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Riddick Returns to Darkness
ninjaeatingataco6 September 2013
There have only been a few time this year that I have gotten to leave the theater with a giant grin on my face, Riddick was one of those times.

I spent a little bit of time reading others reviews before I started typing this up and, I won't lie, they kind of ticked me off. Riddick is a movie that took its 40 Million dollar budget and stretched it to the absolute MAX, I also feel like this is one of Vin's best performances to date. There is no sexism in the film...There is no horrible see through acting...there is no moment during this movie when I was bored...It's a thrill ride. A brief summary

Act 1-Riddick is stranded on what might be his home planet and has to re-man up after becoming soft while leading the Necromongers (Riddick being the only person hard enough to ever soften up when taking over a galaxy dominating army) There is a dog in act one but it plays very well into the story and I personally got attached to the pup...think of Will Smith's dog in "I am Legend"

Act 2-Mercs are brought to the planet and the fun begins...for the next forty five minutes the story is about the Mercs and Riddick becomes what we all love...a monster in the Darkness.

Act 3-It starts raining...I'm going to stop there on act three because I want to spoil nothing... The End-Was exactly what I wanted and had me leaving the theater with a giant grin on my face.

WARNING: This is not a happy sing along movie with a perfect hero who saves the day in the end…this is also not "A Piece of Art." This is Riddick it's Muddy, Bloody, Painful and as always FUN!
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Riddick - just as bad-ass as the previous ones!
bobbo2046 September 2013
Just saw the movie and loved it. I greatly enjoyed the first and second films so I've been looking forward to this since it was announced. It's a great sci-fi bad-ass action movie. Plenty of cheesy one-liners and good action scenes set in a sci-fi world.

The story wasn't anything spectacular, no breaking new ground here but it does set the stage for the next (hope we get a next!!!!). Graphics were well-done, alien life wasn't anything unique but were suitably scary.

If you liked the 1st and/or 2nd film you'll enjoy this. It pays more homage to the 1st than the 2nd. Vin Diesel does another great job acting as Riddick and you'll be cheering for the anti-hero as usual.

I personally am hoping the series continues, can't get enough of this! hope you enjoy!
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More than a fun sci-fi flick
LumpysFriend4 September 2013
I wasn't expecting much. When I heard of the sequel I assumed it'd be a bigger and "better" chapter in the Richard D. Riddick series. Then I saw the trailer and thought that going back to the basics of Pitch Black felt like Twohy didn't know how to go bigger and was reverting into his safe bubble. I was wrong. This is by far Twohy's strongest script with a surprising range of fleshed-out characters. The first ten minutes of the movie has no dialogue and right from the get-go I was pleasantly surprised. It begins to feel like an appropriate direction to take the character. There are jokes that don't work but most do. While Riddick's monologue is a little... quaint (and a cgi dog companion that feels a tad out of place; but i get why it's there) i really think it's important that 'Riddick' is a success at the box office -- to help open the way for genuinely fun, inventive sci-fi narratives with a budget.
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Great to see him back
moby19746 September 2013
OK big fan of the 1st one, and I do like the 2nd one (directors cut though) and I can also see why some did not like the 2nd, it has some issues but the main one was the ALIEN 3 problem, that been after Aliens and all its army and guns, ALIEN 3 was no guns no army......people wanted more of the same, which in this case its funny to see that a 3rd Riddick film which gives people Riddick vs monsters is getting "its a rehash" Not sure what people want from a film like this, its pure comic book action, and I loved it, but you have to see what they were playing with, less than half the budget of the 2nd film and half as long to shoot, this is a labour of love for the Director and Vin, by today's PG13 Hollywood standards its a miracle it was made as a R/15, as for the film itself they seemed to make good use of the low budget, some very nice setups and yes in parts the low budget shows but as a whole its good, and that about sums up the film...GOOD, I rate it higher than most of Joe public but I am a fan and get more of a kick out of it, and going by the others in the cinema the feeling was "a good action film" while fans came out "great, been waiting ages for this, now give us a 4th, finish the story" I will go see it again and look forward to the BluRay
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Loved it !!
mr-hasanaoun5 September 2013
I really don't get some people. Everyone was saying how Chronicles was so much more different than Pitch Black (which personally I don't find a negative thing)and they should have stuck to something more like Pitch Black. Then Riddick comes out and people are saying its like watching Pitch Black again. Make up your minds people !

