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Addictive and Original
KneelBeforeTodd5 October 2010
When I tuned in to "The Vampire Diaries" for the pilot episode, I expected to watch perhaps six episodes, grow bored, and then drop the show entirely. After all, I was only watching in the first place because it aired before my favorite show of all time, "Supernatural." I'd seen (and read) the "Twilight" series and found the teen vampire romance story lackluster and redundant. It's been done before about a thousand times, right? But I remember reading the original "The Vampire Diaries" books by L.J. Smith and decided it couldn't hurt to give this supernatural soap a try.

The most important thing to know about this show is the first four episodes are seemingly pointless; focused on cheap thrills, romance, and teen drama. Then something magical happens, creeping up silently and latching on without the viewer's notice: interest. By the end of the fourth episode the many story lines pick up and take off, and suddenly a silly or meaningless event becomes important. Things move fast in "The Vampire Diaries." This is a show that takes risks: people die without warning, stories that you thought could go on forever take only a few episodes, characters do and experience things you wouldn't have thought possible. Even better, there is no character who is wholly unlikeable. Everyone in the large ensemble cast has a story and a 3-dimensional structure, and even if the viewer decidedly doesn't like a character, the swing from one storyline to the next never lingers in one place for too long.

Some people have called this show their guilty pleasure. I refer to it as smart writing, good acting, excellent storytelling, and wonderful viewing. As of right now the second season is in the first few episodes of airing and the magic has not gone out. Far from it; this show only gets better. The lesser episodes are still fantastic, and the truly great ones are rich with everything an episode of television could possibly desire. I have yet to finish watching an episode without cursing the screen to give me more - my addiction to such a fresh show sometimes keeps me up at night.

For anyone (yes, even non 18-49 women demographic - we welcome the men!) interested in watching vampires, witches, and more, take the time to view beyond the first four episodes. I can almost safely guarantee anyone who likes vampires and horror (and a lot of dry wit) will not be disappointed.
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Character Development for T.V.D. Characters
supernaturalkat19 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Does anyone else besides myself and my sister, feel like the writers are running this show into the ground... All the other characters have grown, you see development, while with Elena, with the exception of the bridge scene with her and Matt, is still the same selfish little girl. So much for them dropping flowers off Wickery Bridge, saying, "here lies Elena Gilbert.." Come on writers we need to see some character development for Elena. Also, will you please choose between Damon and Stefan, or ya know what introduce a new human love interest for her. As much as I love the thought of her and Damon at this point I could really care less if the Salvatore's go on a long vacation, mainly Stefan. Frankly hes gotten a little old. He and Elena are just a lost cause, they need separation and what happened with the road trip with Katherine, I mean really pick a plot and stick with it. I like the change of events sometimes but not when you have had so many that you as the writer have no clue where you were originally going with it in the first place. I feel like you keep changing things for the fans and that's what is getting you so lost in your writing, pick a plot go with it, let us bicker and complain, but don't change everything just because we get a little ticked off, be the writer, because I know that if we keep watching it with the way you have written it without Fan influence we will more than likely Love where ever it leads the show. Now if you are one of the writers, and you have just read this, please exit this page and never look at IMDb again, and go with what your gut tells you. Be the writer. Sincerely, Thank you, T.V.D. Fan, From Griffin, Ga.
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Its got me hooked
bookwormgreen2 October 2009
After watching episode 4 i got all excited and started to flap my hands wishing the next episode will come out already. I admit first two episodes were bit slow and sluggish , but by episode 4 the story really starts to kick in. After watching it i have the greatest urges to go library and read the rest of series.

