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Amazing show!
celestialbaby2311 July 2018
This is no doubt one of my FAVORITE shows of all time. I can't believe that it's over! I will definitely miss my weekly doses of Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Enzo and Alaric and Matt! I would like to thank the whole cast for giving us one of the most amazing, gripping, unbelievably FANTASTIC shows ever to be made.
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Give it a chance, you will not regret it!
Johnsoninternet55 November 2011
First Impression: Oh this is just some Twilight rip off.

The Truth: Twilight is the one ripping off THIS series.

The Absolute Truth: The Vampire Diaries is infinitely better than Twilight, and no I am not exaggerating.

The plot is as you would have guessed. Elena (Nina Dobrev) is a high school girl who captures the heart of Stefan (Paul Wesley) who of course is a vampire (sounds familiar right?). Later on we get introduced to Stefan's troublesome vampire brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Damon also happens to be attracted to Elena and this creates a love triangle that will follow for the remainder of the series.

Of course that's merely a sample of the entire story. There are werewolves, hunters, witches, and even stronger vampires waiting in future episodes to make this one nail biting show.

The acting is also definitely above average, however obviously not enough to make you believe the actors are high school "teenagers".

My advice: Give it a chance. The first few episodes are slow, but a lot of great TV series are. This show will have you on the edge of your seat each week as the plot thickens more and more.

Last Impression: This is one of my favorite shows on TV. 9/10
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Addictive and Original
KneelBeforeTodd5 October 2010
When I tuned in to "The Vampire Diaries" for the pilot episode, I expected to watch perhaps six episodes, grow bored, and then drop the show entirely. After all, I was only watching in the first place because it aired before my favorite show of all time, "Supernatural." I'd seen (and read) the "Twilight" series and found the teen vampire romance story lackluster and redundant. It's been done before about a thousand times, right? But I remember reading the original "The Vampire Diaries" books by L.J. Smith and decided it couldn't hurt to give this supernatural soap a try.

The most important thing to know about this show is the first four episodes are seemingly pointless; focused on cheap thrills, romance, and teen drama. Then something magical happens, creeping up silently and latching on without the viewer's notice: interest. By the end of the fourth episode the many story lines pick up and take off, and suddenly a silly or meaningless event becomes important. Things move fast in "The Vampire Diaries." This is a show that takes risks: people die without warning, stories that you thought could go on forever take only a few episodes, characters do and experience things you wouldn't have thought possible. Even better, there is no character who is wholly unlikeable. Everyone in the large ensemble cast has a story and a 3-dimensional structure, and even if the viewer decidedly doesn't like a character, the swing from one storyline to the next never lingers in one place for too long.

Some people have called this show their guilty pleasure. I refer to it as smart writing, good acting, excellent storytelling, and wonderful viewing. As of right now the second season is in the first few episodes of airing and the magic has not gone out. Far from it; this show only gets better. The lesser episodes are still fantastic, and the truly great ones are rich with everything an episode of television could possibly desire. I have yet to finish watching an episode without cursing the screen to give me more - my addiction to such a fresh show sometimes keeps me up at night.

For anyone (yes, even non 18-49 women demographic - we welcome the men!) interested in watching vampires, witches, and more, take the time to view beyond the first four episodes. I can almost safely guarantee anyone who likes vampires and horror (and a lot of dry wit) will not be disappointed.
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Its got me hooked
bookwormgreen2 October 2009
After watching episode 4 i got all excited and started to flap my hands wishing the next episode will come out already. I admit first two episodes were bit slow and sluggish , but by episode 4 the story really starts to kick in. After watching it i have the greatest urges to go library and read the rest of series.

Im sick of seeing people bagging vampire diaries at the moment. GIVE IT A CHANCE. yes it may not be as good as the book series, but I'm telling you now it beats twilight by far. Watch episode 4, of course first episode isn't going to hook you in like its best show in the world. but for those who think people who enjoy this series are brain dead, i believe their comments a rush and idiotic. Give the series a chance, but if you listen to " the real brain dead losers " then you really be missing out.
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Give it a chance!
Admittedly, it started terribly, full of clichés and cheesy connotations with vampires. But, like most reviews have stated, after episode 4, the show takes a different direction and moves away from traditional vampire themes. It totally excels and turns into a very exciting and watchable television show with an incredibly good looking cast with very impressive acting. The Vampire Diaries is not like any other vampire production,filled with humour,love, violence,sex and without the clichés.

