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Amazing game, just like we all expected
As most of you are aware, Max Payne 3 has hit the stores, and I gotta say, it's one hell of a game. let's start by telling you how the story was with out giving any hint of the ending or parts that matter. It's fantastic. The levels are long, the environments are beautiful, a bit lighter then previous games (MP/MP2), so a couple of fans might find this a disappointment, but it makes it unique. And the best part, that most game companies have forgotten, a dark, yet bad-ass story that makes this game worth it. And now to the multi-player. It really surprised me how good it was, at first, I thought it would fail, but it succeeds so well, that it might be one of the best, and when I say the best, I mean the best, multi-player that I have had in a while. the way you can customize your character and how they accomplished making bullet time working in multi-player, is just incredible, you can level up, unlock guns and make some EPIC moments using bullet time. The graphics, are great, good light affect, rain affect, the atmosphere is fantastic and the voice actors did an amazing job in this game, especially James Mccaffery (Mx Payne voice actor).

This got to be one of the best games that you could get today, it has superb multi-player, a fantastic story and some of the greatest voice acting that you could get in a video game ever, this has been one hell of a ride that you shouldn't miss. Thank you for reading.
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This game kills all but one word to describe it... AMAZING
paxter-374-76341528 May 2012
Max Payne 3 is another excellent sequel to the first two previous games, that impacted games hugely, but this third sequel has raised the bar. Rockstar have produced yet another quite simply astonishing game that cannot be faulted at all. The writer of the story show off a great skill at displaying Max's deep and depressed life that he drinks away to an inevitable hangover, and constantly pops pills to try and fill his sad and disheartened hole that won't go away. The story has a genuine catch and a very deep emotional side to Max's life which is very intriguing.

Overall I think the game is one not to be faulted, and I can't express how much I love it. It is a one time great and a absolute must have!
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Max Payne: Rockstar shining again
srlafond25 July 2012
First of all, if you are familiar with the Max Payne series, or even Rockstar games, the game is basically what most would imagine. It does shine in specific areas.

Max Payne, the protagonist, is a serious bad-ass. The story immerses you in Max's horror-ridden past, and showing him at his worse. Max is an ex-cop with a dead family, a drinking problem, nothing to lose, a temper, and a gun. Sounds somewhat cliché, but his intense bad-ass-ery makes up for it.

When Max gets roughed up, it looks so painful and gritty, you can almost feel it yourself. Every bullet, every punch to the face, leaves a painful obvious mark. And damn do you see every bullet hit. Aside from max taking 8 bullets in a day, his suit shows its wear and tear with him, a bullet to the leg will make max bleed until the end of the level. The bad guys have it just as bad, ill spare you, but it is quite gruesome to see someone shot up and down. They do deserve it though.

The story makes this game so damn awesome, Max is a valiant hero by no means, but he does have a sense of good that he tries to make out... With guns. Max's emotions are intense, and when Max becomes angry or breaks down in tears, you forget that he isn't real and someone is acting. James McCaffrey is the voice of Max Payne. Perfectly, might I add... And Rockstar overlooks no detail in projecting a cinema quality video game. Even the sound track is perfectly picked for this game.


Max Payne is a third person shooter, mostly over the shoulder. Max has the ability to slow his perception of time, and get a couple well placed shots. This is what makes the game so unique. Max can leap in any direction while slowing time, and shooting like mad. Every gunfight seems like an epic movie scene *untill* you fudge up and smack your head on a wall.

Most often, Max will engage a battle guns blazing, leaping through a window or down a roof, hoping to shoot as many bad-guys as possible before hitting the ground. This Rambo like approach to the game encourages you to take out as many enemies as possible as quickly as possible, sometimes before they even know whats going on. In some cases, I was able to leap sideways into a room while carrying a machine gun, and clear a room of a dozen bad-guys. Its quite fun to do, and watch happen, making Max that much more of a bad-ass.

This game is quite difficult. While some might argue that the game is too hard, turning the difficulty down and turning on aim assist is always available. You can get through this game despite your skill.

You control Max through the entire game.

sometimes controls can be clunky, my only con was max's collision with the world. Hard to understand why he cannot literally step over a suitcase on the ground. But that happens rarely.

Max has health, and it does not regenerate, with the exception of the last tiny bit of his life. He can pop a few pain pills and regain some health.

Max can only carry three guns, two in holsters, and one two handed weapon. Ammo is plentiful, however you cannot carry quite as much as you might prefer, encouraging you to make your shots count during long shootouts.

Again, this game is damn hard. When playing on harder difficulties, you MUST go guns blazing, make every shot count, and dodge thru the air to get the first shot in. Really encourages the player to be less *boring* so to say.

That being said, I applaud Rockstar for another great game, an artful display, and keeping me on the edge of my seat!!
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Max Payne 3 (may contain spoilers)
ReelRocknRolla20 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Max Payne 3 is in my opinion as good as 3rd person action gets.

Max Payne 3 is set 8 years after Max Payne 2. It finds Max in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But I won't waste time telling you what you already know. ;-)

To the point, in a new setting one may fear that the noir style of the first 2 might be lost. Sure the art style is not as bleak (except the flashback levels) but it is still as noir as you can get. So fear not.

The plot and narrative is exceptionally crafted and executed. The dialog is top notch and the voice acting (especially James McCaffrey) is simply superb.

The action is intense and frantic. And the mechanics and physics of the world are beautiful.

