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Amazing show!
celestialbaby2311 July 2018
This is no doubt one of my FAVORITE shows of all time. I can't believe that it's over! I will definitely miss my weekly doses of Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Enzo and Alaric and Matt! I would like to thank the whole cast for giving us one of the most amazing, gripping, unbelievably FANTASTIC shows ever to be made.
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Don't judge book by its cover
maro-maro17 September 2021
First i thought it is a teenage series Or Copy of twighlight

For first 3 episodes i wasnt fan and thought series is silly But by season 1 complete i obesessed by it How they got all this supernaturals ideas in one series

I am in love with tvd.
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robs133120 September 2021
I can't tell you how much I love this show, it's one of my favorite shows ever. At first I didn't think I would like it because I'm not a huge fan of CW shows but I was wrong, it was fantastic. This show hooked me from the start and I'm sad that's it over. I have to warn you that it's addicting once you start watching it so make sure you have the time if you're going to start it.
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Whenever you start, don't stop!
mayamnsur9 July 2021
This TV show is one of my favorites because first, I'm a fantasy genre lover along with romance and this show got every detail about it and I loved it. The thing about it is that even the details mentioned in the first episode are re-announced in the progression of the show and this means that not a single detail can't be important, everything is used in the next episodes. I personally, loved the progression in time that they have done by moving you sometimes to the past to explain an idea and they did it perfectly in a way that keeps it interesting. In the past shows I have watched, I usually hated the transition between the past and present where I get all messed up, but in The Vampire Diaries it's just amazing. The way they added every type of supernatural creature such as vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, and much much more without forgetting the drama/romance and action/fantasy in every scene.

In conclusion, I totally recommend it for every teenager especially because I believe that it's perfect for a fifteen to eighteen years.

And for I must not forget the comparison between Twilight saga and The Vampire Diaries and this is my personal opinion that Twilight is the one that made The Vampire Diaries get that fame because when Twilight started, the love to vampires started then so it's no way to compare anything to Twilight as it's for me the boss of all the vampires movies and shows. And let's not forget that movies can't have all to all details like series which is an advantage for The Vampire Diaries. But if you are a Twilight fan, then The Vampire Diaries is for you!
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Give it a chance, you will not regret it!
Johnsoninternet55 November 2011
First Impression: Oh this is just some Twilight rip off.

The Truth: Twilight is the one ripping off THIS series.

The Absolute Truth: The Vampire Diaries is infinitely better than Twilight, and no I am not exaggerating.

The plot is as you would have guessed. Elena (Nina Dobrev) is a high school girl who captures the heart of Stefan (Paul Wesley) who of course is a vampire (sounds familiar right?). Later on we get introduced to Stefan's troublesome vampire brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Damon also happens to be attracted to Elena and this creates a love triangle that will follow for the remainder of the series.

Of course that's merely a sample of the entire story. There are werewolves, hunters, witches, and even stronger vampires waiting in future episodes to make this one nail biting show.

The acting is also definitely above average, however obviously not enough to make you believe the actors are high school "teenagers".

My advice: Give it a chance. The first few episodes are slow, but a lot of great TV series are. This show will have you on the edge of your seat each week as the plot thickens more and more.

Last Impression: This is one of my favorite shows on TV. 9/10
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Addicitve - hottest cast on TV right now
phd_travel19 January 2012
This is my favorite of the CW lineup now and the my pick for the best of the supernatural & vampire shows out there. The cast is super attractive and there is lots of excitement each week.

I am a Twilight fan but when I first started watching this I thought it was a pale imitation of Twilight but it improved a lot during the first season. I gave it another chance and now I am hooked. There are inevitable comparisons to Twilight. Actually they are quite different and you can like both in different ways. First of all the Vampire Diaries books came out years before Twilight. So it's not a copy in fact it's the other way round. It's more sexy and has more violence and fighting. The main character Elena is a much stronger and more modern woman than Bella Swan. She isn't ready to give up everything to be with her Edward.

