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Awful watch
piyali_guha20069 April 2014
I would like to give Piyalir Password a negative rating,something below 1 but unfortunately IMDb does not provide that option hence giving it 1 star. The film is a complete waste of time,energy n money. In spite of having an ensemble cast the film fails to create a spark.The director is very ignorant in every aspect of film making and the script n editing is equally horrible,in fact very amateurish.The camera-work is below standard,in fact the whole film is shot with an 35mm camera,that reminds us of watching an old TV serial rather than a movie.I completely fail to understand why veteran actors like Sabyasachi Chakravarty n Roopa Ganguly agreed to do such a film.complete waste of their talent..
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Dollars down the drain
aghosal0629 November 2009
The plot is interesting however the quality of the movie is below average standard. The "script" is horrible and reflects the lack of expertise of any type of film-script writing ability. Editing is equally bad in the sense there is a lack of coherence between individual scenes. When watching this film anyone can notice the lack of thinking behind designing scenarios which include photography and sound-recording. The director failed to focus on the main theme of scientific misconduct and how it translates to corporate profit. Instead he tried to spice it up with twisting and surprising facts which makes it even worse. In spite of having access to professional actors and actresses, there is hardly any use of their real acting potential. This film is a total waste of money and time and further downgraded the standard of quality bengali films.
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