusk125 September 2011
See that $20 bill in your wallet? Wipe your ass with it instead of paying to see this movie. You will receive more amusement watching a feces-stained Jackson swirl around the bowl than watching this gross-out piece of water buffalo diarrhea.

Not even an immature 13 year old will find this film amusing. It uses the same three jokes the entire movie: Bucky has buck teeth, he shoots semen at the mere sight of a naked girl, and he has a tiny penis covered with a bush of hair. Boom, that's it. That's the movie.

Game over man, game over.

If I could give this film zero stars, I would. Not even Stephen Dorff can save this penguin excrement.
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A movie with absolutely no life whatsoever
keiichi7311 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
How does a movie like Bucky Larson get made? Here is a movie that appeals to no audience I can think of, and yet it is playing on thousands of screens. The only logical explanation I can come to for this movie's existence is that Mr. Sandler has some very incriminating photos of someone at Columbia Pictures.

Our title hero, Bucky (played by comedian Nick Swardson), is a dweeb. Not a funny one, or a likable one, but a pathetic dweeb who seems to live in his own world. Bucky hails from a small Midwest farm town, where he works as a bag boy at a grocery store, until he's fired about two minutes after the opening movie credits. He goes to a friend's house, where they decide to cheer him up by showing him a classic porno film starring a pair of legendary porn stars named Rosie Bush and Jim Spraysium. Seconds into watching the film, Bucky recognizes the stars as being his parents. Rather than be horrified, he is entranced by the idea that his parents were once in movies. It's at that moment he decides that it's his destiny to be a star as well, and decides to head to California and make it in "nude movies".

Bucky arrives in Hollywood with big dreams, but seemingly little common sense, as when he auditions for a mac and cheese commercial, and immediately drops his pants and starts jerking off in front of the horrified director and casting crew. Fortunately, the director on the commercial shoot used to work in the porn business, and directs Bucky to someone who can help him. The first person Bucky meets is the porn star Dick Shadow (Stephen Dorff), who is currently the biggest thing in the movies (in more ways than one), and immediately shuns him. He's later introduced to Miles Deep (Don Johnson, looking particularly embarrassed here), a down on his luck porn director who is so desperate to make a movie, he's even willing to give Bucky a shot. The audition does not go well, as when Bucky drops his pants, his "manhood" is revealed to be literally microscopic. He also has a tendency to start screeching like a monkey whenever he sees a woman take her shirt off, and starts shooting off blasts of his "man juice" like a shotgun all over the room and ceiling.

Let me stop this plot synopsis, and ask a simple question - Does this sound like a movie you would want to see? Does it even sound like a movie to begin with? I find myself returning to my original question, how does a movie like Bucky Larson get made? It holds absolutely no laughs, its lead character is an unlikable schmuck with an overbite and not a shred of knowledge of how to behave in social situations, and there's literally no plot to speak of. Just one situation after another for Bucky to humiliate himself. As the movie dragged on for nearly 100 interminable minutes, I came to realize that the entire screenplay revolves around three basic jokes. 1:) Bucky has buck teeth and talks funny. 2:) Bucky has a small dick. 3:) Bucky orgasms instantly every time he sees a woman take her shirt off. The movie repeats these same jokes many times, as if it thinks if it repeats them enough, it will wear down our defenses, and we'll eventually start laughing.

Back to the plot - Bucky's disastrous audition winds up on the Internet, and becomes a sensation. This inspires Miles Deep to give the guy another chance, and come up with a new form of porn that is non-threatening to guys (because they know they're better than Bucky), and is reassuring to women, since they know they are sleeping with a better guy than Bucky. Somehow, this idea takes off, and Bucky becomes a major star in the porn industry. He even sweeps the porn film awards, which is hosted by Pauly Shore, who plays himself in a cameo. It also means that this is probably the worst movie Pauly Shore has ever appeared in. (And no, I'm not forgetting BioDome.) While all this is happening, Bucky also strikes up a relationship with a sweet young waitress named Kathy (Christina Ricci). Kathy seems like a bright young woman, and Ricci plays her with charm. So, why is she hanging around Bucky to begin with?

