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MPAA Rated R for horror violence and some gore, language and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Discussion about tits and one girl says "they are not as nice as mine".
  • 2 Girls go into the bathroom and 1 man asks if he "can film it".
  • Two men brag about their sexual exploits.
  • We see a pile of pornographic magazines, although no nudity is actually visible, the names of the magazines and the way they are talked about indicates they are pornographic.
  • A man and woman make out, he gropes her clothed breasts and starts to lift her shirt up, but she stops him.
  • A man and woman make out, he leans back on the ground and she straddles him and begins to unbuckle his belt, he pushes her off and tells her to stop.
  • A woman wakes up the morning after turning into a werewolf, we see that she is fully nude lying on her stomach. All that is clearly visible is her buttocks. Her genitals and breasts are hidden from view. She gets up and covers herself with a plastic sheet.

Violence & Gore

  • Blood stains seen as people walk around a dark house. They find a body with skin torn off and blood everywhere.
  • They also see the bloody remains of a dog.
  • A man is attacked and killed. We just see a brief glimpse of the attack and a glimpse at the body which has its chest ripped open, exposing bloody ribcage.
  • A brief glimpse of the werewolf eating a man, it turns away, pulling a hunk of flesh off of the mans chest.
  • A woman's leg is bitten (off screen), she pulls her leg up and we see teeth marks and the bloody wound.
  • A woman trips while holding a shotgun, it accidentally goes off and blows her head off. We just see a brief spray of blood and then see her headless body (in shadows) fall down. We also see blood has sprayed on the other people around here. We later see that the womans body has been dragged off and presumably eaten by the werewolf, as evidenced by blood stains everywhere, but the body missing.
  • Some shrapnel hits a mans leg and it starts to bleed he falls down and starts crying out in pain.
  • A cop walks into a building a few minutes later we see his corpse all torn up and bloody.
  • The werewolf charges a man. We see a close up of his face for split second while he is being attacked, and we see blood pour from his mouth. We see his body jerking as he is being eaten, but again it is in heavy shadows.
  • A man punches a woman in the face, we see her fall down and blood pool under her face, we also see blood on his knuckles. She punches him back and breaks his nose, we see blood all over his face.
  • Two werewolves fight against each other. One slashes at the other and we see blood spray. Eventually one werewolf bites the others throat and it collapses (but doesn't immediately die).
  • A man stabs a werewolf in the neck and right afterwards it bites him in the throat, we see blood spray as he dies.
  • We see a woman who has had her throat bitten (she was the other werewolf) she gasps a couple of times and then dies.
  • We see the aftermath of the night and lots of dead bodies torn apart with blood everywhere.
  • Most of the violence in the film is in extremely brief glimpses and often heavily shadowed but nonetheless quite gory.
  • One of the bodies moves at the end of the film, implying he might not be dead (and could therefore be turning into a werewolf eventually himself).


  • Quite a bit of sexual profanity used ie names for body parts and "shagging".
  • A few conversations about sexual experiences.
  • Comments made about transexuals.
  • F word is also used quite alot (around 30 or 40 times) along with lots of other, milder, swear words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A father pours his daughter a glass of wine.
  • Teenagers are seen drinking vodka from bottles and smoking - references made to weed.
  • Drunken behaviour seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • People walk around a dark house
  • The werewolf is quite frightening
  • A woman begins undergoing a transformation into a werewolf. Her eyes go completely black, her nails grow, her spine pops out, her voice deepens, and her fangs grow. This is a fairly frightening scene.

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