Second, if you're expecting this movie to win an Oscar, please don't watch it. It's a sci fi movie with action, killing, fighting and blood. If you got any problem with any of those I don't know why you paid for a ticket really.

The movie itself was very good. I've been waiting a looong time for this movie to come out. I've watched the other two Riddick movies waaayyyy too many times for me to remember. If you're a Riddick fan or feel like watching a kick-ass movie then I would recommend going to see Riddick. You don't really need to have watched the first two movies, but I would recommend seeing them anyway if you haven't.
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Maybe you're all scared of the wrong thing.
hitchcockthelegend19 March 2016
Unsurprisingly reactions to this, the third outing for Vin Diesel's sci-fi based anti-hero, has been very mixed. In truth it's hardly a great film of the "must see" kind, and it does in fact cleave very close to Pitch Black, the first and most superior of the Riddick trilogy. However, there's a whole bunch of science fiction fun to be had here.

Plot has Riddick left for dead on a inhospitable planet, where he finds himself up against some alien creatures. His only hope of getting off the planet is to bring notice of his whereabouts, which brings two ships to where he is. Both with crews who have differing reasons for wanting to capture the enigmatic convict...

And thus we get a beautifully filmed sci-fier that features beasties of both the human and alien kind. Action and moody histrionics are never far away, and Diesel is wonderfully muscular, macho, course and scary. Some of the CGI is weak, and naturally much of the film's coincidences and contrivances have to be forgiven if one wants a popcorn and beer good time of it. So the requisite here is to chill out and enjoy me thinks! 7/10
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Great Movie
sayia-784-6670205 September 2013
This is a genuinely good movie, it follows on from the previous Riddick movies and doesn't leave anything to be desired. Richard B Riddick is up to his old tricks again, and if you're a fan, you won't be disappointed, definitely a must see.

Vin Diesel is great as always, playing a character that never ceases to enthral me, and the rest of the cast is great too.

You know a movie is good when it makes you watch the previous movies when you get home from seeing it.

The music is also exceptional I found too, fitting in very well with the action scenes.

I've always found Riddick to be a movie that is very rich in its universe, it pulls you in without really telling you much, and this movie does exactly the same, worth a watch even if you're not a fan.
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Surprisingly entertaining third action sci-fi.
amesmonde30 October 2013
Riddick is left for dead on an unknown planet with hostel indigenous predators. With a bounty on his head he calls upon the very people who want to have him killed in order to escape.

Director/writer David Twohy certainly delivers a fan pleasing sequel that fittingly harks back to the first instalment's roots in both story linkage and tone. While not as grand, fans of Chronicles will also be pleased with the stripped continuation back story and a cameo from Karl Urban's Vaako.

It's a good piece of science fiction action entertainment with decapitations, shootings, spaceships, a hostile planet, yes it's familiar and debatably derivative as the characters get picked off one by one, but as with Pitch Black Twohy effortlessly manages to create a convincing environment with new memorable biological creatures which is no easy task, to his credit it's no often lighting strikes twice given how many forgettable alien creatures have been put on screen. Yet, even though reminiscent Alien (1979) he manages to recreate what he did with the photosensitive, reptilians in his breakout 2000 film.

Vin Diesel returns as the character created by Jim Wheat & Ken Wheat- Riddick, this time he rekindles his previous edginess but the 'one Riddick and his dog' aspect expands the character, sneakily retaining some likability (especially for animal fans).

Given the way the production was funded the special effects are a mixed bag but serve their purpose. The first act is a special effect survival piece with sparse dialogue and smart action, with the second act taking place after an (unstated) amount of time when Riddick finds a small base. From then on its full of action setups, space motorcycles, conflicts and one-liners as the mercenaries and bounty hunters have to make an alliance with Riddick to survive an impending alien onslaught.

