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You've already seen the funny parts
doofuspoofus22 January 2014
I love Kevin Hart don't get me wrong. His stand up is hilarious and I also love Ice Cube's movies AND the two of them have great chemistry on screen and all but....it wasn't that funny. This movie had its' funny parts but the problem is most of them you already saw on the preview. This won't go on my list of funniest movies I've ever seen but it had decent action and decent humor. It had a little twist toward the end but thinking of the premise movies like Meet the Parents were funnier or Twenty one jump street or The Heat but what can I say it was filmed well and the two of them together provided enough entertainment so the film is worth a watch.
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Hart gets to do what Hart does best
ArchonCinemaReviews28 August 2014
Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube isn't reinventing the game but Hart is hilarious and worth the watch.

Ben is trying to win over his girlfriend's brother James, so James invites him on a 24 hour Ride Along patrol. Ben thinks it's to get to know him but James is really trying to scare him away.

Technically speaking the plot is about how Ben interferes while James tries to capture a leader of a crime syndicate Omar while on the ride along. Really the ride along is just excuse for insane situations to occur within that setting.

Long term this movie will probably be pretty forgettable. As a comedy it is consistently funny and reminiscent of old school improv riffs with the antagonizing eccentric and the straight man. Kevin Hart gets to be absolutely ridiculous, per the usual as Ben: running his mouth, acting a fool, letting self deprecating jokes happen at his expense. I'm a huge fan of the character Kevin Hart has created – while it is the same in every movie it is enjoyable in every movie. Ice Cube is a good polarity as James to Hart's Ben. His smile muscles might be broken. At times he might even be too serious detracting from the chemistry of the duo.

The situations these temporary partners get into are random and feel like filler but are funny comedy routines and I'm glad they are still in the film. In an ideal world the writers would've cleaned up the script for a more believable story. Despite this Ride Along is definitely worth the rental just for Hart's antics.

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Tiring ride
xylofonfisk6 February 2014
I Really wanted to like this movie. I usually enjoy Kevin Hart and Ice Cube I have followed since the Friday movies. But even the last Friday movie was more fun than this. The problem is it has all been seen so many times before and better! the characters are more caricatures than characters. The jokes you know long before they actually happen. Ice Cube is being more "badass" than in XXX 2, which only makes him appear more moronic. But my biggest problem with the movie is Kevin Hart. That guy can be sooo hilarious! this movie is the ONLY movie where I did not find him funny at all, and at the end were only annoyed by him. A real shame......
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Fun buddy comedy
torstensonjohn18 October 2014
When you think of Ice Cube you think of the hardcore rapper from NWA, the gangster persona, not complex actor. Yet since becoming an actor Ice Cube; real name (O'Shea Jackson), has developed himself into quite the character actor. The comedic prescence of Kevin Hart and this budding police comedy brings the movie full tilt. There is a great story line that suggests looking for comfort and approval betweent Hart's character and Cube's. There are hilarious comments throughout the film and the writing was quite original. This is a great movie with strength in the plot, the characters and just fun throughout. There is no doubt I would highly recommend this to everyone. Kevin Hart is becoming the fast uprising comedic actor of late.
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A Not Great, but Enjoyable Ride
didonatope16 January 2014
Fresh off of his hit stand-up comedy film, "Let Me Explain," Kevin Hart returns to the big screen with "Ride Along." While it may be far from the most memorable comedy, I can't help but admit I enjoyed sitting through it.

Kevin Hart plays Ben, an eccentric man who wants to marry the love of his life, Angela (played by Tika Sumpter). Before he does, he seeks to get the blessing of her brother James (played by Ice Cube), a tough, loose cannon cop. In order to prove he's worthy of marrying James' sister, Ben must join James on a day on his job as an officer. Eventually, the two get wrapped up in a case neither of them were expecting.

As expected, the film plays out like a typical buddy-cop comedy: a cop teams up with someone he doesn't like or agree with and the two have to attempt to get along. While this basic plot line has indeed been done to death, this film makes the fortunate decision to skip out on many movie clichés. There is no third-act-breakup, no mopey montage, and no "you're off the case" or "you're fired" scene. While a lack of these clichés does hamper the conflict, it is quite refreshing to see them absent from the film. On the other hand, the script lends itself to other flaws. Several scenes seem to be included for the sole purpose of filling time (such as a random cameo by Jacob Latimore that amounts to nothing). Moreover, the story can be very predictable at time, even with a couple of random and nonsensical plot twists thrown in. Still though, there is a lot of good to this film.

