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solid story and acting, not so much for the directors ability
olivermartin80929 May 2010
The stranger is a good solid film with an enjoyable story however the cinematography and direction is poor to say the least, in fact the opening scene almost put me completely off, you need to allow 15 or so minuets to get into the film. this film doesn't really have that many big action set pieces and is more concerned with telling a mysterious tale than getting our adrenaline racing. Flashbacks abound as snippets of memory keep darting through Austins head, mostly centered on his wife and daughter apparently being killed while he's mixed up in some dangerous sting operation. We're teased with such scenes numerous times during the film as much of Austins struggle is more internal than external. But while it's not that hard to piece much of it together ourselves, it's interesting to watch the characters slowly unravel the secrets of Austins identity and discover a few other startling surprises as well. All actors put in a good performance most notably Austin in his third leading role its clear that if he takes the right career path and keeps giving these kind of performance he should soon be a star of the silver screen. this is not an action film. overall a good watch just a shame about the director.
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Not a Very Enjoyable Film, Flaws Just Keep Popping Up
gavin694227 May 2010
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin stars as a man with no memory who travels cross-country (and in Mexico), trying to find his home... but the Russian mob wants him, the FBI wants him, his psychologist wants him... and there's millions of dollars on the line.

Let's just sum this one up: semi-poor writing, very poor directing, atrocious cinematography. Just a mess all around... sadly, the best part of this film was Steve Austin's acting. Austin effectively pulls off fight scenes, speaking in Russian and Spanish and English and just being an all-around decent lead.

I can't explain the pointless motorcycle camera shots, or the opening scene, or many other filming gimmicks they tried and failed with. I also can't explain why they thought "Tom Thomachevsky" was a good name... it's just silly sounding.

There's not much to say beyond that... the film is not worth your time or money. I hate to slam a film, but this one was just such a drag to watch I think it would be unjust to praise it even a little.
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mostly boring
disdressed1225 April 2011
i found this Steve Austin vehicle to be mostly boring,with a bit of mild action here and there.there was one twist i wasn't expecting.Austin was pretty decent here in the acting department,but for me,Adam Beach stole the show.too bad the show wasn't worth stealing.i had to fight tot keep my eyes open for this one.i wouldn't recommend it.there's a lot of talking going on and not much else.and the dialogue isn't that great either.i'd give this one a miss unless you're a die hard Steve Austin fan.i'm he's probably done better work than this,although this is the first film i've seen of his.anyway,for me,The Stranger is a low 4/10
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Not the best for Steve Austin...
gtz-2825 May 2010
Well the film was okay... I cant say it was the best action movie I've ever seen but it was okay. Its a shame that Steve gets put into a films with a good script but pretty bad directing. As always the action parts of the movie had Steve doing his wrestling against guys with guns and so on.

I still think its a must see to all those action loving people out there, but there's not much to look forward to. Most action movies nowadays are always pretty much the same old stuff you've seen 1000 times before. I personally enjoyed Steve Austin in "The Condemned" because that film was very original and had a lot of parts that I will always remember.
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Kills 91 minutes without too much pain.
Hey_Sweden28 August 2015
"The Stranger" is a routine, adequate action thriller that mostly works as a vehicle for wrestling star "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Stone Cold plays the title role, a bad ass who keeps changing his identity and line of work as he travels cross country. The earnest psychiatrist who hopes to help him recover his true identity is Grace Bishop, played by Erica Serra. The other recurring character in his life is Mason Reese (Adam Beach), an FBI agent who also seems to know a whole lot.

Stone Cold actually isn't the problem here. He has a strong screen presence, but also does not embarrass himself when it comes to acting. He gets to speak multiple languages, as well. The supporting actors - Ron Lea, Viv Leacock, and Jason Schombing as various Federal agents - are decent enough, with Beach an obvious standout. The movie can't be faulted in terms of pacing, but the story (by Quinn Scott) is patently predictable and pretty ridiculous. What makes "The Stranger" hard to watch much of the time is the overused technique of rapid fire editing and chaotic camera movement. You just wish the picture would stay still.

The movie (mildly) amuses, and is instantly forgettable.

Although set in the United States, it's all too clear that it was shot in Canada.

Five out of 10.
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Ehm, alright then...
paul_haakonsen31 May 2010
First of, I am going to clearly state that I am not a fan of Steven Austin's acting, though this movie was less tolerable than the movie "The Condemned".

Well, this movie didn't all together suck. It had a fairly average story. I sat through the entire movie, and was waiting for something big to happen. It sort of seems like the story wants to take on a bit too much at one time, and it doesn't come together fully throughout the movie. There was a relative good pace to the plot, and lots of action and fighting.

However, the acting in the movie was mediocre at best. And here I am clearly hinting at Austin's performance.

