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Madso's War DVD Review!

The Movie Pool wants to enlist in Madso's War on DVD!

DVD Specs

Release Date: September 6, 2011

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Rating: R (violence, sexual content, nudity, brief drug use, language)

Running Time: 84 minutes

Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital

Subtitles: English for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Spanish

Special Features: None

The Set-up

A gang war breaks out in Boston, leaving a small-time hood (Matthew Marsden) and his friends caught in the middle.

Directed by: Rob Marcus

Screenplay by: Chris Bertolini

The Delivery

When a Boston mob boss goes missing, a power struggle breaks out among the remaining crime bosses. It sounds like a pretty generic plot, which is why Madso's War is a pretty generic movie. There is nothing you haven't seen before, and plenty that you have,all in much better mob films.

The opening credits provide you with your first warning: "Spike TV Presents." For a cable network that
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Watch: 'Madso's War' Gets Sexy in This Exclusive Clip

If as a kid you loved walking the aisles of your local video store and picking out vaguely trashy, straight-to-video titles and watching (and most likely making fun of) them with some like-minded friends, then have we got a movie for you.  It's called Madso's War, was written by Battle: Los Angeles scribe Christopher Bertolini and last week Fox dropped it on a DVD store shelf near you.   And this week we've got a clip for you-- and it's amazing in a probably unintended, this-should-be-on-vhs-in-the-'90s kind of way.  Plus, where else can you expect to find the hottie lead of the straight-to-video Tekken movie (Kelly Overton) seduced by the star of Anacondas: The Hunt For the Blood Orchid (Matthew Marsden)?  Don't worry, it's a Safe For...

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Exclusive: Madso's War DVD Clip

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Exclusive: Madso's War DVD Clip
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is excited to announce the DVD debut of the mob thriller Madso's War. Written by Christopher Bertolini (Battle: Los Angeles) and starring Matthew Marsden (Atlas Shrugged: Part 1), the film will have you on the edge of your seat as friends become enemies and enemies strive to be the last man standing. We have an exclusive Madso's War DVD clip in support of its release today, September 6th. Check it out below.

Click to watch Exclusive: Asking for Directions!

In the tradition of The Departed, comes this explosive crime thriller from the writer of Battle: Los Angeles. Mike "Madso" Madden (Matthew Marsden) leads a gang of small-time criminals on the gritty backstreets of Boston. When the local Irish mob boss goes on the lam, Madso and his crew are thrust into an epic street war, as rival gangsters and corrupt cops fight it out for control of the mobster's hidden fortune.
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Battle: Los Angeles and Being Shellshocked: A Movie Review

Director: Jonathan Liebesman.

Writers: Christopher Bertolini.

There have been a couple of science fiction entries, in recent history, that involve an attacking alien force, taking Los Angeles. Skyline released in November of 2010, to tepid reviews. Now, Battle: Los Angeles comes in, not with a ho-hum but with a holy s^%^! Released in theatres March 11th, this second film takes an intimate view of a platoon of Marines, in the thick of an alien invasion. This unit is led by Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) and not since James Cameron's Aliens, has a science fiction film looked at the Marines with such detail.

The film's script, from Christopher Bertolini (Madso's War), is focused, despite the grand scale of an alien attack. The pacing moves quickly, with several meteorites crashing down in over twelve major cities across the globe. First the infantry attacks in robotic suits, then the aerial drones fly in,
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