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(Toe) Pick your favorite winter sports movie

(Toe) Pick your favorite winter sports movie
Reminder you didn't need: The Olympics begin tonight! Some events actually took place yesterday, but I don't recognize anything as having officially begun until after thousands of superstars participate in an icy multi-cultural parade and gather 'round to worship an open flame. As you stroll around your office in your favorite red/white/blue track suit, mentally gearing up for tonight's opening ceremonies on NBC, bide your time with today's gallery of 20 Golden Winter Sports Movies. Which is your favorite? Better Off Dead? Slapshot? The Cutting Edge? It's lame, but I'm partial to Cool Runnings, preferably the VHS copy my mom taped off of cable.
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Thank God I didn't take life lessons from Rocky

Follow your dreams, but not if they get you injured says Joe Queenan, as he attempts to extract the essential pearl of wisdom from the grit of sports films such as Caddyshack, Invictus and The Blind Side

I have just found out that a professor at a Florida university has been using the 1980 film Caddyshack in a course as "a forum for discussing everything from civility and class distinctions to sports gambling and animal rights". Theodore Curtis teaches sports management at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Sports management is a discipline that prepares students for careers as, among other things, golf pros. This is precisely the managerial position that comes under siege in Caddyshack, a film in which drunks, gamblers, sluts, drug addicts and pesky subterranean critters wreak havoc at a posh country club. In one of the most memorable scenes, Bill Murray, playing a vigilante groundskeeper, uses high-powered
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This Week on DVD: A Serious Man, Couples Retreat, Midgets vs. Mascots

Not a ton of exciting stuff in stores this week aside from The Coen Brothers' Oscar-nominated film A Serious Man, but if you're looking for a date movie to watch on Valentine's Day you can take your pick from Couples Retreat, The Time Traveler's Wife, I Hate Valentine's Day, Peter and Vandy, My One and Only and many more! If you prefer something a little more violent and gruesome, on the other hand, you might look at Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson or The Stepfather. Also out this week is the underrated HBO animated series The Life and Times of Tim: The Complete First Season, the Halo Legends anime collection, and Midgets vs. Mascots featuring Gary Coleman and Scottie Pippen (don't ask). A Serious Man [1] (+ Blu-ray [2]) Couples Retreat [3] (+ Blu-ray [4]) The Time Traveler's Wife [5] (+ Blu-ray [6]) The Stepfather [7] (+ Blu-ray [8]) Bronson [9] (+ Blu-ray [10]) Serious Moonlight [11] (+ Blu-ray [12]) I Hate Valentine's Day [13] (+ Blu-ray [14]) Peter and Vandy
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TV News: 'Call Me Fitz' Starts Production

From a press release

E1 Entertainment, Amaze Film + Television and Big Motion Pictures in association with Astral Media’s The Movie Network and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central announced today that principal photography is underway on the Canadian original television series Call Me Fitz (working title). The series stars actor/director Jason Priestley (The Day of the Triffids, My Name is Earl, Beverly Hills 90210) as the charismatic used car salesman known as Fitz. Created and written by producer/writer Sheri Elwood (Defying Gravity), the 13‐part, half‐hour comedy series is filming an hour outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia in the Annapolis Valley region until mid‐January. The series is scheduled to air on The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Movie Central (Western Canada) in 2010.

In Call Me Fitz, Jason Priestley stars as Richard “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, a balls‐out, used car dealer who pushes the boundaries of acceptable behaviour just a few steps too far.
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