The script is fabulous; full of exciting and unpredictable plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat and gasping; desperately wanting to see the next episode.

Unfortunately, it's judged by the title; "vampire" and dismissed, but I urge you to give this show a chance.
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My Favorite New Series!
lucky-17722 October 2009
I have never read the books, however, I don't understand how anyone could expect for any TV series to be an exact replica of a book. Just my opinion. I have been watching the show since the pilot episode and I absolutely love it. I also happen to be 29 years old and am hooked, so I truly think it's all about what each individual finds interesting, not "this show is for 13-16 year olds". I'm not sure how anyone can say they love or hate something after just a pilot, I never really quite understood that. Personally, I think you should give a show at least 3 or 4 episodes to give it a fair chance and to see where the story will go. I wasn't sure that I was totally in love with it after just the pilot either, as I am a HUGE twilight fan, but by the end of the 2nd episode, I found myself anxiously anticipating the 3rd, 4th and so on. P.s. Nina and Paul work great together!
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If you want to be shocked every week, watch this
laura_lolly_louise12 April 2011
I always get annoyed when I read reviews where the person begins the sentence with something along the lines of, "So I only watched the first few episodes..." Stop. Stop right there. How could a person make a balanced, mature opinion if one doesn't give said program a chance?

This is vital to a show like The Vampire Diaries, as the program is a typical case of once you get past the first few episodes, it evolves into something brilliant.

It wasn't a show that had me hooked from the word go. The pilot is pretty unoriginal; introducing a misunderstood human girl who meets an even more broody, tortured vampire. Yes yes, very 'Twilight', I know.

However when you hit episode 3, that's when things get interesting. The plot starts to develop and we see the extent of these characters' personalities. This is when I found myself actually really looking forwards to the next episode.

Irrefutably, the best thing about this show is, and always has been right from the start, one man named Ian Somerhalder. He plays sadistic Damon Salvatore, the 'bad' brother who we get to see develop into someone much more deep and morally rooted, all because he begins to fall in love with his brother's girlfriend. Of course, he never loses the 'bad boy' persona which the audience loves, but his character is someone who we feel real empathy for and who grows as a person throughout each episode.

Overall, this show is definitely worth a watch (and not just for under 15 year olds as one review stated). In fact, my mother in her early 50s loves this show probably more than I do. Each week brings something different, unexpected and completely unguessable. It's probably the only supernatural show that doesn't suffer from 'Monster of the week' syndrome like Buffy in its early years. It remains sophisticated and interesting throughout and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone :)

Oh, and I suppose it doesn't hurt that every single actor is easy on the eyes... if ya know what I mean ;)
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A guilty pleasure maybe but a pleasure nevertheless
DonMamboni7 July 2010
I can't remember how the show hooked me in but I have watched every episode on ITV2 since the show was aired and even bought the books, and like a previous correspondent I am not a teen but a 29 year old and a male!

I suppose the almost unnatural beauty of Nina Dobrev drew me to the show but the plot and unseen twists and turns made the show compulsive viewing for the first 6 months of this year, to such an extent that I found myself scanning the net to find the latest US screened episode as much hunger for the show grew.

Only recently have I read the books and, with all due respect to L J Smith, my perception of the TV show has improved. Without writing a book review I felt the series did not develop the characters to any level that the show achieved. The show develops the relationships between all of the main characters in a manner that the book can only dream of, and for me, despite the constant attention to the Stefan and Elana relationship, the show is about the brothers.

I do not do preachy, after all I am English, but I would say that the show grips my interest because of the brotherly relationship. The way the brothers value one and other more than themselves and anyone else, numerous examples throughout the show, is something I shall instill in my two sons and hope one day that the Stevenson brothers will be exactly the same as the Salvatore brothers, maybe except for the blood sucking but if they both can attract girls like Elena I will be a very conflicted father! :) All in all, for my money, the best show on TV since the early days of Buffy and like many others...roll on September.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings, first post (I'm sure the red wine had something to do with it) so please be nice.
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really love it
crystalline-4657918 May 2016
I avoided TVD for six seasons. I read the original books as a young teen and never really cared for that version of Elena. Thought she was a b*tch. One day while laid up in bed I decided to give a couple episodes a try, next thing I know I've binged through 6 seasons in an undisclosed amount of time. Seriously I can't explain what that does to a person's brain or the amount of reintegration required to get back to civilization. Anyways the show was heartfelt, funny, irritating, intriguing etc. It was definitely odd to hear someone being called a "Dick" every episode if not multiple times as if there was nothing else in the universe you could call someone. Oh that's right it's the CW. Loved Damon's cocky loose cannon but big softy way down deep character and I actually liked Elena for the most part. Not positive why everyone hates her. And can't forget Caroline, that was some great character development. I haven't bothered watching season 7 and probably won't until the show finally ends and I know Elena will be back for at least the series finally. I need to know I'll have closure on the whole delena thing before I commit to more seasons. For me the story was about her and now that she's gone it's just not the same.
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Definitely worth a watch!
anweshdbest10 November 2009
Okay, so there's been an overload of vampires. 1st, Twilight, then Jennifer's Body and blah blah blah.. but Vampire Diaries is different, and definitely here to stay.

