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Same movie as pro critics?
Southerngiftsu14 March 2010
I walked away from the movie, Remember Me, asking myself one question. Did I just see the same movie I have heard several professional movie critics review negatively or indifferently? The first review I read online for Remember Me was that it was trite, predictable, and drawn out. (Bull, I say.) The responses of those around me in the theater today proved those claims false as well. I saw people laughing, gasping, wincing, and weeping. I saw the audience RELATING.

The characters are multi-dimensional and the acting is fantastic. This movie was not just feel-good fluff. It was not a platform to showcase Brosnan and Pattinson as eye candy. It was thought-provoking and intense. The characters were brooding, wounded, lovable and believable. The movie's twist was unique and effective.

If you want to see an enjoyable movie that will challenge your emotions and leave you feeling appropriately introspective, Remember Me fits the bills perfectly. (And there is nothing at all wrong with the added eye-candy benefit! ;)
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Surprisingly good
Savvy5413 March 2010
I must say, I had my doubts going into this movie. I'm not a Rob fan, and not to be rude, but I think the Twilight movies are terrible and the books not much better. Now, you, the reader, are probably wondering what the heck was I doing then, going to see this movie, if I had such a dislike towards Twilight and Rob. The answer is two words: my friend. She has to be the biggest Rob-sessed, Twilight-sessed twenty-two year old out there, and it was her birthday last week, so I, being the good friend I am, decided to put myself through two hours of torture on her behalf. Turns out, I didn't have to.

I think I've made it clear that I did not like any of the actors/actresses (particularly), nor did I like any of the movies/TV shows any of the actors/actresses had done in the past. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of emotion the movie brought to me. One minute I'd be laughing like a hyena and the next I'd be nearly in tears. It truly was an emotional roller coaster. Perhaps I didn't give the tween heartthrob vampire enough credit, because if there was a single thing I noticed in the part of me that wasn't overcome with emotion, it was that Robert Pattinson stood out. He made me feel the happiness, the pain, the excitement, and most likely will make you feel them too, unless you're a cold-hearted jerk. He actually is an actor, not just some semi-good looking guy who happened to be noticed for his semi-good looks. The Twilight movies do not do him justice.

Although my friend will forever hold this against me, I must say, you, the reader, should see this movie. I've seen the movie critics' reviews for this movie and I know they say this movie is a waste of time and money, but that is because they are looking at the separate parts of the movie. Allow me to explain. Have you seen The Sound of Music? When The Sound of Music was released, it raised a lot of controversy. Some critics said it was too saccharine, others said the plot was pointless, yet not one of them could explain why every person who watched the movie fell in love with it, or why each of them had a copy stashed under their bed. Why was it so popular? It had all the components of a bad musical: kiddish songs, fairytale romance, nothing bad. Even the Nazi chasing the family scene was not very intense. So why did people like it? The problem was, the movie critics were looking at the separate parts, not the movie as a whole. A movie can be judged by its separate parts, and most of the time it is, but one must also consider the glue that holds the separate parts together. A house made of bricks would fall down without the mortar. It is the same with this movie. The critics say, this part was too sad, this part too happy, they don't fit. They are analyzing the movie too logically. Sometimes, the best movies are the ones that touch your emotions, it doesn't have to be explained. Give this movie a chance. It will touch your heart, and if you are like my friend, leave you bawling.
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Life Lessons are the Hardest to Learn
cgerrits14 March 2010
Have you ever noticed how some people can teach you life lessons about who you are what you hold dear? Have you ever passed a stranger and wondered what tragedy they've endured in their lifetime? Have you ever asked why me...or better yet, why NOT me?

Life lessons are often the hardest to learn and you never know who's going to be the instructor. Sometimes it's an actual teacher who fulfills that role. Sometimes it's a friend. Sometimes it's a parent. And while you could argue that we really already know deep down the things these instructors reveal to us, it stands to reason that a reminder now and again about who we are and what we hold dear can and should serve as wake up call or guiding light as we navigate our lives.

