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Work (not) hard, drink (definitely) hard
kosmasp6 March 2022
There seems to be something in the water ... isn't that what people are saying? Comedy crime movies - or shows for that matter from Germany. Quite quirky, quite funny, quite dark and quite interesting overall.

Having said that, our main character does not seem to be someone kids should aspire to be ... on the other hand, he is true to himself. Even if that means that he defines his superior(s). And all that while he is being a cop ... it's his charme I reckon ... or something like that. Also the butt of many jokes. The Russia jokes may be a bit ... well missplaced right now, due to Russia (or rather Putin) and his invasion of the Ukraine, but the movie was made last year or the year before, so can't really blame it for being incensitive.

That aside, there is enough suspense and weird jokes to keep you entertained from start to finish.
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