Compared to the other supernatural and vampire shows, this is the most fun. The True Blood cast is a bit old and isn't pretty enough. Supernatural is a bit repetitive and too dark.

There's lots of plot every episode - maybe a bit too much melodrama sometimes. It's always nicely filmed. The historical flashbacks are well done.

The cast is watchable and attractive (much more so than True Blood). Nina Dobrev is a good actress who plays the 2 parts of Elena and Katherine very well. Her exotic Eastern European looks distinguish her from other actresses her age. Candace Accola as Caroline is good playing it sweet and silly. Kat Graham as Bonnie the good witch as is intelligent looking. Paul Wesley as Stefan is no R Patz but he is quite beastly looking and acts well. Ian Somerhalder as Damon looks the part even if he hams it up a bit too much. The triangle is more complex than Bella Edward Jacob. The humans Matthew Davis as Alaric and Steven R Mcqueen as Jeremy are quite sympathetic. Michael Trevino as Tyler is quite a good werewolf. The supporting characters that come in and out are well cast eg Kelly Hu as Pearl, Malese Jow as Anna and Paul Morgan as Klaus.

Hope Vampire Diaries lasts many seasons. It's exciting and the best guilty pleasure on TV right now.
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Liked it more than I thought I would!
Supermanfan-1323 September 2021
I thought The Vampire Diaries was going to be a show aimed for tweens but I was wrong. It started off that way for the first half of Season 1 but around episode 10 or 11 it really picked up and got better and better. I was ready to give up a few episodes in because it looked like the tv version of Twilight buy I read to get passed the first handful of episodes and I'm so glad I did. It turns into a really good supernatural show and has a great rating for a reason! If you like supernatural type shows then I highly recommend this for you, just get passed the first half of Season1.
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Addictive and Original
KneelBeforeTodd5 October 2010
When I tuned in to "The Vampire Diaries" for the pilot episode, I expected to watch perhaps six episodes, grow bored, and then drop the show entirely. After all, I was only watching in the first place because it aired before my favorite show of all time, "Supernatural." I'd seen (and read) the "Twilight" series and found the teen vampire romance story lackluster and redundant. It's been done before about a thousand times, right? But I remember reading the original "The Vampire Diaries" books by L.J. Smith and decided it couldn't hurt to give this supernatural soap a try.

The most important thing to know about this show is the first four episodes are seemingly pointless; focused on cheap thrills, romance, and teen drama. Then something magical happens, creeping up silently and latching on without the viewer's notice: interest. By the end of the fourth episode the many story lines pick up and take off, and suddenly a silly or meaningless event becomes important. Things move fast in "The Vampire Diaries." This is a show that takes risks: people die without warning, stories that you thought could go on forever take only a few episodes, characters do and experience things you wouldn't have thought possible. Even better, there is no character who is wholly unlikeable. Everyone in the large ensemble cast has a story and a 3-dimensional structure, and even if the viewer decidedly doesn't like a character, the swing from one storyline to the next never lingers in one place for too long.

Some people have called this show their guilty pleasure. I refer to it as smart writing, good acting, excellent storytelling, and wonderful viewing. As of right now the second season is in the first few episodes of airing and the magic has not gone out. Far from it; this show only gets better. The lesser episodes are still fantastic, and the truly great ones are rich with everything an episode of television could possibly desire. I have yet to finish watching an episode without cursing the screen to give me more - my addiction to such a fresh show sometimes keeps me up at night.

For anyone (yes, even non 18-49 women demographic - we welcome the men!) interested in watching vampires, witches, and more, take the time to view beyond the first four episodes. I can almost safely guarantee anyone who likes vampires and horror (and a lot of dry wit) will not be disappointed.
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PsychoBeard66610 August 2021
The vampire storyline is fantastic and engaging with Wesley and Somerhalder giving solid performances.

Nina Dobrev is very good as the pivotal lead character.

The addition of a werewolf curse is a lot of fun and the introduction of the originals is great.

