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Family goodness
jacques_vanzyl23 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie really surprised me. I never saw the original version and maybe that helped met to enjoy the remake even more. It was good and entertaining family fun that had me choke up at the end, my wife replay the final scene and my three year old daughter clapping and cheering Lexi on in the final competition scene.

The build up was nicely done with a lot of ice skating to enjoy. And beautiful choreography. Here in South Africa we don't see as much ice skating as in the northern hemisphere countries, so it was all new and exciting.

A lot of human emotion was nicely portrayed: innocent love, love broken due to communication failure, love for the sport, the fast lane breaking innocence down, true love prevailing and perseverance rewarding. I like that the kind side of people can still be the dominant factor in a movie and this is what we need to see more! This is one for the collection for sure!
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Not Bad for Late Night TV
Nancy Odle27 February 2012
What makes a great movie? To me, that question is answered on many levels. The first, most crucial, to me, is does the movie uplift and motivate me to examine parts of my life that may need improvement. Movies and movie roles are captivating if the character has strengths that the audience can examine through one's own personal lens. This movie meets that criteria. It is very touching. I personally loved the cinematography, especially the views of the Iowa landscape and the figure skating. Beautiful makeup and costumes on the star for competition (I was reminded of The Black Swan.) No villains in this story and a very appropriate relationship between the two young sweethearts for a young audience (applause, applause), with the added feature of "something to aspire to," in terms of personal growth and challenge. No inappropriate sexuality. All around a fine movie to enjoy with a young daughter on a weekend.
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A shadow of the original movie!
gi_jazz6 April 2010
Watched this movie last night and was fairly disappointed. You would think that a remake should be better than the original. It lacked the intensity of the original and was quite dry in some parts. The main character "Alexis" played by Taylor Firth was well done, and possibly the only well played character in the whole of the 2010 Ice Castles movie. However Lynn-Holly Johnson from the original is AMAZING in the role of "Alexis" and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in this movie. All I can say is that if you enjoyed this remake, you will absolutely love the 1978 original Ice Castles. Yes it is a little out dated, but it is a wonderful movie and so much better than this one. My friends and I don't usually agree on movies, however we all agree that the 1978 version is sooo much better and we weren't even born when this movie came out. It is also a lot more believable than this 2010 version of Ice Castles. However a warning to parents out there, whilst this is still a great movie for the family, the kissing in the original is quite passionate and the little ones might say "Yuck!". Actually the feeling throughout the whole movie is raw and real. Please, go watch the original, this movie is a shadow of the original.
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looks and feels magical
najwa-sky-limit3 August 2013
i didn't see the original and am glad for that because this remake although little known with no big names is all i need in a movie, it's now on my top favorite movies list though I've never heard of it before and i just watched it on TV, it's a small low budget indie with a big heart, it took me back to the time of innocence and purity with no worries in mind but having fun and appreciating love and life, it touched my heart in a way no other movie ever did before and i watch a lot of movies, this film has an ethereal vibe to it and i don't know why, is it because of the setting, the music-which is beautiful- , the arc of the story, or the actors? i know one thing for sure, it reminded me to go out and enjoy the wonders of life and nature and do everything with love, such a beautiful movie with great messages and reminders, and i also felt it wasn't made for certain reasons like money or fame, it was a labor of love for life and innocence and purity. i also enjoyed the lead actress' performance Tyler firth such an incredible young actress so convincing and so pure. the movie is visually stunning and the music*i know I've said it before*but it really is amazing and brilliantly used to fit every scene and it's a crucial part of the story it doesn't feel forced. that sunset is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen but her line is more enchanting

PS. am not a winter person, in fact i hate winter but this movie made me miss it, the smells, the sounds, the views, everything about winter looks breathtaking in this film
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Ice Castles 2010
torrentstorm4 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There have been a couple or more of similar movies and themes in the past, haven't there? When was it I saw a similar version, 1978, 1988? The figure-skating heroine trains for the sectional figure-skating competitions, suffers a fall that somehow blinds her, but with the encouragement of her loving father, and particularly the help and coaching of her by then estranged boyfriend, decides to make a comeback, and without revealing her impediment to anyone, decides to continue her competition until the national championship.

Some decent acting here, particularly from the girl Taylor Firth as Lexi, with some nice moves in the skating rink. Nothing we haven't seen before, of course. The rest of the acting/actors varied between lame - boring. I actually was dozing off in a couple of places. Had to get up and get one of the ice-cream sandwiches I had in the fridge to keep from falling asleep.

