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Riddick Returns to Darkness
ninjaeatingataco6 September 2013
There have only been a few time this year that I have gotten to leave the theater with a giant grin on my face, Riddick was one of those times.

I spent a little bit of time reading others reviews before I started typing this up and, I won't lie, they kind of ticked me off. Riddick is a movie that took its 40 Million dollar budget and stretched it to the absolute MAX, I also feel like this is one of Vin's best performances to date. There is no sexism in the film...There is no horrible see through acting...there is no moment during this movie when I was bored...It's a thrill ride. A brief summary

Act 1-Riddick is stranded on what might be his home planet and has to re-man up after becoming soft while leading the Necromongers (Riddick being the only person hard enough to ever soften up when taking over a galaxy dominating army) There is a dog in act one but it plays very well into the story and I personally got attached to the pup...think of Will Smith's dog in "I am Legend"

Act 2-Mercs are brought to the planet and the fun begins...for the next forty five minutes the story is about the Mercs and Riddick becomes what we all love...a monster in the Darkness.

Act 3-It starts raining...I'm going to stop there on act three because I want to spoil nothing... The End-Was exactly what I wanted and had me leaving the theater with a giant grin on my face.

WARNING: This is not a happy sing along movie with a perfect hero who saves the day in the end…this is also not "A Piece of Art." This is Riddick it's Muddy, Bloody, Painful and as always FUN!
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More than a fun sci-fi flick
LumpysFriend4 September 2013
I wasn't expecting much. When I heard of the sequel I assumed it'd be a bigger and "better" chapter in the Richard D. Riddick series. Then I saw the trailer and thought that going back to the basics of Pitch Black felt like Twohy didn't know how to go bigger and was reverting into his safe bubble. I was wrong. This is by far Twohy's strongest script with a surprising range of fleshed-out characters. The first ten minutes of the movie has no dialogue and right from the get-go I was pleasantly surprised. It begins to feel like an appropriate direction to take the character. There are jokes that don't work but most do. While Riddick's monologue is a little... quaint (and a cgi dog companion that feels a tad out of place; but i get why it's there) i really think it's important that 'Riddick' is a success at the box office -- to help open the way for genuinely fun, inventive sci-fi narratives with a budget.
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You have already seen this movie
suzzie5266 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If this weren't another Riddick movie, I would have walked out.

If you're a huge Riddick fan, and you've already seen Pitch Black, then you've essentially already seen this movie. Except "Stay In the Light" and "Stay Out of the Light" are now "Stay Out of the Wet." There's a lot of recycled content in this movie, from the concept to the music and even some of the alien monster noises. The monsters themselves even resemble those found in Pitch Black, though without the awesomely gnarly protruding eyes.

But now Riddick has a dog. And suddenly he's concerned about right and wrong instead of being the classic anti-hero from all previous movies. Nothing is solved. Like Pitch Black, the entire movie is about him getting off a planet infested with alien monsters bent on eating him. The huge mass of predatory aliens only come out into the world when it rains, which apparently, judging from the desert-like conditions is extremely rare. Sort of like another certain planet, also desert-like, whose creatures only venture out when it's completely dark, another uncommon event.

I was surprised that Karl Urban got such high billing considering he's on the screen for about two minutes. If you were seeking resolution concerning Furya and the necromongers, forget it. Instead, you'll get Vin Diesel and his CGI canine. He almost manages to eek out a tear when it inevitably dies. A softer, kinder Riddick.

Save your $10 and just wait for the video if you HAVE to see it. But this movie was such an obvious ploy for money without regard to the Riddick series that I'm going to black it out of my memory and pretend it doesn't exist.
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Riddick - just as bad-ass as the previous ones!
bobbo2046 September 2013
Just saw the movie and loved it. I greatly enjoyed the first and second films so I've been looking forward to this since it was announced. It's a great sci-fi bad-ass action movie. Plenty of cheesy one-liners and good action scenes set in a sci-fi world.