The dialogue, while far from quotable, is consistently funny and is almost guaranteed to keep the theater laughing. The jokes are delivered on a regular basis and never stray too far into campy or mean-spirited territory. Unlike films like "Identity Thief" and "A Madea Christmas," the tone of the film never strays from a comedic romp and always keeps the laughs coming.

Kevin Hart's performance itself is arguably worth the price of admission. Hart's lines are delivered with the impression that he is enjoying making this movie, and his high-energy presence is sure to please his fans. If you are a fan of Kevin Hart, you will most likely enjoy his screen-presence and his great chemistry with Ice Cube even if you find the script to be lacking.

"Ride Along," may not go down as a comedic legend, but in my eyes, it is certainly worth checking out at least as a rental. The flawed script can indeed be overlooked by the gleeful dialogue and Kevin Hart's enthusiasm. I'd say give it a shot, it wouldn't hurt to check it out.
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Rather Lame & Ridiculous Comedy
larrys319 April 2014
There are some laughs here, but overall I found this comedy to be rather lame, stale and ridiculous. When you have 4 screenwriters listed, as in this film, it's usually a bad sign.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star here, with Hart portraying Ben Barber, who's a rather diminutive high school security guard and expert video game player. He's in a loving relationship with Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter), who's very proud of Ben when he's accepted into the police academy.

However, her highly overprotective brother James, played by Ice Cube, is a Detective with the Atlanta Police Department, and he feels Ben is certainly not good enough for his sister. James is gruff, volatile, and a loner on the force, but he agrees to take Ben on a ride-along for a day of police work.

James' main intention though is to place Ben in one impossible situation after another, on the streets of Atlanta, so he can prove to Angela once and for all that Ben doesn't have what it takes and is really a "loser".

Finally, as Ben closes in on a major arms deal that's going down with a major crime-lord, named Omar (Laurence Fishburne), it all culminates in an overly long, absurd, and predictable finale.

All in all, the plot here just seemed to be a "one-trick pony", with the same theme being run over and over. Combined with the flat humor, I was glad when it was over.
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Ice-Cold Movie, Warm Hart.
bobsgrock27 January 2014
No matter how popular this film becomes at the box office, Kevin Hart no longer has to prove himself as being worthy of a lead star. His comedic timing and graceful style more than prove that in Ride Along. The trouble is that the film itself is so lacking in almost any originality or intelligence that he would have had to do a lot in order to show himself worse than the movie.

Playing the comic relief in a pale yet obvious retread of 48 Hrs. and Training Day, Hart fully utilizes his short stature and body language to his strength. Being rather short, indeed shorter than his female co-star Tika Sumpter, Hart compensates by playing a man-child with a large inferiority complex. Constantly attempting to prove himself capable of something of value, he still cannot help but invoke his knowledge of childish things, mainly video games. He also cries in terror, jumps into his brother-in-law's arms and looks for acceptance at every turn. He is, in fact, a fully-grown imp. What is astonishing about him is how he uses this to carry the movie along. Scene after scene drags along with the obligatory sense of having been done countless times beforehand but it is Hart's sentimentality that shines beyond the dull narrative. Though his facial expressions are often overwrought, he is still capable of carrying scenes purely through his timing and understanding of comic development. At times, he sounds like he is improvising a stand-up bit. Other times, he seems to invoke the speed-demon, whirlish style of Eddie Murphy. No matter his tactic, he makes it count despite a lack of support.

Making things more frozen than necessary is Ice Cube, scrunching up his face in attempting to portray a hard-ass of a cop; one of those lone, righteous moralists who is willing to go against any and all authority in order to prove himself as being right all along about his case. Of course he is, but what is confusing is how the film seems to condemn his behavior as a loner, yet justifies his actions during the course of the story. It is never clear which side the movie falls on and it most likely does not matter. Truthfully, none of the characters or plot points seem necessary at all except to showcase the difference between Hart's ambitious high-school security guard trying to become an Atlanta policeman and Ice Cube's tough-as-nails detective on the hunt for the most ferocious kingpin in the city, so terrifying and imposing that no one has ever seen his face (You will guess who it is right away; the opening credits give it away).

