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Really enjoyable
celiktugce27 May 2012
First of all I want to say this, I really like animation films and I actually liked this more than the first Happy Feet. The characters felt more developed and they went through a more interesting journey. This film aims to tell to children not to lie and how important the friendship is. However I have been astonished when I have seen rude comments on Happy Feet 2. I think people are being too harsh on this movie. Some critics refused to look deeper because this is not their usual type of child animation film. I am actually shocked while reading some of the scathing reviews. Also, I think people are being too hypercritical because the first Happy Feet won the Oscar. I loved this movie and I found it far superior to Rango, Gnomeo & Juliet and Cars 2. The animation was amazing. In my opinion, it has the best production values and cinematography of any animated film of 2011, I have watched lately. The story is in-depth, layered, complex and much more meaningful than the first Happy Feet. Also, there are significant themes and messages about community, teamwork, bravery, overcoming obstacles and environmentalism. I laughed, cried and felt such empathy for these penguins because this movie has a lot of soul and heart.
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Happy Feet 2 Review
LarissaBeth18 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Happy Feet 2 is amazing. As a 12 year-old, I suppose I haven't watched even a total of 30 movies or such to rate this as 10 but in my opinion, Happy Feet 2 is almost as good as the first. It contains the hilarity and also amazing songs, similar to Happy Feet 1. I watched this movie with about 19 of my classmates and two of my teachers as a farewell on our graduation from school. When Erik started singing to the elephant seal, the scene itself was so sad I couldn't help but start crying. And I love those two krill, Bill and Will if I'm not mistaken...One asked the other of they could have children and the other replied that they were both males. Hilarious! My favourite quote "We're doomed and they're dancing. Unbelievable!" I recommend this movie to others because I enjoyed, became emotional and had a lot of fun!
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A Krilly good film
cattjones18 November 2011
I was really looking forward to seeing this film and it did not disappoint. Although Happy Feet Two was not as good as its Oscar-winning predecessor, there were still plenty of toe-tapping moments. I liked the fact that the songs were recognizable. I am sure that L. L. Cool J is just tickled pink that they included his "Mama Said Knock You Out". In this film Mumble (Elijah Wood) is all grown up and learning how to be a better father to his son Erik (Ava Acres). Erik was just the cutest little thing and he pulls at your heart-strings right from the beginning. The main story line was a good one, but I think that I found the story between Bill the Krill (Matt Damon) and Will the Krill (Brad Pitt) even more entertaining. Those two had their own thing happening. I liked the way that the writer (George Miller) had two stories going on at the same time and the fact that they blended together in the end was excellent. I think that you have to have a lot going on to keep the attention of kids these days. I did not see this film in 3D, but you could tell by some of the scenes that the price of a 3D ticket might have been worth it for this film. The animation in this film was simply stunning. Animation has come a long way since Casper the Friendly ghost (I'm dating myself, huh?) Anyway, it was great. It was also refreshing to see the development of numerous female characters in this film such as Gloria (Pink) and Carmen (Sofia Vergara). I have to give props to the ladies. Robin William's character, Ramon had me cracking up throughout the film. It is not surprising that Robin really knows how to make his characters stand out since he has done numerous voice projects in the past (Genie in the Aladdin films, Dr. Know in A.I. and Fender in Robots). This film contains numerous life-lessons that I think that the target audience will understand (one person can make a difference, keep your promises, don't run away from home, etc.). If you enjoyed the first Happy Feet, then you will also enjoy this one (just not as much). Anyway, I say put on your dancing shoes, shake a tail feather and go out and see this film. I am giving this film a green light.
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Something refreshing and very nice
asnerd8 November 2011
I just watched this movie at a close preview in TIFF, Toronto. I really like it, for it brings a fresh wave with it's story, characters and overall look. A lot of animation movies nowadays share quite a similar way of storytelling, and that's where Happy Feet 2 stands out from the crowd. Characters of Matt Damon and Brad Pitt worked out really well. Graphics and effects look really awesome. George Miller commented on the amount and complexity of those effects by saying that their render farms almost crashed in the process. Also I'd like to comment on 3D part of the movie, because it does really work out here, looks beautiful with 3d glasses on - gives real depth, really amazing experience. And I can't say the same for a lot of 3D movies that are out there. I would definitely recommend this movie, for Happy Feet 2 will be interesting for both children and adults.
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Every step counts.
moviewizguy12 November 2011
Mumble, The Master of Tap, has a problem because his tiny son, Erik, is choreo-phobic. Reluctant to dance, Erik runs away and encounters The Mighty Sven: a penguin who can fly! Mumble has no hope of competing with this charismatic new role model. But things get worse when the world is shaken by powerful forces. Erik learns of his father's "guts and grit" as Mumble brings together the penguin nations and all manner of fabulous creatures-from tiny Krill to giant Elephant Seals, to put things right. -- (C) Warner Bros

I thought HAPPY FEET was pretty great. The film was foot-tapping fun and the dark turn it took in the third act, while unexpected, made it edgy and different for me. When a sequel was announced, I thought it seemed unnecessary. How far can you really stretch the premise of penguins who can dance and sing? Apparently, not that far. After viewing the sequel, it very much does seem unnecessary and wholly forgettable within ten minutes after you walk out of the theater, which is disappointing to say the least. Other than this, the main problem with HAPPY FEET 2 is that there aren't that many good musical numbers as compared to the first one. Most of them are pretty mediocre. However, there are probably around three that range from good to great, one of which uses the song "Under Pressure," which is easily the best number in the entire film.