The story wasn't anything spectacular, no breaking new ground here but it does set the stage for the next (hope we get a next!!!!). Graphics were well-done, alien life wasn't anything unique but were suitably scary.

If you liked the 1st and/or 2nd film you'll enjoy this. It pays more homage to the 1st than the 2nd. Vin Diesel does another great job acting as Riddick and you'll be cheering for the anti-hero as usual.

I personally am hoping the series continues, can't get enough of this! hope you enjoy!
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A bland march through a sullen rehash
raiden3957 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Pitch Black in 2000, and quite frankly I was amazed. What I found truly significant about that film was the build-up. Pitch Black spent somewhere around an hour in heavy character development before unleashing the monsters. By the time you saw serious action, you already had feelings towards each character, you cared whether they lived or died, you could relate.

In sharp juxtaposition, Riddick offers none of that. What makes this contrast so devastatingly drastic is that the stories consistently parallel one another. If we step back and view them side by side, we have the same formula: tremendous hardship occurs, people hunt Riddick/ character development, darkness falls and monsters ensue, run for fuel cells, escape. This formula worked well for Pitch Black for several reasons: the acting was well above average, the characters (and their subsequent actions) were plausible, the CG was pretty state-of-the-art at the time, and the story, although not untold, was given a novel approach.

What we're faced with in Riddick is one tired cliché after another. I feel like we spent a large portion of the movie either watching Riddick heal himself, or converse with his dog. As was mentioned in other reviews, the monster was spoiled within the first few minutes of the movie. By the time you get to the characters, you've almost had enough. Once Santana arrives you may think that things will speed/shape up, at least development-wise. Sure he works well as a comic relief, but I'm sorry to say that significant development will not be had. Santana, who is immediately identified as a psychopath, simply continues in that vein, offering no substance to the role other than what is plainly superficial. What's more is that each character follows in much the same way. They come into the scene, state who and what they are, and that is as much character development as you'll get.

I'm not sure if I needed to state this explicitly or whether it was implied in my comments on development, but the script was drab and uninteresting. Having characters that were sub-par only made the futility of each uttered word more obvious. You would find a chuckle here and there, but most of the time you'd find yourself thinking "I've heard that line a dozen times before", or, as I was, thinking the lines that were about to be said.

It's as if, in this movie, the director/writers were intent upon building Riddick's character solely. This put them at a huge disadvantage. Riddick's character alone was never enough to drive a movie, as he's an anti-hero. Take the two proceeding movies: in Pitch Black what was ultimately fascinating was Riddick's interaction between Johns, Fry, and Imam; in CoR, his interaction between Vaako, Toombs, Aerion, and the slew of other characters.

The bottom line is that this movie suffers dearly from an unoriginal story, poor character development, deplorable writing, and very little suspense, basically all the things that made the first two, especially Pitch Black, enjoyable. I give it 6 out of 10 because I'm a fan of the series and was happy just to see a progression, even if it wasn't, in my opinion, the best direction. My hopes rest in this series furthering itself beyond this travesty of cinema and the next (movie) being more worthy of its predecessors than this bland rehash.
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Great to see him back
moby19746 September 2013
OK big fan of the 1st one, and I do like the 2nd one (directors cut though) and I can also see why some did not like the 2nd, it has some issues but the main one was the ALIEN 3 problem, that been after Aliens and all its army and guns, ALIEN 3 was no guns no army......people wanted more of the same, which in this case its funny to see that a 3rd Riddick film which gives people Riddick vs monsters is getting "its a rehash" Not sure what people want from a film like this, its pure comic book action, and I loved it, but you have to see what they were playing with, less than half the budget of the 2nd film and half as long to shoot, this is a labour of love for the Director and Vin, by today's PG13 Hollywood standards its a miracle it was made as a R/15, as for the film itself they seemed to make good use of the low budget, some very nice setups and yes in parts the low budget shows but as a whole its good, and that about sums up the film...GOOD, I rate it higher than most of Joe public but I am a fan and get more of a kick out of it, and going by the others in the cinema the feeling was "a good action film" while fans came out "great, been waiting ages for this, now give us a 4th, finish the story" I will go see it again and look forward to the BluRay
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Loved it !!
Hasan5 September 2013
I really don't get some people. Everyone was saying how Chronicles was so much more different than Pitch Black (which personally I don't find a negative thing)and they should have stuck to something more like Pitch Black. Then Riddick comes out and people are saying its like watching Pitch Black again. Make up your minds people !