The biggest fault in the screenplay is its lack of developing the relationship between the two key characters: Ice Cube and his sister. Supposedly, they are very close due to being raised in foster homes, leading to him playing over-protective daddy to her. The trouble is the writers never give them a scene for themselves. What kind of relationship did they have or have now? And how has it changed as they have gotten older? And, furthermore, what is Ice Cube's personal life? Does he have one? Clearly, these were not on the writers' or director's mind. The final priority seems to have been only to ensure Kevin Hart came out looking like a fine-bred, comedic leading man for years to come. In this, the movie has succeeded. However, the makers of the movie should not pat themselves on the back. Save that for Mr. Hart himself, the only saving grace in this entire tired, formulaic story.
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Good fun
MAYESY-4419 July 2020
Good fun film with some good action and a decent story which was pretty original. The partnership between Ice cube and Kevin hart was also great.
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Moderately Enjoyable Buddy-Cop Action Comedy
DareDevilKid3 February 2014
Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK) Rating: 3/5 stars

Lighthearted, easily pleasing, simplistic, formulaic, yet sufficiently entertaining buddy-cop action comedy. What it lacks in memorable action, it makes up for in it's funny scenes and dialogues. Buddy-cop action comedies are never about great plot-lines. unexpected twists, and riveting direction; so we don;t expect "Ride Along" to be any different. But where it fails to enter the elite in its genre, is the apparent lack of memorable chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

Don't get me wrong, they are both affable in their respective roles and Kevin Hart is actually funny (even though he isn't in the same league as Eddie Murphy). But as the two main leads, they don't feed of each other and create that sizzling chemistry which elevated films like "48 Hrs.", "Lethal Weapon 1 & 2", "Midnight Run", "Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2", "Hot Fuzz", "Rush Hour 1 & 2", City Heat", "Red Heat", "Dhoom 1 & 2", and "Last Action Hero" to certified classics.

Also, though the film has some decent action scenes, they are completely derived and none of the scenes stand out as fresh and long-lasting. What actually holds "Ride Along" together are the quirky and natural humor of Kevin Hart and the deadpan personality of Ice Cube. It's good and entertaining enough for passing time on a lazy afternoon.
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Painful the first time
jameswilson44663 February 2014
I like Jason Mantzoukas work and it is a shame to him involved in this. I can't blame him for getting a check. At its best, Ride Along is tolerable. Ride Along was only watchable due to the fact that I've enjoyed these actors in other movies. Kevin Hart is the sole actor to bring any humor out of the script, but given the flat performance of Ice Cube, Lawrence Fishburne and the rest of the cast, I just can't say that Hart's part is enough reason to watch. Also, plot points are often introduced to soon be abandoned for the next minor plot point.Ride Along tries to be a comic version of "Training Day," only there's nothing in it as funny as Denzel razzing Ethan. There's nothing much funny in it at all. At its worst, it borders on insulting. A collection of moldy gags that director Tim Story tries to polish.
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Might Induce Car Sickness
MediaPanther22 January 2014
It's said that January is known as a wasteland when it comes to film releases. Those "in the know" say that studios release films during this month that they have little or no hope for. That premise might be true or not, but when it comes to Ride Along, there might be some merit in that belief. Meant to be a comedic vehicle for Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, this police procedural is almost too hard to watch. It could've been a lot better.

Struggling every which way to get in the good graces of his girlfriend's brother, erstwhile police academy candidate Ben Barber (Hart) jumps at the chance to prove himself by accepting the challenge of riding shotgun for a day with vice detective James Payton (Ice Cube). Add Serbian gun runners, an underworld kingpin played by none other than Laurence Fishburne (Man Of Steel), and crooked cops as a subplot, and you have the makings of an interesting genre piece. In this case, more like just a piece.

Blame for this catastrophe lays at the feet of the screenwriters, all four of them. Why didn't they ask Kevin Hart (Real Husbands Of Hollywood), who right now is one of the funniest comedians working, to help with the script? Instead they come up with a hodgepodge of bits that aren't funny. One saving scene is when Barber pretends he is Omar (the Fishburne character). Tim Story (Fantastic Four, Think Like A Man) is a credible director, so who knows what he was thinking.

To be fair, Ride Along is not a complete waste of time. It's just unfortunate that with a cast the likes mentioned and John Leguizamo, the film failed to deliver. These actors deserved to be in a much better picture, not one that had potential. If you watch this movie, you"ll be taking a ride, but you might not like where you end up.

