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Sex & Nudity

  • Majority of the shows have teenagers in making out, taking each other's clothes off, in underwear and sex is implied frequently some with partial nudity. Ratings are there for individual shows.
  • Girls are shown in their underwear and/or bra often.
  • Most sex scenes involve a couple kissing and stripping down to their underwear.
  • A man continues to kiss a young woman's neck against a tree after she repeatedly tells him to stop. Another young man interrupts this scene, thus preventing it from going any further
  • A man is seen lying between a woman's legs kissing her stomach. The man is shirtless and the woman is wearing a bra.
  • Lots of clothes are torn off due to the vampires' superhuman strength.
  • Two vampires have rough sex, including the tearing of a shirt and a dress and lots of slamming each other against walls at vampire speed. Neither one of them is hurt by this.
  • In one episode there is a threesome between two women and a man. The scene involves a making out and implied nudity but we only see above the chest.
  • A man and a woman are seen lying naked in bed, with a sheet covering anything offensive.
  • A man walks out of a bathtub, naked obviously, and surprises a young woman. Nothing below the waist is shown.
  • A few instances of moaning and panting.
  • A woman is shown taking off a man's belt in a heavy kissing scene
  • A woman is shown kissing down a man's bare body, nothing below his stomach is shown.
  • A man is shown kissing and running his hands down a woman's body, including above her underwear. The man is naked with a sheet around his waist and the woman is clothed in a bra and underwear.
  • A man is shown thrusting, briefly, and two characters climax simultaneously while the woman scratches the man's back, drawing blood.
  • There is another threesome later on in the seasons. There are two women and one man. A man and woman kiss before the other woman joins them and the two girls kiss passionately whilst the man watches, entertained.
  • Many references are made to sex throughout, but nothing too vulgar.

Violence & Gore

  • Although most of the vampires are 100+ years old in young-adult form, many teenagers also get involved.
  • A young woman hangs herself and is seen hanging dead for a few seconds.
  • Everytime a vampire feeds (drinks blood) blood is always shown around their mouth and the victim's neck.
  • A vampire chops a man's fingers off with a kitchen knife. Blood is shown.
  • Vampires are tortured with vervain (extremely harmful to vampires) and their skin burns and turns red as they yell in pain.
  • Lots of ripping hearts out.
  • When a vampire gets killed, their skin turns grey and mutilated.
  • Many threatenings occur in this show.
  • There is much more violence in this show, and blood is always shown. Many torture scenes are featured. One character rips the head and limbs off their victims


  • Uses of the words ass, bitch, bastard, damn, hell and other mild words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Quite strong and frequent drug use in the first few series, but it dies down almost completely by later seasons.
  • One boy is a drug dealer and abuser and would be no older than 15/16 years old and he is shown getting high quite a lot.
  • Lots of drinking, mostly from underage teenagers.
  • One of the main characters drinks almost every episode and due to being a vampire his tolerance for alcohol is very high so it takes quite a but of drinking to get him drunk.
  • In season 6 Elena uses a hallucinogenic magic drug which allows her to see her dead boyfriend whilst under its influence and is seen using quite a few times.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire series features shocking and frightening scenes due to the supernatural elements that are vampires and other creatures that go bump in the night.
  • Many people are killed in brutal ways without mercy; most of them are teens or young adults.
  • Many torture scenes are featured.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman (under vampire compulsion) stabs herself in her stomach and is taken to the hospital. She survives. Blood shown.
  • A man turns a device on, which gives extreme pain to vampires described as 1000 needles in their brain and they are later taken by cops and burned.
  • A man turns out to be a werewolf. His nephew and his friends find his diary and a video of him being turned into a werewolf on the first night. He is seen yelling in pain and throwing stuff as he is bound in a very hard leash. Could be very unsettling to kids.

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