Im sick of seeing people bagging vampire diaries at the moment. GIVE IT A CHANCE. yes it may not be as good as the book series, but I'm telling you now it beats twilight by far. Watch episode 4, of course first episode isn't going to hook you in like its best show in the world. but for those who think people who enjoy this series are brain dead, i believe their comments a rush and idiotic. Give the series a chance, but if you listen to " the real brain dead losers " then you really be missing out.
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ciarajade2228 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the series for while but then it just got boring and repetitive, in every episode there's a tragic "accident" where someone has to risk their life to save them. Usually Stefan or useless Elena. The same thing happens every episode. Elena and Damon flirt, there's a disaster going on elsewhere, she goes back to Stefan and someone is either dying or is already dead. There's too much going on in this series, too many characters, too many supernatural things going on, it just gets confusing. Also Elena is the most annoying character ever, she needs to just make up her mind and choose, one minute its Stefan, the next its Damon, then it's Stefan, oh then its Damon again. It just makes the series repetitive and loses the storyline.Elena not being able to choose is just stupid and selfish it makes the series tacky and predictable and just pisses me off. The story is based on her and I think that's why i've come to hate this series,also because they never seem to actually kill the bad guy. They should focus on trying to keep the population of mystic falls alive because seriously how many random people are they going to kill?! This series had a lot of potential but let itself down in my opinion. Much prefer Teen Wolf!
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This Series Has Outdone Itself
erekle-antadze26 October 2009
Started weak, real weak. It was cheesy messed up series with messed up plot and characters! what happened after that? somewhere near episode 3-4 it started to come to what can be described as a normal , watchable series it had it's good points and bad points like ant other show has! it continued for I don't know episode 12-13 and then it started with every single episode, making enormous steps, great improvements!!! it started to rock a little with every episode! and last 4-5 episodes where just great , like 10/10 they improved so much they had nothing to do with those cheesy episodes! and I really started to like and love this series! and first season finale , it was something incredible unpredictability, awesomeness, great action , humor, interesting characters and nothing like Twilight or sparkling vampires...

it has a lot of blood and death in it!!!! so if series started with 6/10 it's first season ended with 9.5/10 go on in that direction!!!
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My Favorite New Series!
lucky-17722 October 2009
I have never read the books, however, I don't understand how anyone could expect for any TV series to be an exact replica of a book. Just my opinion. I have been watching the show since the pilot episode and I absolutely love it. I also happen to be 29 years old and am hooked, so I truly think it's all about what each individual finds interesting, not "this show is for 13-16 year olds". I'm not sure how anyone can say they love or hate something after just a pilot, I never really quite understood that. Personally, I think you should give a show at least 3 or 4 episodes to give it a fair chance and to see where the story will go. I wasn't sure that I was totally in love with it after just the pilot either, as I am a HUGE twilight fan, but by the end of the 2nd episode, I found myself anxiously anticipating the 3rd, 4th and so on. P.s. Nina and Paul work great together!
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Definitely worth a watch!
anweshdbest10 November 2009
Okay, so there's been an overload of vampires. 1st, Twilight, then Jennifer's Body and blah blah blah.. but Vampire Diaries is different, and definitely here to stay.

For starters, it follows the basic rules that apply to vampires, unlike Twilight where Edward Cullen just goes into Bella's house without any invitation, etc.

What's also gripping is the fact that it has other characters from the magical world, like Witches and all. It also sticks to its plot, so what we are seeing is actually a story which has vampires as a part of it, not the other way around.

Definitely worth a try, and one of the best shows of Fall '09.

And the coupling of it with Supernatural on Thursday, making it a Thrilling Thursday on CW is quite cool too! A 9/10 for me!
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Good combination of the characters with the setting
meadesvision23 November 2009
I really like the episodes, it is somehow fluent and has a taste of Twilight. Maybe it is weird but its shooting is better than Twilight because in watching Twilight you can feel the coldness, silence and a sort of pause which drift the interest of the spectacular away. But in Vampire Diaries, you can feel the hot impression of the characters, hot color of each frame of the movie. These series make you feel more connection to the reality than Twilight. The characters are involved in excellent combination with the setting and the plot. Stephen perfectly reflects his good mood through his face. Elena is another good chosen actress for the character. Because you easily see her bright intelligence and innocence on her face.Damon is just like his name demonic,attracting and tempting person. This good adaptation of the characters to the story makes the film more powerful and better than Hollywood production Twilight thought it is a TV series. I wish Twilight was shot by Vampire Diaries technical production team.
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Has its Good and Bad - But it just started.
dlinthe11 September 2009
I read the books 15 years ago, and I was a bit excited and apprehensive about it being made into a TV series with all the liberties that are taken these days. Last night, I watched the pilot. I have a few beefs (missing character and particular character interactions), but mostly I think I was alright with it. It has been update to fit with the times a bit more.