And this film, well, I think it reinforces that the inner revelations we oftentimes try to ignore, deny, suppress, and trivialize should be recognized. And valued.

Thoughtful and touching, the film resonates after the lights come up. It's been a long time since a film followed me home.

Kudos to the writers and the cast. Well done all around.
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a must see (NO SPOILERS)
lala23219 March 2010
I saw Remember Me a an advanced screening on Monday. A few points:

1. The trailers on television do not do this movie justice. This is not a light fluffy love story like I expected it to be. It's pretty intense and has some very poignant scenes.

2. Don't let the fact that Robert Pattinson is in the movie deter you from seeing it. This movie is nothing like Twilight, and he does a great job in the role of Tyler.

I went into the movie thinking it was going to be stupid and predictable...I was only going to see it because it was free. After leaving the theater, I was very glad I saw the movie and would have paid $10 to see the movie.
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A beautifully structured, engaging masterpiece
rainbowpoet14 March 2010
This film, definitely Robert Pattinson's most profound, is not to be taken or experienced lightly. It is a heavy drama that is less about romance than it is about family loss amidst tragedy. It is also the first film to surprise me in a very long time. I had no idea how it would conclude until about three minutes from the ending, which absolutely blew me away.

I went to see it with my girlfriend, and we had been waiting for it for a long time. We both expected it to be good, but what we were really hoping for was a Pattinson performance that demonstrated something beyond the level of range exhibited in his interpretation of Stephanie Meyer's lackluster anti-hero Edward Cullen. Needless to say, we got a lot more than we bargained for. Shockingly, not only did Pattinson easily eclipse both Pierce Brosnan's and Chris Cooper's performances as the two "fathers" of the story, which were both excellent, but he gave us something we will remember for a very long time. This is definitely the most powerful film I have seen in theaters over the past year. It reaches far beyond the limited emotional scope of "bigger" releases such as 'Avatar' or 'Shutter Island', both of which are disastrously overrated. What 'Remember Me' accomplishes with its riveting, no-holds-barred storytelling and its brilliant final sequence is a feat rarely, if ever, attempted so tastefully. It connects us with so many aspects of our reality, our own world, and our own history, that many of us try not to face. It forces us to examine what certain significant events mean in the progression of our lives and the lives of our families and friends. It examines how we relate to one another in both the simplest and most complex of our relationships. It ties our daily lives together with the unexpected, which is something that is often unavoidable whether we are prepared for it or not. And it provides us with some insight as to how to deal with our hardships in life. It doesn't give us all the answers, as no film or book or story of any kind could ever do, but it certainly inspires us to ask the tough questions.
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apmassie14 March 2010
I just saw this movie last night and wanted to take a few before saying anything on it. It is a very moving and powerful movie that shows the power of loss and love. All the main characters are seriously flawed and damaged people that because they come together (thanks to the angry Tyler) become better people and find their own reasons to truly live life (something none of them have done in years).

I thought the acting was very well done. Some i have heard complain about certain scenes but truthfully, if you have ever suffered any of the losses or pains that these people have, they would realize that the actions are spot on!

I am wowed by the movie, stunned truly... I am also very glad that this movie was made, not as eye candy for Pattinson but rather to show his and others talent on such a touching, difficult, and painful subject. This would not have been made if it were not for the talent in this movie that pushed for it to be made, THANK YOU!
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remember me...please
rivertam2612 March 2010
Ummm...I'm not really sure what to say. Very rarely has a film left me utterly speechless.And I've been speechless for the last hour contemplating on what to say... Let me first start out by saying that Remember me is a brilliant film one of the best I've ever seen. A motion picture that feels so real, so genuine you can't help but be engaged. If i was to give anything away about it. It would completely ruin the experience of seeing this film and not knowing whats coming is the films brilliance in delivery. It's a small story about seriously flawed individuals trying to deal with love, loss and life. I'm tempted to spoil it but I won't just know. That if you suffer from any type of depression you should think twice before seeing it. This is a film although ultimately hopeful makes you feel suicidal. Robert Pattinson, Emile DeRavin and cast are brilliant and it is without a doubt the most powerful and jaw dropping film I've seen in quite some time. It's a film that deserves to be seen, a film that should be seen if only to remind us of so many things that we take for granted. A masterpiece.
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Don't read this review before you go see it.... but DO go see it
govtdog8 March 2010
WARNING: although this review has no spoilers in it, it is important that you go to the movie without any info on it if you can help it. Going to this movie naive, made it work for me.