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It was funny
TheBrianator8825 January 2014
OK first off, let me ask you people where the hell you guys got this 1 star rating for this movie. Seriously? WTF?? Did you guys even actually go and see the movie or did you take a guess by watching the trailer? 1 star? Really! Well I'm just gonna point out, in my opinion, honestly, because I saw it and all. It was good and funny nonstop. I'd give it 7/10 stars. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are both legends, and they got together and made a movie that was funny and action packed. Think of them as Shrek and Donkey, Ice Cube being Shrek, quiet and serious, and Kevjn Hart, who is talkative and slightly annoying, in a good way. That's what it reminded me of. The movie was worth my $12.00 I spend last night and Im glad I saw it. So I hope this review helps for those who haven't seen it yet and you can forget about that 1 star rating thing.
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This Movie Was Not Funny
a-johnson1-889-72268226 January 2014
I am a big Kevin Hart. He has won me over with his stand up comedy films and his show on BET, so I was excited to actually see this one despite Ice Cube being the other main character. I was so disappointed in this film, it makes me not want to go see any of his other movies that are coming out later this year.

When I say this movie was predictable, I mean it was predictable. I knew everything that was going to happen, even the exact lines that were going to be said. For me, it seemed like the director let Kevin Hart improv a lot of his lines but the ending result wasn't as funny as they thought it would. Even with Kevin's weird way of delivering his lines, it was just a miss for me. All the "funny" parts were in the trailer so it made the movie less enjoyable because when a particular scene would come up, you knew the funny punchline because it was in the trailer. Why studios do that? I have no clue? There are ways to advertise the movie without giving the whole plot away and all the good parts.

I will say that the initial plot was pretty interesting. The dynamic between Kevin and Ice Cube's character was pretty interesting but it definitely was no Rush Hour. I feel like the writers and producers are trying to go for another buddy cop franchise like Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon or Bad Boys but this movie doesn't even come close to it so I hope they don't go that route. I will admit that there are certain that I did laugh at because Kevin Hart has this subtle way of delivering lines and reacting to thing that a person might miss if you're not paying attention. So, yes, I did let out a little giggle but I didn't know if it was me actually laughing or forcing myself to laugh because I paid twelves dollars for this ticket.

Comedy is selective, so what might be hilarious to me, might not be funny to you and vice versa, so I can't really say it'll be a waste of time because we all interpret comedy differently. I just know for a fact that a lot of Kevin Hart fans will be very disappointed in this film but he's obviously trying to appeal to a broader audience which is okay. Because I'm a Kevin Hart fan, I will overlook this dull movie but Ice cube, a word of advice...just retire! By the way Tika Sumpter is beautiful and the small cameos from certain characters were personally enjoyable.
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The_moan_of_all_moans20 March 2014
I entered CineWorld through the revolving doors and I wish I just had the sense, within those seconds, to complete a 360 degree rotation and exit again. Yes, it would have been pointless and a short waste of time; and if eyes where on me I may have come across rather strange, but if I had a time machine I would have wasted those 3 seconds whilst appearing unstable if it meant I could have avoided this film.

If it weren't for boredom striking i would never have went to see this film; so i have to blame my own inactivity. Of course as i have a Unlimited card and that was a decisive factor in me actually going; as i would rather watch paint being made, put in a tin, sealed, put in a truck, delivered, bought by a customer, who would then paint their walls, for me to then watch it dry....than pay 8 pounds to see this. I knew it was going to be bad, but within 5 minutes of this debacle I had to listen to Ice Cube spew out lines like "aw i'm gonna getcha now" as he pursues a criminal or "get out the way" as he drives on wrong side of the road. Wither it was being nonsensical or just Ice Cube's delivery it was awful throughout. "Friday" aside Ice Cube had done nothing worth watching in my opinion. The one and only interesting thing about him in those crazy eyebrows of his. They are fascinating...

Beside him is the man who is seemingly everywhere at the beginning of 2014; Kevin Hart. But wither you seen him doing his Live Comedy acts or saw him in "Grudge Match" then there is nothing left to see. This is what his acting consists of: acting like a child and squawking like a deranged crow. I admit every now and then he can bring out a chuckle in me, but thats it.

When i first seen the film advertised, with Ice Cube in the leather coat and sunglasses driving the muscle car it obviously screamed "Training Day". But even though they addressed that in the film, it still made me sick. "Training Day" is an exceptional film with amazing performances; this on the other hand is reproduced manure with 2 pigs rolling around in it.