It appears that they are loosely following the story, and that is fine if they are making it into a series. To follow the books, they would have just needed to make a mini-series and been done with it. For a full-on TV series they needed to make many adjustments. I'm a little sad that they are aiming so very hard for the Twilight crowd by throwing the romance factor in right away, but it has the potential to be pretty good.

The acting isn't the greatest, but I have definitely seen much worse. This felt to me like actors that had not yet fit themselves into their characters. It will smooth out with time and become more comfortable for them and it will show through in the series. They have managed to obtain a bit of balance between the almost care-free world of high school and the dark gritty nature of what they can't see and don't know about. That was actually what I was most worried about.

So, from a MAJOR fan of the books (I rejoiced when I realized they were with me instead of another state and started reading them for the umpteenth thousandth time) to the CW....So far, so good. Let's see where they take this and hope they keep true to the feel.
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Not Twilight but not True Blood
chattygirl24714 November 2009
In this day and age it's the time of the Vampires. You have Twilight and True blood and Vampire Diaries but don't let them keep you from watching. While many tend to compare it with the two, it's actually very different. Vampire Diaries, based off a series written 15 years before Twilight,is about a girl Elena who just lost her parents when a new guy, Stefan Salvatore, comes to town but with Stefan also comes trouble, his brother Damon Salvatore. This show is definitely the middle of Twi and True Blood. It has a romance like Twilight and the intensity of True Blood. What this show has is a lot of twists and turns that you don't expect.

The only flaw may be the characters. While there is a lot of character development, it really only applies to the main ones. The supporting characters like Caroline and Matt seem flat. Even though Matt seems to have some roundness, Caroline just doesn't seem to change, she is always that annoying whiny girl;there are even times when Elena can be naive.

All in all, despite it's flaws, every episode has a mystery to it; it's hard to guess what's going to happen. Believe me at the end of every episode, maybe even in between commercials, you begin to speculate what the end possibilities could be.
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The best Vampire series EVER.
chicky-wicky-babe1 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
*Slight Spoilers*

I remember 3 years ago, I was looking for new shows to watch and I had heard of 'The vampire Diaries'.I was quite hesitant in the beginning because of the similarity with Twilight.The beginning was not that great but the acting was enough for me to continue and give it a chance.

I shall never regret that decision.

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and the entire, I REALLY mean ENTIRE cast have proved that great acting is possible. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson are amazing writers that really know how to bring this series to another level.The thing with TVD is that it gets better with every episode. It is one of the shows with the strongest,fiercest, most passionate fans in the whole world. I love the chemistry between Ian and Nina, but nevertheless, Paul is great with her too.

Elena's character is wonderful. She is deep, compassionate, adorable, balanced and mature. The writers created the perfect base for such a plot and the way they made Elena develop and influence those around her is fascinating, they made it BELIEVABLE and I think this is one of the most important achievement one could make in a TV show. Not to forget the extremely addictive character of Katherine Pierce. Nina is, maybe, one of the best actors one could watch, because of her portrayal of completely different characters which is really impressive.

A scene that will remain in my mind FOREVER is the season 3 three finale,when Elena is under that bridge with Matt. I cried. so many emotions were conveyed without any characters uttering 1 word. The juxtaposition of Elena's accident with Matt and her accident with her parents was symbolical, tear-breaking, jaw-dropping and it really makes you think of all she had to go through, how this will affect the whole series and create one of the best cliffhangers I have ever seen in any series that I have ever watched in my whole life. This is one of Nina's best performances EVER.