I was at a screening of this movie tonight and wasn't looking forward to seeing it, but, did so to make my wife happy. In the end, it was a totally unexpected, heart rendering, emotional roller coaster ride of a movie. I sit here now a grown man who feels absolutely exhausted, but not from the agony having to watch the movie, but from the bipolar like seesaw of joy/agony/hope/desperation which this movie takes you through.

When I saw the guy from the vampire flicks, I expected a teenage type romantic comedy or the like and this film was anything but comedy. By the end of the movie Pattinson earned my respect as an actor and his supporting cast was pretty good as well.

The movie gets a bit slow at times, especially for fans of Twilight movies, but if you are patient, and pay attention to the characters they will draw you in and time will fly. And, in the end, you will think it was worth every minute spent watching.

As you can tell, I really liked this movie a lot.

My only complaint was Robs smoking... ;-)
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Well acted and unexpected
curalove4 March 2010
I attended a screening of "Remember Me" and thought it was a pretty good movie. I'm a big Rob fan but I'm trying my best to be objective here. I'll say this - if you are a Rob fan it is basically about two hours of heaven. My fan girl self wants to give it 10 stars - but I have to post what my movie fan self would rate it. It was nice to see him in something other than Twilight movies and I think he will surprise some of his naysayers. If you can give or take Rob and are just looking for a good movie to see what I'll say is this - it won't win any awards or anything but it was well acted and the story was interesting and unexpected.

My caution to you if you are checking for reviews for this movie before seeing it - make sure you take any "Contains spoiler" warnings seriously. You are better off going into it blind. I would steer clear of these reviews until after you have seen it. In fact - I wouldn't do any reading about it anywhere or watch any interviews just to be safe. Just my two cents.
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Not at all what I expected, and loved it
ilikedaisies12 March 2010
I was very much looking forward to seeing this movie and am so glad that I did. From start to finish I was wrapped up in it, getting lost in the characters and the story. I don't think I've ever been so impressed with Robert Pattinson and I'm saying this as someone who isn't exactly a fan of his Twilight work. His acting was raw and impressive and it just reminded me of how much I enjoy his indie movies and all the work he puts in them. But this isn't about him. The movie was phenomenal to the point where I was bawling my eyes out. The ending wasn't at all what I expected. The movie itself blew me away and I found myself tearing up listening to a commercial promoting it on the radio. Definitely see it. Definitely take tissues. Right when you think you have come to accept the history and world around you, this movie reawakens your emotions and makes you feel things that you thoulght you'd come to terms with.
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Not that great for everybody.
zemorena18 September 2010
OK ... I was browsing through the first ten pages of user reviews and all of them were about how great this movie was. I find it my duty to write mine and warn some of the people who might want to see it: it's not that great for anyone. If you are not a huge fan of Twilight / Pattinson, you might not be impressed of his acting: I found it really bad. Then there was the script: the story was not believable, I mean I don't think people in real life would react the way they did in some of the situations. I had the feeling that the writer wanted to get them in certain situations but didn't know how to do that in a natural way, so he exaggerated a lot: in character traits, in reactions, in lines. So instead of relating to them and their sad feelings, I was annoyed by them. I couldn't get their anger, I just felt they were stupid. I was left with absolutely nothing after watching an hour and 20 minutes of this movie - that being the moment I stopped watching. I wasn't even curious of how it ends or whatever happens to them, all I could think of was how I wasted a Friday evening. Maybe younger people (I'm 26) relate better to all this, maybe I've seen too many movies and lived too many situations by now to still be impressed by this.
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Tween dribble
Ken McEvoy8 August 2010
Remember me is 113 minutes of melodramatic tween dribble. This movie is a string of over pretentious scenes that dramatize a very thin plot. Its one pointless over-dramatic scene after another. I cant tell if this was supposed to be a romance story or a 'warts-and-all' view of two grief stricken families. It fails to be either of these.