Another problem I had was the dark tone of the film. It's a bit TOO dark, if you ask me. You see the younger penguin characters constantly be put in danger which made the film very uncomfortable to watch, and what these characters go through in the film would probably traumatize them for life. The film also suffers from messy storytelling. For example, the subplot with the shrimp characters (voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt) seems to come from nowhere and is out of place from the rest of the film. It also doesn't help that the characters are so damn annoying. As for the 3D, it's put to good use in some places but, overall, it's really unnecessary. The one good thing I can say about the film is the look of it, which is very beautiful. I also liked Pink a lot, who gives a boost for all the musical numbers she sings in, along with Robin Williams, who has a few great jokes up his sleeves.

Overall, HAPPY FEET 2 is a disappointment considering that I am a fan of the first film. Director George Miller doesn't seem to have his heart in the right place for this sequel compared to the first film. However, the film is slightly better then CARS 2 if that says anything.
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A decent follow-up to the first with the usual musical numbers and stunning visuals plus some comical new characters
Stompgal_8714 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this film before renting the first one to see how they compare and this one is on par with the first with some of its aspects better than others.

The characters and backgrounds here are just as realistic as those in the first although it's environmental message isn't quite as valuable or memorable as that in the first. While Elijah Wood and Robin Williams reprise their roles as Mumble, Ramon and Lovelace respectively, Pink replaces Brittany Murphy (who sadly passed away in 2009 aged just 32 - RIP) as Gloria, so it is forgivable that Gloria's singing voice differs significantly here from that in the original but it is instantly recognisable. Her song 'Bridge Of Light' (not your average angsty Pink song) to encourage Erik to find more fish for the colony whilst being trapped by a giant iceberg is beautiful as well as the scene that accompanies it. Although it takes place at night, it is more detailed than the 'Somebody To Love' scene from the original and still has the lovely Northern-Lights style effect illuminating the sky. In addition to 'Bridge Of Light,', the best ones were the opening medley of 'Dance And Shout,' a version of 'SexyBack,' 'Ain't Nobody,' 'Do Your Thing' and 'Rhythm Nation' as well as a cute rap from one of the baby penguins; 'Under Pressure' during the climax; 'We Are The Champions (that's three Queen songs performed in the 'Happy Feet' franchise!)'and the amusing sing-songs of 'Dragostea Din Tei' (AKA the 'Mai a hee' song that everyone was singing back in 2004 - oh, the memories!) by Sven and 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' and 'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Bill the Krill. Further to the new characters, Erik is adorable but he looks very similar to baby Mumble in the first film and reminds me of a the typical Disney sequel offspring (especially Melody from 'The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea' since she wanted to be a mermaid while Erik wanted to fly like Sven); Sven is a hoot with a distinguishing Swedish accent albeit his involvement with the 'Liar revealed' cliché when he reveals he can fly because he's a puffin, not a penguin; while Will and Bill are comical side characters with a roller-coaster friendship. As for Carmen, she was pretty forgettable apart from being Ramon's love interest but she has a seductive Spanish accent. While Will, Bill and Sven were the funniest characters here, I chuckled when at the beginning of the film Mumble encouraged Erik to dance but Erik refused, Mumble said, "say why" to which Erik replied, "Why." As with other sequels, there are some elements of this one that are similar to those in the first such as Mumble spoiling the opening musical medley and the inclusion of real humans, this time on a boat to save Sven and Lovelace. The choreography is not as prominent as that in the original but Mumble still executes it perfectly.

Overall this is a worthy follow-up to 'Happy Feet' with its character and background designs and musical numbers as its redeeming merits. 8/10.
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TourettesPersonal23 November 2011
Happy Feet is definitely one of those films that doesn't need a sequel but it has a purpose to give us an environmental message and that message became the main plot of this film. But for some reason, it's unnecessary. Extraneous characters like the Krills. There's nothing much to do with this. Just a lot of unnecessary things scattered throughout. The visuals are largely stunning and still has its powerful tone but even with those things, it still falls short.

The first Happy Feet movie sets with a powerful tone and an absurd but interesting premise. That was acceptable as a penguin movie. Happy Feet 2 has its similarity with the first one by the father-son relationship. The rest is all about the crisis of the climate change but unnecessary things are happening especially with the two Krills, Will and Bill. They appear like Scrat from the Ice Age series. They are funny though but again, unnecessary.