The Vampire Diaries has talked about importance of family, friends, life, love, and coming to terms with who we are. It has humor (thanks to Damon), Passion, a LOT of well-acted actions, a really fascinating history of the mythical creatures (Witches, Werewolves, Hybrids, Ghosts, Vampires, Vampire Hunters, Original Vampires). I have been watching it for 3 years,and I've seen people drooling over Damon or Stefan and fighting about who's best. Seriously? I LOVE the series as a whole, and always have. Of course, I love Damon and Elena's chemistry, it is amazing. But I think TVD is much more than that. And people have to see it as a whole picture. Else, they'll miss all the beauty of it.
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First few seasons are good, but then...
kaspertm26 August 2016
This show is good in the beginning where the characters who are supernatural (vampire, werewolf, witch, etc.) must hide this from the normal people of the town, constantly covering up, making excuses, etc. at the same time as they deal with supernatural threats. But as time goes, everybody either become supernatural or knows about it and works together with the supernaturals. Then all the plots are about this and everyday life of the characters is unimportant. It's all about threat A can only be solved with item B, so you must go to C to get it from D. Then a few parties are thrown in, and that's it. But season 1 to 4 is worth watching. So per season I would give: Season 1: 8 Season 2-4: 7 Season 5-6: 4
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Five stars for first 2 season
sachinchauhan221 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Yes 5 star out of 10 for first 2 seasons But sadly the 3rd season ruined it all When I started to follow the TVD and saw the first season I was eager to watch next season and that too was as good as first one but After seeing 3rd season I think its time to say goodbye to TVD

I am a huge fan of Supernatural series and after 8 season still this series is best series in its genre because We still care for its two main lead characters and justify all their actions

But Here in TVD 3rd season

1- they just don't want to kill any one , I mean how stupid its sounds that almost in every episode there is a seen where Damon Salvatore and his brother easily can kill or let the Klaus evil sister killed but they saved her for no good reason and in very next scene she is giving death threat to Elena or someone Innocent .... and believe me there are 100 of scenes like that

2- In many Situations Elena did not let Klaus die because someone innocent will die with him , I mean come on ,from the starting Every Vampire character killed lots of innocent guys and Our main Hero brothers killed them

3- The all main lead characters only care for themselves , and in almost every 30 minuets one Innocent guy or girl died by one of their hands but no one give a damn ,

4-And the story in 3rd season become so self centered that don't know why I just hope that every one of them die and go to hell including Elena

In the end Pardon for my cheap and faulty English and if you already watched the 3rd season I don't need to tell you this :D
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The Vampire Cliché Putrid Acting AND Boring Diaries
jmclane-593303 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This *may* contain a few spoilers. But I am doing you a favor, BELIEVE ME!

OK, the first and second seasons are "watchable", painful, but if you are stuck high up in the mountains in a cabin with 10 feet of snow blocking your way, yeah, these two seasons could be of some use, it may help you fall asleep in that hard to sleep situation.

ANYTHING after that is incredibly awful. I believe the Mafia could use this show to torture information out of people. 20 minutes watching this and anyone in their correct state of mind would confess anything. Aside from some eventual good acting guests, the acting is putrid. Worse than a bad high school play where the actors are all high on expired acid. The plot, well let's just say 5 year old children could unveil it with easy.

The characters are all students of John Mcclane, and they all belong to a family of highlanders: THEY NEVER REALLY DIE. They die, then they come back, then they die, then they come back. A train smash them into pieces, then they come back. Their heads are chopped off, then easily reattached... AND THEY COME BACK. And after they die 500 times, and get their heads chopped off, and a train smash then into pieces, and they get cremated and their ashes sent to the moon, their spirits come back, and then they just "jump" into another body, and there they are... BACK! A 50 ULTRATON Plasma Tesseract Hydrogen bomb couldn't kill them.

HORRIBLE show!!! In this show, the rain is sugar. Because of this show I now get really bad ear infections every time I hear the words Elena, Stefan or Damon, and is followed by a uncontrollable urge to puke. Don't laugh, it is not funny, it really hurts.

The drinking blood from a blood bag all the time is so lame I have not words to describe it.