The supporting characters are developed just enough to be both identifiable, memorable and you almost care just enough to invest your time. Spanish actor Jordi Mollà gives a standout performance as the head hunting, unsavoury Santana, Total Recall (remake) actor Brokeem Woodbine gives some weight with his limited dialogue. Katee Sackhoff while feeling a little typecast still delivers the goods, even the remaining groups stereo-types are more fleshed out than they should be of the genre which adds to the enjoyment. Matt Nable is a good lead as Boss Johns whose character gives the story a (satisfying) little twist that those familiar with the original will see coming a mile off.

The closing is arguably abrupt but is possibly intentional as it leaves you wanting more. The critiques maybe a little hard on Riddick but considering it is a third in a film series spurred from such humble beginnings, an inviolate first (small comparison to is sequel) Riddick is entertaining viewing.
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Very entertaining popcorn flick!!! Not for young ones!!!
jvg376 September 2013
I saw Riddick last night and enjoyed it very much. No, it wasn't a perfect film, but I knew going in that I wasn't going to see an Oscar contender!!! The action and special effects were great, the story is nothing we haven't already seen before though it was well done, and the acting was as expected for this genre. What it does lack in originality, it makes up for in intensity. It is a violent film, but it is action violence and nowhere near "torture porn". Yes, you will have to suspend a good deal of belief, but no more than in any other action film. If you are looking for a heartwarming tale of humanity at it's best -- skip this one. If you are expecting a modern retelling of 2001, than forget this one. If you are looking for mindless entertainment with a lot of action and a plausible storyline, this is for you.
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Back To Basics, or How Old School Rules
Greekguy8 September 2013
A good antihero is a wonderful thing, and Riddick is a commendable example. Having watched the evolution of this character over the course of one very good Sci-Fi outing (Pitch Black)and one very passable Sci-Fi mega-production (The Chronicles of Riddick), it was nice to welcome him back to smaller budgets and the authentic claustrophobia that befits an interstellar fugitive.

"Riddick" is a film that delivers what its core audience wants: the story never strays from what has been established, although there is the unfortunate drift towards "How Incredible Is This Guy?" that afflicts so many film series (cf. "Iron Man","Dirty Harry", "Rocky"). Nonetheless, the action is both gloriously implausible and entertaining, and director David Twohy does a great job of keeping you in the same universe where you first joined this ride. In short, Riddick is spot-on, while "Riddick" is a little overblown.

I will not reveal the end, but I will reveal that I was a little disappointed in its neatness. Clearly the script writer has more faith in the redemptive power of revealed truths than I do. This notwithstanding, for the period that I was in the cinema, I had a good time with my dangerous friend Richard Riddick, and I imagine that anyone who liked the first two films will do so, too. It is particularly recommended to those who preferred "Pitch Black" to "The Chronicles of Riddick". David Twohy is back home, and feeling fine.
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Riddick is Back
claudio_carvalho19 August 2018
"Riddick" is an action sci-fi movie with the return of Riddick. The story is entertaining and simple with top-notch special effects. Riddick is left alone in an arid planet with predators. His only way out is activating an emergency beacon that alerts two groups of mercenaries that land on the planet with their spaceships to chase Riddick. There are many funny moments and quotes and for fans it is worthwhile watching. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Riddick 3"
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Great stuff to watch
chrisleary1866 September 2013
Riddick is a movie about Riddick and not really much more.This movie explores a deeper side we have not seen but not all is given away.Riddick knows to keep something back and even under duress. I loved the back story and how he ends up where he is and how he uses people and objects to get where he wants to be. The characters in this move are quite wooden with no need for any real acting and who were really only there for body count. Riddick plans his moves carefully like chess and plays people against each other to his advantage. Riddick has a mixture of traits that make him a real action hero and really hope that there is more in future. I would say he is the ultimate action hero and we do need more in future.
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Riddick: Crippled by one poorly chosen scene
Platypuschow26 October 2018
I've been unimpressed by the Riddick franchise, I think Pitch Black (2000) was both where it started and it peaked.