The film itself is also unnecessary. The problem of Mumble's tap dancing was already solved. They lived happily ever after in Antarctica since the "aliens" moderated their fishing. The climate change is a really good idea. But after the movie, it feels like it's just another sequel. Well, the movie never fails to its cast. Elijah Wood and Robin Williams did the same thing in the first movie but still good in this sequel. The newbies, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are both fun even though they are playing the most extraneous characters of the film. Pink and Common are good replacements. What happened to Fat Joe? And the last but never the least is Hank Azaria who nearly steals the show.

The movie gives some nostalgia and powerful tone from the first movie but it doesn't help at all but the visuals are really stunningly beautiful. Keeps the film large and worth it to the cinema and 3D. Realistic textures to make it look like it's Animal Planet but the elephant seals looks cartoony in some part but it's still good to look at. The songs are decent.

There are only two reasons why this exists. Environmental Propaganda and money. It's the 21st Century of Hollywood and they are somewhat running out of ideas. With all of their technology and talented filmmakers, they can make as many unnecessary sequels as they want. The Environmental Message is stuck in the plot but there is nothing wrong with that. Happy Feet 2 is not a bad movie. It's just unnecessary.
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Pretty, but all over the place
Armgirls28 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this today with two of my younger sisters, one of whom regarded the first movie as her "favorite movie ever" (before Kung Fu Panda came out) and was really excited for this sequel. As soon as the credits rolled, she commented "That was... off."

(Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!) First of all I'd say that the visuals were amazing as before, as well as the music and choreography. But the plot... it reminded me of how I used to put my iPod on shuffle and make up stories to go with it. A whole musical number just to calm upset Erik down? A bunch of elephant seals singing while stampeding? I was generally surprised and not sure I should be humored or facepalming at the inclusion of "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Dragostei Din Tei." I mean did I really have to get rickrolled by krill?

Oh and the krill. I kinda sorta liked the idea, but their almost pointless side-story had me rolling my eyes. The audience we were with seemed to like them, though, and laughed every time they appeared. So I guess YMMV.

There were WAY too many accents and half the script was lost on me as I tried to process what each person was saying, having to quickly switch from American to Spanish to Swedish (Romanian?) to Indian, etc.

The environmental message was even more heavy-handed this time (tufted puffins apparently all killed off, oils spills, global warming, etc.) I agree we should be concerned with these, but the constant shoving of it in your face makes you numb to the idea. This is coming from an environmentalist.

That said, there were a bunch of things that bothered me that PROBABLY wouldn't bother most people. Like why there were African Black-footed Penguins (Africa) and Little Blue Penguins (Australia and New Zealand) living with the Adeles? Or why Mumble is still fuzzy after having almost lost all his down in the first movie. Or why Eric has all of the same markings as his father and is the ONLY blue-eyed penguin aside from his father. Is he retarded too? Did they just run out of character design ideas?

All of this, plus the plot not really picking up until about a third of the way through the movie, bothered me... but it was kinda okay. Again, the visuals were great and I very much enjoyed the music. The penguins and other animals were fun to watch and for the most part realistic. I was dancing along to the big dance numbers and thought the reveal of Erik's talent was awesome (even if it sounded like an opera singer inhaling helium).

So, sure, if you want something energetic and cute to sit your kids down in front of, be my guest. I might even watch it again, if I can get around the dead plot and nature issues. It's fun and pretty to look at. Just shows what a superficial, visual race we are.
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From a 5 year old.
glenj19704 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This review is from my 5 year old daughter Cora. We read the reviews here and she wanted to enter her own review. So without further ado....