Then there is the uber mega pro super master giga lame "turning humanity off" thingy. Daemon is bad, now he's good, now he's bad, now he's good, yet again he is bad... wait there is more, now he's good. Helena is good, now she is bad, now she is good, now she is bad. Stefan is goody, now he's bad, now he's good, and bad, now he's the ripper (no not the grimm one), but now guess, he's good................. SO LAME! The lamest thing I ever saw in my entire life. To give you an idea of how this is lame, well, remember the lame moment at end of the movie Rocky when Stallone started to yell "Adria... Adriaa" after winning the fight? Well get that lame thing, multiply by the number of atoms in the entire universe, which I believe is 10 to the 82 power and still, you'll not get even close.

Also an advise to parents, people in this show are ALL HEAVY alcoholics. And they induce kids into this junk (of course kids mimic their "heroes"). They put these characters drinking at 10AM on a Tuesday like it's OK. It's like: The dude died, let's drink. The dude got married, let's drink, I got a haircut, let's drink, I just cleaned my house, let's drink, you shaved your armpit, let's drink, I picked my nose let's drink, I picked your nose, double that! Disgusting!

Resuming, a total waste of perfect good time!! Unfortunately there is no negative rate here, I just wish I could give this show a -1000 rate, or that congress passed a bill to outlaw this show anywhere in the Solar System. This show is so boring I could easy use it to make all mosquitoes flee my room at night, but then I could risk never waking up, EVER.

Don't watch it. Or watch it and suffer the consequences. Just remember my ear infection problem.
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It is the transpiration
andrastea24 October 2009
So, a high school girl (Elena) fancies a boy (Stefan), who surprise surprise turns out to be THE vampire for her. Of course a love triangle is presented; Stefan's more demonic brother has an agenda to win Elena's affection. Elena's best friend is a bubbly psychic, there is no shape shifters (read werewolves) yet nor mind readers (yet), and Elena is not clumsy (yet), although she does feel isolated and lives in a very small town. Sounds familiar? It should because L.J Smith's books the Vampire Diaries have been around already for last 15 years. This story might have kicked in better if the "Twilight thing" wouldn't burn the subject to the dead. That is something to wonder, how the author of the Twilight ever got away borrowing? so direct storyline, in addition items like mind reading and shape shifters/werewolves in context of vampires from Sookie Stackhouse novels by C. Harris, a book which was also published before first Twilight. Apparently one cannot copyright an idea, only product. But wait, the publisher of L.J Smith has announced a new book to the Vampire diaries series called "Midnight". There is no "Sun" in it, but is this the finger or what?

But this has to be said, that the actors in the Vampire Diaries do not look like they are in the constant pain, well at least not all the time, like in that "other thing". Perhaps that is the difference in these stories; the Vampire Diaries lack the certain amount of constipation.

I vote for that.
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Not AS bad as Twilight, but still very bad!
americanbanksta1 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly thought this was going to be better than Twilight, but it unfortunately turns out the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Surprisingly, there's even some similarities between the two (Stefan and Edward look and act alike, there's a love triangle that's supposed to happen, it mixes "vampire" stories with high school "drama", the "vampires" barely even act like such, many girls from the high school think Stefan "is so dreamy!", and Stefan and Elena were dating during the first few episodes even though they knew very little about each other).

The only reason I watched the first 10 episodes of this garbage is because my friend got me thinking of giving it a chance. After the first episode, I was concerned about any hope I had this show. From what was already established, the main female lead, Alena, is only interested in the male lead, Stefan, because of how studly he looks. Because of this, she, in a really dumb way, gives him permission to stalk her. Two underlying problems with this episode is not only is he not nocturnal (like real vampires are), but he also passes himself off as a teenager still in high school (despite being a 160 year old "vampire"). The more episodes I watched, the more problems began to occur. Alena and Stefan start dating at the end of the second episode, and have sex literally in the next episode (which is disgusting to watch because of how bad of a "couple" they are). I think by the 5th episode, Alena decides to break up with Stefan because she doesn't feel safe being a part of his world. That unfortunately doesn't last long, due to the two inconsistently agreeing to stay away from each other, but then crawling back to one another a few scenes later. Meanwhile, Stefan epically fails at practically every attempt to stop his evil, and full of himself, brother, Damon, from biting, attacking, and killing innocent people (the only time you can even call Damon a real vampire). Really, despite everything that Damon does, Stefan could easily kill him, but there are several times where he decides to let him live. There's even times where other characters try to kill him, and Stefan ruins it by letting him live! If Damon was finally put down, a lot of the problems would be solved! There's actually a part in one of the episodes, where Stefan was able to steal the ring Damon needs in order to survive in the sunlight (which doesn't make a whole lot of sense), but rather than allowing Damon to burn in the sunlight a few hours later, he obediently gives it back. I also remember a part where Stefan is shot pretty badly with a wood bullet, and Damon saves him, telling him "the only person who would enjoy killing you is me!". Although that's quite cynical (I'll admit), throughout the series, he makes all these statements of him being able to kill him, but doesn't go through with doing so. (Speaking of wood bullets, should I also mention that's their only weakness in this show? Holy water is "drinkable", garlic is "edible", crosses are "decorative", and mirrors "show their reflection". What kind of vampires are these?) So when the brothers aren't hating each other and having sissy fights, they act brotherly and decide to chill with one another (completely oxymoronic).