Throughout my 2 playthroughs, I encountered only one glitch and it was in play-through 2. I unloaded an SMG into some baddies via blind-fire. Problem was when I stopped firing, the sound of my SMG going full auto continued. And it stayed that way.......for the rest of the level. Haha. Minor problem nothing really bad.

If anything this game should prove that Rockstar should do more linear games. Open-world is their schtick but mixing it up with a linear title is not a bad idea.

The music and score mostly done by indie noise band Health, provide intense and cinematic pulse to an already chaotic ballet of action.

Max Payne 3 is summed up best as Intense, Deep, and Breathtaking.

Great piece of gaming. :-)

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Max Payne 3 is an authoritative must have for absolutely any fan even remotely interested in the genre.
sljohnson1210 July 2012
The fact of the matter is that the only way to really appreciate and avoid some valid criticisms of Max Payne 3, one must see this game as more of a new envisioning of the franchise.

What made the original game stand out aside from the bullet time gameplay was minute details; the fact that groups of enemies had hilarious conversations between each other, or the ingenious narrative with catchy phrases that practically defines the noir genre, and the entire dark shades and tones that overtook the graphics- Max Payne 3 does not so much do away with these things as update and modernize the series to meet the standards of today.

For some players, immersion may be instantaneous from the hook, and for others, it may take longer, and there may be those who essentially give up because they find it mundane, however; the game is best seen like a playable movie that, by the second disc, truly shines: The narrative becomes more astute, the character of Max Payne becomes polished, and the story begins to pick up with quite some twists and turns.

The gameplay is so refined that this game is the pinnacle of its genre and with the graphics and attention to detail being by far the best for action shooters thus far, Max Payne 3 truly shines as the must have and must play for anyone who wants an experience beyond anything out in the market.

Another important note is the surprising amount of replay value and goodies, such as collectible "clues" and "golden guns" placed throughout levels that encourage exploration of detailed environments. This adds a definitive flair to what would otherwise be a straightforward shooter. The only real downsides are easily compensated, with the first being the minute skewering throughout some of the longer cut scenes, which is really just the game loading and also done deliberately for style, and also some of the numerous of cut scenes throughout levels – these can be skipped.

However, the fact that there are absolutely no traditional load times throughout any of the levels again strongly contribute to making this game one of the best of its genre, and between this and the 360 degree gameplay, polished and refined bullet time, a duck, cover and blind-fire system that is effective and at times necessary, and a script with clever dialogue that eventually does pick up throughout the second disc, Max Payne 3 is an authoritative must have for absolutely any fan even remotely interested in the genre.

Pros Gameplay, production values, graphics, sound, audio , script, replay value

Cons Long cut scenes cannot be skipped

Score 9.8/10
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Max Payne is Back With a Vengeance!!!
Pumpkin_Man28 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Max Payne game series have always been some of my favorite computer games. The original is a classic and have fond memories of it. I was psyched when they finally announced the 3rd installment, but I heard they were getting a new voice actor and Max shaved his head, looking like Zach Galifianakis did in The Hangover Part II. But, when I finally played the game, my doubts were over. Max is back in a big way. It's very different, but still a Max Payne game. You still have bullet time, painkillers, and Max narrating, voiced by James McCaffrey, the true voice of Max Payne. This game is much more difficult than the previous two. More killing, more pervasive language, better graphics, and introduces cover system to the series, allowing yourself to peak out to make sure all the bad guys are dead.

It's been 9 years since Max Payne and Mona Sax took on the Inner Circle. Max still suffers from depression and going thru a mid-life crisis. Max has retired from the NYPD, and moved to São Paulo, Brazil to protect the wealthy Branco family. When Fabiana, the wife of Rodrigo Branco, is kidnapped, Max is thrust back into action, killing anyone who gets in his way. The game is very suspenseful, and a great adrenaline rush. I highly recommend MAX PAYNE 3!!!
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The best game of the year so far....
imo968 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i bought this game last month and it is easily the best game of the year until now i really enjoyed every single minute of it ,everytime i sat in front of it i never wanted it to end and keep in mind that this game has a very long campaign and also really brutal ,just ignore the haters this game is as good as the first two ,even the graphics were awesome and The story is phenomenal just like the other Max Payne games. The combat is smooth and keeps the old school feel of the original Max Paynes even with the new cover system. The visuals are amazing too and pleasing to the eye and especially the muliplayer is also a lot of fun so i highly recommend it
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A good game, but not the best of the series.
brandon_lee4201 October 2012
Max Payne and Max Payne 2 were groundbreaking and innovative games that were released more than a decade or so ago. Everything about them was awesome, like the never seen before bullet time, the cool looking comic-page cutscenes, and the amazing story and gameplay. Skip to 2012 and Rockstar release Max Payne 3, this time more different in many ways to its predecessors. Firstly, while the previous games were set in the cold, dark, snowy nights of L.A., this game is set mostly in the blaring heat of Sao Paulo, Brazil and I didn't really appreciate it because it didn't feel like Max Payne anymore. Secondly, the comic-page cutscenes are gone as well to be replaced with motion scenes and I was a bit bothered as well by this because it was starting to feel less and less like the Max Payne we knew and loved. Another thing about the cutscenes in this game was that there were too much and control was taken away from the gamer a lot, yet the cutscenes were awesome and worth it. I could keep comparing the game to its predecessors but I think you get my point.