The movie is very very funny. I rate it 10 stars. My favorite part is the dancing baby penguins. They were so cute when they came out with snow all over them and they shook it off. I also thought it was funny when a bird thought he was going to get cooked because he saw one men and two men cooking. He finally gets away and thinks he is a penguin that can fly, but he is really a bird. The penguin thinks he can fly because he believes the bird is a penguin and the bird is flying. I like that the mother penguin and baby penguin had a special signal to call each other.
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Beautiful animation and an enjoyable film
u41267857 December 2011
I really enjoyed Happy Feet Two. The animation is truly amazing, akin to that of avatar if not better. I saw it in 3D which I highly recommend. The scenes with the Krill swarm are truly mesmerising. I found the story a little slow to start off with but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. In particular I found the Will and Bill characters (Damon and Pitt) enjoyable. It was probably not as funny as its predecessor but still makes for an enjoyable movie. I also enjoyed the 80s rock ballads and there is some great singing from Pink. I can't understand why the critics have been so harsh on this film I really enjoyed it and it is worth seeing for the animation alone. Well worth while for the whole family.
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Chix Chat on Film review: Mumble is still heroic and he's a dad.
EmmaDinkins21 November 2011
It is very difficult to make an entertaining movie that has a lesson in the consequences of climate change on the Antarctic wildlife, just as it is always hard to live up to the original when you're a sequel. This sequel made the lesson entertaining but the film did not live up to the original. I really enjoyed the original and watched it many times over, I'm not so sure I would do the same with Two. The lesson in Happy Feet was clear cut and the scandalous humans did try to resolve the atrocity of depleting the penguins food source, but in Happy Feet Two nothing was really clear except that the polar icecaps are melting and now the Emperor penguins fully accept song and dance. Mumble (Elijah Wood) and Gloria (P!nk) now have had an egg of their own, and are now parents to Erik (Ava Acres). Mumble is challenged to be a good father and Erik is on a path of self discovery. The role of Gloria is filled nicely, her singing prowess made the opening Rhythm Nation production amazing, it was actually the most outstanding compilation in the entire film and would have been more fitting as the grand finale song. I unlike Catt was not thrilled by the krill, I have yet to figure out what the krill was the point of the krill storyline with Bill the Krill (Matt Damon) and Will the Krill (Brad Pitt) other than to add some big names to the film since Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman) and Memphis (Hugh Jackman) did not reprise their roles. I really liked what was happening with Ramon (Robin Williams) in this story, with the whole hatin' on The Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria) while pursuing Carmen (Sofia Vergara), the chase could have been expanded in place of the krill story filler. The movie just seemed to have a number of encounters loosely strung together with no outstanding purpose of it all, unlike the original with the fact that different can be the one thing that saves everybody. Maybe the message of this film was if humans venture to aid the wildlife and we don't succeed, they'll figure out a resolution to their problem themselves. Or when everyone works together to deal with a problem no matter how big or how small you are you can overcome any obstacle. Or maybe I just didn't get the point, which is why this film gets an amber light.
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Avwillfan8931 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The penguins' and the people's feet and vocal cords are starting to hurt - because they tried to tap dance and sing through a movie that had exhausted its potential. The first film told us everything we needed to know about a such a wonderful world. Now unfortunately, this sequel has become so "been there done that", it should be changed to "Unhappy Feet 2"

The worst parts: Mumble's son Erik can't sing or dance, but suddenly he sings at the precise moment where a situation seems impossible, and it becomes suddenly possible again. Ramone and Lovelace's characters were made smaller so a new character with no depth could come in action. The specially made songs for the movie (Bridge of Light) made little sense with the movie, despite how beautiful they were. And finally, the whole plot about the unavailability of the fish had already been done before.

Overall, I was very disappointed after waiting so long to see the sequel, and finding out that this was all they came up with. Some songs were good, especially Under Pressure and Dragostea Din Tei, but nothing in the movie captured the magic of the first one.
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If I were a kid
rajiv-bhattarai20 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only thing I liked about the movie was the song and a bit of animation. Rest of it....see to believe it.

What I meant was, don't bother. The first movie as better in many ways. Just by looking at the trailer, I had my mind made up not to watch it..not even for free. But there are somebody in your family members who will go against your will and there will be nothing you can do. Thus, I went. Total waste of everything. This movie is not for adults. period. There is tiny story, very little. It felt like it was musical animation with worse dialogs ever. The theme was the same as the first one. No food, child with no talent...... and finally the very child helps other survive.
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A tribute to the decline of creativity in the movie industry.
khbjmavk6 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
  • Spoiler Alert -

I took my little brother to see this movie in the theater with high hopes, we were both gravely disappointed, he was very sad we didn't go see something else.

He fell asleep halfway through, but awoke with grunts of frustration each time the penguins would break into song. The movie really pushed our buttons, and was over all very annoying.

I left the theater at the anti climactic ending where they all start singing "Under Pressure," what a terrible movie, I remember the days when movies came with their own songs, like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Over all, not worth the money.
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Okay, but not as good as the first movie
grantss18 December 2019
Not as good as the first movie, but has its charms. Plot is a bit aimless, but the music is nice and there's a sweet innocence about the whole thing.

Voices, by a veritable who's who of Hollywood, are well done.
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Does the original Happy Feet a huge disservice by sharing the name
MJ_Brewer20 April 2012
Promoting responsibility to children is a great idea, however personification of penguins by having them talk while watching real footage of people eating chicken is a subliminal mind-game. The connection smooths the black and white into a grayish-sick.

The subject of the movie is far too deep for the young to understand, and too immature for the adults to enjoy; this movie sits on neither side of the fence, but sort of has a post up the middle! (Unpleasant) The voices and star's voices of Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Pink, etc. is what sold me. The cute pictures of penguins sold my kids, who lost interest after the third song... not at all the first Happy Feet. :( The producers need to do a serious sit-and-think before dragging the incredible first picture through another slaughter by creating a third.
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OK, I get it ... the ice caps are melting.
bill_is_always11 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Not much different from the first. It had penguins. All kinds of penguins. They all danced around and sang a bunch of hit singles. Only this time there is the whole Global Warming undertone.

This would be a pretty good film for kids though. Like a two year old or something. You know, if you're the kind of parent that just plops your kid down in front of a TV so they can be babysat by flickering colors and songs.

And one of the penguins falls face first in a hole and poops all over the place. Then I was all like "Did that just happen?" Trust me, I've seen a penguin poop at Sea World. They were strangely accurate.