This final entry was rather a surprise, who'd have thought that they'd have made another movie considering how badly Chronicles of Riddick (2004) bombed? Partially funded by Diesel himself it's hard to argue his commitment to the project.

So almost a decade after the last full entry (Not including the animations) we pick up where we left off. Riddick is Grand Marshall of the Necromongers but things quickly go south after they turn on him and leave him for dead.

The plot is actually sound as is the general creation of the movie. I found myself impressed which I certainly didn't expect. The movie is more akin with Pitch Black than Chronicles of Riddick, they clearly went back to the drawing board and the movie is considerably better for it.

On a budget out about quarter of the previous movie it's shocking just how much better it all looks, in fact every aspect is superior. Also starring the excellent Katee Sackhoff I was gripped more than I had been since the first movie, it was really quite enjoyable.

Fairly early on however I was hoping that a certain death wouldn't occur, I knew if it did then the movie would be damaged beyond repair and about halfway through my fear materialised. Had this event not transpired you'd have me just ranting about how much of a wonderful surprise Riddick was and how much I enjoyed it. Instead I'll say it's the second best movie in the franchise, but should have been the best. Poor decision making killed the film and has left it merely passable.

Good addition despite the hefty flaw.

The Good:

Katee Sackhoff

Looks considerably better than the previous film which had 4 times the budget

Well played out story

The Bad:

"That" death should not have happened

Sets up for a sequel that will never come

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Even in the future on other planets people are stupid enough to smoke
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They needed to push the release date back for this....why?
quahogman786 September 2013
Were they trying to get a box office bump on the heels of F&F6? Certainly the extra time didn't make this movie any better. I loved the first one (Pitch Black) and liked the second one even though the Chronicles of Riddick was panned by some. I found the CoR to have some interesting characters and a novel story line.

David Twohy is capable of much better writing, but in this movie "Riddick", Twohy just mails it in. I was hoping much of Riddick's back story would be filled in, but very little was added. The dialog was sophomoric and over the top even for an action flick. Even worse, the rest of the characters were shallow and uninteresting. I know this movie was supposed to be made less expensively than most of this genre, but why does the writing have to suck?...and suck badly?

In Pitch Black, the appearance of the aliens were not completely revealed until the tension had a chance to build a bit. This made PB more suspenseful. On the other hand in Riddick, the aliens that Riddick and company are to do battle with later are completely revealed at the beginning. This is a mistake in the plot. By the time the aliens start their rampage, I'm not scared at all, (especially since I haven't been made to care about the dull and flat characters).

The CGI was OK, visually the movie is decent. Riddick's pet Tasmanian Tiger was sort of a sweet touch. The best thing I can say about Riddick is that it didn't seem that horrible compared to the mindless schlock of other movies in the 17 minutes of previews, that I had to endure before Riddick started.

I like Diesel and Sackoff and really wanted to like this movie. After 9 years of waiting this is a big disappointment. This movie probably killed the franchise. If they do manage to do another sequel, Twohy and the other writers need to be fired. The first run of this movie should have been on the Syfy channel. Save your money and wait for it on cable.
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The Extended Cut
dk88dk31 March 2021
Back to real action movie and R rating.

The film is exactly as it should be, brutal, bloody and with a dose of humor. Again it's action on a desert planet, fighting monsters and surviving, but this time without some of the irritating characters we saw in the first part of the saga (Pitch Black).

The film is well directed, the cinematography is good, the cast is not bad, the action scenes are great.

The cinematography is good, the film is visually interesting, and some of the scenes are spectacular. The atmosphere is tense, and yet with a dose of dark humor.

The extended version of the film is more complete than the theatrical version, contains more action and fills in some gaps. Vin Diesel is good in the role of Riddick, but the other characters are just as fun and interesting.

A film that wants to entertain the viewer and definitely succeeds at it.

