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Eye-candy shots, but poor character development and lame twist
weed_308-325-5682973 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Fortunately had an invitation to the premiere show. To be honest, this movie will be really good if you are Vietnamese. The set up was mostly in Hue, a very ancient city in the middle part of Vietnam. Rich cultural research and historical facts of Cung An Dinh (old heritage building) brings back memories and very well-shot. Pretigious actors such as Le Khanh, Hoang Dung, Hong Van with proven acting experience gave sastifying perfomance. Kaity Nguyen did an amazing job as always. So did arising actor Khuong Le. However, the only thing that wasn't good about the film, to me, sadly was the plot. Set up in a family/drama theme, poor character development with unclear backstories, I can not relate to any of the characters. Ok, so the two older sisters want to protect their family traditions. And then they both destroyed them because of loneliness. But how about the last sister Kaity? How about the only-real artifact? First the artifact was lost, then it was found very quickly (returned by the second sister). Ok so later in the movie we knew how it became Ly's. But now? Will it be still treasured? What's the backstory for? What matter did it solve? The movie was like a combination of many short stories, rather than a big one. Events and characters (like the wife of Vinh Nghi) just jumped into the plot without any introduction. Too many characters with little to no details about their matters and roles in the big story. Vinh Thuy had potential to be a mysterious, key-hooked character in the movie, turned out to be really bland. In the end, if he disappeared nobody would notice. Le Ha confirmed to suicide, why did she appear in the church without any explaination? Thanks for the production value, the movie had its own value and still worths watching. But unfortunately the storyline was very shallow. If not for the acting, it became illogical, inconsistent and cliche to watch.
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