I hope I didn't ruin the movie for you.
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Happy Feet 2 - Great Family Movie Displaying Happiness and Friendship
rannynm17 November 2011
I love this movie. It's about Mumble (Elijah Wood) and Gloria's (Pink) baby penguin named Erik (Ava Acres) who wanders off from all the other penguins. His father, Mumble tries to find him and while he is gone a big iceberg blocks the penguins from going anywhere. Anthony's video review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_2LiIaHRbY

My favorite characters are Mumble, Erik and two krill named Will and Bill (Brad Pitt & Matt Damon). I like Mumble because he is really funny and he sometimes gets mad at Erik. I like Erik because he tries to get his father to take more chances and he is almost always happy. I like the two krill because they show how friendships take work. They split up in the movie, get lost and then find each other again and make a stronger friendship.

My favorite part of this movie is when Will and Bill start tapping on the ice from underneath - kind of like how Mumble taps on the ice from above. Then, a whole bunch of other krill join in and they light up the ice with all of their tapping. I think this is really cool because it is neat to see all the lights and how they actually do that.

The animation and special effects in this movie are really cool. When the krill light up the sea, that is really cool. When some of the ice goes tumbling down the effects of that are really neat. The animation in this movie is awesome. The penguins look very real and they do a good job at making them talk.

I recommend this movie for ages two and up. This movie does have a few scary parts that might be frightening for kids younger than two. For example, when one of the elephant seals falls into a big hole his kids get really scared because they think he might get stuck down there forever. That part made me a little nervous. This is a great family movie that shows happiness and friendship. Go out and see this movie when it comes out in theaters on November 18th.

Reviewed by Anthony Aranda, age 9, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
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A happy kids' film
jdesando16 November 2011
Happy Feet Two has all the allegorical animation requirements in one amusing story about a little penguin's growth to self-knowledge and courage, a family that fights for each other, and an entire village of empire penguins determined to survive in the face of a daunting environmental catastrophe.

And don't forget the dancing penguin routines, now a part of our cultural memory because who would have ever thought such a conceit would work? In the case of this film, the dancing is central to the survival of the colony, all of which is just metaphor for having imagination and invincible spirit to overcome the odds.

The chances for Happy Feet Two being sappy and repetitive were significant, but its ebullient spirit, gifted voices like Robin Williams,' and a creative plot make the penguins an unlikely symbol of intrepid imagination. Anyway, when I hid in a trench in New Zealand to see the little lovelies trundle home as they always do at the same time each day, I was hooked to see an animation renewing our cultural romance with penguins and the beast fable itself.
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What a mess!
The_Film_Cricket2 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Happy Feet Two is a baffling experience. Here is a movie has enough story elements for nine movies and enough environmental messages to fill a year's-worth of evening news reports. We get messages about the importance of family and friends; messages about the environment; messages about respecting each other; messages about helping each other. We get messages about pitching in, and some tired nonsense about believing in yourself and celebrating out differences. It is also overstuffed with too many characters, which wouldn't be a problem except that nearly all of the characters are penguins who, for the most part, all look alike. That's not good when you have a canvas that is packed with thousands and thousands of them.

Let me start with the singing and dancing. The movie opens with a musical medley that includes a cover of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" while thousands of Emperor penguins keep in step and sing in unison. Mixed into the medley is some gospel, some pop music and some hip hop. The basic questions are thus: Why are they singing? Who are they singing to? How much time do they take out of their furious search for food to work on their dance routine? These are the same questions that perplexed me about 2006's Happy Feet. That movie didn't answer my questions and neither does this one.

Having revisited Luc Jacquet's wonderful documentary March of the Penguins recently, I have come to fully understand what a difficult and perilous existence the Emperor penguin lives. Think of this: Mother penguin lays an egg that the father penguin has to keep warm while Mother takes a perilous journey across the ice, dodging hungry sea lions in order to get food to bring back home. Papa takes care of the egg and sometimes the temperature drops and the baby inside the egg freezes to death. Added to that is the fact that papa has no idea if mama will ever return home. Based on that set of problems, I would think that keeping their choreography straight might not be on their short list of priorities. If they have to sing, maybe a song like "Food, Glorious Food" might seem more appropriate. Even "Heat Wave" would do.

The story is pretty thin. It involves the penguin Mumbles (voiced by Elijah Wood), the subject of the previous picture, who is now grown up and has a son. His son is named Erik and, like his old man, doesn't have much rhythm which I guess is kind of a problem when you're one of thousands of penguins who need to keep in step, after all, you don't want to ruin the dance routines for whomever might be watching. Erik and a few outcasts travel away from his penguin brothers to find their identity. Out in the ice, they discover another colony of penguins led by a charismatic Swedish Puffin named Sven (voiced by Hank Azaria) whom they all assume is a flying penguin. Sven acts as kind of motivational speaker, especially when the penguins have trouble finding a mate. Actually, Sven is quite creepy. Azaria is a wonderful talent but the character has a kind of creepy clown look about him, and his presence is seen early and often. A little of him goes a long way.

