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Just A Fun Time
maryh2053 March 2010
I loved this movie. It takes the killer escapes mental hospital plot and runs with it. It really captures the look and feel of the classic slash-em-up horror films of the 80s. The plot is thin and the acting bad but it doesn't make any apologies for it. The film manages to pull off some intense scenes regardless of it's limitations. Although it uses almost every cliché of slasher films for some reason the director is able to present it n a whole new way. They even throw in a second killer for good measure. Both killers are an homage to the great slasher killers of the 80s. This is a great film to pop in when your with a group of friends. It'll make you jump and laugh at the same time. Go into it looking for a good time and you won't be disappointed. I see this becoming a cult classic.
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Slashers are back
bobbyc722 February 2010
Saw this at a premiere in Dartmouth, Ma. I had a blast watching this. It's a micro-budget horror film but I think the homegrown feeling really makes it work. Doesn't have much for character development but makes up for it in deaths. The cheesy acting just adds to the overall feel of a slasher film from the 80s. A great film to sit and watch with a group of friends. The filmmakers keep the story moving so that you never really get a chance to get too bored. Not to mention there are some really well crafted scenes. If your a fan of no-budget horror films check this movie out. I've seen tons of no-budget films and this one sticks out for me.
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half decent slasher with music from royalty-free loops!
sgcim20 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was intrigued by this flick, because it had the orchestral music mixed so loudly that it drowned out a lot of the dialogue. It was an obvious no-budget horror flick, so I wondered how they could afford such an excellent orchestra with such well written music. As the film went on, I realized they were using the same music over and over for almost every scene. The music reminded me of the type of orchestral music Robert Cobert used to write for Dark Shadows and TV movies of the 1970s, but I knew these guys couldn't afford Cobert, if he's even still alive. I looked at the credits after the film was over, and it said the music was composed by the director, using royalty-free loops, which means that he didn't write a note of it; he just got some free clips from a music library or some other source. Anyway, I might have given this a higher rating if they at least gave the real composer some credit, but since it was royalty-free, I guess they weren't legally obligated to reveal the source of their loops.
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Bringing Slashers Back
bfarly20201 February 2010
This was an entertaining little Indy flick. In the style of the slasher films of the eighties, "The Terror Factor," takes the simple story of killer escapes mental hospital and delivers a roller-coaster ride of jumps and kills. It does drag a bit here and there but overall a must for Indy horror fans. Medeiros's directing style is a cross between Carpenter and Raimi. At times it's very moody and suspenseful and other times in your face. There are also two killers. Wilcox is a cross between Myers and Jason while the other killer is a send off of Freddy. It's kind of a mash up of all the famous slasher films put into one. I don't think this was meant to be taking too serious but rather just to have a good time. It's not really a spoof but actually comes off as something out of a time capsule. The score also adds to this feeling. My girlfriend enjoyed it and she never likes any of the Indy films I've brought home.
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cman4757427 January 2020
Not sure who's rating this movie anywhere from a 5 to 10 ? You obviously dont know horror. I tried but couldn't get through 20 min of it
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