Then to add insult to injury, the choice of ending that is used to get one last emotional response from the audience is inappropriate and has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of movie.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." This is not the case for this movie; it should never have been made.
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Manipulative Propaganda - They really mean REMEMBER!
Safetylight2 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The performances were solid. The production values were flawless. The whole thing was well made. I can see why people like this.

But you have to understand that this is DESIGNED to play on heart-strings and to keep wounds fresh so that political manipulations can continue.

I honestly couldn't figure out what the point of this film was until the end. It fit no pattern. It was sad all the way through; even the happy moments were infused with sadness. Then those two towers filled the screen, and ugh. . , Ugh. It all fit into place. This film was deliberately designed to keep people crying and to link it all to "terrorism". How DARE those terrorists do this to such good, striving people? What should we DO? Why.., perhaps we should do as the main character and his father does; retaliate with violence and corruption!

(The violence of terrifying a little girl in her school, and of a powerful CEO forcing a bunch of children to move to other schools by intimidating their parents. Sorry, but that's how the mob works.)

Yes. All the messages were there, all driven down deep into the long-term memory and subconscious by strong emotions linked with deliberately placed messages. If you know anything about marketing and brain chemistry, you'll immediately see just how much vile craft this film was peddling.

Joseph Goebbels couldn't have done better.

Every single shred of this film was an emotional manipulation, designed to facilitate the continued destruction of Palestine by Israel, and to facilitate the continued descent into madness which is the sinking ship of global geo-politics and population control.

It was also designed to show us that, "Hey, psychopathic executives are just caring parents who despite the pain they cause, just need our sympathy and support." Yeah, those villains at BP just need a loving son to break through to them, and they shouldn't serve jail time.

I'm sorry I watched this piece of tripe. I actually thought it was going to be a film about reincarnation or something interesting dealing with memory.

Instead I watched a nicely polished piece of nastiness.

To anybody who is offended by this comment. . , try researching and thinking clearly for a few minutes. Those knee jerk reactions were put in you by people who have spent billions of dollars and who used countless thousands of human guinea pigs to learn precisely how to make you have those reactions.