Those 3 idiots make the show bad enough, but (just to add in some more insanity) there's plenty of other terrible characters as well. Practically most of the other (20-30-something year old) "teenagers" do is fall asleep in class, then go to parties where there's drinking involved. I'll admit that Alena's brother, Jeremy, eventually becomes a character I can admire because of his observations on a girl he's interested in, but has a boyfriend who doesn't respect her. The only problem I have with Alena's friend, Bonnie, is she insisted that Alena and Stefan to be together during the first two episodes. She later also becomes a decent character, and learning about her background as a witch seemed interesting. Alena's ex-boyfriend Matt was also decent because he cared about his sister, Vicki, not getting hurt. All of the other girls are just annoying bimbos, and all of the guys come off as arrogant. Besides Bonnie's grandmother, the parents or legal guardians are rarely ever around, or even do anything that makes them good role models for their children to follow.

On top of all of that, the acting is somewhat better than Twilight's (but still falls short), the subplots are more decent than the general plot (which is surprisingly ironic), the writing is pretty-much terrible, and Damon and Stefan, along with other "vampires" in this series, are an insult to real vampires. They don't go to high school, they don't go out in the sunlight or daytime, they don't date humans, they don't cry or get emotional over a recent break-up, they don't brood just to make themselves look dark and cool, and they don't purposely look like cute bad boys. They're dark, predator-like creatures who feast on human blood, operate in the shadows, and maintain a sense of power.

In spite of it all, there's actually two funny things about this:

1) I created a meme on Open Office that says at the top "These are vampires", and it shows pictures of Blade from Marvel Comics, Selene from Underworld, and Bela Lugosi's Dracula. In the middle, it says "These are practically pretty boys" and shows Stefan and Damon. The bottom tells you to know the difference.

2) I had a dream last night where Selene was standing on a rooftop with a sniper rifle, full of wood bullets, and head-shots both Stefan and Damon. (Greatest happy ending of my life.)

In conclusion, please tell anyone you know not to watch this show. They'll completely regret it.
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Worst example of television
kamzulawski6 October 2012
Just wanted to say how much I hate this series. My girlfriend is obsessed with it, but I just cannot suspend my own disbelief enough to take it for anything more than bad acting, terrible plot and cheesy cast. True blood was bad enough but at least that had a bit of backbone, this is just bottom of the barrel viewing. Guys I really do feel sorry for you if like me your significant other has discovered this series. Producers should get off the whole vampire bandwagon, it's been done by many and much much better. I bet the producers are probably thinking up their next masterpiece. It will probably be called the "pencil trolls of the night". The pilot will be about a girl who gets a pencil troll from their teacher, that then comes to life after midnight and starts writing cryptic messages. It takes a few episodes for her to discover that the messages are actually from her late great grandmother who it turns out...was a vampire!!
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Been seen and done, better.
trioracles18 October 2012
Vampire Diaries is almost the exact same as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The story,friendships,mission, almost all of it is from Buffy. I've watched Vampire Diaries first then I watched Buffy. Might I say ,buffy was way better. In my opinion, I liked the whole originality of Buffy where Vamps are vulnerable to sunlight, can get staked, holy water, the whole sha-bang. Some examples of similarities, Buffy-Elena (though buffy can kick her behind any day), Angel-Stefan (the "good" vamps that likes the main girl), Willow-Bonnie (main girls bestie who happens to be both witches, Willow can smite bonnie any day), Spike-Damon (bad/good both interested in main girl) and many other similarities. I was so disappointed when I found this out. If you truly like Vamp Diaries I suggest you also watch Buffy the Vamp Slayer. You will find it very much the same.
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The Vampire Diarrhea
fliptopbox1321 April 2015
This is like watching a train smash in slow motion. You know exactly what is going to happen, because this train is running on big strong tracks, with scheduled stops, and no unexpected deviations.