Max Payne has a strong storyline supported by great animations and brilliant voice acting. No character feels or sounds cheesy thanks to the animations and the talent of the cast members. The animations, while although can't compare with Crysis 2 or God of War 3, are still pretty neat and clear. As you travel through the slums of Sao Paulo you begin to see the insane amount of detail put into buildings and the environment around you. The story is different this time around, Max is still haunted by the memories of his murdered wife and and child, but this time he is protecting some rich family. Obviously things don't go well and someone gets kidnapped and its up to Max to wreak hell and get her back. The ending was a bit predictable but overall, the story was very immersing. One of the main things we as an audience love about Max Payne is the amount of ass he kicks. The game has strong violence and strong language as well yet in a game like this you cannot have one without the other. As you face waves of enemies after enemies, you have no choice but to spray the walls and the floor with their blood. There a different guns to choose from yet all of them have the same objective: kill. The use of bullet time is really handy in this game and it is crucial for you to use it in order to survive certain parts of the game. Plus, the game looks hell cool in slo-mo.

Overall, while this game might be different to its predecessors, it doesn't mean that it is bad. It is a great game yet no a game worthy of ten. I urge every gamer to play it. 8/10.

'Over and out.' 2nd of October, 2012.
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Beautiful game, but where is Max Payne??
renatodefalco11 June 2012
I've been waiting Max Payne 3 for years. I played Max Payne 2 about five times in all difficulties, just to see the alternate ending, that I don't want to spoiler to you. The game starts pretty well: Max addicted to drugs is a great idea (how many painkillers did we make him take in the previous games?), but there ends the character Max Payne. In this game Max will fight a meaningless crusade against evil. He asks himself during the game why is he fighting a war that doesn't belong to him; and he is totally right! Why?? In this game he is not the cursed man who wants his revenge, the man who fights only for love in the worst meaning you can give, but a former cop who decide to become a "one man army" and kill every bad guy he finds! I'm not criticizing graphics and gameplay, they're certainly great; but this game could have been named differently, the character could have had blonde hair and here you have a very nice game with a poor story that has nothing to do with Max Payne. Simply: this game isn't worth all the years I've been waiting it.
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Only thing good was the extras : (
DJFrodo17 October 2012
I had high hopes for this game, but....

Halfway through the game and i'm tired of it.

1)Tired of the 60's/70's style cutting of scenes (cuts into 2-3 smaller scenes & sliding over here and there). This happens on EVERY cut-scene. Just overkilled it.

2)Tired of the constant distortion. At first I figured it was due to the drinking and painkillers he is taking, but even when he does sober up it still keeps distorting the picture. Overkill once again with this artsy stuff.

3)Tired of the NPCs in the game. Utterly useless. All they do is tell you to "hurry up!" and CONSTANTLY, over and over every few seconds. So damn annoying!!! REALLY REALLY annoying!!!! I think they've killed 2-3 people so far, most of the time they sit there with a gun in hand and pretty much never help, just telling to you "hurry up". Also, you get no time to check things out and search the scene, you take too long and your partner dies, start over from checkpoint.

4)Several times i'm by myself and the last shot comes from out of nowhere. Several times i've taken the last shot, and before it hits them it cuts short and it slips into a cut-scene.

5)In this current world where we are pushing out DVDs and going to Blu-Ray and higher quality, for some reason they went with 720 instead of 1080. WHY in the world would you do that?

6)Attemped to play multi-player. Guessing the host left, but instead of taking you back to the multi-player options scene, it COMPLETELY booted me out the game and back to the PS3 XMB scene.

7)The soundtrack, well, it's more like background noise. There were a bunch of other tracks i've heard (like in the clubs,etc. within the game), that are not on the soundtrack. I would rather have those songs.

8)I've tired to change guns and it wouldn't let me! One point it went into a cut-scene and auto switched to a weapon I didn't even have ammo for! Somehow once the cut-scene ended, it DID have ammo, so weird.

9)Lack of save. If you are in the middle of a cut-scene, your only option is to pause. You have to wait until the cut-scene ends (which could take minutes) and get control back of Max before you can get into the options to exit or do anything else.

10)Quite often I was in a wrong spot and the aiming would NOT work. Gun just shot straight up.

3/10 Almost hating this game as much as "Avatar: The Game"
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Yes he is back!!!!!
georgetobias8819 May 2012
After a long wait the gaming mascot of action games has returned. Picking up the franchise from game developers Remedy, A Rockstar studios collaboration puts out just what old fans have expected from a Max Payne game. Fresh and improvising upon the existing game this is indeed the king of third person action games. Splitting the review into 2 parts as I choose to review games based on the immersion and indeed game play.

Story- A good effort put out by the Rockstar team. Exactly what you would expect from the typical Dan Houser style of writing video game scripts. Max is cynical and the story can take you to certain points where feel he is a little too depressed but then again this is Max Payne. Putting the player in his shoes psychologically is what Rockstar does and it does a good job at that. A good story line that is not bad at all.

The game- Graphically great tagged with great game play that does not get old and fantastic sound shows the overflowing quality of this product in the single player campaign. The added cover system is only a small getaway from the frantic firefights. Its all about keeping the flow and maintaining a good and perfect improvisation for each situation. Just remember control of Max is smooth and once this clicks with the gamer the game begins to shine. A decently lengthy campaign that is well done and will keep you coming back for a few more spins on varying difficulties. The tech used to make the game is good so the enemies don't really do the same things on each play through. Apart from this the variety of levels is beautiful and something only you can expect Rockstar to pull off. Multi-player has not been a category i ventured into much but it is definite to keep you playing over and over again for a good time. Rockstar has done a great job here.