You may be rewarded with 2....maybe even 3 laughs, but avoid at all costs is my advice.
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You're not good enough for my sister
bkoganbing19 January 2014
I see that while Ride Along is still in theaters in a first run we've already got in place a planned sequel with the highly original title of Ride Along 2. Ever since The Godfather no one has ever bothered to come up with original titles for movie sequels. No reason to expect originality from the folks who produced Ride Along.

I'm sure Ride Along will find its share of enthusiasts. It's an amiable comedy about an Atlanta police officer Ice Cube thinking that no one, but no one is good enough for his sister Tika Sumpter. Especially Kevin Hart who is a school security guard and is her current boyfriend. Hart is into video reality games and Ice Cube is going to give him a dose of reality.

Hence he invites him on a Ride Along for a day in his patrol car. A number of funny situations occur as Ice Cube leaves Hart out there on his own to deal with some interesting people. Looming over all of this is Ice Cube's quest to find arms dealer Laurence Fishburne known only as Omar and unknown even to his own crew.

Nothing special, but what confidence these producers have that Ride Along will find an audience. I'm sure it will.
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Lazy writing with mildly amusing cliches
fallyhag24 November 2018
There are some good actors in this film. But it was all following such a lazy storyline. Painfully bad. At some points they must have got so bored because they couldn't even be bothered to try and make it believable. The climax in the warehouse was an appalling example of direction. It dragged on and stalled half way through. Then they realised so just added a very poor shootout scene. It was just so lazy.

It had its mildly amusing bits but that's it. I can't recommend it.
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One of the worst buddy or buddy cop films ever made
jonathanmark-7704817 July 2017
Plot; Security guard Ben must prove himself to his girlfriend's brother, top police officer James. He rides along James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta.

This is one of the top 5 worst buddy or buddy cop films ever made. Both Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have zero chemistry with each other, Cube looks like he is bored doing this and is only doing these films for the paycheck, Hart is annoying as hell trying to be a Chris Tucker wannabe and failing. The story is generic, uninteresting, and overall boring. The action is lackluster and unmemorable. The only positive thing I can say is Laurence Fishburne who actually tries to give a performance unlike everyone else in this film.

This is easily one of the worst buddy or buddy cop films ever made, don't watch it if you haven't seen it, watch good ones like Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Bad Boys, Tango and Cash just to name a few.
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Kevin hart is funny without telling jokes.
CoolKid2318 January 2014
Going into this movie I did not know what to really expect. I always argue with people that Kevin Hart is not funny as most stand up comedians but rather it's his silliness and his charisma that makes him funny. He will not tell a lot of jokes but his mannerisms and the way he talks during his parts are what is funny. Now that we have got that part out of the way I would like to say I fully enjoyed this movie. It was much funnier than I thought it would be. Ice Cube does it again with his production company making a movie that is already in talks to spawn a sequel.No matter what ice cube touches it seems like it's worth watching. Even his last Friday movie was pretty much a let down compared to the others but people still watch it when it comes on TV. Kevin Hart is pretty much himself in every movie which can be a good or bad thing depending on the script. i could not stop laughing at how stupid Kevin harts character was. Ice Cube and Kevin hart had very good chemistry together and I hope to see a sequel. You should go see this movie because it is worth it if you want some good laughs.
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much better then I expected
mjacksongta24 January 2014
as far as simple comedy's go I have ride along an 8. it was full of laughs, the cast was great and it even trough in a bit of a twist.

now I'm not saying you won't see the twist coming but comedy's IMO aren't for that anyway. but just the face that it was there was great.

This is probably Kevin Harts best script to date and it matched his comedy routine very well. as for ice cube he did a great job for who he is but I do feel that Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson would have been a better cast as he's much bigger and more intimidating then ice cube.

all and all though its worth the watch. just go into it with an open mind and remember that it is a comedy. don't compare it with like Shawshank or Braveheart or something like that.

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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are an entertaining odd couple
DarkVulcan2920 January 2014
Ben(Kevin Hart) a security guard, who is trying to prove a cop named James(Ice Cube) that he is good enough for his sister, who Ben is currently dating, and wants to marry. Ben wants to become a cop, so James takes Ben along for patrol ride. Ben hopes to prove to James that he is good enough for his worthy enough for his sisters love.