Second, if you're expecting this movie to win an Oscar, please don't watch it. It's a sci fi movie with action, killing, fighting and blood. If you got any problem with any of those I don't know why you paid for a ticket really.

The movie itself was very good. I've been waiting a looong time for this movie to come out. I've watched the other two Riddick movies waaayyyy too many times for me to remember. If you're a Riddick fan or feel like watching a kick-ass movie then I would recommend going to see Riddick. You don't really need to have watched the first two movies, but I would recommend seeing them anyway if you haven't.
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I'm really disappointed...
bartekb818 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I love Pitch Black movie. In fact, it is one of my beloved movies and one of the best sci-fi movies I've ever watched. A perfect mix of horror, action movie and a drama, with colorful and interesting characters and same anti-hero. Chronicles wasn't so good but still was entertaining and fun to watch. So I'm even more disappointed now... Riddick was to be expected as returning to the roots; simply being a better Pitch Black, and proud continue of this great franchise. Unfortunately it isn't half as good as Pitch Black is. Moreover, it is really bad, BAD movie, so bad that I can't understand how David Twohy managed to do that. Riddick sucks in almost every way; it is a truly boring experience most of the time. Script is bad, dialogs are weak, like written by 10 years old. Characters are dull and empty - including Riddick character(Sorry, Vin). Only neurotic Santana seems to be at right place and feels somewhat interesting. Besides of Riddick, I'm truly disappointed in Dahl character - thought she would play a greater role than a plaything to our anti-hero. Not to mention Luna guy who brought to the movie simply nothing. Weak, weak, weak. Riddick is still a tough guy like he was expected to be, but this time he is just unconvincing with his cheesy lines and strange behavior. The only good thing is his bond with a dog, and really, NOTHING else. There is no tense, no dynamic in this movie. Riddick was supposed to be a predator so I thought he would be a real bad-ass finishing off his opponents one by one. But no. There's no single action with him worth to mention. And this one with Santana is a 'bit' awkward... I'm heavily disappointed in this film, in David Twohy and Vin Diesel. Sorry guys, but you totally let me down. Not recommending it.
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Great Movie
sayia-784-6670205 September 2013
This is a genuinely good movie, it follows on from the previous Riddick movies and doesn't leave anything to be desired. Richard B Riddick is up to his old tricks again, and if you're a fan, you won't be disappointed, definitely a must see.

Vin Diesel is great as always, playing a character that never ceases to enthral me, and the rest of the cast is great too.

You know a movie is good when it makes you watch the previous movies when you get home from seeing it.

The music is also exceptional I found too, fitting in very well with the action scenes.