The fact that this film is being so revered just shows how far our society is going to fall and how hard it will hit when the bottom is reached.
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Good script, Fine performances. I saw it twice.
sterling-perkes28 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I thought Pattinson gave a beautifully detailed and perceptive performance. His head must be reeling right now, though, from the contradictory reasons the critics found to hate him. He spent most of the movie unshaven, his face bruised, scraped and swollen, his body hidden in shapeless, wrinkled clothes, yet the critics almost to a (jealouse) man, led off with a jibe at Rob's good looks and then continued to snicker. His acting was dismissed as "wooden" and "inexpressive" or it was "overwrought and "melodramatic". The confrontation scene with his father was his "finest moment" or it was "an embarrassment". His American accent was derided. Well, what sort of American accent did they want? Wisconsin? Utah? Georgia? He gave us generic well-educated American with a slight Bronx undertone, and it convinced me. The movie was either "slow and static" or it "veered from crisis to crisis" (One reviewer accused it of both). Its ending was either telegraphed too obviously from the start, or a cynical attempt to shock. My thought: Good script, Fine performances, Excellent movie>
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Good Movie, Good Acting
lwjk20 March 2010
I had low expectations, given the mediocre-to-low reviews given by critics. So I was surprised at how good and affecting this movie was. I really don't get it---it's possible that critics feel like they have to smirk at a Robert Pattinson movie. But he's a good actor, and Emilie Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, and the girl who played Pattinson's little sister were also strong. This actually might be my favorite performance by Pierce Brosnan. Rob's character was a distinct and believable 22-year-old personality, and he and Ravin had great chemistry. And it's always a pleasure to see Chris Cooper, in this case playing Ravin's father.
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This movie was amazing
Tatinhabsb0216 March 2010
I love this movie!!! I've become a fan of Robert Pattinson since seeing him in Harry Potter. Twilight was amazing, but Remember Me was unbelievable. The entire cast was terrific. Having to deal with loosing someone you love is hard enough without having to find out who you are and what it is you want to do in life. I'm in that place, so this movie hit home for me. Loosing my sister was devastating. She didn't go the way Tyler's bother went in the movie, but it is always difficult. I was able to get a look at what I'm doing in my life by seeing how he's reacted to his lose and seeing how similar my life is right now. It's as if your just going through the motions of everyday life, but not actually living life. Its true that living in the moment is important and that every moment can be your last. It's funny my sister used to like eating her dessert first like Ally does in the movie. She never said why. This movie was nothing more than powerful and inspiring. The courage and strength that this family shows in the tragedy that has once again happen in there life's is moving. Fantastic job to everyone who was involved in making this movie possible.
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Not what I expected
lomagur13 March 2010
Knowing a little about the scene for the movie and having avoided reading spoilers, I saw the movie today with some new friends. It was sweet and funny in parts while heartbreaking in others. The movie provoked a conversation about the ending amongst us and we decided that we liked the way it was done. Beyond some minor continuity issues, the movie was definitely worth the price of admission. I will recommend this to other friends and will see it again. Pierce Brosnan was wonderful as the dad. Ruby Jernis is a great young actress. Lena Olin and Chris Cooper were fantastic in their roles. I'd never seen Emilie DeRavin in anything before but she was a joy to watch as Ally. Robert Pattinson managed to be more than just a pretty face and show off his acting talent.
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One Word: Compelling
xxmonexx13 March 2010
DO NOT READ ANY REVIEWS, SYNOPSES, SPOILERS, ETC. BEFORE SEEING THIS MOVIE!! That being said, I loved it. I'm a hardcore RPattz/Team Edward fan and would probably see anything that had him in it. I had no idea what to expect beforehand other than the fact that it involved a romance.

It was so much more than a love story. Love him or hate him, Rob is phenomenal in this movie. Yes he broods, yes he's angry, yes he's introspective. While the movie can be a little slow at times, particularly at the beginning, if you check your Twi-love at the door and truly engross yourself in the characters and the meaning behind every word that's being said, you will not be disappointed. Everything comes full circle at the end and all the loose ends are tied up.

Go see Remember Me! You won't be disappointed and you'll come home and put it straight on your Amazon wish list.
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Forget this....
hughman551 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There ought to be a law against using the tragedy of September 11, 2001 for cheap, manipulative, teen drivel. There, I said it. This film ends with the attacks on 9/11. Now there's absolutely no reason for anyone to waste 2+ hours of their life to watch this derivative piece of crap. This is a badly written, badly directed, and badly acted film. Which is not surprising because when the movie ends you realize that it was only ever conceived as "an ending" (9/11) to begin with. The "movie" was loosely sorted out later as an afterthought to justify it. It is essentially, an ending in search of a movie...

I cannot believe that this garbage ever got backing. One can only conclude that this was dreamed up as a way to capitalize on Robert Pattinson's popularity. This movie genre is not new, or necessarily bad. It's about teen angst: Romeo and Juliet, Legend of Billie Jean, Rebel Without a Cause... Nothing new. There've been many before. Some very good. There'll be many in the future. But, the plot points of this script are ridiculous. It really jumps the shark when Pattinson's character's little sister gets her hair chopped off at a birthday party, for no reason, by a bunch of mean girls. She's traumatized so he takes her to school the next day as her protector, and in front of her class, and her teacher, whips up on one of her female classmates (another 9 year old) for saying, "Did you do something different with your hair?" And then hurls a fire extinguisher through the classroom door and out into the hallway. And even though he committed battery on a child, terrorized a whole classroom full of children, and vandalized a school, he's able to be bailed out, once again, by the father he hates (because he earns a living, what a bad man). In the real world you do serious time for something like that because a grown man who would push a small girl around, even if she's a mean girl, has serious problems and can never be a hero in a movie.