Brutal, dark and entertaining.
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Good: 7.0
StonedMagician28 July 2019
Almost a decade has passed since Vin Diesel last inhabited his starmaking role, the insanely tough, incredibly dangerous ex-con Richard B. Riddick. 2000's Pitch Black kicked off the series (and its lead's career) with an entertaining, if derivative, sci-fi horror flick. 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick, while visually striking, was neutered with its PG-13 rating and bafflingly incoherent storyline. This third entry gets back to basics, and in some ways feels almost like a reboot of Pitch Black, and one that comes with all the pros and cons that distinction implies. This time around, Riddick has been abandoned on an unnamed planet that is teeming with dangerous creatures that sleep by day and hunt by night. In a bid to get offworld, he activates a distress beacon, hoping to steal one of the investigating ships. Of course, bounty hunters arrive first, and what ensues is a claustrophobic mash-up of Mexican standoffs, hard stares, and bloody carnage. Like Pitch Black, the story here is minimal, action maximum. If this appeals to you, check it out. If not, simply don't bother.
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Riddick is awesome but the movie is not
sworup_shakya21 September 2013
Ever since Pitch Black came out back in 2000 I've always been a fan of Riddick. I guess the character of a genuine anti-hero makes itself really intriguing. Riddick's moral compass is crooked; it points toward one thing and one thing only, survival. That's in the so presumed nature of a Furyan, to adapt to a harsh environment, to call it home, Riddick has very quick skill for adaptation, which had kept him alive after most of his race was dead and wiped out.

Riddick is a mean killing machine; he has no remorse, no regrets and would do anything moral or immoral, good or bad to survive. But this is where the moral compass comes into play. Riddick would not forsake those who show mercy to him. He has the immense need to preserve the good and innocence in people who actually have it. This makes for the times Riddick would tend and take care of women (at least with the ones with fairly good moral standings) and children.

The movie Riddick comes after a long hiatus, almost nine years since the second movie The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick fans like me have been eagerly waiting for it since its announcement few years ago. When I heard that the charismatic and infamous Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace of Battlestar Galactica, Katee Shackoff, would be playing a bad-ass role in the movie, I was even more excited. There they were two of my favorite action heroes, male and female, and they were in the same movie. I just couldn't wait.

The Chronicles of Riddick was an epic adventure type of movie; Pitch Black was a survival horror. I liked the adventure movie too but Riddick really shines when he's cornered and kept in these survival mode situations. Riddick is not really a decorated general, born leader type of soldier that The Chronicles of Riddick leaves him to be, so it is said that he was betrayed, cornered and left for dead. That's cool, because that would turn Riddick to his survival mode; and now he's in a planet that is more hostile then the one in Pitch Black, that is supposed to be more fun.

Riddick the movie has a relatively bigger budget, and a slightly more glamorous star-cast then the first movie, but this one lacks where the first movie had most of its charm. The characters, other than Riddick, in this movie, have next to no significance. Even Dhal, the character of a headstrong woman mercenary played by Katee Shackoff, has not much of a character definition, or even a more prominent role. Riddick does everything here, and since he's highly qualified to do them, all the other guys just stand back and admire a legend at work and just step forward when it's their turn to die.

It really weakens the movie though, since we don't know much about the characters, we don't really care if they live or die, and their deaths, one by one, just seem like an excuse to stretch the movie. There is no suspense and thrill. Only time we feel some amount of thrill is when Riddick is in danger, and there could only be so many of these scenes. It would have been some fun if Katee Shackoff's character got into some trouble and kicked ass to get out, but oddly enough, despite her great demeanor as a tough girl, she never really steps away from the ship or the base. She has, as far as I remember, not one scene with her and one of the creatures in the same frame. That's not cool.