Looking back over my review, I see that I have left very little out. This literally is all there is to the movie. There's no real conflict, other than a very halfhearted falling out between Bucky and Kathy that exists solely because the movie was nearly 90 minutes old, and nothing had really happened so far. This is nothing more than a story of an insufferable schmuck who goes to Hollywood, gets a job in porn, and falls in love with a nice girl. That's all. There's a hint of a subplot concerning the jealous porn star, Dick Shadow, trying to ruin Bucky's career. But this is so unmemorable, it could be cut from the film without anyone noticing. Why did it take three people to write a movie where virtually nothing happens? A movie that's quite clearly dead.

Yes, Bucky Larson is a dead movie. It shows no signs of life or inspiration. It doesn't even have the decency to be a lively or memorable bad movie. It just sort of lies there, not doing anything, and then asks us to leave 100 minutes later. Those who know me know that I never wish ill will upon anyone, but I seriously think that a movie like this could end careers. I hope that doesn't happen. I'm sure Nick Swardson is a nice and funny guy in real life. I'm also sure he'll be apologizing for this one for a long time to come.
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This should have NEVER been born.
twilliams7619 January 2012
There is very little to say about Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star other than "I hated it ... I hated ALL of it!" The film is not funny and it is repellent.

I cannot criticize it for being about porn because Boogie Nights was exclusively about the world of porn and I think it was one of the BEST film of the 1990's. Boogie Nights treated its characters as flawed human beings searching for acceptance and a feeling of belonging -- Bucky Larson's characters are all supposed to be laughed at and there are just too many times throughout the movie which had me wanting to rush to the bathroom to vomit as 89% of the film is stomach-churning.

This should pretty-much END the career of anybody involved and I am actually surprised that Adam Sandler's name is attached as both a writer and a producer of this trash (Sandler also gave us Jack and Jill and Just Go With It this year -- the latter film is only saved b/c of the over-the-top performance of the unlikely physical comedienne Nicole Kidman -- so I question whether or not his days are numbered?).

An unfunny-to-me Nick Swardson (Just Go With It, 30 Minutes or Less, Blades of Glory) -- who's career is mostly stand-up comedy -- stars as the grotesquely buck-toothed Bucky Larson (who must've been born with buck-teeth?) who believes he is destined for a glorious career in porn after discovering his parents were au natural (meaning: unshaven, un-waxed, un-spray-tanned, un-fit etc) porn stars of the 1970's. Bucky leaves behind an insulting-to-mid-westerners existence in Iowa (only found in the movies -- he didn't attend high school because his town didn't have one ... whatever), the RIDICULOUSLY-accented Bucky (that is NOT an Iowa accent ... but let's throw-out another stupid laugh at the expense of the heartland) heads to LA where his dreams can come true.

Bucky luckily meets a nice, big-hearted waitress (Christina Ricci - Sleepy Hollow, Penelope, Monster ... and after this is it any wonder she seeked out employment on television as Pan-Am is Oscar-caliber compared to this!) at a random diner who befriends him, finds him a place to live (with crazy-jerk roommate Kevin Nealon - "SNL", "Weeds", Just Go With It) and sets him in the right direction of finding work. Don Johnson (Tin Cup, Machete ... who's short-lived career rebirth must be over) is porn director Miles Deep who sees something "special" in Bucky and decides to exploit the freak (it's explained in the film ... but I don't recommend watching this to figure out the "freak-tag" that has NOTHING to do with his teeth!) and Stephen Dorff (who's stellar "comeback" with the excellent film Somewhere must have been a fluke!!) plays a jealous porn-star rival.

As vulgar and repulsive as this film is, there is surprisingly little flesh on display. It would be difficult to pick-out the worst part of this film as that would pretty-much be the whole thing. Just as impossible would be finding "the best" part. This film isn't bad because it is offensive -- we've had Bridesmaids and two Hangover films -- it is just terrible bad. What works with those 3 films is that they are "equal-opportunity offenders" ... this one -- NOT so much. It is rank and rancid and beyond mere words for criticism. I NEVER want to see something like this again.
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One of the worst comedies ever released!!!
ManBehindTheMask6318 January 2012
I like Nick Swardson. His show "Pretend time" on Comedy Central is hilarious and he's usually good in supporting roles ("Grandma's boy" & "Just go with it"). But wow, did this movie suck. "Bucky Larson" is flat. The jokes aren't funny and the acting for the most part is uninspired. Don Johnson was the highlight of the film and Christina Ricci did what she could but there are no redeeming qualities in this film.