My criticisms are the Katherine storyline dragging on for far too long and all of the witchy stuff is too cheesy.
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young-erika6514 January 2021
Even though this Series ended in 2017. Fans are still watching and obsessed with all the characters that make this show still one of the most watched Series in the world. And here we are 2021 watching on Netflix.
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Brilliant! Damon's chemistry....
kdean-59 May 2010
Damon has the best chemistry with everyone. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) is the star of the show and should be expanded, along with Nina Dobrev as Elena.

Damon and Stephan are both great characters. Damon's emotion is most true, intense and believable. His relationship with Elena as opposed to Stephans seems more authentic and has the greatest potential.

Vampire Diaries has taken me by surprise. It is a great show with great characters. I was disinterested at first because it seemed like a cheesy high school soap opera with vampires or a wannabe Twilight. They have definitely proved me wrong. Damon's character has exceeded my expectations and surpassed similar characters on other series by far.
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Fantastic Show
iarsalan-1529816 August 2021
Full of entertainment. No doubt it's my favorite show now. I really love the story.
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It has Everything that I have always Wanted
senusgulu11 September 2021
It was Epic! I fell in love with the series "The Vampire Diaries"..It will have a special place in my heart always...

its like All in one! Mystery, Thriller ,Romance,Horror,Fantasy,Supernatural Everything...The Love Triangle is very complicated yet Beautiful! But listen Its not only A Romance series! The Brotherbond between Damon and Stefan is just Awesome! Its a mixture of all types of genre that makes it a Masterpiece! I loved every single characters of shows us the value of Friendship,Love,Family... I love Caroline,Bonnie,Elena ..they are like bestie goals!

And yes I love Delena! Their chemistry is something that I always wanted ...Deep and Dark connection with the bad boy damon salvator! A love that consumes her,Passion and adventure even a little Danger...The Real and True Love.... Damon is the character who attracted me the most! He is Different and dangerous... I love him...Also love stefan..he is caring and kind...His sacrifices are unforgettable! Its ok to love them both XD...It shows us we all have Dark and good sides..its our choice that which path will we choose...The writing is phenomenal...

Thanks Julie Plec and other writers to write this masterpiece..Tnx Ian,Nina,Paul,Kat and everyone to show your amazing acting skills...I cried, I laughed ,I dreamt with it ..... I love Tvd....
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Wow just wow
micah-dodd0227 September 2021
I'm a little late to the game but I just finished the Vampire diaries and WOW! It's second only to supernatural in a well crafted endings that both the fans and characters deserved.
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Give it a chance!
Admittedly, it started terribly, full of clichés and cheesy connotations with vampires. But, like most reviews have stated, after episode 4, the show takes a different direction and moves away from traditional vampire themes. It totally excels and turns into a very exciting and watchable television show with an incredibly good looking cast with very impressive acting. The Vampire Diaries is not like any other vampire production,filled with humour,love, violence,sex and without the clichés.

The script is fabulous; full of exciting and unpredictable plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat and gasping; desperately wanting to see the next episode.