Faults- The lack of dead-man walking. Seriously Rockstar should have considered this mode which throws unlimited enemies to the player. Minor glitches even in the single player version. The almost cut scenes which cant be skipped mostly can be an irritation for the player as you just want to get into the game ASAP at least on second and third play through. A small free roaming environment similar to the Rockstar's game the Warriors would have been a good idea too.

Conclusion- a great game.good value for a game that is released these days. Meaty with single and multi player content that is overflowing with quality. A must buy for third person and action game fans.
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A big step down!
WakenPayne10 August 2014
I love the first 2 Max Payne games, they are without doubt my favourite games of all time. When I heard there was going to be a Max Payne 3 I thought "Okay, sounds interesting. Remedy's not involved but I'm sure they'll give out something worthwhile" and even the location change, I thought it was an odd location but I thought a good story would pull through even with Max looking like the lovechild of Agent 47 and Obidiah Stane... No.

The plot is that Max is asked to protect a family in Brazil because... Why the hell not? (To be fair the body count in both the previous games might go up to the 1000's) and they get captured but you stop them. Only for one chapter later for them to get captured... Is this Max Payne or "Max Payne in Super Mario Bros."? Seriously, these people are captured more often than Princess Peach. So Max rescues all but one and the rest of the game is pretty much you running around trying to save this person.

Okay, so my biggest problems with this is the story. The characters of the Bronco family might have been likable characters or at least worth a damn to run around leaping around corridors shooting people... The big problem is nobody and I mean NOBODY is interesting enough aside from Max. Nobody is given any development aside from what you played in the last 2 games. I mean people like Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem generated some form of interest to them (and even likability), Here - Nope.

The continuity is literally all over the place. Let me explain why, at the end of Max Payne 2 Max is in a US Senator's mansion and he is shot by the main antagonist. Max picks up his gun because in the chaos he loses it and decides to kill him and when that finally happens he hears his love interest say her last words as cops raid the place. Now he got off the hook for killing the people in the first game because of a deal he made with "The Inner Circle" of which the US Senator was a part of, and guess what - THEY'RE ALL DEAD! So naturally killing hundreds of Russian mobsters and having his fingerprints on a gun that killed a US Senator would have him either in jail or fleeing the country... TOTALLY FORGOTTEN IN THIS GAME! No, literally, Max not only talked his way out of the whole "gun on the US Senator" thing but also got rid of the Russian mafia... Anyone else think we missed a much better Max Payne game in-between the ending of the second one and when he got his job offer in the flashback levels? Because if I saw "Max Payne 2.5" basically chronicling that, I'd play it.

Oh, how there's more for me to harp on. There are no nightmare sequences in this game. That to some people was one of the best things in those games, it showed what Max is really going through. Here? Although he's worse off than before - gone! Hey, if you wanted to change so much and displace people like me - Reboot it!... I am literally suggesting to turn over a new leaf with this series because the story of the first game has a lot of potential (although if the Mark Whalberg movie taught us anything, that can also backfire) and if they did that, while it wouldn't be as good - They wouldn't be screwing the continuity sideways and it would be good to actually see these memorable characters again.

Okay, I've gotten angry for three paragraphs (and the worst part is I've only played half of this game... and it causes me to go ranting like this) so what is there to like? Because so many people are giving this high scores. Well, I like the gameplay. The added cover system really works and the whole "Last Man Standing" thing when Max enters bullet-time to shoot the guy who would have fired the shot that killed him is a nice touch, I mean it's essentially making it easier but then again you die in this game quite a bit as well. I might complain about the segments where you shoot enemies in bullet-time while doing something ridiculous like leaping over a car, holding onto a falling water tower or on a boat catapulting through the air but then again this is the same video game series where a guy single handedly shoots up hundreds of mobsters, takes hundreds painkillers without once over-dosing and leaps through corridors while doing it all in a matter of four days (I say four because, three days for Max Payne 1, 1 night for Max Payne 2) so I really didn't mind it.

If you want to play this game with the intention of maybe connecting to a video game series you know and love, this isn't it. However if you have no knowledge of the previous games (or at least the bare minimum) then this will be a fun ride. It doesn't really offer that much in terms of story but if your sole intention for buying this game is to leap around corridors and shoot everyone like you're in the Bestheda game WET without the acrobatic stuff then you will get your moneys worth.
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Pales in comparison with the Remedy games.
ricardopthomaz29 June 2014
Max Payne 3 was kind of a let down to me for the simple fact of losing its identity. The game is awesome as an action piece, but a lot of the elements from the previous 2 games by Remedy that I fell in love with were lost, like the comic book passages, the gritty noir environments, Max's sense of humor, clever irony and poetic narration, the dream sequences and some other awesome things that made me fell in love with the two Remedy games. The only sequence of the third game that comes more close to emulate the feel of the previous ones was the flashback sequence, that's it, but it was only close. For the first game I give a 9/10, great game, for the second game, a straight and glorified 10/10, flawless in every sense, and even if times had changed, playing these two games today didn't reduce my devotion and admiration for them, but for the third game, sorry guys, it gets a 5.5/10, not that good, it lost many of the identity acquired in the first two, it seemed like a different game to me. Hope that they can bring back Max's world as I remember from the first 2 games in a fourth installment.
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Disappointing story, great action
rudimir-bombardinovic2 April 2017
Max Payne 1 and 2 was one of those (rare) action games with good a la Mickey Spillane stories told very neatly in comic novella style packed in noir surrounding .

