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Sex & Nudity

  • In one part of the game Max walks through a bar/brothel. This is a cut-scene where there are brief views of exposed breasts. Also men and women have sex in different positions; this is seen from a distance although still quite strong in impression, though no detail is seen. A lot of references about sexual dialogue/themes.

Violence & Gore

  • Very graphic, bloody violence. Whenever an enemy is shot there is a quite prominent blood spurt. Blood sticks to surfaces and pools under the bodies. The player must engage in shootouts with countless enemies which all become a bloody, graphic carnage.
  • Sometimes you follow the bullet as it impacts, similar to Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite 3, but without X-Ray cam, and you can keep shooting. The is very gory and disturbing. Very, very graphic.
  • There are two scenes where an enemy is badly burnt and missing an arm and/or a leg. Both scenes are a bit disturbing.
  • You see a lot of dead bodies in a mission with blood scattered everywhere and you can see bodies in a hot tub.
  • A man's bone is exposed and is stomped on by another character, causing it to show outside of his leg.
  • All violence is bloody, graphic,brutal and disturbing. absolutely NOT for kids.


  • 140 uses of the 'f' word, and 3 uses of the 'c' word.
  • Many other minor swears scattered throughout. Like shit, crap, damn and god damn it.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Max Payne is addicted to painkillers. We see him taking pills and washing them down with hard alcohol, or simply drinking alcohol in more than half of the cutscenes. Painkillers are also play a central part in gameplay, where Max heals himself by taking them. There are several instances when drugs can be seen - in the favela and in the Police station. Max and other characters can infrequently be seen smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The themes of kidnapping, torture (physical and mental), execution are present throughout the game.
  • Max is altogether a character with a wholly unhappy and relatively depressing past.
  • If Max Payne 3 (2012) received a MPAA rating, it would be Rated R for pervasive graphic bloody and brutal violence, some grisly images, language throughout, drug and alcohol use, and for sexuality/nudity, And it can also be classified as NC-17
  • Total: 39/50

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