I went in with low expectations because of the bad reviews and word of mouth, and yet I was still disappointed. This film deserves to be in the bottom 250 on IMDb. With the talent that was involved in the project and the premise of a porn comedy, "Bucky Larson" should have been funny. But instead I found myself wishing it was never made. I feel sorry for the chumps who paid $10 to see this garbage in theaters.
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Watching this movie literally made my jaw drop to the floor....
TheLittleSongbird16 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
...And not in a good way! I love movies, regardless of its age or genre. I love comedies and admire those with inspiration. When I saw Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star out of curiosity- though I did have reservations about seeing it starting with the trailer and Adam Sandler co-penning the script- online, I found next to nothing to love or admire about it.

The film looks cheap for starters, more in the slapdash editing and cinematography and dull lighting than the scenery. The soundtrack didn't have anything I'd deem memorable. Then there is the direction. Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star has some of the worst direction I have seen in a movie in quite a while, as all the basic tools of direction like camera placement and continuity Brady seems to be ignoring here.

Story-wise this just didn't engage. Some might say it is a predictable movie, in many ways yes it is. A movie that is predictable isn't bad as such, but for me it is when the film in question is not at all inspiring and just doesn't have any point to it. That for me is the case with Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star. Even worse is the writing, which is horrendous. It is not funny at all, just dumb, puerile and irritating, with no heart whatsoever.

When it comes to the pace, the film has no life to it, because the dialogue and jokes are so bad(seriously the penis that was so small you could use a straw for a condom idea was incredibly stupid) and no effort is made in regards to the characters, who are little more than stiff caricatures at best. The acting is really poor, Nicky Swardson is just annoying and abrasive while Christina Ricci who I like actually is cute but bland. In fact only Don Johnson actually tries to do anything fresh with his character. As for comic timing, in regard to this film, why bother really, most of it is basically saying a line and standing around aimlessly waiting for someone to say their bit.

Overall, irritating, woefully directed and pointless. Of a very hit-and-miss year so far, I think I now have my new contender for the worst of the bunch. 0/10 Bethany Cox
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One of the worst films I've ever seen.
Yarden Levy1 October 2012
When I first went to see this movie I had rather low expectations, I thought this would be something fun to pass the time with, nothing fancy.

I have seen some bad movies in my life but I can safely say that this is one of the worst movies (if not the single worst one) I've ever seen. The jokes were really stale, and they somehow managed to move things really fast but in a long and boring way.

This was one and a half hour of pure torture and I do not recommend it, not one bit. I rarely make a review for a movie and even more rarely do I give only one star, but this film deserved it. Just don't waste your time on it.
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Yeah, it's pretty bad
Wizard-819 January 2012
"Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star" bombed big time when it was released to theaters. It may have been because it was released in the beginning of September, when there are few people going to movie theaters. It may have been because the movie is about the porn industry, which has never been a popular movie topic for mainstream moviegoers. It may have also been because the relentless television commercials for the movie were very annoying. But I think the main reason why it bombed was that the audience smelled it for the stinker that it was. There are no laughs anywhere to be found in the movie, for one thing. But it also has a weird tone, like it was written by a dirty-minded and mean-spirited eight year old. It's not very audience-friendly, to put it mildly. The cast is spirited, but they can do absolutely nothing with the terrible script.