So what has changed and is Max still filled with pain?

9 year after NY events Max is still drowning his sadness in alcohol and painkillers when his old colleague Raul pays him a visit and proposes a new job. Shooting in bar takes Max to new chapter in life where he together with Raul starts a bodyguard job for wealthy Brazilian family. After mysterious attacks at members of family Max is once again being involved in situation that requires his skills...

First that the players will notice is that Max has turned from comic like storytelling to animation. Depending on individual taste, some will see it as step forward. To me, it seems like more thing of going with the flow – noir setting is lost together with imagination that was required of player. Stylized comic noir with good sound design worked perfectly. In this one, all the fails in animation that try to resemblance action movie surface so easily – stiff faces of characters in moments of their emotional peak, attractive semi naked woman that don't look like that at all because of their robot moves etc.

And the story does not help. After nine years Max is still in pain from loss of his wife and child, motive the new players will not understand and screenwriters use it to fill the story gaps and connect it to cliché family thriller of people Max is protecting as seen in B class thrillers with all the soap opera betrayal. Unfortunately to fill story with scenes of Max drinking and taking painkillers in his apartment gets boring after 4th time and so does Max delivering Bogart liners just for their sake. As first two stories avoided to look funny in overusing this stuff here you will find it fake. After half the story you will stop caring and just focus on action...

...and action is done close to excellent. Controls are responding great, arsenal adequate to one's gaming preferences so that you can bravely get into the action using bullet time with double Berettas or make your way tactically advancing from cover to cover with assault rifle. Enemies AI is also good, so that you will take out the light armored street guys easily and on hard level have problem with SWAT team that will try to smoke you out of the cover applying team work.

Game design varies from average to excellent, but you won't get bored. It took me approximately 14 hours to finish the game campaign taking my time which is decent for shooter.

If this Max appeared first it would have been great shooter which lacks story, like this we will ad minus for implementing nothing significantly new and plus for upgrading good shooting.

Good shooting with disappointing story when taking in mind its origins 8/10.
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Great mechanics makes this a superb game
85122224 July 2016
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Max Payne 3" (2012) (2012) was one of the best looking games in it's release year. Gameplay itself is outstanding - shooting, bullet time effects and gorgeous graphics as well as intriguing (but not highly involving) story makes this a must play experience + add a great (and surprisingly very deep) multiplayer.

Max Payne itself is the star of the game. I loved the surrounding - everything looked superbly realistic, with tons of details. There are also tons achievements - good luck in completing them all. But this game at the times (many, many, many times) can be also very frustrating, because you will die a lot in it - A LOT - and i kinda liked that realistic (if you say it so when our main hero takes ~5-8 bullets and survives with some painkillers) approach. Dialogs and screenplay are excellent.

Overall, "Max Payne 3" is different then two previous excellent games. Terrific game-play and presentation makes this a must play.
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Max Payne 3 - Game Review
WhiteFire4041 November 2017
When I heard about Max Payne 3, I naturally was interested, I loved the first 2 games and even though Remedy were not the ones working on 3, I still love Rockstar, they are able to tell great stories like in GTA San Andreas or Red Dead Redemption, so I was still very optimistic. Now, Max Payne 3 is not a bad game, not even close, but I can't deny it did felt like a step down compared to the previous games, the story is interesting at parts but after a while, you start to loose interest, while is a good story, is not as intriguing and engaging as the stories of the first two games and at times it gets pretty boring, the change of location was an interesting choice and they do take advantage of it, but it makes the game feel a bit distant from it's own franchise, thankfully there are some breve flashback scenes that take you to New Jersey and they feel more similar to the Max Payne games, now gameplay is something that has been improved considerably, the shooting mechanics are more polished than ever and the bullet time was perfected here, the graphics look gorgeous and the musical score by Health is great, in regard of technical aspects, Max Payne 3 is a near perfect game, but in regards of story and characters, this game is a bit of a let down, other than Pasos, there aren't many memorable new characters, none of the antagonists feel as unique as Nichole Horne or the Gognitti family or Lupino, none of the secondary characters are as memorable as Vladimir or Mona Sax, and that's a shame since this have always been a strong point in the franchise. Something I did liked about this game is the kind of story they were aiming, the first game was a neo-noir revenge story, the second game was a neo-noir romance story and this game is a neo-noir redemption story, that is actually a brilliant idea, making the Max Payne trilogy feel like one long story with 3 different acts, the execution though is the problem. Like I said, Max Payne 3 is by no means a bad game, in fact is pretty good, the graphics, gameplay and attention to detail are amazing, but the story and characters are unfortunately weaker and while the game is a fitting conclusion to Max's story, is not quite as strong as it should have been.
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Good but not a masterpiece.
dylanpatterson25 May 2012
First of all i would like to state that this game was a huge disappointment, i never played the original games but i knew the reputation this series had so i thought it would be another excellent game. This turned out to be wrong.

The story isn't too complex but it is interesting. Max is acting as a bodyguard for one of the wealthiest families in Sao Paulo until a group tries to bring down the family with the capture of one of the brothers wife. Max sets out to find her while also trying to figure out what's going on and why the group want's the family dead, things soon spiral out of control while he also tries to battle his own demons.

