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thebeachlife3 September 2021
This one is difficult to describe without giving things away and thus making it a spoiler. So I'll go minimal and say that it miraculously combines the atmosphere of inner freedom, happiness and elation with the most bitter personal tragedy, loss and helplessness. And while some wept at the theater towards the end, with me the happy part of it grew stronger. I didn't shed a tear, I just knew it was about the bliss of friendship, the one that shines on and lasts forever.
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A very good film about dreams and friendhsip
jramalho2 February 2023
It a nutshell this is an emotional and touching well-written film, about dreams and friendship as they are tested by the unavoidable roadblocks that come in the way, and without which there would be no drama.

In addition it benefits from being partially staged in a theater environment and, although this theme ("acting" in a play within the film) is not new (neither is the American dream trope) it. Does work, and both co-leads are great in addressing and questioning how what they have had so far is being shaken, and is evolving.

The only less positive point is that the plot will surprise no one. In fact, all I though she chose well, none of the different directions the writer-director could have gone with would be surprising. Regardless, this is a warm and worthwhile film.
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