Unfortunately, it's judged by the title; "vampire" and dismissed, but I urge you to give this show a chance.
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really love it
crystalline-4657918 May 2016
I avoided TVD for six seasons. I read the original books as a young teen and never really cared for that version of Elena. Thought she was a b*tch. One day while laid up in bed I decided to give a couple episodes a try, next thing I know I've binged through 6 seasons in an undisclosed amount of time. Seriously I can't explain what that does to a person's brain or the amount of reintegration required to get back to civilization. Anyways the show was heartfelt, funny, irritating, intriguing etc. It was definitely odd to hear someone being called a "Dick" every episode if not multiple times as if there was nothing else in the universe you could call someone. Oh that's right it's the CW. Loved Damon's cocky loose cannon but big softy way down deep character and I actually liked Elena for the most part. Not positive why everyone hates her. And can't forget Caroline, that was some great character development. I haven't bothered watching season 7 and probably won't until the show finally ends and I know Elena will be back for at least the series finally. I need to know I'll have closure on the whole delena thing before I commit to more seasons. For me the story was about her and now that she's gone it's just not the same.
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avamrice26 July 2021
The vanpire diaries may be a long show but trust me, watch it! It will take 2 episodes for it to make sence I guess and it has multiple spin offs! The actors and actresses are VERY talented and in body each character. This is a super natural romance with twists!!!! I HIGHLY recommend.
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Soap Opera for vampires
mm-3923 January 2012
Television meet Twilight! "The Vampire Diaries" is Vampires meets a soap opera. I have watched a full 15 minutes of the show, and other bits and pieces here and there of "The Vampire Diaries", while my wife is glued to the show. Here are my deductions of "The Vampire Diaries" First deductions everyone is hot or good looking on the show. Too much eye candy! Second the Twilight recurring theme of rival vampires, witches, and who is going be turned into a vampire reminds me of some sort of high school click. Romance/drama forbidden love. One girl has the hots for the other's boyfriend. The show has the usual soap opera sub plots back stabbing, infighting, lies, secrets. I miss the entertainment value of the show but my wife loves it. I give the show a 2 and my wife give it a 9/10.
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It's been a hell of a ride!!!
adityak-919421 June 2020
It is one of the best teen drama present till date featuring all kind of emotions in one. The plot is just amazing and the music supporting the scenes makes the emotions more expressible. The perfect cast for all perfect characters. This show is gonna live in our hearts for a really long time. #tvdforever
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Love it
rihannabadban27 September 2021
It could've got 9 from me but the series was perfect till season 6 after that it is so boring.
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It's been a hell of a ride. Since 2k17!!!
WanderlustSoul29 June 2021
I first watched The Vampire Diaries on recommendation of one of my best friends during 2017(at that time i was just 13 years old). Would it be a shock if i say that, that friend was actually a guy. I have heard people saying that The Vampire Diaries is a "GIRLISH" series. But the latter loved watching it. And it was one of his favourite TV series. Is there anything wrong with him??? Hell no. A big, fat NO!!!

Why do we require validation from other people about our choices? And also, the series is classified as a DRAMA and not 'Girlish'. I think that it is a derogatory term invented to make men feel inferior, but it really doesn't carry any value. I don't feel like people should classify any series based on 'boys' and 'girls'. You can call this your favorite series as much as you like. And the people who seem to dislike it in public, who knows you might find them enjoying the series secretly :)

From 2017 till 2021(now) in these 4 years i have watched The Vampire Diaries for 13 freaking times (more to go😉) and i never got bored of watching it. Tbh, if I ever got stuck in a time-loop and i have to watch any one series for the rest of my life then I'm gonna choose TVD. Yeah, it has to be TVD. Afterall this is an 'all in one' type of show. This series makes you laugh, love, cry. The Vampire Diaries has emotions, heartbreaks, young love, guilt, jealousy, envy, grief about the loss of love and above all it has life. YOU, for the time it runs, feels alive. And while watching this show "I was feeling EPIC."

This show teaches us that, "Life will be good. And beautiful. But not without heartbreak. In death comes peace, but pain is the cost of living. And that's life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all, epic"

The show actually revolves around 3 main protagonist, Stefan-Elena-Damon. The most debated love triangle. Any girl would want to have two hot-dashing-super-sexy-out of the world-immortal-studs swooning over her.

Also, Ian Somerhalder's (Damon Salvatore's) performance is really fantastic and great. The ending was very sad and touchy. I probably must have wasted thousands of tissues everytime i rewatched it. This is actually one of the few series that actually have the power to bring me into tears.