I've always found Riddick to be a movie that is very rich in its universe, it pulls you in without really telling you much, and this movie does exactly the same, worth a watch even if you're not a fan.
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Very entertaining popcorn flick!!! Not for young ones!!!
jvg376 September 2013
I saw Riddick last night and enjoyed it very much. No, it wasn't a perfect film, but I knew going in that I wasn't going to see an Oscar contender!!! The action and special effects were great, the story is nothing we haven't already seen before though it was well done, and the acting was as expected for this genre. What it does lack in originality, it makes up for in intensity. It is a violent film, but it is action violence and nowhere near "torture porn". Yes, you will have to suspend a good deal of belief, but no more than in any other action film. If you are looking for a heartwarming tale of humanity at it's best -- skip this one. If you are expecting a modern retelling of 2001, than forget this one. If you are looking for mindless entertainment with a lot of action and a plausible storyline, this is for you.
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The worst movie I've seen in a long time
chrisscrewball8 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*****Warning, the plot is so base I will reveal it almost entirely in this brief review***** So my family and I watched the first two movies yesterday in order to gear up for this one. I hadn't seen either before and found the first to be pretty decent and second to be good enough to make me wonder where things we're going to go. There were so many places to take this within the Riddick universe but fifteen minutes in I said to myself "damn, I hope the whole plot isn't him trying to get off this planet." Too bad I was right! There was absolutely nothing good about this movie and it did not add to the plot-line in any way. Just a bunch of Riddick drivel......implausible medical procedures, yup, nonsense ecosystems, yup, killer creatures coming out at dark, yup, pending intractable darkness, yup, the token friend of Riddick that originally he didn't want who then dies, yup. It even includes the worn out Riddick line "it's not me you need to be worried about it's them." My relative likes just about every movie you put in front of her and even she thought this was dead awful. The fact that this movie has a 7.3 on IMDb makes me seriously concerned there may be review scamming by these big media giants. People can't seriously be this easily sated...... The special effects were kinda neat and there was one slick kill, hence two stars instead of one.
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Disappointing end to a hopeful franchise
caleyshoemaker7 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It is unfortunate that the producers of this film were willing to fund a whole new story- that was basically the same story as Pitch Black. Pitch Black was a great film, with dusty, underground sci-fi appeal that was completed with the matured, complex sequel Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick basically glazed over the complex, political upheaval of the "necromancers" during Riddick's reign to focus on his training of a dog, and then the fighting of monsters that came out during the rain/dark. This movie was a re-hash full of sexual innuendos and testosterone fueled jokes, that, while funny, ruined what could have been a great end to what could have been one of the great sci-fi trilogies. It was fun to watch, once- but will ruin the Riddick franchises's hopes of making it into the history books as a true classic. I wish I hadn't watched it and that they had left me with Chronicles of Riddick - and hopes of a better ending.
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Back To Basics, or How Old School Rules
Greekguy8 September 2013
A good antihero is a wonderful thing, and Riddick is a commendable example. Having watched the evolution of this character over the course of one very good Sci-Fi outing (Pitch Black)and one very passable Sci-Fi mega-production (The Chronicles of Riddick), it was nice to welcome him back to smaller budgets and the authentic claustrophobia that befits an interstellar fugitive.

"Riddick" is a film that delivers what its core audience wants: the story never strays from what has been established, although there is the unfortunate drift towards "How Incredible Is This Guy?" that afflicts so many film series (cf. "Iron Man","Dirty Harry", "Rocky"). Nonetheless, the action is both gloriously implausible and entertaining, and director David Twohy does a great job of keeping you in the same universe where you first joined this ride. In short, Riddick is spot-on, while "Riddick" is a little overblown.

I will not reveal the end, but I will reveal that I was a little disappointed in its neatness. Clearly the script writer has more faith in the redemptive power of revealed truths than I do. This notwithstanding, for the period that I was in the cinema, I had a good time with my dangerous friend Richard Riddick, and I imagine that anyone who liked the first two films will do so, too. It is particularly recommended to those who preferred "Pitch Black" to "The Chronicles of Riddick". David Twohy is back home, and feeling fine.
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Riddick the Dog Whisperer
mambojedi8 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Riddick is the epitome of a $2 movie night. Wait until it shows up at your local discount theater, if you are lucky enough to have them. Ridiculous dialogue along with sub par acting made the audience laugh at what were supposed to be serious scenes.

The start of the movie was really good and looked as if we were in for an epic sci fi adventure. That quickly went away and the film went downhill from there.