While he's gone - you'll love this - his brother and sister penguins become trapped when the shifting glaciers wall them in, leaving them unable to get out to get food. That leads to scenes a mother, father and child penguins teeming and panicking, fearing that they are going to die. Nice, huh? That leads to Mumble, Erik and friends having the join forces with the a group of Elephant Seals (yes, Elephant Seals) to them get their brothers and sisters out of this predicament. Yeah, uh huh. Okay.

Added into this milieu is a side-plot involving two krill named Will (Brad Pitt) and Bill (Matt Damon) who are existentialists and also curious to know what lies outside their swarm. They want to venture outside and figure out what lies out in the world just for them. The realization that they are merely food for hungry whales doesn't fill them with joy. What is really perplexing about these two characters - beside the fact that they sing songs that range from Wang Chung to Rick Astley - is their agenda. There's some meager minor hint that they might be a couple, but you're left to wonder why the movie even makes that suggestion. Like Sven, they are creatures outside their element, and also like Sven, a little of them goes a long way.

The krill at least distinguish themselves. The penguins, not so much. It is hard to tell one from another, except one that is sporting a sweater. Penguins have tiny eyes and their mouths are beaks so they can't express much there. Their squat bodies aren't exactly able to move around much to accelerate an action scene. They waddle and trying to make them do anything more than that is awkward and weird.

The basic message is this: Happy Feet Two is a mess. It can't find a tone, nor a purpose. It meanders from one thing to the next, from one environmental message to the next without much structure or narrative. When the penguins sing, the musical numbers are grating. When they talk, they speak in a kind of PSA format about the environment and friendships and celebrating their differences. What perplexed me is that this is a movie mostly aimed at children, but what are they to take away from this? There are so many messages and so much cacophony thrown at them so thick and fast, why are they going to get from this? It sucks to be a penguin, that's what I got from it. Then again, I got that from March of the Penguins, and I didn't have to listen to Wang Chung to get there.
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Well, the penguins are back, for better or for worse...
Meven_Stoffat19 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Somewhere around the 30 minute mark of Happy Feet Two, there's a scene where Gloria, played by Alecia "Pink" Moore in lieu of the late Brittany Murphy, sings to her scared baby penguin named Erik a song called "Bridge of Light", while he appears trapped on an upper glacier. The lyrics seem to be a hippie anthem about how all you need is love, and how if the world had everyone love each other, and... Well, that, the world wouldn't be a so bad place, like, ya know? At that point, their peace and love causes the northern lights to start. This is where the first thing that popped up in my mind was "people who thought the first movie was too preachy should best steer clear of THIS."

It only seemed possible from the success of the first movie that a sequel would be released. I mean, after all, despite the fact that it left audiences divided, it became popular and made tons of bucks at the box office. And since Brittany Murphy died, things further went to hell for this sequel. Despite all that... It managed to get made and released... And not much else. 

I'll admit I loved the first movie. I can understand why it would divide audiences- not everyone favours a global warming message, but I liked it, it had great music, it was super cute, and I absolutely loved it.I was in favour of the inevitable sequel that followed. Tonight I finally saw the sequel... And, it was a mess.

If anything, the best way to describe this movie would be rushed. I still find it hard to believe that this movie took 5 years to make... This kind of "plot" could have been scraped up in a week, not even, for me. I feel as if they probably felt rushed to find a Brittany Murphy replacement and go from there, to rush the film out. 

However, there is a fair amount to love in this film. Obviously, I did give the movie a 5/10, so there's a lot to love, right? For one, the charming look is still here. The look has vastly improved from the first movie evidently. The animation looks far better, and the IMAX 3D complimented the graphics perfectly. Every single flake of snow, hair, drop of water can be seen, it's absolutely amazing. In addition, the voice work is admirable too- Matt Damon and Brad Pitt as the skrill, Robin Williams as Lovelace, Hank Azaria as Sven (probably the highlight of the film), Elijah Wood as Mumble, etc. 

There are a lot of funny moments in the film too, I won't lie. I loved the brief shout outs to the first movie, as well as the "Loney Goatherd" yodel to scare the birds away. I will also admit, I LOVED Under Pressure, it was AMAZING. and how it was in tune to the snow falling, was even greater.

However, unfortunately it isn't enough to make up for... Um... The rest of this movie.

No memorable numbers except for Under Pressure. The first movie had Boogie Wonderland and Somebody to Love. Those were awesome! And all the worse is that it starts off so well with the medley. It makes you believe the film will be just as good as the first. Too bad the film scraps that promise right away.

What was the plot?! The movie can't even decide what it was about, which is even bad in the first 40 minutes. At first you think it's going to be a story along the same lines of the first movie, about a youngling in search of his inner dance. Then all of a sudden... It's about global warming... Oh, wait, we must introduce Sven, the flying penguin! Oh, now were trapped in their home land! And the skrill! Who were they and why were they in the movie?! They had no point at all!!!

