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  • Remember Me is based on an original screenplay by Will Fetters that was revised by Jenny Lumet.

  • Robert Pattinson put his name on as executive producer (EP) as a way to protect the film for Allen Coulter and Nick Osborne, respectively the director and the producer. This production credit enabled him to prevent the movie from being put out as some cheesy love story. By having him on as EP, if it started to look like that was going to happen—which it did—he could use his clout as EP to redirect the focus more onto what it is. In the end, he really didn't do a whole lot, but what it accomplished was very significant for everyone who wanted this movie to fulfill its potential.

  • It's called "Soft Shoulder" by Ani DiFranco.

  • The actress who played Ally's mother is Martha Plimpton. She requested that her role not be credited because she felt that her part was merely a "cameo".

  • His name is Leo and is Ally's father's partner. He is not one of Ally's mother's killers.

  • It was just kids being kids, the common situation of popular girls picking on the awkward nerd of the group. Tyler later stands up for his sister though, and at the end of the film it is shown during a funeral scene that her hair has grown back.

  • It is unknown. The character of Janine is last seen in Tyler's father's office on the 90th floor of the World Trade Center with Tyler himself on 9/11, so it is heavily implied that she would have been another casualty. In the ending montage, a shot is seen of the ashes and rubble from the collapsed towers. Among the ashes is Tyler's journal, as well as a high-heeled women's shoe, which further implies that Janine was still with Tyler when he was killed.

  • No the ending was not tacked on. The screenwriter began the script with every intention of the ending. He was inspired to write the story after reading 9/11 obituaries. There are hints throughout the film that subtly insinuate this.

  • The BBFC advised the company that the film was likely to receive a "15" classification but that the requested "12A" certificate could be achieved by making cuts in two sequences. The company were asked to remove a strong verbal sex reference (to being "sodomised") and to reduce a scene of strong violence in which the hero continues to beat a man who has already been knocked to the ground. After the removal of these two scenes by the English distributor the movie received the "12A" rating and were allowed to be shown at the cinema. Afterwards the DVD/BD also received the same rating which leads to the conclusion that the movie was edited in a similar way. In this case, the sentence "I think I'd rather be sodomised with a toothbrush, than that" remains on the "12A" DVD version. The only change is a really short cut in a scene where the main character "continues to beat a man who has already been knocked to the ground."


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