Oh, one more piece of evidence for its badness: The end credits for this 2011 release list a 2010 copyright, suggesting that Columbia Pictures didn't know what to do with the movie for quite some time.
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Not As Bad As People Are Saying
Stu10275 January 2012
I really can't understand why there is so much animosity towards this movie and in particular, towards Adam Sandler. This film isn't art. It isn't subtle. It wraps it's humour around a brick and smashes you in the head with it repeatedly. But that's what I expected. I watched this film because I wanted a laugh. And I got that. There are some genuine laugh out loud moments in this movie IF it's your sense of humour. If it isn't, then why are you watching it? Sandler isn't exactly world renowned for his subtlety or his sensitive handling of subject matter. He has a team of friends around him who obviously get together over a few drinks and spin out some ideas that make them laugh. I like that about him. And I always get the impression that everybody making one of his movies has a real laugh doing it. And that's what I'm after when I'm watching one. Honestly, some people on here need to have a good look at themselves and wonder exactly why it is they are watching movies they know they aren't going to like. I for one hope he keeps churning them out because when I have a bit of time to kill, I can think of worse ways to do that than watching one of Adam Sandler's movies.
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Worst Movie Ever
Jason Kiff14 September 2011
Awful. Dreadful. Total waste of time and film. Do not see this movie. I work in a movie theater so I get to (have to) watch EVERY movie that comes out, and this is without a doubt the absolute worst movie I have seen in a long long long time. I could not find even one redeeming quality in this movie. This film should be the death-knell of not only Nick Swardson's entire career, but Adam Sandler's "Happy Madison" production company should be banned from making any more movies until Sandler publicly apologizes for this horrible horrible waste of film. The dialogue sounds like it was written by three horny middle-school boys, the acting was strained and half-hearted, the plot was spoon-fed predictable. Some movies are "so bad they're good." This isn't one of those movies. This movie is just bad. Worse. Worst.
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THIS Movie made me cry
Emmanuel Ortega8 January 2012
This movie was digusting and unfunny for most of the part. This movie is about a red neck,bucked tooth,goofy kid name Bucky who dreamed of being a pornstar in California after realizing his parents were famous pornstar during the 1970's.He soon became famous for his really small microscopic penis.

The worst part was that this movie had a lack of storyline.It had no climax.It wasn't exciting. It was goofy and it made my grandma cry also.She had only 2 hours left to live and she watch this movie leaving her only 25 minutes left of enjoying her life.

lease save your money for a better movie than this.
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A Stunning Cinematic Achievement
Pycs12 September 2011
Based on the edge-of-your-seat trailer and the early Oscar buzz, I had extremely high hopes for this film. Easy to say, I was not let down.

From the awe-inspiring cinematography to the tour-de-force performances from the A-list cast, it's nearly impossible to classify this movie as anything less than a masterpiece.

The emotional climatic twist left the entire nearly everyone in the theater in tears, myself included. Never before had a film had such a powerful impact on me. It truly has changed the way I look at the world.

Mark my words, this will soon become a timeless classic required by film schools across the country. This is not one to miss.
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This was not as bad as everyone is saying it is
miketaylor20071 January 2012
I understand the movie is ridiculously stupid, but Nick Swardson is hilarious in this. I think it has to be his funniest performance hands down. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw his face and the bucked teeth with bowl cut. Coming in to this movie you knew it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. If you can't handle comedies that are stupid and funny you should avoid them. I think the people giving Buck Larson a 1/10 were the same ones giving Warrior 10 and comparing it to Rocky, but let's stick to the review anyways. With Happy Madison movies it's either always a hit or miss. I think Sandler gave us another great dark comedy that will be loved by a small group of people, and hated by most. The dark humour in Bucky Larson is very dirty, so be prepared for that. I think it appeals to mostly men who are 18-35. If you saw Grandmas Boy that would be the best way I could describe the very dark humour of this movie. I was disappointed Allen Covert didn't have a bigger role in Bucky Larson but im sure Sandler has other plans for him. At the end of the day this was Swardson at his absolute best. Christina Ricci also did a great job with the role she was given. Stephen Dorff was good as always, but Kevin Nealon (bull dance guy from Happy Gilmore) had me in tears. I have never heard him swear before so when he goes off it's priceless and unexpected. I think Bucky Larson Born To Be A Star deserves an 8/10 and it's unfortunate that people these days can't handle a great comedy just because it's dirty. No dirty isn't the word for it, this movie is filthy. I am laughing again just thinking about the concept. At least Sandler gave us something really filthy for a change, finally back to his roots.
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They don't get it, recommended only for specialists
Jose Cruz11 March 2013
This is extremely heavy stuff, made for specialists in comedy. Most people will not get Tarkovsky's The Mirror and in the same way most people will not get Bucky Larson. There are few that get The Mirror and a few that get Bucky Larson and these two groups of people do not intersect easily. I rated The Mirror, 10/10, and Bucky Larson, I rate it 9/10, the same ratings I gave for Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Rear Window, Fanny and Alexander and Vertigo.