Riddick states that he was returning to his old bad ass ways, then adopts a dog. Cheesy and very disappointing. I thought it was disgraceful that they added Karl Urban's name to the credits. He is in the film for maybe ten seconds.
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Surprisingly entertaining third action sci-fi.
amesmonde30 October 2013
Riddick is left for dead on an unknown planet with hostel indigenous predators. With a bounty on his head he calls upon the very people who want to have him killed in order to escape.

Director/writer David Twohy certainly delivers a fan pleasing sequel that fittingly harks back to the first instalment's roots in both story linkage and tone. While not as grand, fans of Chronicles will also be pleased with the stripped continuation back story and a cameo from Karl Urban's Vaako.

It's a good piece of science fiction action entertainment with decapitations, shootings, spaceships, a hostile planet, yes it's familiar and debatably derivative as the characters get picked off one by one, but as with Pitch Black Twohy effortlessly manages to create a convincing environment with new memorable biological creatures which is no easy task, to his credit it's no often lighting strikes twice given how many forgettable alien creatures have been put on screen. Yet, even though reminiscent Alien (1979) he manages to recreate what he did with the photosensitive, reptilians in his breakout 2000 film.

Vin Diesel returns as the character created by Jim Wheat & Ken Wheat- Riddick, this time he rekindles his previous edginess but the 'one Riddick and his dog' aspect expands the character, sneakily retaining some likability (especially for animal fans).

Given the way the production was funded the special effects are a mixed bag but serve their purpose. The first act is a special effect survival piece with sparse dialogue and smart action, with the second act taking place after an (unstated) amount of time when Riddick finds a small base. From then on its full of action setups, space motorcycles, conflicts and one-liners as the mercenaries and bounty hunters have to make an alliance with Riddick to survive an impending alien onslaught.

The supporting characters are developed just enough to be both identifiable, memorable and you almost care just enough to invest your time. Spanish actor Jordi Mollà gives a standout performance as the head hunting, unsavoury Santana, Total Recall (remake) actor Brokeem Woodbine gives some weight with his limited dialogue. Katee Sackhoff while feeling a little typecast still delivers the goods, even the remaining groups stereo-types are more fleshed out than they should be of the genre which adds to the enjoyment. Matt Nable is a good lead as Boss Johns whose character gives the story a (satisfying) little twist that those familiar with the original will see coming a mile off.

The closing is arguably abrupt but is possibly intentional as it leaves you wanting more. The critiques maybe a little hard on Riddick but considering it is a third in a film series spurred from such humble beginnings, an inviolate first (small comparison to is sequel) Riddick is entertaining viewing.
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Great stuff to watch
chrisleary1866 September 2013
Riddick is a movie about Riddick and not really much more.This movie explores a deeper side we have not seen but not all is given away.Riddick knows to keep something back and even under duress. I loved the back story and how he ends up where he is and how he uses people and objects to get where he wants to be. The characters in this move are quite wooden with no need for any real acting and who were really only there for body count. Riddick plans his moves carefully like chess and plays people against each other to his advantage. Riddick has a mixture of traits that make him a real action hero and really hope that there is more in future. I would say he is the ultimate action hero and we do need more in future.
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A waste of time and money
colitisscope23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film makes 'The Spirit' look good by comparison. The cgi work is bottom of the barrel, about 30 minuets in the script turns into a re-write of pitch black and to make up for the terrible production they toss in over the top nudity and the most divisive sexist nonsense I've yet seen used in cinema.

Very tastelessly they point out that Katee Sackhoff's character is a lesbian and then take this grotesque bated sexually driven plot gimmick to another level by having her character submit to an over the top sexist invite by Riddick to have sex.

Riddick is written overly omnipotent to the entire story while it is happening while interacting with other characters yet fragile and bumbling at times when acting alone. What was a rather skillfully crafted character in the previous films is now ridiculous and one dimensional. There is absolutely no continuity between the Riddick in the previous films and this character.

