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26 Jul. 2009
Vietnam War veteran and actor R. Lee Ermey "The Gunny" shows us the dynamics of field artillery. He covers how artillery evolved throughout the years from the Three Pound Gun of the American Revolutionary War, to a new prototype computer-controlled cannon that can simultaneously fire multiple shells at targets up to 25 miles away. Lee Ermey gets to exercise his trigger finger by demonstrating how each one works. Prepare to lock 'n' load!
31 Jul. 2009
Machine Guns
In this episode of "Lock N' Load with R Lee Ermey" the gunny examines one of the deadliest weapons on the modern battlefield; the machine gun. He shows us the rapid fire destruction the machine gun has unleashed throughout history, starting with the hand-cranked Gatling Gun, to the rapid-fire, electrically powered Minigun. Prepare to lock 'n' load!
7 Aug. 2009
Gunny enthusiastically follows the development of American tanks and tank destroyers from the World War I design donated by France to the M1 Abrahms in service today. Of course he provides his own special spin (and language) as he demonstrates the maneuverability and firepower of each model.
14 Aug. 2009
Gunny gets up close and personal because in this episode he follows the development of the pistol starting with the muzzle loaders in 1500. And for some of these guns, like the duck foot pistol, you've got to get in close because the range in only 10 feet and Gunny's not that great a shot anyway.
21 Aug. 2009
Gunny climbs on board one of the premier aerial weapons platforms and takes a ride through history on the Helicopter - from its early days in Vietnam as an unarmed troop transport to its modern status as a high tech dealer of destruction.
28 Aug. 2009
Armored Vehicles
Gunny spends a lot of time riding shotgun, or rather machine gun, in armored cars and fighting vehicles built between World War Two and today at the expense of a car or two. He also does some off roading in a German half track, an M-901, a Bradley and even a brand new MRAP and Stryker.
18 Sep. 2009
Starting with the blunderbuss Gunny tries out the great shotguns throughout history that are perfect for his favorite sport; hunting. Of course he also takes the opportunity to hop on a stagecoach and ride shotgun.
25 Sep. 2009
Hitting a target with a rocket is tough as Gunny finds out trying to hit a target with a replica of an ancient Chinese rocket. He has better luck and more fun with a Korean hwacha then finally gets his accuracy down with a Swedish AT4. But it's the MLRS that really gets him excited.
2 Oct. 2009
Pointy sticks ruled the battlefield for centuries before the invention of firearms. Gunny provides a crash course on the different types of blade weapons: arrows, spears and swords.
9 Oct. 2009
If you're still talking about bullets, pay attention and Gunny will get you primed right. He provides a history lesson in the development of the modern round of ammunition with extensive demonstrations.
23 Oct. 2009
Gunny tries out the rifles of various eras that faced each other in battle to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each. With each pair Gunny explains the improvements that made the new rifles superior to previous weapons.
6 Nov. 2009
With so many machine guns in service Gunny can't resist getting his hands on some more of them. He tries out no less than a dozen form the very first true machine gun, the "potato digger", up to the current models. That means shooting a lot of rounds to kill a bunch of cinder block walls, piles of watermelons, potatoes, food cans and balloons and an aerial drone or three.
13 Nov. 2009
Bunker Busters
Host "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey shows us how bunker busting siege weapons evolved throughout history. Gunny gets to demonstrate how various examples of the bunker busting weapons work.

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