I'll start with the positives. All the voice acting is greatly performed (James McCaffrey steals the show)and it feels realistic, the soundtrack is brilliant(probably one of the best around), the graphics are great(One of the best for a third person shooter) and the attention to detail is amazing like all Rockstar games, the style and direction of the game is very good and keeps it interesting along with the story.

Although this is all ruined by the repetitive nature of the game it basically consists of: cut-seen kill people cut-seen kill people. It never or very rarely ever does anything to deviate away from this structure and after some time it can start to become boring. The linear level structure doesn't help much either you have to do what the game tells you to do, you cant take different routes or employ different methods to deal with situations, which is strange as most Rockstar games never do this. There are some other issues like: bad frame-rate, lack of exploration, terrible placing of checkpoints(or lack of them) but none of them add up to my overall major negative of this game...........................The difficulty.

Personally i like games that challenge me, it makes it feel like I've accomplished something and it gives me a sense of reward but Max Payne is just ridiculously hard. I wouldn't have minded if it wasn't so blatant that they where just trying to pad the game. You'll be thrown into a room with very little health, little ammo, not much cover and at times nothing to recover health then when you manage to get pass this point the game doesn't checkpoint so you'll have to replay over and over again. I expect this from less known lower budget type games not Max Payne! The multiplayer is good, the dialogue is kinda okay(it's not fantastic like most critics say it's kinda cheesy and sounds like a b-movie)and the violence is awesome.

It may seem like a don't like this game but that's not the case. It's good but that's it, not terrible not amazing just good, 7/10
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Good gameplay, but very very poor history.
macacobabuino9 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This game is very poorly the true city of Sao Paulo. In the game shows a city without law and without a police force. This all dirty the city's image. I did not find very good graphics, bad story, but good gameplay. I played a few hours, the game has a very high level of difficulty. Very shooting in all directions. The voice acting for the Portuguese in some parts seems pretty bad, does not seem to Brazilian Portuguese. Had a part of the game that gave some problems and ended up losing, because Max caught in the corner and died for taking too many shots. Because I live in St. Paul know that Rockstar failed to show much in the real city, this game looks more like the city Rio de Janeiro. Where there are many militias and slums. The most listened to music in Sao Paulo is not the funk missed it too.
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Not a fun time
CuriosityKilledShawn8 February 2014
A lot of May Payne fans were dismayed by the early publicity for this game, fearing that it completely transformed their beloved Noir hero. For the most part this is a reinvention of the character, but it is still very faithful to the roots of the previous games. However, I was not very impressed with it.

With his family dead and future uncertain at best, Max takes a job as a bodyguard for a wealthy South American family who just to happen to the target of vicious bad guys. Strap yourself in for the long haul because you'll spend the next 12 hours of your life shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting with no puzzle solving, or stealth, or variety in combat to break-up the gameplay.

Max Payne 3 comes across as a hybrid of Dead to Rights: Retribution and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days while retaining the fun and enjoyment of neither. The whole game is a grim, dark, nihilistic, ugly, humorless, and quite depressing slog through swarms of wasted, cheap human lives. Do you enjoy murdering loads and loads and loads of people. If so then Max Payne 3 is for you, but I don't want to know you. Yes, I do realize that many video games have bad guys that are there simply to be gunned-down but never quite as graphic and disturbing as this. Who on Earth can really enjoy this sort of thing.

It does feature a nice variety of locations, from the snowy Brooklyn rooftops to the swamps of South America, but there's never really moment to stop and take it all in - unlike Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (quite a similar game) where you scan the scenic backdrops. I also found the controls to be stiff and sluggish and not suitable for a game where quick reflexes are a must. Cut-scenes go on for way too long and the "faulty video" aesthetic is just annoying.

I wouldn't recommend this game.

There are 68 trophies featured in Max Payne 3 (21 of them being from multiplayer DLC) though the trophies from the main game are very hard to achieve. I won only 9 by the time I finished it, and the game is so unenjoyable there's no way I'm going back to win more.
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Jon_Snow_2111 August 2018
Max Payne 3 is one of the greatest games ever made. I recently completed the game on Playstation 3 and was enthralled from beginning to end.

The presentation is great. The environments are varied and paint an accurate representation of Sao Paulo (which is an awesome setting for a video game). I found myself enjoying every single chapter (save for chapter 5 and 11). Sometimes the overly ambitious graphics can lead to some crashes (occurred twice for me). I love the soundtrack it fits PERFECTLY with the gritty story. My favourite songs are the main menu and the airport shootout. The story concludes with a perfect ending in my opinion which won't leave you the least bit unsatisfied.

The story is phenomenal. Max Payne is a bodyguard for Rodrigo Branco and a paramilitary group is after him. After the kidnapping of Fabiana, Rodrigo's sister, a depressed Max must find her. The search for answers that ensues is fantastic. You will want to know what's going on, but once you find out, you'll wish you never asked. The voice acting is top notch.