Truly, who ever wrote this went to the Michael Bay School of scripting. This film was made for people who go to movies and want to be made fun of by the very film they just blew ten dollars to see. Literally, this movie is so obviously loaded and half baked there is no way it can or should be taken seriously by anyone with an IQ above 40.
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Riddick is back to being a bad-ass again... Sort of
BudrodaHooligan6 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, my native language is not English, so pardon my grammar mistakes. I'll try to show as little spoilers as possible.

This movie is all about survival, told in 3 different ways in 3 different acts. We have the first act which is all about Riddick's survival on a desert-like planet against deadly creatures. This act is the best one since he meets an unusual companion. It is also a good study of the Riddick character and how resourceful he is.

Act 2 is about survival against bounty hunters who want a piece of him... Literally! This act shows Riddick in shadows so it's more about getting to know the characters. Jordi Molla, I love this guy, is basically the main bad guy in the movie (ofcourse there are others too). He plays again the sleazy foulmouthed a-hole, which he does best.

Act 3 is again about survival against deadly creatures, but this time not with the purpose of staying alive ON the planet, but to get the hell off it. This part is a homage (or rehash if some have called it) to Pitch Black... Which is a good thing in my opinion.

Visually this movie is great. Only a few scenes make this movie look cheap, but the rest is well done on such a tight budget. Lots of creatures scenes showing 3 types of creatures which look good enough for me. That said I am easily entertained when it comes to creature movies as long as they look believable. Favorite movies of mine are the first four Alien movies, Gwoemul, Outlander, The Relic, Grabbers, Prometheus, Attack the Block, The Hellboy movies, Mimic and even Godzilla. This doesn't say that the movies are good or bad. Speaking of bad, Godzilla might be the worst on that list, but its monster creator, Patrick Tatopoulos, is the same one that created the creatures in Riddick and this guy knows what he's doing. Weird that he isn't listed in the cast and crew list on IMDb

Storywise the movie is simple, so I don't expect people saying: "but why this and but why that" much. I just wished there were a bit more Necromancer scenes, especially when you know, after seeing the movie, what they did. I can tell for sure there's already a follow up coming if this movie does well enough at the box office.

So I gave it a 9/10 because I was entertained a lot and my needs for violence and creatures were fulfilled. It loses one point because of the lack of Necromancers and what Riddick's actions are against them after what happened to Riddick. Maybe in a future sequel...

Go see this movie!
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Great Summer Movie (spoilers)
james_stopford5 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The negative reviews for this film are clearly people who go to the cinema looking for pieces of art etc. Me personally, I love a good old summer blockbuster and this certainly fits the bill.

The first 40 minutes of Riddick exploring and adapting to the new wasteland he has been abandoned on are visually amazing, a long way from the small budget Pitch Black had to work on. I was a bit concerned when Riddick started training a puppy devil dog but this actually allowed for some interesting scenes.

Then the 2 merc teams land and the film really kicks into gear with Riddick outplanning and outsmarting his foes, picking them off one by one without them even knowing he was close. Low and behold, a deal between the mercs and Riddick takes a sour note and Riddick is captured just as a storm which unleashes the mud monsters hits. This last 20 minutes of the film is a nod to Pitch Black and is still done very well.

The cast all play their roles very well, with the occasional wooden acting. I have read in a review on a professional website that Katee Sackhoff's character is portrayed in a sexist manner and is just there for eye candy but I personally have no idea what film this reviewer was watching. Throughout the film she is more intelligent than her male counterparts and regularly kicks the behind of a fellow merc.

The only criticism is a fairly important character in the film is directly linked to a character from Pitch Black but with no reminder me and my friends struggled to remember who they were.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie but I went in knowing what to expect. If you're expecting a drama filled piece of art you may be better off going to see Rush. If you want an all out popcorn action film, definitely go and see this.

