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Season 6

2 Oct. 2014
I'll Remember
Four months have gone by since the Other Side broke down and Bonnie and Damon were lost. Mystic Falls is still a supernatural-free area. Everyone is grieving in their own ways, and some worse than others.
9 Oct. 2014
Yellow Ledbetter
Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon, Elena turns to Alaric to help her move on with her life. Enzo convinces Caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie back, but Caroline is shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan has been up to. Meanwhile, Matt worries about Jeremy who is spending time with Sarah, a mysterious girl who has recently arrived in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Tripp, leader of the community protection program, makes an interesting confession to Matt about his connection to the town. ...
16 Oct. 2014
Welcome to Paradise
Caroline admits that she has feelings for Stefan. Bonnie and Damon find clues that make them think they might not be alone.
23 Oct. 2014
Black Hole Sun
Damon and Bonnie are trying to come up with a way to come back from the otherside, while Stefan tries to help Elena start fresh.
30 Oct. 2014
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
Elena invites Liam to a party at the corn maze; Stefan shows up asking Caroline for help with a mess created by Enzo; Tyler winds up in a dangerous position.
6 Nov. 2014
The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
Elena can't decide whether she wants her memories of Damon back; Alaric asks Elena to look into Jo's background; Tripp puts Damon, Enzo, and Alaric in mortal danger.
13 Nov. 2014
Do You Remember the First Time?
Elena is forced to confront her problems; Liv and Tyler get closer; Damon finds a surprising clue that renews his hope.
20 Nov. 2014
Fade Into You
Elena gets some hopeful news from Alaric and Stefan regarding the Gemini Coven; Tyler tries to help Liv and Luke after learning of disturbing plans the coven has for them; dinner takes a drastic turn for Jo; Kai makes a dangerous discovery.
4 Dec. 2014
I Alone
Elena and Damon enter the prison world to bring Bonnie home. Complications arise when Kai escapes and finds Liv. Stefan finds out the truth about Sarah.
11 Dec. 2014
Christmas Through Your Eyes
Bonnie tries to replicate her favorite traditions, while reminiscing about happier times with her friends; Sheriff Forbes brings holiday cheer to Caroline at Whitmore College; Alaric turns to Damon and Elena for help when Jo goes missing; Tyler approaches Liv and Luke with a risky plan; Jeremy helps Matt carry out a plan to take down Enzo; Stefan is forced to break some devastating news to Caroline.
22 Jan. 2015
Woke Up with a Monster
As Kai learns how to control his magic, he holds Elena captive; Caroline and Stefan go to North Carolina in search of a cure for Sheriff Forbes; Damon realizes Elena has been kidnapped.
29 Jan. 2015
Prayer for the Dying
Caroline struggles to save her mother. Damon comes up with a daring new plan. Jo and Kai prepare to merge, but Luke intervenes.
5 Feb. 2015
The Day I Tried to Live
Elena is determined to celebrate Bonnie's birthday; after learning Stefan's secret, Enzo wants to interfere in Sarah Salvatore's life; Caroline struggles to cope with everything going on around her.
12 Feb. 2015
Elena and Jeremy reminisce about their past; Caroline and Stefan grow closer; Sheriff Forbes asks Damon for help with a case involving Elena's parents; Enzo lures Matt and Sarah into his plan.
19 Feb. 2015
Let Her Go
Everybody gathers for the funeral of Liz Forbes. Elena is worried Caroline isn't coping as well as everyone believes.
12 Mar. 2015
The Downward Spiral
Stefan blames himself for Caroline turning off her humanity. Bonnie is angry with Damon for aligning himself with Kai. Sarah's life is in danger.
19 Mar. 2015
A Bird in a Gilded Cage
Elena and Damon enter the 1903 prison world to bring back his mother. Stefan intends to exact revenge on Caroline. Bonnie cannot forgive Kai.
16 Apr. 2015
I Could Never Love Like That
Damon concocts a risky plan involving Lily to stop Caroline and Stefan from wreaking havoc; Elena re-evaluates her life as a vampire after learning that Jo is pregnant; Sarah turns the tables on Enzo; Tyler and Matt wind up in danger.
23 Apr. 2015
Stefan concocts a plan to get Caroline to turn her humanity back on. Damon wrestles with what he should do with the cure. Enzo seeks answers.
30 Apr. 2015
I'd Leave My Happy Home for You
Damon and Elena discuss the ramifications of Damon's offer. Alaric and Jo reluctantly participate in their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Lily continues on a dangerous downward spiral.
7 May 2015
I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime
Elena and Bonnie help Jo with last minute wedding preparations.
14 May 2015
I'm Thinking of You All the While
In the aftermath of Jo and Alarics wedding, an unexpected, & definitely uninvited guest shows up; putting Elena's life in jeopardy. Despite Matt's attempt to leave town to save himself, Bonnie takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan...

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