I liked the comic chemistry that Cube and Hart had, they just played off each perfectly. But there times some moments that where too predicable, I mean even before they happen you can pretty see it coming. But all in all a enjoyable flick, never tries to hard to be something it's not. Not as good The Heat(2013), but almost gets there.
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Better than expected (expectations were low)
neil-4767 March 2014
Ben is a diminutive school security guard and shoot-'em-up video game addict. Wanting to marry Angela, he is persuaded to join her brother James, a cop, on his various cop stuff bits and pieces, to prove he is worthy of James' approval.

I watched the trailer with trepidation. It contained a number of things I have trouble with. One is black US urban patois - as an aged white Brit, I often have trouble understanding it. And another was Kevin Hart as Ben. Not a performer I am familiar with, it was clear that his schtick included loudness, and crossing his eyes while making faces because that's funny. I suspected that I would dislike Mr Hart's performance.

But I'm not one to pre-judge, so I thought I would give it a chance. Guess what? I had trouble understanding a lot of the dialogue, and I hated the loud face-pulling antics of Mr Hart.

But fairly early on there was a bit where, as school security guard, he is talking to a student who is about to play hookey. This is quite a funny piece, and it also gave his character some substance - passion and empathy. And that was something I hadn't expected, and which surfaced quite frequently during the rest of the film.

Don't get me wrong, this is a completely cliché'd buddy-cop, fish-out-of-water formula comedy with absolutely no surprises whatsoever. But, within those limitations, I enjoyed it much more than I had expected to.
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Sad, Not Funny
westsideschl20 May 2014
The writer's need to get out of Hollywood and get a real life. Beginning scene of black high school athlete following some loser white dude into something dumb is about as likely as flying pigs. Opening scenes with car chases weaving through pedestrian traffic with 180 degree spins accompanied with guns-a-blazing & leaping acrobatics is so tiresomely old that a good nap was in order during it all. Made worse by being overly fakey. Then add an even more tiresome cliché of a run in with stereotyped bikers. A lot of Tyler Perry style black face "lack of humor" that does more harm than help in destroying stereotypes. Usual Eastern European bad guys selling stuff from a dockside warehouse (where it all eventually ends in shootout - of course). Predictable cop and wannabe cop get it together.

The whole movie was as imaginative as a cheap, without anything, burger.
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Great Set Up; Disappointingly Unfunny Execution
drpakmanrains9 February 2014
I realize I am not the demographic this action comedy is intended for, being 73, but I am capable of appreciating a good, truly funny comedy. For example, I loved "Bad Grandpa". But this film, despite a promising set-up, failed to realize its potential. There were, to be fair, a few funny moments, but mostly what we got was a lot of noise, explosions, gunfire, and fast talk. For me, the funniest moment was early in the film, at the shooting range. The film needed more character development between Hart and his sister, and a better script. As it did well at the box-office, I may be too old to appreciate what went down, but as a fan of such films as "Dumb and Dumber", I think I still can tell a successful comedy from a disappointing one, which this one I think definitely was.
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Shockingly unfunny
luke180320007 March 2014
The only funny, parts where in the trailer, the rest was so unfunny it would have made the richest man ever want a refund. My friends thought it was good but I think it was the most unfunny comedy I have ever seen Do not WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING THIS FILM OR YOU WILL WANT TO NEVER SEE A COMEDY AGAIN BECAUSE YOU THINK IT WILL BE THIS BAD. ANYONE WHO THINKS THIS WAS FUNNY NEEDS TO WATCH FILMS LIKE MEET THE PARENTS, ANGER MANAGEMENT AND LIAR LIAR. Les miserable was funnier than thus because all the funny parts you had seen in the trailer

There is only one group of people who would find this funny and those are the people who have never seen a comedy or any film in their life. Go and watch non stop instead
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Are you people all on drugs?
Imdbterminator22 February 2014
Seriously? Amazing? Can you people use any other adjective besides amazing? Really? Amazing means shocked and astonished! How the hell does this movie fall into the overused amazing category? Are you all a bunch of 14 year olds? This movie was not funny! It was not amazing!!!!!!!!! I would rather have a root canal with laughing gas than have to pay to watch this crap film again. Another failed film of 2014. I have written 4 bad reviews out of 4 movies this month. Gravity was horrible, "her" was the worst movie I ever saw next to nacho libre and I won't mention the other. This comedy had no comedy. Take your money and go to a comedy club and don't waste it on the 10/10 bogus liar reviews! 0 out of 10 it gets. 10 thumbs down! I want my 2 hours of life back :(
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