One last question I'll leave everyone with to answer after you've seen the film, who was the bad guy?
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Riddick Quick Review
tobacbas4 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The dynamic between riddick and the dog creature which i assume is cross between a great Dane and a dingo is amazing. Nice to see the softer side of riddick which kind of reminded me of the end of pitch black when he let go of Carolyn and this time he takes in the puppy which is a really nice contrast to letting her go and taking something new in.

The sequence of him injecting himself with the venom as well as the dog is genius which i take it was a few months on that desolate world and then when he finally gets through sets us up for the call to get some mercs on the scene knowing full well 2 ships will arrive. The choice of characters for the mercs was spot on especially Katee sackhoff as dahl (god i love her so much) such a talent. But for me jordi molla was a great choice as Santana.

Im going to skip on a bit here to 2 scenes which got me thinking. There is one scene at the start of the movie where we see mountains with odd shaped rocks and then again later on in the movie. I am convinced they were shaped purposely in that way to resemble the creatures from pitch black in particular their bones or blind spot bones ;) If so this was a genius addition to the movie and i even asked my mate who was with me and he agreed it had to be there on purpose.

Rolling on into the action sequences towards the end they were fast paced and hard as nails especially when riddick was climbing up the mountain and the creatures were following him, like that scene is alien vs predator when the predators were kicking the aliens off the mountain (really great scene though and very well done) Over all the ending was immaculate just like pitch blacks ending and hopefully leaves it open for another part in the future. As a long time fan of pitch black and Vin diesel this movie was worth every penny and the fact he risked his house on this movie was a great move as it was worth the risk.

Well done Vin another job well done and thank you so much for bringing me back 13 years into my past to relive another pitch black adventure.
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You can't always go back home
Son-of-WRA9 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm usually very forgiving when it comes to sci-fi, but sometimes there's nothing to build that forgiveness upon. When a franchise returns to its roots, the film risks self-plagiarism and comes off as lazy and tapped out of ideas. This was simply a remake of "Pitch Black" and it fell limp as a dead fish. There was no flow to the story and the plot was simply a hole the entire production should have been buried in.

When "The Chronicles of Riddick" was panned, I thought the critics were crazy. When they did so again for this film, I thought that I was going to like it. About fifteen minutes in I knew it was going to be a bore-fest. I highly DON'T recommend this movie.
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Excellent movie worthy as the third installment in the Riddick trilogy...
SciFiBuf7 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Please be advised that this movie contains some genuine 'R' rated scenes, so you'll definitely want to leave your younger kids at home! That being said, making this installment of Riddick an 'R' rated movie was a very shrewd move on the part of Twohy and his staff. That's the same that they should have done that with the second installment of this series (Chronicles of Riddick).

If you liked Pitch Black and/or Chronicles of Riddick, you'll really like this movie. If you don't like Vin Diesel as an actor, David Twohy as director, or any of the three installments in the Riddick series, then don't bother watching it. You'll be better off watching some kiddie stuff like Star Wars or Star Trek.

This was a far better follow-up to Pitch Black in concept and content than it was to Chronicles. As far as this movie goes, I absolutely loved it. It gives Richard B. Riddick more depth of character, and shows him as a true anti-hero (either you hate and fear him, or you admire and want to follow him). He does not come across like some serial maniac who likes to gut alien creatures and ghost mercs/bounty hunters alike with gusto and without discrimination. It shows Riddick as an intelligent survivor, and cunning warrior with a mission - staying alive, and out of triple max prisons.

The scenes where the movie is set is a little too reminiscent of Pitch Black and so were the creatures. Even if the latter had a little bit more variety, the flocking or swarming behavior of the water scorpions(?) were a little too similar to the eclipse-triggered surge of the winged predatory carnivores of PB. I thought this venue could have been improved by using a swampy or jungle-like environment with a different mix of critters like monkeys with improved intelligence capacity, but that's just a matter of taste. It would have given the backdrop to the movie a little more imagination, than simply re-hashing the venue from PB.