...which marks the perfect point to segue into the film's biggest issue: the movie moves at such a glacial pace (no pun intended), since 3/4 of the film are set in the homeland. This made the movie feel longer than it was, for reasons I cannot put my finger on. I mean, global warming is an issue that is important to be touched upon. However, the film just stays there, and it doesn't work. It ruins what could been a great film. 

In short, I wish I could love this movie. But... There's too much of too little. Whereas the first movie was a marvel in terms of everything, this film is cute and... cute. I love cute things. I need more than just cute, though. I need enjoyability to go with it. And while this film isn't bad at all, I can't recommend it, for reasons stated above.


THE GOOD: Gorgeously rendered and animated, Happy Feet Two stays cute and delivers on the dancing and cuteness.

THE BAD: Cuteness can't make up for its indecisive screenplay, lack of memorable numbers and characters void of emotional connectability.
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The Single Most Boring Movie I've Ever Seen
jeremy-kelem4 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the trailer for Happy Feet Two, I was surprised to see that it didn't contain any real plot details, and just had a lot of singing penguins. I figured that it was just a teaser trailer, and that the actual movie was sure to be different. It wasn't. When I went to see the movie in theaters, (I walked out of Jack and Jill, and decided to settle with this.) I wondered how the creators were going to make a sequel to Happy Feet work. The answer is simple: They didn't. The first forty minutes or so serves as exposition. Just characters travelling from place to place, meeting new people, then moving on. Despite the dozens of characters that are introduced, only one of them has actual problems: Mumble's son, Eric. He has legitimate problems (confidence issues or something) but the problem is that once Eric's shortcoming's are introduced, they fade into the background and are never brought up again. Meanwhile, two krill break off from their swarm, and spew existentialist blather until they have a lover's spat, split up, then get back together again after a whole lot of screaming and being thrown around by characters who are actually part of the story. That covers the first forty minutes. After that, a huge chunk of ice breaks off of a glacier for no reason addressed on camera, and traps the penguin colony. Maybe it would have been more interesting if all the speaking character's weren't all outside the confinement. But whatever. Some humans show up to dig the penguins out, but a snow storm makes them leave, rendering the last ten minutes of watching them work pointless. Then the penguins try to fly out, thanks to the advice of what is obviously a PUFFIN, which everybody thinks is a penguin. The flying doesn't work, since penguins can't fly no matter how hard they believe in themselves and flap their wings, so in despair, Mumble starts tap dancing, something that was ignored for an entire hour of movie. The rest of the penguins start dancing too, and more and more different species show up to dance the penguins out of their entrapment. This is essentially a half hour long mash-up of songs that were good before penguins started trying to sing them in the wrong octave with an orchestra backing them up. This is interspersed with a horrid solo by Eric. I'm not sure how they achieved their end result, but it sounded like they chipmunked an adult, since Eric's voice sounded bizarre and metallic, and had way too much vibrato for a little kid.

The pros: Fantastic animation. I did not see it in 3d, but it strikes me as something that would have looked pretty good in it.

The cons" Everything else. I was bored almost the entire time. The only enjoyment I got out of the experience was seeing the trailer for the Lorax, and laughing about how The Lorax sounded like Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

To recap, do not see this movie. It's dumb, it's pointless, and it's devoid of fun. It's the single most boring movie I've ever sat through.
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Save your money!!
ghchamp9620 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this movie with my niece. She's seven, and SHE didn't even like it! Happy Feet 2 drags on for one hour and 40 very long minutes. The plot, and I use that term loosely, is all the penguins at Emperorland become trapped when a glacier slams into their home and traps them. Apparently, glaciers move at lightning fast speed, and none of the penguins were able to see it coming. It's then up to Mumble, Eric, and Eric's two sidekicks to save the day...through dancing of course! Obtaining help from some elephant seals and some other penguins, they all dance enough to dislodge a large section of ice. Then, all the penguins can walk out. Yay! Now they can go seek revenge on all those rotten humans that abandoned them when the blizzard rolled in. Maybe that can be Happy Feet 3 - The Revenge. (Hey, it worked for Jaws...oh, wait...) Here's the main problem with the movie...the problem of the penguins being trapped could have been solved in approximately one minute. Will the Krill falls through a hole in the ice while the penguins are dancing, and the group of krill decide to live underneath that section of ice, because they are safe there. Hmmm...the krill fell through a small hole in the ice. See where I'm going here?? The penguins could have just used their beaks to pick through the ice to make a hole, and then just swim to safety. There ya go. Movie over in five minutes. I also wanted to jab two q-tips in my ears to make myself deaf when Mumble's son is singing to convince the elephant seal to help rescue the penguins. Cheesy isn't a strong enough word...Velveetaey works better. Please save your money.
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It's only for 5 yrs and below
ellibs075 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing that got my attention was why mumble was somehow un- aged. At the end of happy feet his fluff had gone up to his neck cause you could see the yellow on his chest a bit and now his fluff is back down to his waist!!! surely his fluff would've all been gone by now!! I get that mumble was a little bit slower than everybody else, It was what helped ostracize him aside from his lack of vocal ability and preference for dance, but that doesn't mean that he was a complete abnormality. It also seemed creepy that mumble had a son looking the way he was in the movie. It's like having your older brother as your own father when he eff'ed your mom before he hit puberty. It's very disturbing!