I personally think that Bucky Larson is vastly superior to most comedies. Take another random comedy, House Bunny, that was a plain bad movie but this is much more than that, if you are able to get it, of course. One needs to be able to fully master the art of watching crappy comedies before trying this kind of stuff which was made for the specialists. I have already watched hundreds of bad comedies and about 20 Adam Sandler movies and this operates on another league of greatness.

I would say that I got a lot of fun from watching this impressive work of art that defies convention and goes where no other movie has gone before. It was a "bad movie" done entirely on purpose by the director and writers. Just like the porn movies Bucky made in the movie, this is innovation and film critics, people who were brainwashed in film school to like 1940's stuff, cannot simply understand the genius of this film, as did the people on the porn business which were shown Bucky film's.

My ratings would be:

9/10 - Specialists 0/10 - Most people

I wouldn't recommend this movie for regular people. They will not understand it.
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Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star was funny and stupid all in one.
My_Opinion-245-9208015 January 2012
I thought Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star was funny and stupid all in one. To clarify when I say stupid, I mean stupid funny. It is a rare feat when this combination in a comedy is pulled of but it worked well here. Yes, some of the humor was off or one could even say stupid without the funny, however for the most part this was a better then average comedy.This movie made you laugh because of the above mentioned absurdity of the subject matter. The acting was solid for a comedy and I really thought the jokes the writers inserted were spot on. Kudos to the director for keeping this a light subject it worked well in my opinion.
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tisk tisk Mr. Sandler
Ynotmod13 September 2011
Simply put not a good movie. Nick really put me back on this film, with bad writing and really bad acting this flick could not hold my attention. I believe this was a twenty minute short film that was drawn out. In some scenes it seemed as if they added pointless situations to pass time. Bucky's roommate wasn't funny and was a huge buzzkill. This movie had a lot of promotion which put my hopes higher than the result, a lot higher. If you cant tell already i didn't enjoy myself. Adam Sandler has made an excellent array of comedies in his career but lately it appears he has lost his touch. Maybe we'll truly know when his new film Jack & Jill premiers. Till then.
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Best Worst Movie Ever
MrRed876 March 2012
I just watched Bucky Larson: Born To Be a Star primarily because I've heard that it is one of the worst movies ever made. This is a rarity for me as when I hear that a movie is bad by several people, I avoid it like the plague. However, I was curious as to how bad it would be, so I gave it a try.

The movie is pretty terrible, but it's definitely an exercise in the "so bad, it's good" category. The movie concerns the titular character (Nick Swardson) and his "destiny" to enter the porn industry after discovering that his parents were porn stars in the 1970's. He moves to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Along the way, he meets Kathy, a kind waitress (Christina Ricci), Miles Deep, a washed-up porn producer (Don Johnson), Dick Shadow, a porn star that lives up to his name (Stephen Dorff), as well as various other characters. Bucky wants to be "a star" in "nude movies" but he has trouble breaking into it because of his small penis.

The humor is childish, at best,(there is an endless amount of tiny penis and big teeth jokes)It qualifies as "stupid funny". Personally, the only times I laughed were during the scenes with Kevin Nealon's "roommate from hell" character, and the facial expressions of Nick Swardson. Acting wise, nothing to write home about. Nick Swardson's role is at times annoying and over the top, but the fact that he put so much dedication into it is worth applauding.

Overall, compared to other movies that I've given the dreaded 1 star to, Bucky Larson has to be the best. If you're looking for a stupid movie to watch and not think too much about, this is for you. But if you want a more high-brow comedy, I advise you to stay far, far, away from this movie.
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The Wayward Fart.
Crazy_Gibberish10 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There's a scene in Bucky Larson that kind of sums the whole thing up. In the trailer, there's a scene where Bucky catches bugs in his teeth while riding in a convertible. When that scene appears in the film, someone involved in the production said "hmm, that looks like a good place for a fart. Stick one in there if you can." So while the driver is smiling at Bucky's amazement over being able to stand in a car, there's an arbitrary "FLERNT!". You can't tell who farted or even where the fart came from. It sounds like it came from in between them in the back seat. Like Sandler was lying on the floor of the car with a whoopee cushion.