The character acting by Katee Sackhoff (Dahl), I thought was absolutely delicious. She didn't leave me wondering if there was any potential in sci-fi soft porn. She convinced me of it. Her lascivious smirks, salacious comments, and her bitch smacking of Jordi Mollà alias Santana, made the movie all the more interesting and appealing. Speaking of which, I thought Jordi Mollà's acting was C+ at best. His best performance was serving as blade stopper for one of Riddick's MMA tricks. Vin Diesel was typically and as usual B+ or A, depending on your dislike or like of the character. Katee Sackhoff definitely gets an A+. No doubt about it. I'll never again look at another episode of 'Battlestar Galactica' with the same sense of dull interest as before.

It was good to see a sense of connection with Chronicles of Riddick brought back to the forefront. Karl Urban as 'Vaako' was excellent, albeit too brief, unfortunately. Karl Urban's acting ability was underutilized entirely too much in this film. The scene of the Valkyries(?) or Necromonger groupies(?) was very well done leaving little to the imagination. It was also good to see Riddick developing some weakness for a change thanks to his implied behavior as a decadent Lord Marshall, however brief his tenure was, and his enemies taking advantage of it. It was also refreshing to see a generous amount of blood, snot and gore flying when the Necros take on Riddick on this forsaken PB redo planet. It's also a shame they left out the blood, snot and gore from a similar fight scene in Chronicles.

I only wished they would used more of the 'R' content demonstrated in this film in Chronicles instead of trying to water down the latter for the rating committee. If anything ruined Chronicles it was exactly that. Spending over $100 million on CGI etc. and then cutting bits and pieces from the final version. That left the theatrical release audience annoyed, confused, and mortified that more was not left in. The Director's Cut was far superior to the theatrical release version. I honestly believe that, if that version had been used, it would have helped the audience make better sense of the overall movie plot, and would given Chronicles better overall reviews. Chronicles stands out in my mind as vastly underrated for its potential.

In closing, this was a good movie, but not a real block buster. To do the series the justice it deserves, I would like nothing better to see a re-release of Chronicles (in 3D) using more of the soft 'R' material that was deleted, as well as some of the other scenes which were gratuitously cut, and a follow up to Chronicles with Riddick 4. I for one, would definitely like to see a resolution to Kyria's untimely death, and her subsequent possible resurrection in the Underverse, with Furyan nation taking on the Necromongers in a furious cosmic bloodbath!

If exploited properly, the entire (Riddick) series has some serious legs left in it for future releases. Also, don't forget to leave the kids at home, please.
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Looks like it was made 10 years ago
MrFLiLv15 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Watched this movie yesterday in Imax, and the first thing that appears on screen is that this movie does not represent Imax experience and quality.

Looks really bad. Movie effects are awful. Acting was bad. Corny lines and typical old action movie jokes.

As for the cast i see Keith Urban is on the front page, and he was in the movie for less then 1 minute.

I was disappointed, and really cant say anything good about this movie.

Would not recommend it, but if you are a Riddick fan watch it when it gets on DVD, cause there is no point of watching it in cinema.
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Probably the worst film I've seen in a long while
da_lune14 September 2013
The whole film is totally pointless, it's literally just a series of "Vin Diesel is so hard that... " quotes.

Most setup stories had no real foundation or logical progression, just crap, crap is what I have to say.

Most of it seemed to be padding, and some extra nonsensical "I'm so hard that I'll do this to you" or "He is so hard that he'll do that to you" or Let's show some muscles and boobs for no apparent reason, preferably in the moonlight even though he couldn't walk at all in the previous scene.

But oh! See the heartless murderous antihero has a soft spot for animals, and for that reason he must be alright.

PS: Vin Diesel is so hard he turns lesbians straight!
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