The best part of the game, for me, was the gameplay. While not groundbreaking, the levels are a blast to play through. Similar to Stranglehold (another game I love), you'll be diving through the air pulling off awesome gunplay. The mechanics are so polished that you truly feel like John Wick, taking down hundreds of enemy thugs. Some of these thugs are smart and the game rewards intelligent strategies. The game always manages to stray away from becoming a repetitive third person shooter. Just when you're getting bored, the game throws a curveball in the form of a fantastic action set piece, a shocking cinematic moment or just amazing level design. I LOVE the animations when Max reloads his guns. However, I have one gripe with the gameplay and that is the boss fights. I really liked the boss fights, but there weren't nearly enough.

So what happens when you put together awesome bloody action gameplay, a gritty, realistic story and intelligent level design? It creates one of the best gaming experiences of all time.

Favourite chapters : 6, 8 & 12.
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ismailekenx24 May 2018
Max payne is a legend. But not max payne 3... 1&2 is a masterpiece. That story that ambiance of sadness and darkness. You feel the pain inside.. but max payne 3 is like a modded gta 5 game with extremely poor story.. i mean what in the hell ? Brazil ? Max payne with a hawaii shirt ? No man.. that is shame...
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It's a fine game as long as you don't call it a Max Payne game
blondiethegood904 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love the first two Max Payne games. The game play was innovative and still a blast to play and when it comes to story and characters they're right up there with the likes of Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us. That's how good they are and are some of the best that Neo Noir has to offer in any medium. So when I got around to Max Payne 3, I figured it could still work despite having a different studio making it. Dan Houser wrote both this and Red Dead Redemption and RDR is an amazing western game with a great story, a compelling main character (who also goes into bullet time) with interesting side characters so I figured if anybody could take the mantel from Sam Lake, Houser would be the right guy to do it... and then I played the game

A lot of fans hate this game and say it doesn't even feel like a Max Payne game and yeah it's hard for me to argue with them. It feels like R* only made this game so they could keep the rights to the character but before I talk about what I hate about this game, let me talk about what I do like about this game The graphics are good and the controls are good. The music by Health is cool, it makes you feel like you're going mad in a chaotic world. It's nice to hear the Max Payne theme and James McCaffrey as Max again.

Then there's everything else. First of, who the hell thought it was a good idea to put a cover system in a Max Payne game?! Max Payne is suppose to play like a John Woo movie, think of any heroic bloodshed film and anything inspired by that genre, do the characters ever duck and cover while conserve ammo throughout most of the shootout? No they go out guns a' blazing. Is it realistic? No but it's not suppose to be and that the first strike with this game is trying to make Max Payne more realistic which makes no sense at all. Is Max Payne gritty? Yes. Realistic? God no! While I said the graphics were good. I hate the art direction. Instead of those awesome comic book panels, we get these annoying block transitions with random words that pop up in some attempt to make it feel like a comic but instead makes me feel like I'm watching either 24 or a 60s spy show with these transitions. Plus the cut-scenes can't be skipped (great, I get a terrible story and I can't even skip them) Now lets get to the story and characters... ugh. The only character that's remotely good here is Max himself but even he has been stripped down. Max in this game does nothing but drink and complain about how much he hates everything and wants to die which is such a far cry from the cool poetic bad ass of the first two games who was proactive and never gave up and could even smile and joke every now again.

The rest of these "characters" aren't worth mentioning cause there's nothing to them other than being these shallow rich people stereotypes. Not even Max cares about any of these people so why the hell should I? (Remember characters like Mona Sax, Vladamir Lem, Vinnie Gognitti? Hey, I miss those guys already).

It's so sad to have a game named after the main character yet the story doesn't have anything to do with him. No kidding, the only reason Max is in this game is because the bad guys know of his violent past and they set him up to be the fall guy. You could literally put any other action hero in Max's place and the story wouldn't change in the slightest. What made the stories in the first two games worked as well as Red Dead Redemption was that it was personal for both Max Payne and John Marston. There was a drive that made you want to see it to the end. Here it feels more like homework to get to the end of the story

Are you starting to see why I think this game was only made for marketing reasons? This should tell you more than anything that there shouldn't have been a Max Payne 3 because Max's story is over. At the end of Max Payne 2 (and this isn't a spoiler so don't worry) Max says "I had a dream of wife. She was dead but it was alright" that's all you need to know that his arc is complete, everything got wrapped up at the end of MP2 but Rockstar just had to keep it going for, especially when Max says that never truly got over his wife's death in this game. Ugh

So if R* was going to change so much to the point that it doesn't even feel like a Noir comic book John Woo film hybrid then why call it Max Payne at all? Why not just make a different game and call it Rockstar's Man of Fire or something (Seriously this feels about as much like a Max Payne game as taking Spike Spiegel, throwing him into the world of Black Lagoon, shave his head and calling it Cowboy Bebop 2) and if they had to call it Max Payne why not just reboot it? You at least wouldn't make fans of they first two angry by pretending that it has anything to do with them

So yeah if you've never play a Max Payne game before you'll probably like this game fine but if you've played the first two already and love them like I do then don't bother with this one. Finish MP2 and leave it at that

P.S. There's also no nightmare sequences in this game which sucks
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The years were not kind
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews17 June 2013
With the passing of nearly a decade, the events and growth of The Fall are forgotten by the developers, with a retcon allowing for a retread: the death of his family tortures Max(McAffrey doing great with decent material), who disappears into a bottle. He is recruited by Raul(Dean, charming) for a job in Sao Paolo(which is authentic and detailed... you get to go around in it, visiting, among others, a nightclub, a mansion, and most engaging and threatening, the favela), bodyguarding rich socialite brats. When someone under his care is abducted, he tries to get them back(as unlikeable as they, and most characters in this, are).