Vin Diesel is awesome as Riddick, he's always had been, and he single handedly with his presence, hold the movie together, but I always found Riddick the sneaky bastard more fun than Riddick the ultimate warrior, and this movie has none in the set of characters for Riddick to play mind games with. Everything happens so fast that they seem to have started without properly knowing each other. Riddick does try to pull a few strings in the heads of the other main characters when the movie starts but one of them an idiot, another one is genuine good guy (which makes playing mind games really hard) and the last one is a girl who seems to have done an advanced degree in putting up a wall in the head. She just could take any amount of verbal abuse and doesn't at all care for mind games. Ofcouse our good Dr. Riddick never really has enough time in this movie to show this side of his talents but then we only see his warrior side in a survival horror.

I had waited a long time for this movie, and this is not a bad movie, but it is not enough. It tries to be the same as the first cult classic in the Riddick series but it lacks the psychological profiles and even the character profile of the creatures that made the first movie such dark and grim horror/thriller. The likes of Katee Sackhoff, Bokeem Woodbine and Matt Nable, are almost wasted in the movie for the lack of good character sketches, and these are good actors. I really missed Cole Hauser's bounty hunter character and Radha Mitchell's ship pilot with a guilty conscience. This movie has none of those. It has good action, but in terms of action I think The Chronicles of Riddick was better. This movie, for me, is not up to par for my high expectations; but it's not because of Riddick's character. Vin Diesel still got it and I would still wait impatiently if they'd announce another Riddick movie, but I would have loved the writer to breathe a little more life to the other characters in this one.
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Probably the worst film I've seen in a long while
da_lune14 September 2013
The whole film is totally pointless, it's literally just a series of "Vin Diesel is so hard that... " quotes.

Most setup stories had no real foundation or logical progression, just crap, crap is what I have to say.

Most of it seemed to be padding, and some extra nonsensical "I'm so hard that I'll do this to you" or "He is so hard that he'll do that to you" or Let's show some muscles and boobs for no apparent reason, preferably in the moonlight even though he couldn't walk at all in the previous scene.

But oh! See the heartless murderous antihero has a soft spot for animals, and for that reason he must be alright.

PS: Vin Diesel is so hard he turns lesbians straight!
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I can't believe Vin Diesel actually paid someone for this script.
doctorlechtor8 September 2013
I didn't think a movie could make me any more mad than when I left "You're Next". I was wrong, congratulations Vin, you pulled it off. The whole first 1/3 of this movie was a complete waste of time. Space dogs, really? Then the mercenaries say, while standing on a foreign planet, when contemplating calling for additional help is like, "an ambulance calling for an ambulance". So people from other planets, far in the future have ambulances? Even worse is a crime that Diesel himself commits, he being a Furion, from the planet Furya apparently calls people a "Jamoke". Do me a favor Vin, if you want another sequel, drop me an email, I can whip up something better for what will be, I'm sure far less than what you paid for this abomination. "Balls deep in her", really?
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j499412 September 2013
Pitch Black was quite something, simple, but with a certain morbid, dismal flavor. The Chronicles were alright, but didn't deliver the same edge as Pitch Black. The third part went back to simplicity. But honestly, it is far from being a good movie. The good ratings on IMDb are a complete mystery to me. Special effects were mediocre, acting of some of the mercenaries belonged buried deep underground and the dialogs... saving the best for last... the dialogs were so indescribably bad that I have to assume they were made up on the spot. Seriously, even Vin Diesel's lines, and he really didn't say much, sucked!