That's pretty much all there is to say about Bucky Larson. It's just painfully, tragically lazy. There aren't any real "jokes". Jokes have a setup and a payoff. They have to conform to even the loosest of rhythms or structure. Presenting Bucky's hick appearance, Fargo accent and tiny penis as "jokes" doesn't qualify. There just kind of there, pointed out endlessly to no real comic effect. His prosthetic teeth also look so cheap and fake you want to rip them out of his mouth, smack him on the back of the head and bellow "Swardson! Go to your room!"

That's really it. Don't bother picking this up even for Bad Movie Night. It's insufferably childish, lazy and boring. It marks a new low for Happy Madison, which I didn't think could be achieved. It was so depressing, I had to turn away after Bucky bursts in on Kevin Nealon when he's on the can. I had to try and find funny in the world again.
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Buck This Porn Star
thesar-226 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm totally confused. I'm completely lost. Did the world famous "Jack and Jill" (co-writer) Adam Sandler and Going-Nowhere-Fast Nick Swardson INTENTIONALLY set out to make the world's worst comedy?

Seriously. Think about it. The horribly clichéd and unoriginal Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star was so god-awful and incredibly offensive with its decades-old bad stereotypes it was flat-out unfunny. In fact, if you dare, watch it with the sound off and turn on the 24/7 Comedy IHEARTRADIO Station. At least you'll laugh for 90 minutes. It may even coincide with the scenes on the screen.

I used to like Swardson, especially as Terry on Reno 911! But, damn, ever since then – Just Go With It, 30: Minutes or Less, Jack and Jill – c'mon now. Enough is enough. I understand most of his "appearances" take place because he's in bed with Adam Sandler and it's no secret I loathe that whiney little man, but this feature length, his first, I believe, is just a tragedy. That all said, the worst offender was Christina Ricci. YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

Ah-hem, I'm calm now. Where was I? Bucky is a buck-toothed (ha, get it? Really?) son of two 70s porn stars and heads to Hollywood to become one himself. His only gift is that he makes other small-penis guys feel better about themselves. Oh, and an outrageously blind girl (Ricci) falls for him.

The movie, which in reverse, wouldn't even work as a 5-minute SNL sketch. Hell, it doesn't work as a comedy, spoof, drama or a relevant piece of farce in 2011. I'm seriously considering adding a "½ Star to 0 Stars" to my rating board, if it weren't actually professionally shot. Sure, it wasn't amateurishly made, but that's like buying an old Ford Pinto and when people's eyes turn away, you say: "Hey, it runs!"

I don't normally focus on Box Office Receipts for movies, because they can go either way in regards to quality and money made – note: the Twilight series, but just for shits and giggles, I looked it up: $1.4 million opening weekend and $2.5 overall. That's a lot more than I imagined. And more than this is worthy of. (It did, however, open at #15 behind The Smurfs. Please, PLEASE, Adam & Nick, see this as a sign not everything you touch turns to gold.)

One final note to end these rants: My prayer is that Adam Sandler is done soon. I know he'll dish 'em out as long as he has an audience dumb enough to pay his salary, but I do pray he has a Mel Gibson rant and disappears. He'll still have all the money he didn't deserve, but at least he'll go away. Nick, on the other hand, his days HAVE to be numbered. Even Adam isn't as stupid as to keep him under his wing. Or is he?
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Worst Movie Ever Created
cconnors1925 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I guess I should begin by letting you know that I created an IMDb account just so I could warn people against watching this "movie". This is honestly the worst movie I have ever seen. It is one of those movies that you are embarrassed to watch even if you are alone as though it is partially your fault that it sucks so bad. I have tried to think of a movie that is equally awful to compare it to, but I honestly cannot think of one. Imagine waking up late for work, running out of gas on the side of the highway on your way to work, getting hit by a car on the highway as you wait for a tow, and then getting fired for not showing up to work because you were in the hospital. That would still be a better day than the day you watched this movie. If I could give this a "0" instead of a "1", I would. He screeches like a monkey for what is an uncomfortable amount of time when he ejaculates from simply seeing a naked woman. This happens many times throughout the movie. One was too many, but I guess Tom Brady likes to stab a dead horse. And please note that I am a 29 year old male, and I highly enjoy raunchy comedy so that is not why I did not like it. I was not offended by the material, it just was not funny in the least bit. I find myself wishing that I could meet Nick Swardson just so I could slap him across the face and ask him what the hell he was thinking when he made this movie.
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goofy people are funny...
MLDinTN16 June 2012
that is what I got out of this film. Bucky Larson is about the goofiest character one could come up with. I also think some of these reviews are too negative. Sure, it wasn't great, but it also wasn't the worst film of the year. There's just something funny about watching messed up people in movies.