The characters are "teenagers" ... that interact with an impeccable middle aged rebellion. Perfectly premeditated dialog, illogical, witty, sarcastic, yet politically correct, emancipated, well adjusted, mature, innocent, naive, but profoundly wise, teenagers.

The dialog is expositional and rhetorical. In other words its a continuous and contrived data dump, which often concentrates on describing what is happening or has just happened. As a result it lacks authenticity.

These "teenagers" party hard & drink excessively ... without getting drunk ... only to engage in a life threatening well coordinated fist fight, and an apex of exchanging heartfelt declarations of love and bedtime cuddles. The characters all have an unlimited capacity for gullibility in addition to unlimited funds for new cars.

It's cliché. In every sense. Contrived, coincidental and uninspired. Like elevator music.

I have NEVER watched a TV series with so many personal apologies, and absolution of fault. This is the most common dialog pattern. "I ... I, can't do it because I am confused ... I am so sorry. I am a bad person", "Don't say that. It wasn't your fault, you mustn't blame your self. You did it because you really care.", "But I'm such a loner, and nobody understands me", "Whatever, like, maybe you are ... sorry I'm a douche", "It wasn't your fault ..." (step and repeat x 22 episodes x 45 minutes x 5 seasons)

If you want to watch original ideas for this genre here are some of my favourites: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008 Swedish) THIRST (2009), 30 DAYS of NIGHT (2007), NOSFERATU (1922)
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It sucks :)
glance_left8 July 2012
Take your average Dawson Creek schmutz and toss a few vampires into the vapid teenage drama and you've got yourself the series. Even less substantial than the Twilight series, if that was even conceivable. All the girls are débutante dolls and all the guys are GQ models with plucked eyebrows...none of which have any depth beyond their overlying makeup and impeccable hairstyles. All this being said, I'm sure the series is wildly popular. Which is more than a little sad. And fundamentally why the world will be destroyed *chuckle*...not because of our inherent diabolical evil-ness (even that would be interesting, at least)....but more because of our burgeoning and mind numbing idiocy
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Give it a chance!
Admittedly, it started terribly, full of clichés and cheesy connotations with vampires. But, like most reviews have stated, after episode 4, the show takes a different direction and moves away from traditional vampire themes. It totally excels and turns into a very exciting and watchable television show with an incredibly good looking cast with very impressive acting. The Vampire Diaries is not like any other vampire production,filled with humour,love, violence,sex and without the clichés.

The script is fabulous; full of exciting and unpredictable plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat and gasping; desperately wanting to see the next episode.

Unfortunately, it's judged by the title; "vampire" and dismissed, but I urge you to give this show a chance.
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good god
brendan_clement21 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The vampire diaries stinks. The originals are no longer the enemies of the show. Really? Klaus had been doing horrible things to everyone in the show. He killed and tortured many of Elena's friends and then Caroline fall for him. He has his own show and he is still the bad guy. Every character in the vampire diaries keeps taking turns on who is the bad guy and it gets confusing. Everyone cheers for the bad guys in the show. You can no longer tell which one is the bad guy. Pick one and stick with it.

When I first started watching the vampire diaries, the main villain was Damon. I hated him for what he had done, but then I started liking him because he is a antihero. Then came Katherine, who I want to kill with my sword. Every time I see her, I want to throw something to the computer. She began to be the new villain and then came Klaus and the originals making Katherine the heroes ally. What?