I'm not saying the movie was bad. No. I mean, if you're looking for one of those family movies, old Walt Disney style, nothing spectacular, just hum-drum, OK, then here's your ticket. But we critics know that one of the main strengths of any movie is the story, and not just 'the story', but the way it is played out, the drama, if you will.

In this respect, I cannot say Ice Castles delivers. It was over an hour past into the movie, and we're still waiting for something to happen. Then the girl falls, not very convincingly either, and that leaves the remaining 25 minutes of the movie to play out her depression, stage her comeback with her boyfriend's help, practice and prepare for the finals, and perform her skating competition.

Not much drama here, no heart-rending moments, no real emotion ....I mean, after all, the girl is almost blind and decides to compete against all odds? I would imagine quite a challenge, right? Didn't see much of anything here.

However, if you're a fan of ice skating movies, well then you might love this one. Nice for one of those rainy afternoons when there is nothing else to do.
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Who cannot love a lifting above and overcoming adversity?
wmwood29 January 2011
Who cannot love a character lifting herself out of adversity? These movies uplift the viewer to make more of their own lives and uplift others. That is this movie. The characters are believable. Even the momentary appearance of Michelle Kwon, as a sports newscaster is believable. The father is believable. The boyfriend is believable. Even the coaches are believable. There is not a conniving script line. Good writing, I'd say. Good directing I'd say also. So, if you want an evening of good enjoyment with your sweetie, this is one movie you need to watch. Did I say that this was good casting? Did I mention that there was good acting?
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Not as good as the Original, but not that bad either
ichocolat13 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Ice Castle is a remake of a film with the same title. And no point for guessing, the storyline is the same, too.

And the thing about trying to remake film is that, it will always be overshadowed with the original film.

And this film was indeed overshadowed by the original. Same storyline, down to bits of the dialogues! The film started slow, it dragged, and only three quarter through the film did something happened to the lead actress. And you did not have the time to sympathize with her, because the film quickly ended when we were shown that the girl has gained her confidence, albeit her injuries, to be crowned the champ in ice skating ! Not a film after all, but since this film followed the original to the bits, with no diversion of the original, this film is destined to fail in the cinemas.
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A Good Remake
Desertman8419 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Director Donald Wrye took the helm at the remake of his 1978 film entitled Ice Castles that tells the story of a figure skater who is at the top of her popularity but tragedy strikes when she meets an accident and loses her eyesight.It stars Taylor Firth and Rob Mayes in this direct-to-video film.

Alexis Winston left her boyfriend to become a champion figure skater.After achieving her dreams,she suddenly was blinded in a tragic ice skating mishap.Her spirit was broken and felt depressed after she became blinded by it.But with through perseverance and strong fighting spirit,she manages to lace up her figure skates and returned to the sport.Despite her disability,she managed to become once again a figure skating champion.

This is a movie that is worth seeing.Although I consider it not as good as the original,this remake still is worth watching especially for people with disabilities to pursue their dreams and try to overcome the fact that their so-called limitations is a hindrance to whatever they can become in this world.Overall,it is a good remake of the 1978 film.
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don't waste your time
dolcegabbana913 March 2011
its terrible. no wonder it went straight to video. its a really bad. just don't. acting BAD, settings BAD, cinematography BAD. i rented it thinking it would be like the original 1978 but i was wrong in so many levels. i don't know why people cant do things right. they should have watched the first one first before making this one. the acting, awful. that girl playing Lexie, terrible. the boyfriend, terrible. those snotty girls in the competitions, terrible. don't wast your time. i sat down to watch this movie in hopes that it was good. i was wrong. i loved the original, i have it on DVD. i was hoping someone would come up with an updated version, maybe played by Scarlett Johanssen, but i was wrong.
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terrible remake (of course!)
valid90814 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
if you've loved the original you're sure to hate the remake. i don't know why Hollywood wants to make remakes such as this because it's obviously never going to live up to the original.

the original is a lot more racey and real but it's got heart and soul and the remake has nothing. it's just a carbon wannabee copy that doesn't even come close!

the acting and especially chemistry is so stale - that you just want to walk away and go to the kitchen and get food or do something else. i'm a figure skater and i know the passion of real skating and this doesn't even come close!

stop Hollywood trying to do these remakes and hire writers like me that create new and original material that won't compare to it's former glory!
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