Another thing is that the story wasn't really that interesting and feels unconnected. There were funny and slightly interesting bits here and there but they were really not enough to save this one. I actually fell asleep for at least 5 mins in the middle of this movie.

We already know that this is a story about singing and dancing penguins but unlike the first one, here they just find every excuse to break into song. It's like every time the writers' would run out of things to write they decide to put in a song or two just to make the movie longer. We also get that Mumble's son would have struggled with his talents just like his father but seriously, OPERA??? OMG!!! When his son started singing, the creepiness level went through the roof for me. I covered my ears as tight as I can and "mumbled" till he finished singing.

I could go all day long about how bad this film is but I think I've said enough.

So, unless you have to take your 5 yr old kid to see this movie... DON'T BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME... I PROMISE YOU YOU'LL REGRET IT!
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Cute is about the only appropriate way to describe it
Movie_Muse_Reviews18 November 2011
There's little rhyme or reason to anything in the "Happy Feet" universe. If it sings, dances, looks cute and enhances ethnic diversity, it flies. Except penguins of course — penguins can't fly, everyone knows that. But that doesn't mean they can't creatively problem solve through self-determination, tap-dancing and passionate arias. Okay, so nothing makes sense about "Happy Feet Two," but only a cold soul needs rationalization for adorable singing penguins.

Five years after the original, "Happy Feet Two" requires no previous knowledge of the original, though it couldn't hurt to be aware that it features penguins apt to break out into any song popular in 2008 or earlier. Mumble (Elijah Wood) has grown up and now has his own social outcast son with no sense of rhythm, Erik (Ava Acres). After the opening dance number ends in embarrassment, Erik and friends Bo and Atticus leave their emperor penguin tribe and head to the tribe of Latino penguins with the silly Ramon (Robin Williams). There they discover Sven (Hank Azaria), the famous flying penguin. When Mumble finds the runaways, they head back home to discover a giant iceberg has trapped their friends and family, effectively cutting off their food supply.

The movie's main subplot, the story of two krill who leave their swarm voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, far and away steals the spotlight. The two are hilarious and the writing insanely witty as Will (Pitt) suffers an existential crisis when he realizes he's one of a "krillion" bottom- feeders in a huge ocean. He then drags his reluctant friend Bill (Damon) on a quest to defy the food chain. If only the rest of the script could be as clever and snappy rather than leaning on Williams for laughs.

As those who've seen the original might remember, real live-action humans are once again involved in this film. These "aliens," as the penguins call them, had "captured" Sven and head honcho penguin Lovelace on an oil rig and Lovelace sings some boisterous recitative as to how they escaped. Later on, Lovelace gets the attention of a fishing boat and some human dude comes out to play an electric guitar solo to "We Are the Champions." Lovelace's "plan" works, as the humans try and rescue the penguins, but they abandon them when a blizzard roles through. Once again, "humans suck and continuously destroy the natural order of things" remains part of director/creator George Miller's message.

It would be safe to say after two "Happy Feet" movies that Miller has a hippie liberal quasi- socialist agenda. After Sven proves he's not what he seems and the flight-determined penguins back off their dream of the impossible, especially poor little Erik, it turns out that the only way they can save these trapped penguins is to generate some karma and solicit the help of other penguin tribes, then all the other species of Antarctica, namely elephant seals, must give of themselves a bit to benefit the whole continent. Meanwhile, it's clear that global warming is the real cause of the problems, but the film never comes out and says it. Brainwashing? Quite possibly.

The musical numbers in the film range from fun and catchy to random chaos and so does their positioning within the film. During the final act, the penguins and others manage to sing techno hit "Dragostea Din Tei," as well as "Rawhide" and finally "Under Pressure." It's like a non-cohesive "Glee" episode with penguins. Mix the humans into some of the numbers and you might regret not bringing your hallucinogens to the theater.

Visually, the film retains the original's distinctive style of realism with cartoonish features, but it's not nearly as breathtaking as it was back in 2006 as most studios have caught up. Some of the ocean sequences might have been interesting to see in 3D just to see if its that layered depth-of-field kind of 3D and not just the playing to the audience 3D (which there's plenty of).

Miller, the writers and the animation team created knew full well that regardless of whether they had an even remotely interesting story, they could cover up just about anything with cute baby animals and singing/dancing. Sadly, naturally or however you feel about it, they're right. The cuteness can't completely disguise the lack of good storytelling, but it does act as a great equalizer. If you find yourself unable to articulate this feathery exercise in musical chairs to others, Warner Bros. will happily give you license to say "cute" free or charge.

~Steven C

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