For starters, it follows the basic rules that apply to vampires, unlike Twilight where Edward Cullen just goes into Bella's house without any invitation, etc.

What's also gripping is the fact that it has other characters from the magical world, like Witches and all. It also sticks to its plot, so what we are seeing is actually a story which has vampires as a part of it, not the other way around.

Definitely worth a try, and one of the best shows of Fall '09.

And the coupling of it with Supernatural on Thursday, making it a Thrilling Thursday on CW is quite cool too! A 9/10 for me!
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Read First
brit-bender30 July 2013
I mean, I avoided this show like the plague. Seriously. After having read the Twilight books, enjoying them, and being brutally assaulted by the horrendous movies, I am so sensitive to the vampire movement. I like True Blood and Buffy is OK, but you can't go to a book store without seeing the black hole of teen vampire books. Well guess who came way before all that? THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. These books were written quite a while ago (90s baby), so comparison to other series is really unfair.

I finally decided to watch the show last fall after it kept popping up on the front page of my Netflix account. I had a friend who watched it, but I just thought it would make me cringe. Maybe, maybe, the first 5 minutes did make me cringe, and now I'm dying because season 5 won't be starting until October. Minus the supernatural topics, this show is real. It's got grit, romance, sex, violence, tragedy, and more. If you get past the first season, prepare to offer your first born child for more.

If you're a heterosexual male, this show may not be for you. There are very VERY hot women though. If you're attracted to men, this is your show. If you like great television, this is your show. If you like crying and yelling at your TV and getting in arguments with other fans of the show, this is your show. Best of luck to you.
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Brilliant! Damon's chemistry....
kdean-59 May 2010
Damon has the best chemistry with everyone. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) is the star of the show and should be expanded, along with Nina Dobrev as Elena.

Damon and Stephan are both great characters. Damon's emotion is most true, intense and believable. His relationship with Elena as opposed to Stephans seems more authentic and has the greatest potential.

Vampire Diaries has taken me by surprise. It is a great show with great characters. I was disinterested at first because it seemed like a cheesy high school soap opera with vampires or a wannabe Twilight. They have definitely proved me wrong. Damon's character has exceeded my expectations and surpassed similar characters on other series by far.
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Not Twilight but not True Blood
chattygirl24714 November 2009
In this day and age it's the time of the Vampires. You have Twilight and True blood and Vampire Diaries but don't let them keep you from watching. While many tend to compare it with the two, it's actually very different. Vampire Diaries, based off a series written 15 years before Twilight,is about a girl Elena who just lost her parents when a new guy, Stefan Salvatore, comes to town but with Stefan also comes trouble, his brother Damon Salvatore. This show is definitely the middle of Twi and True Blood. It has a romance like Twilight and the intensity of True Blood. What this show has is a lot of twists and turns that you don't expect.

The only flaw may be the characters. While there is a lot of character development, it really only applies to the main ones. The supporting characters like Caroline and Matt seem flat. Even though Matt seems to have some roundness, Caroline just doesn't seem to change, she is always that annoying whiny girl;there are even times when Elena can be naive.

