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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, sexuality/nudity, language and some drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • Two girls are kissing, sexual kissing and touching, breasts are shown, a woman is sitting on a guy kissing sexually. A girl takes off her shirt and is in her bra. A guy grabs a girls hand a runs it down his shirtless body. A girl is in a bikini and the very back top of her butt is sticking outta the swimsuit. Two women vampires are on each other, the one is licking and kissing her body. The one is moaning.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is tied down and mouth duct-taped before a vampire is about to bite him. A vampire is feeding from someone's arm. A vampire (Jamison Newlander) growls. A guy is injected in the neck with a syringe. A bathtub with blood in it, a dead animal is in the bathtub with its intestines and blood hanging out. Vampire in the car bites mans neck, blood squirts on the window. There is a vampire above the girls head in the bookstore, it crashes through the window and grabs her by the neck. A vampire gets squirted by holy water and blows up. A grenade blows up. A girl vampire breaks lights then blows up once she is impaled with a wooden cross. A fire breaks out. A man shoots a machine gun at the vampires. A vampire bites a guys neck and blood squirts on this girls face, a guy vampire is eating a dead girls neck, she is chained at the neck and blood is all over. The vampire rips into someones body and blood squirts before they are eaten. A physical fist fight is shown with punches to the face. A vampire shoves his fist into a mans body, blood is all over, rips his heart out and the bloody heart drop on the ground. Vampires face blackens once he is impaled and he blows up. A vampire stabs Edgar right under his shoulder and he screams, another vampire gets kicked onto a thorned post and is impaled before blowing up. A sword is pulled outta Edgar's chest, he screams A vampires neck is cut and blood pours out, she is then stabbed in the chest with a broken vinyl record and then she blows up. There is a violent sword fight. A vampire is impaled up through his body with a lot of wooden stakes (a "stake grenade") blood and spatter fly out. Vampire bites into a girls neck ripping her neck and blood flies out, she falls to the ground with blood pouring outta her mouth. The vampire spits out her neck blood spatter and they show her oozing blood and then he kicks her in a green water. Edgar is thrown against a wall and Allen is tied by the neck, Edgar is beaten. A punching fight against Edgar and Allen (who is a vampire) A vampire is shot with water before Edgar blesses the water, the water eats away at his skin, his head shakes violently until he blows up and his spatter goes all over Edgar and Allen's face.


  • 2 fucking, 1 fucko, 1 whore, 1 stupid, 2 shitty, 1 damn, 3 shit, 2 fuck me (said in a scared but funny way) 1 fucked, (said like "were fucked") 1 god 1 "go suck yourself" (said in anger) 1 "what the fuck" 1 "FUCK YOU"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The plot of the movie is that people at rave parties are offered "drugs" in containers, but is actually vampire blood that turns them into vampires.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The opening credits have blood dripping across the screen. This may be frightening for viewers. A guy is fed a serum (vampire blood called "the thirst") Then he is injected with a syringe against his will in the neck. When Edgar (Feldman) comes outta the bookstore and there is a whisper in the air and its dark, this is frightening. They show a guy tied up, he's been kidnapped (the same guy that was injected in the neck) Man is shown tied up in a slaughterhouse,IV bags full of a gold liquid seem to be sedating him. A thousand vampires are banging at a fence. Cloaked vampires descend upon a camp of people.(it is implied but not shown) A girl is shown and her eyes are "werewolf" like.

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