Don't go to a theater for that. It is a waste of good money.
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I am available to write a plot
amanter1679 September 2013
Okay so lets start with a plot. The movie does not have one. The opening could have been shorter. Was the planet ever inhabited? What was with the golf ball? I think they could have watch cast away to get some ideas. Now lets talk science fiction. A shack on a useless planet has a interstellar phone that only dials mercenaries? Really? Okay so explain how people have speed of light travel with cryo-sleep and they still use conventional weapons? They can't lock the spaceship? What is with the one bullet at a time sniper rifle? Just plain stupid. Now lets talk about characters. Is there any way possible to come up with something other than a band of morons who act tough? How about an all female amazon race? Vin Diesel is not that tall so it would be easy. How about a technically advanced race that cannot adapt to a primitive world? This was a bad remake of pitch black. Pathetic from start to finish. Try reading Heavy Metal for plot material or something please!
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Nice third installment in which Riddick is left for dead on a sun-scorched planet and faces off brutal bounty hunters and an alien race of predators
ma-cortes27 November 2018
A cool and nail-biting sequel that will keep you on the edge of your seat , being well starred and splendily made. Intriguing as well as intelligent Sci-fi movie , being compellingly directed by a good filmmaker , David Twohy . It stars an awesome cast :. Jordi Mollà , Katee Sackhoff , Dave Bautista , Matt Nable , Bokeem Woodbine , Raoul Trujillo , Conrad Pla , and , of course , Vin Diesel . Thrilling film packs intrigue , intense scenes , noisy action , chills and astonishing suspense . In this is a science fiction thriller Riddick (breakthrough film role of actor Vin Diesel) is at an unknown planet with apparently no life and where mysterious events spread across the land full of bloodthirsty creatures and he finds himself as a survivor who is marooned on a strange location . Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he's encountered .The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty . As there appears various warriors , ominous killers and bloody bounty hunters who go after him . But then , they learn that a merciless enemy is about to appear . The invaders find themselves being hunted by the planet's flesh-eating alien inhabitants when the planet is engulfed in darkness .The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won't leave the planet without Riddick's head as their trophy . Then , the group is stranded in the desert and the greatest danger facing our starring has been the planet's best kept secret...until now .Rule the Dark . Survival Is His Revenge

Fast-moving , creepy , scary and gory Sci-Fi with thrills , chills , suspense and some familiar elements from the previous outing in which the infamous Riddick arrives on a planet , he has been left for dead on a sun-scorched location that appears to be lifeless and finds himself up against monsters and nasty enemies . "Riddick" takes place five years after the former movie , "The Chronicles of Riddick," which was set five years after the original film "Pitch Black." This means that "Riddick" takes place a decade after "Pitch Black" even though "Riddick" was released thirteen years after "Pitch Black." This is a pretty good as well as bloody movie with violent events ,thrills , intriguing incidents , starked outdoors , and chilling scenes . This is a decent sequel to ¨The chronicles of Riddick¨ (2004) with nteresting screenplay from Jim Wheat , Ken Wheat and David Twohy , though the character of Riddick was a woman in an early rough draft of the script. The Pitch Black (2000) original film was supposed to be a standalone film. But, during production, Vin Diesel, and the cast and crew had become intrigued by the character of Riddick, and the ending, in which Riddick was supposed to die, was changed, so a possible sequel with Vin Diesel returning as Riddick could happen. The original film spawned three sequels, Dark fury (animated) , Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Riddick (2013). Vin Diesel gives a hard-ass acting , as usual , as an escaped He-man with a bounty on his head who has nothing to lose . The contact lenses Vin Diesel wore in the movie, while a prototype during production, were briefly available to the public from Lens Quest following the release of the film . Diesel said that while shooting the scenes where his character was in a suspended animation , he had a claustrophobia attack at one point during shooting and had to be taken out of the chamber. Vin Diesel agreed to make a cameo appearance in The fast and the furious : Tokyo Race (2006) in exchange for the rights to the "Riddick" franchise from Universal Pictures. This allowed him to produce this film independently. Nice support cast such as Jordi Mollá , Karl Urban , Dave Bautista , Bokeem Woodbine , Raoul Trujillo , Conrad Plá , and the beautiful as well as tough Katee Sackhoff . It was given a "PG-13¨ for intense sequences of violent action , profanity and some bad language. An unrated version, with more violence and language was later released. The fantastic creatures and various monsters were perfectly designed and excellent production design by Joseph C. Nemec III , though excessive use of computer generator , especially on the mascot-dog . Pulsating and stirring musical score by Graeme Revell . Colorful cinematography by David Eggby, he shows splendidly the bizarre images from Montréal, Québec, Canada Burnaby , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada . However , due to a large number of visual effect shots, the movie had to be shot digitally. As a compromise, David Twohy added a subtle film grain effect throughout the film .