All in all, despite it's flaws, every episode has a mystery to it; it's hard to guess what's going to happen. Believe me at the end of every episode, maybe even in between commercials, you begin to speculate what the end possibilities could be.
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Good combination of the characters with the setting
meadesvision23 November 2009
I really like the episodes, it is somehow fluent and has a taste of Twilight. Maybe it is weird but its shooting is better than Twilight because in watching Twilight you can feel the coldness, silence and a sort of pause which drift the interest of the spectacular away. But in Vampire Diaries, you can feel the hot impression of the characters, hot color of each frame of the movie. These series make you feel more connection to the reality than Twilight. The characters are involved in excellent combination with the setting and the plot. Stephen perfectly reflects his good mood through his face. Elena is another good chosen actress for the character. Because you easily see her bright intelligence and innocence on her face.Damon is just like his name demonic,attracting and tempting person. This good adaptation of the characters to the story makes the film more powerful and better than Hollywood production Twilight thought it is a TV series. I wish Twilight was shot by Vampire Diaries technical production team.
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It's been a hell of a ride!!!
adityak-919421 June 2020
It is one of the best teen drama present till date featuring all kind of emotions in one. The plot is just amazing and the music supporting the scenes makes the emotions more expressible. The perfect cast for all perfect characters. This show is gonna live in our hearts for a really long time. #tvdforever
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young-erika6514 January 2021
Even though this Series ended in 2017. Fans are still watching and obsessed with all the characters that make this show still one of the most watched Series in the world. And here we are 2021 watching on Netflix.
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Has its Good and Bad - But it just started.
dlinthe11 September 2009
I read the books 15 years ago, and I was a bit excited and apprehensive about it being made into a TV series with all the liberties that are taken these days. Last night, I watched the pilot. I have a few beefs (missing character and particular character interactions), but mostly I think I was alright with it. It has been update to fit with the times a bit more.

It appears that they are loosely following the story, and that is fine if they are making it into a series. To follow the books, they would have just needed to make a mini-series and been done with it. For a full-on TV series they needed to make many adjustments. I'm a little sad that they are aiming so very hard for the Twilight crowd by throwing the romance factor in right away, but it has the potential to be pretty good.

The acting isn't the greatest, but I have definitely seen much worse. This felt to me like actors that had not yet fit themselves into their characters. It will smooth out with time and become more comfortable for them and it will show through in the series. They have managed to obtain a bit of balance between the almost care-free world of high school and the dark gritty nature of what they can't see and don't know about. That was actually what I was most worried about.

So, from a MAJOR fan of the books (I rejoiced when I realized they were with me instead of another state and started reading them for the umpteenth thousandth time) to the CW....So far, so good. Let's see where they take this and hope they keep true to the feel.
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Underrated and becoming one of my favorites!!
vishalgarg-206-3648497 November 2011
This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites on TV..It's probably one of the shows I look most forward to watching.I love how each episode ends in a cliffhanger, which keeps you waiting for the next episode. I also like the fact even though this show is in its third season it still has a great story line. The show always keeps me guessing with all its twists and turns.. At any rate, I strongly recommend this series to anyone looking for excellent drama, romance, action and even a little humor..I will definitely continue watching this show until its time is up. :) Go vampire Diaries. you are awesome!!!!
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It is the transpiration
andrastea24 October 2009
So, a high school girl (Elena) fancies a boy (Stefan), who surprise surprise turns out to be THE vampire for her. Of course a love triangle is presented; Stefan's more demonic brother has an agenda to win Elena's affection. Elena's best friend is a bubbly psychic, there is no shape shifters (read werewolves) yet nor mind readers (yet), and Elena is not clumsy (yet), although she does feel isolated and lives in a very small town. Sounds familiar? It should because L.J Smith's books the Vampire Diaries have been around already for last 15 years. This story might have kicked in better if the "Twilight thing" wouldn't burn the subject to the dead. That is something to wonder, how the author of the Twilight ever got away borrowing? so direct storyline, in addition items like mind reading and shape shifters/werewolves in context of vampires from Sookie Stackhouse novels by C. Harris, a book which was also published before first Twilight. Apparently one cannot copyright an idea, only product. But wait, the publisher of L.J Smith has announced a new book to the Vampire diaries series called "Midnight". There is no "Sun" in it, but is this the finger or what?

But this has to be said, that the actors in the Vampire Diaries do not look like they are in the constant pain, well at least not all the time, like in that "other thing". Perhaps that is the difference in these stories; the Vampire Diaries lack the certain amount of constipation.