In my opinion if you are done with the absolute best shows of all time, TVD is worth a watch if you are into fiction and not a harcore adventure buff. However, if you make it through The Vampire Diaries you should move on to The Originals which is a spin off and loads better.
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love this show so much ong
jandreatorres8 July 2021
This is my favorite show ever. It is literally never boring. It can be funny, scary, heartbreaking, you name it. The characters are so charming. It's impossible not to get attached to them. The cast really couldn't be more perfect. The friendships/relationships in tvd are near perfect. The sound track is also amazing. If you're looking for something to binge, this is it. Your eyes will be glued to the screen. The only down side is matt donavan. Hate him. But the other characters make up for it so it's okay :)
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Worth The Watch
egkim1 July 2021
It's action packed, dramatic, and has amazing background music. The vampire and magic effects aren't over the top, and look awesome. However, the story progressively gets worse following season 6, actually even before then. The first two seasons are pretty exceptional. My main issue with this show is Elena's dependence on the Salvatore Brothers. She's a main character, and it's really annoying seeing her acting so annoyingly helpless all the time. There's not much character growth with Elena which is a shame.

If you like The Vampire Diaries you should watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's older than TVD, and it's really big on female empowerment. Not to mention, TVD drew a lot of inspiration from BTVS. Dare I say, even copied some ideas. But TVD is still a must watch.
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An excellent TV series, with a clear beginning and end, a good story and good actors.
filipemanuelneto10 March 2020
When I decided to watch this series, I was told that it was similar to "Twilight", and that sounded an alert in my head. In fact, the first season is a very simplistic, cliché and tasteless novel by a young human and a vampire, tempered by the appearance of his evil brother. But things are gradually getting better and the hooks for the second season were so promising that I continued to see. It was then that the series showed that it had potential, and it only improved, season after season.

Eight seasons later, I saw the end yesterday. It's a long story, as it couldn't be. The skeleton of the plot is based on Elena's melodramatic and sugary romance with two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon (one after the other). In between are immense characters, whose individual stories intertwine. The plot, slightly based on books, is sometimes imaginative and there are a number of unreliable elements such as the siphon witches, strange amulets and deconstructed religious elements (see the example of Cade, or Devil, and the question of life after the death). But as a good part of the final product is based on the charisma and strength of the characters, this ends up being reasonably well swallowed by the audience.

The series is full of strong and dramatic characters, made by actors who have shown talent Nina Dobrev was very good as Elena / Katherine and her disappearance, from the seventh season, was one of the most unfortunate options in the script. Much better was the direction of the brothers, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. The two actors were incredible and were up to the challenge. In addition, the following actors deserve to be congratulated: Kat Graham, Candice King, Michael Trevino, Matthew Davis, Michael Malarkey Joseph Morgan, Marguerite MacIntyre, Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies, Chris Wood, Elizabeth Blackmore, Torrey DeVitto and Arielle Kebbel. Everyone was committed to their characters, regardless of their importance to the plot, and gave their best. Zach Roerig is a good actor, but his character is not so good and it was only last season that I was able to feel some empathy for him. Steven R. McQueen suffered from the same problem. He was a rebellious and somewhat boring teenager in most of the series, and he suddenly appears full of muscles as an action figure, eager to kill vampires. Sara Canning and Susan Walters are also good, but their respective characters also only become pleasant around the time they must die.

At a technical level, the series has few flaws. Good production values, good special effects, visual and sound, a nice CGI that, despite everything, seems fake at times, good scenarios and costumes, especially in the period scenes, and also a very good soundtrack, full of good songs that are in the ear.
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Violent, Romantic, Great story, has vampires... What more could you ask for???
MatthewKerr9 April 2010
This show is absolutely amazing! I am a guy which may be a little weird, but this show is actually really good! It is bloody good fun, :) and is great at keeping you locked into it! I love the whole vampire plot and stuff, because I think Kevin Williamson is amazing! The "Scream" series writer doing a TV show?! Count me in! I love the characters, too! My favorites are Damon, Mr. Saltzman, and Elena! Stefan scares me, but Hahaha whatever! I also love watching promos for upcoming episodes because all I do is smile and think to myself, "Why can't it be now???!!!" Hahaha but the only thing that is bad is the schedule. Thursday night TV is a very crowded night for me and a LOT of people. The Office, 30 Rock, The Mentalist, Parks and Recreation, Community, Sports... It is great to fit Vampire Diaries in, because I would clear my whole schedule for it hahaha :) I want this show to be kept on the air for years :)
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