The motion picture was well written and directed by David Twohy , it had a 60 days shooting schedule. David is an expert writer and director of competent Sci-Fi movies . As his first picture was the acceptable ¨Timescape¨ . He also wrote ¨Warlock¨, ¨Waterworld ¨, a script for ¨Alien 3¨ in 1988, but it was rejected . Back in May of 2000 , Fox Studios once inquired for his availability to write and direct "AVP: Alien vs. Predator" , but turned down the offer due to scheduling conflicts . David subsequently directed ¨Below¨, the successful ¨Pitch Black¨ with Radha Mitchell , Cole Hauser , Claudia Black , Lewis Fitzgerald , Simon Burke , John Moore and Keith David . It was followed by ¨Chronicles of Riddick¨(2004) with a good cast as Colm Feore , Thandie Newton , Judi Dench , Alexa Davalos , Karl Urban , Linus Roache and Keith David , here Riddick against an invading empire called the Necromongers, whose leader is a warrior priest who is the chief of a sect with a powerful army commanded by Lord Marshal . Furthermore , a third installment this ¨Riddick¨ (2013) .
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Superficially entertaining
Leofwine_draca6 May 2016
RIDDICK is the third of a trilogy of films starring Vin Diesel as blind warrior battling aliens in outer space. The first film was PITCH BLACK, an efficient low budget horror/thriller set on a dingy alien planet; the second was THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, which was a somewhat overblown sci-fi fantasy; this third production is a combination of the two.

We're back on a smaller scale here, with Vin Diesel stranded in an inhospitable landscape with only his alien 'dog' for company. The relationship between man and 'dog' is one of the highlights of the movie. Soon enough some bad guys enter the fray, a team of mercenaries including the hulking Dave Bautista, and plentiful action ensues.

On a superficial level, this is entertaining stuff. There's rarely a slow moment and lots of action to make your mind off the familiarity of the storyline. Another plus is that the CGI effects, both landscapes and creatures, are very good indeed. I saw this film in high definition and it looked fantastic throughout. Diesel has always been good in these stoic parts too, so he doesn't disappoint either. If you're looking for depth, nuance, or intricacy, you're likely to be disappointed; if CGI action is all you care for, then you'll likely enjoy this one.
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my brother fell asleep
spaceapex5 September 2013
I loved Pitch Black and have watched it many times. Chronicles was good and could have been great if edited properly. I felt like I was watching a B movie script with big budget special effects.. Well even some scenes were B movie at best. The writing was childish. I am peeved that a franchise that could continue to grow and evolve into something of legend like Star Wars and Aliens (ok maybe not on that level but you get my drift) turns into copying the first movie but using a friggin painting for a backdrop in some scenes. The tech in the movie is a joke considering what we saw in the others. BLAHHHHH. My brother literally fell asleep in the theater. The writing could have been a bit more adult and intelligent to get me up to a 6. Pitch Black 8. Chronicles 7. PEACE
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Consider Watching If Braindead
jmichels8630 January 2014
This movie was, by far, one of the worst I've ever seen. Not this year, not in the past decade, but ever in my life. The weird, out of place one-liners, the lack of any semblance of logical plot development, and the general stupidity of the movie was staggering. "Okay, lets kill him now....oh wait, now that he kicked a machete through someone's neck, I remembered that we need him to get off the planet". Don't even get me started on Dahl's character...I literally cringed for Katie Sackoff out of embarrassment every time she said something stupid (which was most of her scripted lines). Oh, and let's not forget the locker situation. The logic of that whole thing seems to be as follows: 1. lock up a part of each ship that is needed for takeoff to prevent Riddick from hijacking a ship. 2. Identify that Riddick has been inside the compound and has written something on the outside of the locker. 3. Open the locker to make sure the ship pieces haven't been stolen. 4. Leave container unlocked and unguarded while discussing plans, and then act surprised with the pieces get stolen.

I mean, seriously, have American audiences slipped so far that they can't see how poorly this movie was done? Do people just sit back and chug their 64oz coke and drool on themselves while watching this and then leave satisfied? Ugh.
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