What's even worse about this bad movie is that is uses 9/11 in order to pretend to be something more than it is. The writer of this mess, Fetters, and the director, Coulter, ought to be ashamed of themselves. If they can't make a decent movie at least have the decency not to cheapen the tragedy of 9/11 in order to provide substance to an otherwise B grade film.
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Clichés, good bits, ridiculous end
john-244111 August 2010
This is yet another potentially great human drama slaughtered by trying to appeal to so many people it ends up losing any bite. The story is about relationships and how the results of our actions can reverberate in ways that are profound but unpredictable.

It uses some quite dramatic violence early in the plot seemingly in order to charge the emotional conflict later - as the plot unfolds you just end up wondering why they bothered - if they had chopped the first and final 5 minutes it would have stood on its own – probably even more plausibly.

A talented (of course) almost estranged son of wealthy business man dates the feisty daughter of solo parent ex-cop for revenge but falls in love. Throw in some parallel interpersonal family incidents, a very dramatic introduction and utterly unforeseeable even more dramatic ending to give it the guise of 'mystique' and there you have it.

At times good acting and screenplay hampered by clichéd plot and at least one unbelievable casting mistake. Pierce Brosnan looks totally out of place, his accent drifts between Irish American & James Bond and he ends up (in part due to the story) looking more caricature than character.

The typical American 'wonderment with riches' is ever present - the rebellion is little more than tugging of the forelock at the idea that people might actually be more interesting than wealth & privelidge.
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Absolute Rubbish.
Red Rat2 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I bought this DVD I had no definitive idea what the story was about, i'd not seen any trailers. From the cover I suspected it was a romance, and as the store was doing buy ten get two free, I picked it up. It sat on the DVD rack for three weeks before I got around to watching it. The film is about 1 hour and 57 minutes long.

The opening scene is of a robbery turned murder of a woman on a queens subway station platform in 1991. Then we jump forward ten years. For the next ten minutes we're rapidly bombarded with a whole bunch of new characters in such a tenuous way that we're pretty much left to figure out who's who and how they are connected for ourselves. In fact the character introductions and development is almost as random as throwing dice. Eventually they land on the films romantic interest, Tyler and Ali.

Tyler's family has been torn apart by the suicide of his elder brother and Tyler seems to claw through life in a mixture of rage and self pity. Ali, who's mother we saw being murdered on the subway platform in the opening scene seems, other than for witnessing her own mother's murder, to be a fairly non descript person. The acting is weak throughout the cast, Tyler and his "roomie" in particular are quite irritating. The dialogue bland and unimaginative. A scene develops where Ali tells Tyler her mother was murdered and he doesn't even ask one single question about it, but simply brushes it aside and moves on to another subject. None of the characters are developed enough to make you care about them, Tyler's mother and stepfather/mother's boyfriend ( we don't know which he is it's that vague) are so distant to us they might as well be extras. Those whom are developed , such as Tyler's father and Ali's father are both completely anti social and simply not particularly likable anyway. So here we are, rambling through a film going absolutely nowhere about people we don't much care for in what could best be described as a celluloid over indulgent quagmire with little if any saving graces.

SPOILERS At 1 hour and 38 minutes I actually asked myself "does this film have any point to it?" then at 1 hour and 44 minutes in a classroom scene the teacher has written on the blackboard "Tuesday September 11 2001" and the first thought that went through my mind was "oh for goodness sake, that's what it's about". The film ran on for another ten minutes, needless to say what the end was about, how the lives of the various characters were affected blah blah blah…etc.. etc.. Was this an intentional twist? Were we supposed to feel sympathy for the characters we don't like just because of a tragedy? Or did the director actually think we'd care about these nothing irritating people? Using the image of Tyler standing looking out a window of one of the World Trade Centre towers was probably supposed to be powerful tragic ending but it just seemed pathetic, weak and quite frankly all a bit tawdry. I'm sure the American's loved this film, got all upset and tragic over it but for the rest of us it's just total over indulgent w**k basically. Still, I expect Hollywood will continue to churn out low grade self indulgent "feel sorry for us" films about 911 for the next twenty years like they did Vietnam and I doubt this will be the worst (Adam Sandler's "Reign Over Me" already tops this for sheer c***ness).