You can already see some of the problems. While a new setting is fine(and kudos for the choice to have most locals talk Portuguese, without translation - we feel his isolation, the foreign nature of his surroundings), and it is explained why he ends up there, it has no connection to him, he feels placed in someone else's story. It's no longer personal, and there's no new fleshing out of him as a person.

In many ways, this feels like Kane & Lynch. With it being him instead of them, it doesn't make that much sense. And once one has drawn that comparison, here's where those work(I'll put those parts in parentheses at the end of sentences), and this fails: what you'll realize in this is that whether you've played this for minutes or hours, what's happening will be the same. Nothing is getting accomplished, so what's your motivation to keep playing(as opposed to small, and sickening victories - you're doing what you have to, and no progress is pleasant, it's merely getting you towards the peace and hopefully closure of the conclusion)? Cutscenes(with choppy, hand-held cinematography and color blurring, evoking the sense of being there, and being overpowered by what's going on around you - with the panels so replaced, what was a retelling is now an inescapable reality) take control from you(immediately breaking up your getting into it... and this happens within minutes of each other, there may be as much time just watching as playing; it will leave you in a bad position, with the worst weapon ready, no reloading and you not having time to do so yourself - and the foes typically already know where you are) and lead you to the next shooting gallery, rinse and repeat(rather than the more varied game-play, particularly in the '07 original where you assault somewhere, complete something vital, and then exfiltrate, trying and failing to do so without causing damage and hurting those you don't mean to).

You simply can't choose the approach(it even chooses to spawn more opponents, early on it may even do so in your blind spot, preventing you from getting your bearings - and then expects you to gather ammo, as well as painkillers, that thankfully mean you have to work for health), for the first time in these, and exploration is all but gone. At least this does do many fun set-pieces where you're leaping through the air, on a vehicle or the like, where you aim and fire. The drunkenness might explain the sluggish, unresponsive controls that cause needless frustration - it'll rush ahead or stop in its tracks with no warning, and instead of preventing you from going that close, proximity to walls will make you point your gun up - again, suddenly, and taking time to get back out of that mess. I guess Assassin's Creed is not the only victim of such. Vaulting over something is what you have instead of jumping - and you can't always tell what you can "climb".

Yes, areas are very small, and action is heavily scripted. Replayability(other than 5 difficulty settings) is present via the unlockables(some of them also for SP, and all of them benefit both modes), such as finding Golden versions of what's in your arsenal(with a more realistic approach, it's now limited to one two-handed, like a rifle or grenade/rocket launcher, and two one-handed ones, any of the latter can be dual-wielded, doesn't even have to be 2 of the same type - not even only pistols, also a sawn-off and Micro Uzis!) that will improve their stats, and Arcade. Yes, New York Minute returns, and it's joined by two other ways to redo SP: Score Attack where any kills and vehicle/similar destruction counts towards a possible medal, and Challenge, where you are given specific, tough tasks, such as "make all your 8 rounds headshots", "blow up guys by taking out the car they're standing by"(meanwhile, they're going straight for you!).

The cover system is the most basic I've seen since before that trait caught on... the roll is present, yet can't be used to go from one of these bits to another, nor can you round corners. Disengaging from it leaves you a sitting duck, even if you're crouched! It also appears that those who worked on that(the whole minute they spent doing so) were not on speaking terms with those working on the dodge move. Neither can launch comfortably into the other(and certainly they don't complement the other... this offers nearly no innovation in this area). Bullet-time is glorious as always, and you can now slow down the Last Enemy Killed camera, as you, if you so choose, empty your clips into them. If you are nearly dead, you get a grace period, in slo-mo, to take out the one who wounded you.

Multiplayer has TDM, Deathmatch and, when people play, Last Man Standing. Gang Wars has players fight with one of the up to 5 Crews they've joined, five objective-based rounds in a row, where the winner of one will determine who is in the better position for the next - fail an assassination? Escape!

There is constant strong language, a lot of disturbing content, brutal, bloody gore and sexuality in this. I recommend this purely to big fans of Rockstar and current shooters. 7/10
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What a Pain!
DoNotTrustImdb25 July 2012
I play either console games or PC games, and I got this to try out on my newly built puter, and I was disappointed with the overall look and feel of this game, way to many cut scenes, and most times you have to endure them, if you like it or not! Sure I don't mind a few cut or story scenes, but they drag on way to long, I want more play! the story line must have been written by a teenager, as I found the story just way to childish, way over the top, this game goes for the flash bang approach, it's just not for me.

I played the latest Batman game and the graphics out do MP3, this game is just way to annoying for me.

Sadly I can only give this childish game a 4 out of 10
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Good game, but...
talemunja9 July 2012
This game is brilliant on graphics, voice acting, effects...

You really want to jump in every free time you have because it that awesome! But...

What failed and ruined whole game is incredible annoying cut scenes and fact that game forced you to watch whole(it's unstoppable!).

Second thing is absolutely horrible checkpoint system: You will go where games want's, not where you want. You MUST watch your every move without researching because if you don't-some last guy you didn't see will kill you with sniper or in deep hideout and you will be thrown 10 minutes before. It's that annoying, trust me.

So, if you find any "cheat" to save game when you want and way to skip all cut scenes-this game will rock and it will be almost pure 10/10.

Until then you will be frustrated big time in this game.
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