If you like action movies and you like Steve Austin, fine, go for this movie. But if you want action and doesn't really care about Austin, then you might be better off picking another movie entirely. There are lots of other actions movies out there, and far better ones as well.
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Entertaining, kept my interest
dagstenerud9 July 2010
I found The Stranger to be OK for a TV movie but not so suitable for the big screen. The truth of the conspiracy was cleverly hidden. Steve Austin's formidable presence made the fight scenes more realistic than typical choreographed fight scenes. He worked well with Erica Carr. Erica was the best actor. She made the film flow more smoothly. Mason Reese's and Viv Leacock's opening scenes were somewhat stilted. Overall the supporting cast did acceptable performances though there were no stand-outs. The story is unfinished and I would like to see how it ends. Kudos to Calista Bashuk for her first appearance in a feature film. From the little we saw of the young lady I sense an emerging talent.
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Steve is too good for this movie
miketaylor20075 July 2010
Well just like I said Stone Cold Steve Austin is just too good for this movie. I think the only reason I sat through it was because im a big fan of his work and you just cannot compare this to movies such as The Condemned or Damaged. As far as the acting goes he did a pretty good job playing his role but the acting wasn't the problem in this movie. Erica Cerra was also very good I liked her acting in this movie and have never heard of her before this. It's just too bad that the story wasn't put together properly otherwise it might have been good. Im gonna be brutal I was so disappointed in this one that I would go ahead and say it's not even worth a one time watch. Everything Stone Cold has done aside from this was way better but im betting The Expendables will make up for this failure of a movie.
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aixroot14 June 2010
Some action flick of sorts. FBI, automatic weapons, and a few explosions. The fight scenes are strangely wooden. The actor Steve Austin used to be in show wrestling (fake fighting) This shows in most action scenes where you expect Steve to go into Hulk position (hold invisible ball and shake your chin). Obviously he was hired because of his burly physique, not his martial skills. Looks like a B movie with a bigger budget. Adding: Obligatory sweaty torture scenes in slow motion. Short range shoot-out scenes with hundreds if bullets without any causalities. If you don't like it, stop watching half way. It doesn't get better.
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Even fans of Steve Austin should just pass on this one
KineticSeoul7 October 2010
I will admit it the only reason I decided to check this piece of crap of a film was because it had Stone Cold Steve Austin in it. And to be honest I actually kinda liked "The Condemned" and I thought in this one although a low budget film, I was going to see him bad ass and kicking ass in a badass manner. That wasn't really the case for this terrible action movie with some of the worst action in it. From the gunfights to hand to hand fighting, everything looked just way too cheap and fake. The plot is also very forgetful, in fact the day after I saw this movie I forgot the plot almost completely. Yeah near the end it sort of picks up slightly, with the connections and everything. But besides that even Stone Cold Steve Austin could save this crappy film. The acting in this film is mediocre at best and it's just convoluted and boring. For a film like this, it would have been better to go in the more simple and over the top direction with better sequences. Even those who are fans of Steve Austin should just pass on this film, it would just tarnish your views on Steve Austin.

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Had Potential but Poor Casting and Directing Hurt this Movie
snomisc25 February 2021
Steve Austin and Erica Cerra were brilliant in this movie. Every other person in the film seemed like first year acting students. It felt like everyone else was reading cue cards. The chemistry between Austin and Cerra was good and helped to keep my interest, but the Directing was horrible. The movie jumps all over the place and is nearly impossible to follow. Even when they start to piece things together, it still doesn't make sense. The worst part was the ending. The movie just stops without finishing the story or anything resembling a conclusion. The fight scenes were good, the action was solid. With a decent director and a few supporting actors that could act, this film could have easily been an 8 or 9 star. As it, I give it 6 and that's only because of Austin and Cerra. I might rewatch it again, now that I kind of know what happened, but I'll be doing a lot of fast forwarding. Too bad, because this movie has a lot of potential.
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Watch for Yourself and Decide
docm-323049 November 2020
I almost didn't watch this film because of the bad reviews. I don't know what they were expecting, but I found the film quite good. Great acting, directing, sound and suspense. Even the language was fine as the director must have decided that the film could stand on its own through good acting and a story that keeps you wanting to get to the bottom of his memories. Well done Steve.
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What a load of crap. Adam Beach is the worst actor in everything
lopezpatricia-061391 October 2020
I love a good shoot em up movie, but this was just so boring. Ironically it was Steve Austin that gave the best acting performance. Never seen the bourne identity films but I suspect this was a cheap rip off.
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Negative reviews about Steve Austins films by people are stupid and idiotic, this may not be an action packed film but it definitely is a very good film
nims-197516 May 2020
The Stranger which is about an ex special forces agent called The Stranger(played by Steve Austin) who has lost everything in life including his wife and daughter and loads more has been severely tormented by these tragedies, has lost his memory and can't remember anything. This man is wanted by the FBI and he has got into fights with loads of people and killed them and involved with malicious Mexicans who are trying to kill him but he's killed them in self defense. A female psychologist called Grace Bishop (played by actress Erica Cerra) has worked with him before by trying to help him and wants to help him again but people in the FBI she knows want to kill him but she says she'll be able to handle him. Mason Reese(played by Adam Beach) an FBI who also wants to help Grace with helping The Stranger is a good man but also has his doubts about The Stranger and also pressurizes him too much and is a bit violent towards him. Erica Cerra's acting as psychologist Grace Bishop was excellent because it showed her very good interaction with Steve Austin's character The Stranger and her empathy and compassion towards him. Steve Austin's acting as The Stranger was excellent and he really stood out in this film. His interaction with Erica Cerra's character Grace Bishop was great because it showed that the only person he could trust was her. Adam Beaches acting as Mason Reese was also excellent. His portrayal of an FBI Agent feeling frustrated about a man called The Stranger was excellent, because it showed his unhappiness uneasiness and frustration about the man very well. The Stranger is a film which is different from a lot of Steve Austin's other action packed films such as 'Hunt To Kill', 'Tactical Force', 'Deadly Target', 'The Condemned', 'Maximum Conviction' etc but it is not a crap or boring film like a lot of other very negative viewers think it is. None of Steve Austin's films are crap or boring, they all are excellent but as I mentioned this one is different. The Stranger is different because it is a more dramatic, tense and emotional film. The film also has some very good action scenes with some very good fight scenes. This film being different to a lot of Steve Austin's films didn't bother me, annoy me or affect me in any way because I focused on it a lot and noticed that it had a combination of animosity, drama, tension, emotion and rage. The film also has some very good acting by Steve Austin, Erica Cerra, Adam Beach and Ron Lea. I really found this film very enjoyable and entertaining to watch and will definitely watch it again it really is a very good film that is really worth watching.
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