I vote for that.
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timothy_sarver26 August 2018
If not for her character this show would be much more enjoyable. One of the most annoying characters ever created. Which is weird cause she started off Fine and Kathrine is awesome, so it's not the actress. Some of these reviews though crack me up, smh. It's typical, unoriginal CW young adult drama, not Shakespeare people. Lets cool it with the 10 star reviews, lol.
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gennyhardison6 June 2009
OK so i just finished this pilot-it was awesome and i have high hopes for the series. I have not read the books but have heard of them and love everything vampires and this show does not disappoint. Well cast, looks expensive, legit 'this is how teens talk' dialogue. This is the age old vampire story: dark brooding vampire meets young human girl. Same story as twilight except these teens drink and have sex. Kevin Williamson is able to balance the tension of the story with humor and irony. All of the characters are good looking and can deliver the snappy dialogue with ease. Even the cheesier elements (see: fog) don't take themselves too seriously. If you like true blood, twilight and loved buffy then you should all watch this show (mostly so that i can see the second episode!!)
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An excellent TV series, with a clear beginning and end, a good story and good actors.
filipemanuelneto10 March 2020
When I decided to watch this series, I was told that it was similar to "Twilight", and that sounded an alert in my head. In fact, the first season is a very simplistic, cliché and tasteless novel by a young human and a vampire, tempered by the appearance of his evil brother. But things are gradually getting better and the hooks for the second season were so promising that I continued to see. It was then that the series showed that it had potential, and it only improved, season after season.

Eight seasons later, I saw the end yesterday. It's a long story, as it couldn't be. The skeleton of the plot is based on Elena's melodramatic and sugary romance with two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon (one after the other). In between are immense characters, whose individual stories intertwine. The plot, slightly based on books, is sometimes imaginative and there are a number of unreliable elements such as the siphon witches, strange amulets and deconstructed religious elements (see the example of Cade, or Devil, and the question of life after the death). But as a good part of the final product is based on the charisma and strength of the characters, this ends up being reasonably well swallowed by the audience.

The series is full of strong and dramatic characters, made by actors who have shown talent Nina Dobrev was very good as Elena / Katherine and her disappearance, from the seventh season, was one of the most unfortunate options in the script. Much better was the direction of the brothers, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. The two actors were incredible and were up to the challenge. In addition, the following actors deserve to be congratulated: Kat Graham, Candice King, Michael Trevino, Matthew Davis, Michael Malarkey Joseph Morgan, Marguerite MacIntyre, Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies, Chris Wood, Elizabeth Blackmore, Torrey DeVitto and Arielle Kebbel. Everyone was committed to their characters, regardless of their importance to the plot, and gave their best. Zach Roerig is a good actor, but his character is not so good and it was only last season that I was able to feel some empathy for him. Steven R. McQueen suffered from the same problem. He was a rebellious and somewhat boring teenager in most of the series, and he suddenly appears full of muscles as an action figure, eager to kill vampires. Sara Canning and Susan Walters are also good, but their respective characters also only become pleasant around the time they must die.

At a technical level, the series has few flaws. Good production values, good special effects, visual and sound, a nice CGI that, despite everything, seems fake at times, good scenarios and costumes, especially in the period scenes, and also a very good soundtrack, full of good songs that are in the ear.
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Grammar, anyone?
SSteph274717 November 2009
I noticed that most of the negative comments on this series contain horrible grammar and spelling (i cant believe they are playing up the whole twilight thing! u should totally not watch this series.) Maybe these people should spend less time in front of the television and more time reading.

Anyway, I am myself a Twilight fan; I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps it has something to do with the "forbidden love." I was very skeptical of this series at first; I thought it was a Twilight knock-off. Actually, the story has more depth and, in terms of quality, the actors are better. Nina and Paul have great chemistry (Rob and Kristen's chemistry has been edited out of all their scenes. The raw footage is much better).

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised by this series. I am going to read the books, although I'm worried I'll turn into one of those people who are screaming, "She's supposed to be a blonde! Her friend is a red-head! They left out characters!!" Welcome to Hollywood.
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nicoandtheniners12 June 2020
10/10 show. Way better than Twilight, while watching this you will cry and laugh. Some scenes are pretty emotional :)
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In love with the show
VeKnowOfficial14 December 2019
Although the show ended two years and I have watched the whole series, I can't get enough of it. I have watched all the seasons twice. The show consist of every emotion love, hate, drama, it's a full package. All the characters were fascinating, especially the Salvatore Brothers. Loved the character of Damon with Elena initially but as the show progressed really felt bad for Stefan. Caroline was my favorite female character in the show. Every bond hooked me to the show be it Bonnie and Damon or Caroline and her mother. The storyline consist of many ups and downs, also it has been gotten bit slow in some episodes but never lost my interest.
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