Bucky Larson has 2 bucked teeth, making him look like a rabbit. He also has a 70s hairstyle and bad accent. He gets the idea to be a porn star after finding out his parents made porno movies. So, he movies to LA, meets a cute waitress, and makes his dreams come true. The faces he makes while making his dreams come true are funny. It's so silly, you have to laugh.

FINAL VERDICT: A decent adult, crude comedy.
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Citizen Kane, Vertigo, Blade Runner and Now Bucky Larson
gibbemania12 September 2011
Certain Films, a select few, can change the way you see the world. These are expressions of a collected effort that take hundreds of professional artists, technicians and engineers working towards that final goal: to produce a piece of Cinema that truly touches the viewer. They make the audience open their mind eye's and see the world around them for what it really is or what it could be. Other Directors and Writers see this film and are inspired to raise their own standard even higher. Having never known one could produce a work of this quality they know they must surpass it. If it is the last thing they ever do they must make something better than Bucky Larson.
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Worst junk I have ever seen.
Ray McKay10 January 2012
I go into movies open minded, and the fact that I like Nick Swardson in most movies gave me a little hope. This movie is by far the worst thing I have ever seen.

The movie has no real climax, and half the time you could careless about what is going on. I found my self drifting during this moving due to boredom. The reviews are exactly as everybody says. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE.

The only person who made me laugh was Kevin Nealon who plays a snap-show roommate. Besides that, this movie should be burned. I highly suggest everyone to just pass on by this movie as if it was never made.

I almost don't even want to check out any of Nick Swardsons movies after this one....
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Move along! Nothing funny to be seen here! Move along!
Netjer-y-khet2 January 2012
Someone wrote, "This is not one to miss."

Oh, yes it is. The bestial opening scene says it all. Give this drivel a wide berth. It's not even worth stealing from a warez site, let alone spending a penny on.

Someone else wrote, "if you don't know how to be goofy and fun then stay away." This movie is neither goofy nor funny. There is goofy and funny, and there's stupid and funny, but this load of bunkum is just stupid, period. Humour is scarcer than rocking-horse droppings. Watching the south end of a north-bound cow in motion is funnier.

Whoever chose to label this godforsaken trash as a comedy needs far more than a sense of humour transplant. I mean, really, what kind of self-respecting person would consider putting their name to this total wreck?

Don't answer that. Just know that P.T. Barnum was right; "There's a sucker born every minute." One or more suckers sank ten million bucks into this dogs' breakfast.

On the plus side, watching the movie is better than getting a slap in the face with a wet fish.

1/10 - Double fail. Not funny. Not goofy. Just downright pathetic.
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Silly on purpose
Cookie Harvez1 January 2012
Happy Madison makes very lighthearted feel good movies and this is why I have always liked them. Obviously this movie isn't for everyone, so if your into Sopranos or don't know how to be goofy and fun then stay away! To be indirect, it might offend the "smaller" crowd, and at the same time giving hope.

This movie touches on all the bases of what a movie needs, and then disregards them quickly. We come to expect movies to have way to much drama, and long scenes of terrible progression but Bucky didn't annoy me like that. What we find is a comedy to chat during and throw some popcorn. Being such a serious and critical society I found this film to be very refreshing.
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Whatever the score, I laughed almost the entire time!
DreamLighter3 January 2012
Here's the thing, there are funny movies and TV-shows based on real situation comedy, and there are just funny movies and shows. This is just a funny movie. That's all. I can't describe it better without spoiling the movie, but the low grade for this movie is completely unfair. I was laughing almost the entire time during this movie and I haven't done that in a long time! It's stupid, awkward, funny and adorable, all at the same time.

Don't be so negative as to ignore this movie, it deserves a fair chance. I know I'm glad to have seen this movie and I walk away with a smile on my face and a happy feeling inside. I'm satisfied. Most movies don't do that anymore. I'm giving it a grade of 7 out of 10, because it is a great laugh whenever I'm down.

Also, Christina Ricci is just adorable. Perfect for her role.
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