Then they had to keep the originals alive because if you do kill them, all the other vampires die including our main characters. Stefan became the villain at the beginning of season 3. Then Jeremy, Alaric, Tyler, Bonnie, and then Elena. Basically, everything in this show takes turns being the villain. What is the deal here?

Elena, oh my god is so annoying. When she was human, she cared about everyone and helps them fight the bad guys. As she became a vampire, she was bonded to Damon and then turned into a bad guy as her brother died. Then her humanity returned and she was still annoying. She loves Damon even though he's a selfish. Elena became selfish as she became a vampire. All she cared about now was defending Damon whatever he does and getting what she wants. The vampire Elena is such a bad guy. I loved her when she was human, but I hate her as a vampire.

Nina Dobrev is still my favorite actress and I like Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. The show has good acting, but horrible story and characters. I don't care about any of them. Actually I really do care, I wanted them all to die. I wanted the Travelers to win and all the characters would die. Then the rest of the show would blank and beautiful.
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The illicit child of Twighlight and 90210.
luigivampa-970-455719 April 2014
The worst pile of drivel I've ever watched.

I love vampire stories, old style like Drac & Nosferatu, new style like Blade and Underworld, comedy vampires like Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows and Leslie Nielsen in whatever the heck that film was called but I was totally thrown by shopping vampires. My other half is a massive fan of the show and as such I've watched most of them. I don't know where to start on how bad this show really is. If it was called 'Vampires 90210' it might have made sense since no-one has actually written in a diary for about 3 seasons now.

OK, the cast - I've no idea who cast the Salvatore brothers but I'm under the impression they've never actually had a scary moment in their entire life. I'd be more afraid of my 8 year old daughter than that pair.

Having been forced through the various guises of Nina Dobrev I've a note for non vampire diaries watchers. If her hair has changed, she's supposed to be somebody else.

Tyler, (according to my other half) - He's rubbish but he's fit.

Sponsorship - Oh you've got a smart-phone that your sponsors gave you. That's nice, could you just leave it on screen and get out of the way. You might as well since it is the star of the scene normally.

Also, what's the deal with killing just about every character in the show just to bring them back in the next episode? I'm guessing the 'deal' is a lack of imagination in the script. At a script meeting - "Any ideas yet? Nope. Let's just kill someone. What about their contracts? It's OK, they'll be back next week!"

Do they not get tax breaks for filming outside the U.S? All these creatures from all over history and they all live in the U.S? Don't forget the Roma gypsies from... can you guess? That's right Romania, U.S.A.!
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The worst of the worst
fubared116 January 2014
I seriously thing the CW network hires brainless 12-year-olds to write all their scripts. Well, I guess it saves on the budgets. I think they're spending all their money on CGI and plastic surgery. Otherwise why would they hire 'actors' who can't act and look over 40 when they're playing 'teenagers'. I've watched about a dozen episodes of this one and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened except a lot of teen angst. But then that is the network specially and gets them their advertisers. The fact that all their shows appeal to the many brain deficient teenagers in their target audience. Personally I would have turned this one off after the first few episodes, except for the presence of many former gay porn stars. But then they have the 'corporate closet' to keep all the boys. I guess it's run something like the Vatican where they keep all the 'boys' hidden for their priests' consumption. Anyway, the same is true off all their shows, so I shouldn't be surprised this one would be any different. Where is Buffy when you need her?
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gennyhardison6 June 2009
OK so i just finished this pilot-it was awesome and i have high hopes for the series. I have not read the books but have heard of them and love everything vampires and this show does not disappoint. Well cast, looks expensive, legit 'this is how teens talk' dialogue. This is the age old vampire story: dark brooding vampire meets young human girl. Same story as twilight except these teens drink and have sex. Kevin Williamson is able to balance the tension of the story with humor and irony. All of the characters are good looking and can deliver the snappy dialogue with ease. Even the cheesier elements (see: fog) don't take themselves too seriously. If you like true blood, twilight and loved buffy then you should all watch this show (mostly so that i can see the second episode!!)
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