If you're not from the US honestly don't bother to watch this because it's absolute rubbish.

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AttiKKus14 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
To extrapolate it's the story of two young adults with big daddy issues, the reason leading them to be together, is pretty dumb but the main character is obviously dumber to actually follow that plan.

I found this movie quite boring because not only nothing really happens – nothing that is unpredictable at least. Fine, I know it's not the kind of movie where I should be expecting a lot of action, but here I'm just asking for things to get going instead of making me feel the ever present inertia of the story.

The acting… wasn't transcendent, but it was okay. I guess the reason I didn't like this movie is because there was not a single character that didn't annoy me or seem believable. Aidan is an awful friend, self-centred, insensitive (like you've been mourning your brother for two weeks like dude you got to move on get out and get girls) and a bit of an idiot –in a kind way. Tyler is kind of full of himself at times (most of the time), he's obviously a good guy but nope… can't feel his pain or his turmoil even though Pattinson is trying really hard. Ally's father is… a psycho – you have to have a bad guy to balance the good one – who is overly protective (in my opinion a guy like him shouldn't be wearing a badge, much less a firearm). Tyler's father is an arsehole – need one of those too – who eventually shows humanity from time to time. And Ally… she's kind of plain. The only character to find grace in my eyes is Caroline who was genuine.

The plot is flat and predictable – no surprise there, but the passion they're trying to sell doesn't burn it's a pile of cold ashes from the beginning and stays that way the whole way through. As a result the end doesn't stir any kind of emotion either.

It could have worked, or maybe it does and I'm just a stone-hearted person. I'll rephrase then, it just didn't work for me.
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A movie about loss, redemption and moving on
woolleypv20 March 2010
I went to this movie at the suggestion of my girl friend, expecting a chick flick, and was stunned at what I saw. It was a remarkable effort and while occasionally a bit contrived, that was easy to look past. The portrayal of sudden loss, of survivors trying to deal with their feelings, of struggles with identity were magnificent. I was struck by what I felt were strong parallels to JD Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye", certainly not verbatim, but still too strong to be ignored. The middle child whose older brother has died and who has a strong relationship with his younger sister. His questions about his own identity. Even the use of the name Allie. Also the James Dean-type persona of Tyler Hawkins-recalls the movies and literature of an earlier age. Very moving and interesting movie. Additional Note: having now read many of the critics comments, and their dislike of the ending, I would like to quote a line by Tyler Hawkins in the movie: "It's a metaphor".
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the movie that you'll always remember
lizelleb14 March 2010
Remember Me is a little indie movie that is amazing.It will make you laugh, think and believe me you will cry. I just hope the word of mouth gets out there how great this little movie truly is. Rob Pattinson is such a great character in this movie and he shows that's he's a lot more than Edward Cullen. I was thinking of him even after the movie ended. He is that good and he gets to you in a way you can't imagine. Even if your not a Rob Pattinson fan, after seeing this movie you will be. Not just him the other actors in this film truly delivers also. The ending will shock you. So don't read any spoilers. I urge everyone to see it and i promise you won't be disappointed.
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walked out after an hour
mdillon637 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers

I couldn't believe it. How could this be the same movie everyone else here raved about?

Summery of what I saw: two people had deaths in their lives. Fast forward to 21 years of age where both are attending the same college. One gets into a fight because he feels like it, and the officer called to the seen arrests him and his pal.

His pal wants to get even with the arresting officer by having him date the officers daughter and then dumping her. He does...

I walked out, I couldn't take it anymore.

I stayed up unto the point where his friend gets her drunk, she wakes up the next morn and runs home just to be hit by her father, and then runs back to him.

And actually, it's a lot more interesting writing this, then the movie ever was.

Never again. Next time I'll fast forward to the last few reviews before ever watching another film.
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